Paul Eiding (Colonel Campbell) talks about his role in MGS, Kiefer Sutherland and Hideo Kojima

Paul Eiding’s voice can be heard in many videogames – from an elderly robot in Ratchet & Clank Future, to a cowardly mayor in Diablo III, to Theseus in God of War II. But Metal Gear fans will probably all associate his recognizable voice with Colonel Roy Campbell. Some of the most iconic quotes in the series are uttered by Eiding, including ‘I need scissors, 61’ and of course ‘Snake? Snake! Snaaaaake!’ (Paul Eiding: “I can’t tell you how many phone rings it is now.”). Fragged Nation, Korrupt Ronin and YongYea conducted an hour long interview with the actor, in which he shared some pretty interesting or funny anecdotes.


Roy Campbell in Metal Gear Solid 4

Paul Eiding started his voice over career doing narration for training videos, as well as on-camera work for commercials. He played a variety of roles and was even cast to voice an olive. Later he did a play where he played an African man servant, a cockney soldier and a five year old girl (wearing pig tails and a skirt). Because of his versatility he was casted for Hanna-Barbera (a successful American cartoon studio), and it went of from there. He then met Kris Zimmerman, who would later of course do the voice direction for Metal Gear Solid. When she was casting for the game, she called Paul Eiding in.

During the course of the interview, Paul emphasized on the important role Kris Zimmerman played in the whole process of providing the English voices to the characters. “This is my understanding. Konami had hired someone else to do the casting, and hired Kris to direct. But they saw a ton of people. […] And then Kris said: well listen, let me bring in a some people. […] Well, 29 of the 30 roles that were cast were people that Kris brought in. Because Kris knows her stuff.” Paul said his daughter is also doing voice work, and has worked with Kris on a videogame as well.



According to Paul, this was one of Kris’ directorial instructions


Paul was asked which of the games in the Metal Gear series he has played. “I have not played all the games. I have not finished a game, I’ve attempted [laughing].” Paul concluded saying he sucks at it. “I love the lore as much as I know of it. […] I’ve gone on and watched lots of cutscenes (not just my stuff), because it’s so rich! And the man [Kojima] so fricking bright! Our view of the world is very similar, I agree with a lot of what he’s putting out there. So I really appreciate it on that level as well.”

How did he prepare for playing a military role? “I was a sergeant in the military. And I was in charge of a group of guys. And it was really hard because I was one of the youngest ones in the group, but I was the leader of the group.” Metal Gear meant a turning point for his career. “Up until that time, most of the things that I got cast on vocally were more cartoony, more over-the-top […] So it was really cool to get into a character that was actually closer to my real voice.” [At this point Paul imitates his growly Campbell voice, joking that this is how he sounds in the morning]. “And since then, because of Metal Gear, so many of the thing I get offered are down there, in that range.”

While the colonel orders Snake around in the games, in the real world it’s the other way around. “I suck up to David [Hayter]. Listen, he’s a writer / producer! Are you kidding me? I’m still begging him to put me in one of his movies. […] David is one of those guys that I will do anything for. He’s a class act. […] He’s a winner, he really is. I wish him nothing but huge success. And he’s doing okay!”

Is there any other Metal Gear character he’d like to play? “Meryl.” he said, laughing, but added on a more serious note: “Who else is there but Snake?”

“[When playing the role] I think about all the things that are going on inside Campbell, and his relationship with Snake. I’ve never had a relationship with another man like that. I’ve had friendships, but no one that I would put out there on the line, knowing that his life may be forfeit, but caring about the guy. That’s some heavy duty stuff. So there’s a responsibility there, and there’s a power that he has, that father figure. I have daughters, and I wanted to think of him as a surrogate son, you know what I mean? In a way. So there are all kinds of things happening that way. The great thing about Metal Gear (the original) is that we got to work together. I think that was brilliant on Kris Zimmerman’s part, to bring us in together. […] That really created that bond.” He talked about the passion people in this business can share. “Very quickly the passion for Metal Gear came to us. Because it was so well written, and so well directed.”




Further into the interview he talked about recording the first Metal Gear Solid game. Garbage trucks would pass by the house where they were recording and they would have to stop and wait. “It was horrible, but at the same time [going back to the days he was doing improv] it was extremely exciting because it was so creative. And that’s when I felt, being in that studio, in that funky little house with David and Kris, that we knew that what we were doing was something special.” He continues to talk about how impressed he is with the technical advancements in the game industry, including facial capture and mocap. “When you see some of the stuff that is done nowadays and how it’s done, I don’t see how anybody could be jaded by it. […] It all blows me away, it really does. I’m so excited to be working in an industry in this time.”

“I’m so thrilled all people have finally realized that videogames ain’t ‘Donkey Kong’ anymore. […] There are still people today who don’t really get into them, that don’t really think of them as being anything more than a game. […] There’s more to learn from a well written game than there is from a lot of feature films out there.” He added that he would put most games above tv nowadays as well.

Paul has also done voice work for some of the Syphon Filter games, and while he likes them, Metal Gear is still more special to him. “Metal Gear has a special place in my heart.”



On the Young Campbell from Portable Ops (who isn’t voiced by Paul): “I think he’s pretty hot.”


Paul said he was ‘overjoyed’ when he could return for MGS4, because it’s never certain wether this will happen. “People ask me if I’m upset about not being in V, it’s like: no. It is what it is. […] You never know, I never take anything for granted, and I’m always overjoyed when the phone rings, when someone invites me to come play. […] Any time you got a chance to bring a character back which you’ve done… as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing better. The way he [Kojima] writes, the way he creates his characters and the interplay, you never know what’s coming next. You think you understand where something is going, but he always gets you in some way […] I love that stuff. […] There’s been very few characters that I have done that have meant as much to me as Campbell. […] He’s the guy I want to be! […] And something that means something to people? Oh man, thank you! Seriously, I mean, that’s what it’s all about. […] You guys and everybody, the fans that love this game, and I’m get to be a small part of it – are you kidding me?”

How does he think Campbell dealt with Snake’s death after MGS4? Paul answered, jokingly: “They probably shared a latte… No, I’m sorry.” He then told about a fan (Andrew McDonald) who wrote his own ending and asked him for some Colonel recordings. You can check out the videos here. He does feel Campbell wouldn’t let Snake just die alone. “He’s hurting. There is some pain from what he had done. And guilt.”




Somewhat related are his thoughts about colonel lying to Snake. Did he ever think Campbell went too far? Paul gave a pretty deep answer to this question: “Having been in the military, and knowing what one has to do, you let go of part of your soul when you do that sort of thing. But if you truly believe it’s for the greater good, you’re willing to sacrifice that. But you have to live with the consequences of that. Wether anyone knows that you’ve done that, you know. And there were those moments, where I said: oh my god, do I really care about this man, or not? And I decided that yeah, I did. And Kris and I have talked about it, and it’s one of those situations where if I truly believed it was for the greater good, then you have to do it. But if you do, there are consequences. More to your soul than to, you know, any outward sort of condemnation you would get from anybody else who knows. And if you don’t truly believe it was for the greater good… you have to believe that, because if you don’t really believe that, than you have really sold yourself out. And you sold out a true friend.”




One of the most memorable moments in the series is when the AI goes crazy towards the end of Metal Gear Solid 2. So how did the recordings for these lines go? “Kris did a wonderful thing. She held all that stuff off to the very end. We did everything, and then at the end of the session, she gave me these two pages of dialogue of just me saying all these crazy things. And I said: what does it mean?, and she said: don’t worry about it.” They didn’t want to tell Paul what it was all about yet. “And that’s where I met the man, that’s where I met the brains behind it all [Kojima]. I didn’t meet him on [MGS]1, but he was there for [MGS2].” Kojima gave Paul a signed sheet, now one of his prized possessions.




Did Paul improvise any of the lines? “I’m sure there was some stuff, but most of the time, because it’s so tight and so well written that I wish I could take credit for a lot of it, but no, it was on the page. And my job was to make it sound like it wasn’t on the page. That’s the actors job, to make it sound like it’s coming out of you and not from a writer.”

Paul was asked to describe Kojima. “He didn’t do any directing. If he did it, he did it through Kris.” [Paul explained Kris was always the one giving the directions to the actors, so they don’t get bombarded with different people’s instructions] “I’m sure he was giving suggestions, but I just remember him smiling a lot. And when he smiled, that meant I was doing something right. And listen, I don’t mind telling you that I was nervous. I wanted to give the man what he wanted, because I have such respect for his mind. And it also pissed me off, because he looks so damn young! […] How are you this smart? This is not fair! Yeah, it was pretty cool.”

Paul said he was really bummed he missed Kojima at Comic-Con a few years back, especially since he won’t be at the Konami booth this year (because of the current situation). “Don’t get me started on that.”

Has he seen Metal Gear Solid V (as he isn’t in it)? “You know what? I’ve not. I’ve stayed away.” Paul admitted. “All I can say is this […]: Kris said people are going to be surprised. Not about the game, she can’t talk about the game at all.” She talked to him about working with Kiefer Sutherland: “She had no idea what it was going to be like. But she said: all I can tell you is that he is a dream to work with. Said he’s been really receptive, because she knows the game better than he does. She said he’s just been wonderful.”

Paul’s parting words to the fans: “Without you we are nothing. […] Nothing that I do can live without people being involved: listening, playing the games, caring about them. And I just feel blessed that I get to be involved with some really good things that people give a crap about. […] I really, truly appreciate every fan out there, and that’s the absolute truth.”

To watch the interview yourself – and if you have an hour to spare you should, because Paul is really entertaining – follow the link at the bottom.



Source: Yong, Paul Eiding Twitter

  • Mats

    Paul is a really great guy, both for his humour and his respect for his work and fans

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    Amazing article

  • Great article! I wish we could see Campbell in MGSV but probably not… and Nyxus, what the hell is that new poll? 😮 I can’t… decide… ugh

    • Judging by his comments he isn’t in MGSV. And yeah, you’re just going to have to choose. 😛

      • Maybe you should’ve just chosen a few of the bigger fights and asked which one we liked more, imo having too many choices isn’t good you know

        • Perhaps, but you don’t want too much of a pre-selection. Besides, most people suggested fights to be added.

          • Gatsu

            I think the poll is great, but there is no easy decision in such a poll even if there’d be less choices, when all bosses are amazing :). After watching the PW video now I wanna give my vote to PW but too late haha. XD

          • That’s what I mean, can’t decide which one haha

          • No Place For Hayter

            You could also consider taking out the AI boards as part of the fight, in case you didn’t want to choose PW enough already, lol.

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      • Gatsu

        I ended up choosing The Boss, but now I feel sort of bad lol when seeing it’s shaping up to be The End vs The Boss in most votes :(. So many bosses XD and wanna give some love to others too ;).

        For example I love Peace Walker boss battle, that main theme playing in the background makes you really feel like a badass Big Boss and the battle was quite difficult imo. Oh maan need to replay this game :3…

        • No Place For Hayter

          Honestly I think the only thing the Peace Walker fight was missing was Heavens Divide, it was always weird to get the main theme of the game in some random helicopter fight.

          I voted for The End. while The Boss is the best fight story wise and character wise, and has greater impact than any other fight in MG(S), I went with The End because he was for me the greatest boss gameplay wise, there has never been a boss as diverse, entertaining, and great as The End was.

          • Yeah, although it did make a random helicopter fight pretty awesome. 😛

    • Jak

      Why wouldn’t Campbell be in TPP? Pretty sure we’re going to get as many retcons to POPS as Kojima can manage. Eiding isn’t in it because he’s way too old to play a 30 something Campbell.

  • Gatsu

    Paul is such a fantastic person. Truly cares about the games and the fans. I love this article/interview and his humor too haha :).

    This is great:
    “I’m so thrilled all people have finally realized that videogames ain’t ‘Donkey Kong’ anymore. […] There are still people today who don’t really get into them, that don’t really think of them as being anything more than a game. […] There’s more to learn from a well written game than there is from a lot of feature films out there.” He added that he would put most games above tv nowadays as well.”

    I definitely agree :), there are games that I have played (like MGS), which deliver a far better story than movies or TV-shows can ever do. At the same time they teach a lot of things about life too. It’s amazing how far games have gotten from 80’s consoles or Donkey Kong.

    Makes me remember this article I read a while ago…
    George Lucas and Spielberg smashing down games, saying something like they’re a waste of time.
    “but the men behind Indiana Jones and Star Wars think gaming will never be able to provide the same type of rich experience traditional storytelling does..”

    If they only knew how wrong they are, lol.

    @Nyxus that poll is uber difficult lol, I have to decide between Psycho Mantis, The End or The Boss…but which one :O !? Epic mind-f*ck battle, epic sniper duel with super grandpa that can last a long time or the epic battle with my mentor in the beautiful flower field. This only proves how amazing bosses MGS games have, when got a problem deciding the favorite one ;D.

  • Cipher

    Great interview, thanks : )
    He’s a really good voice actor

  • Tong Ninja

    Paul is such a humble guy! 🙂 Great actor!
    Kris Zimmerman also deserves a lot of credit as well in helping all the English-based actors bring their respective characters to life! If Kris thinks Kiefer did a wonderful job, we should as well! hahaha
    I hope after the game, everyone warms up to Kiefer’s overall performance or at least acknowledges that he may not be David Hayter, but he did a fine job!

    • Gatsu

      Yes Kris is awesome :). I like Kiefer and think he will do amazing job with the role, hopefully fans don’t hate him so much when TPP is over ^^.

      • No Place For Hayter

        The fact that Big Boss talks far less in TPP is a blessing in disguise for those who don’t like Kiefers voice acting.

        I wouldn’t worry about it though because even though a large amount of people will hate his voice acting for TPP, I’m willing to bet almost nobody will be talking about it considering that there will be so much in the game that will blow our minds so much we won’t be able to even think about the voice acting until at least a month after playing the game, lol.

        • Tong Ninja

          I think more people are starting to accept Kiefer as more trailers are being shown. Yeah I reckon when people play through the game over a long period of time, they’ll forget about Kiefer’s voice acting haha.
          IF David Hayter makes an appearance at the end of the game as Solid Snake, all will be forgiven by the hardcore David Hayter fans XD

          • Tong Ninja

            I love David Hayter by the way as well! Don’t want people to think I hate him haha!
            He is a real classy guy!

          • No Place For Hayter

            If Hayter shows up at the end of the game as Solid Snake (which for various reasons inside and outside the game I don’t think will happen) it would make the universe implode not alone from peoples reactions but the questions it would raise about the whole “Kiefer replaced Hayter” debacle and everything surrounding it, lol, now I want to see it.

          • Jak

            He’s not returning, sorry :/

            I’m definitely willing to believe Solid will be in this game, but he’ll be recast regardless of when/what his age is

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah, that is my in game reason as to why I believe that Hayter won’t show up, because even if solid snake does show up he will be to young to be voiced by Hayter anyway.

            As far whether Hayter will show up or not, ever since I first learned that Snake was being voiced by Kiefer I have held the firm belief that Hayter has and will have absolutely no part in TPP, I was just talking about if he (as a hypothetical as I myself do not believe he will) did it would make a huge contradictory mess surrounding his whole voice replacement

        • Jak

          I’m still bummed about Hayter (especially when his Old Snake is killer-he definitely knows how to tone it down and just be gruff rather than emphatic), but the Nuclear trailer won me over to accepting Kief in the role.

          It’s slightly weird they held onto Randolph as Poppacon and replaced everyone else, but at least there’s continuity there.

          Also didn’t realize Zimmerman was still directing the English dub-means we’ll get our proper “you’re pretty good” and whatnot done the way thatll make us grin.

          • They also kept Robin Atkin-Downes.

          • Jak

            You’re right, completely spaced on Kaz. The two of them definitely do sound different than the other actors-Kaz and the infamous “fiddle” line is straddling a weird boundary between the over the top nature of the previous games (which I think we all love…) vs the new realistic approach.

            Which I’m fine with-I’d rather have RAD and Randolph being a familiar bridge rather than every single thing about this being new. Plus while I’d have been fine with either Keaton or Zimmerman coming back, Baker sounds pretty great as Ocelot.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah it surprises me how well Baker does for a mid Ocelot, loved Zimmerman and Keaton, and I will love Baker after playing TPP.

            It also makes sense from a “can I?” stand point when it comes to replacing voice actors for characters, both Huey and Kaz have only been in one game and thus it would be pretty jarring to switch voice actors when the have only been around for such a short time, and would be very weird considering that they were part of PW a PSP game and their next one is full fledged console FOX Engine game, and their voices are essential for recognizing the characters between the two games. Where as people like Ocelot and Big Boss have been around a long time and have been apart of many different styles and graphics and so you can change the voice actor and still maintain their “character” within the story without it being jarring or weird.

          • Jak

            Big Boss I can largely reconcile due to Kief bearing some similarity to Doyle.

            I don’t think continuity is necessary for Huey tho-considering he’s basically voiced almost identically to Otacon, I wouldn’t have mind if they diverged more for this

          • Tong Ninja

            Chico and Paz as well (for Ground Zeroes at least)

          • Jak

            Paz is Tara strong now

          • Jak

            Yeah, wasnt forgetting them, just not really considering them/Ground Zeroes as more than a retcon-ish coda to PW.

          • No Place For Hayter

            The funny thing is after not liking a good portion of dialogue, I thought to myself “It is more than the actors, someone isn’t telling them what to say or how to say it right, the voice director shares the blame” then I looked it up and my mind was blown to know that Kris was still voice directing, it kinda sucks, but it is great because we know she will make it good when she can, but it baffles me as to why there is such large problems with the voice acting that people voice a lot, when the people who have been providing the quality for the last MGS are still there for quality control.

      • Tong Ninja

        I think the fans should think of it this way:
        David Hayter –> Relatively young Big Boss, Kiefer Sutherland –> Middle aged Big Boss and Richard Doyle –> Old Big Boss
        similar to Ocelot:
        Josh Keaton –> Young Ocelot, Troy Baker –> Middle aged Ocelot and Patric Zimmerman –> Old Ocelot.

    • Hayter took over Konami and fired Kojima theories #comingsoon

    • No Place For Hayter

      After all this I really think Kojima shouldn’t have taken so much control over the western portion of TPP, Kris has always been at the helm for the English cast and voice acting so it’s kinda off when Kojima comes in and decides to be heavily involved with the western portion. In my opinion Kojima should have left it to Kris, though obviously due to the whole face capturing he needed to pay attention, but that again stems from him making the English side the priority.

      I don’t know how much involvement Kojima had in ground zeroes, but GZ was the only MGS where I actually had any problems with the voice acting, considering the only thing that has changed from past MGS games was Kojima having way more involvement with the western version, this raises my eye brows in concern as I have never had a problem with the choices of Kris Zimmerman and her voice directing.

      • Tong Ninja

        Although some of the dialogue for the cutscenes for Ground Zeroes was a little underwhelming, I thought the conversations in the tapes were excellently executed in my opinion.
        Yeah, the facial acting is a new process for Kojima. Also the reason why the English version is being done first and the Japanese version is being dubbed.

      • Kris is still the voice director for MGSV, while Kojima directs the Japanese cast. Kojima probably isn’t even there for the English recordings most of the time.

        Either way though, judging from the trailers the voice acting will be fine.

        • No Place For Hayter

          I’m not worried to much about the voice acting. And yeah Kris is still voice director that’s why I said the only difference was Kojimas heavy involvement in the western side of the game, as in everything is the same people behind the scenes. It just worries me that one major thing I don’t like is only different because Kojima is heavily involved when he normally isn’t, which in turn gets me wondering if his involvement is what is effecting it is a negative way (well negative for me anyway, lol.)

          In Ground Zeroes there was great voice acting, but that was not the majority, the majority was in my opinion bad (the best example of good voice acting for me was the secretly recorded monologue by Skullface to the dying prisoner) . But even in the trailers for TPP I have yet to hear one good line from Keifer, Even the “I’m already a demon” sounds highly sarcastic to me and has become a joke to me, when such a line should be largely revealing into Big Boss’s nature of his descent and his understanding of his own descent, but the first thing that I do is giggle because he sounds like he is sarcastic making something important hard to even take seriously, largely due to the fact we have heard so little so I’m expecting some good acting when the game gets heavy but nothing has given me any hope. Again this is just my thoughts on the voice acting and voice directing not trying to convince others to believe what I believe, just clarifying what I mean about the voice acting and voice directing. Kris is a great voice director and it confuses me when I hear bad voice acting getting by her directing skills, and the only thing I can think of is that either she is missing the point (which I doubt) or Kojima wants it that way and she can’t do much about it. It is easier for me to believe that Kojima is controlling more of the voice acting then we like to think, than to believe that Kris suddenly got bad at voice directing after many really great MGS games.

          • It’s just different from what we’re used to, that’s why it may sound strange. For that same reason people always say the voice acting in TTS is much worse, when it’s of course highly unlikely all of the actors suddenly didn’t do their jobs right. It’s just that because it’s different from what you’re used to, it may sound weird. In the same way, MGS1 voice acting can sound weird when you’re used to the Twin Snakes performances.

            And yeah, we haven’t heard a lot of Kiefer yet, but his performance in the Quiet cutscene is pretty convincing.

          • No Place For Hayter

            I never thought about TTS situation, lol, yeah that is similar, I see that happening because people already had a preset to compare to in which the decided which was better via their personal opinion (I personally liked the translation more in TTS, but never found myself comparing the voice acting itself in the games) where as for MGSV (both GZ and TPP) we don’t really have any presets so when a new character opens his or her mouth, what they say creates the preset, for example skull faces voice acting the first time we hear him to me is horrible, sounds like hammy cheesy 80s super villain, and we do get much better lines from him, but as a basic concept of “it being different from what we are used to, so it may sound strange” is harder to apply to this situation as it does not sound strange to me, it sounds bad, and it isn’t really different as we do not have a base to compare what it is different from, even for Snake we have a new voice actor with a radically new direction for the characters and story and thus world not be fair to judge the new voice actor on past voice actors due to the different voice and different message, direction, so even Snake the biggest character doesn’t really have a base to be compared to and considered different. I guess the whole thing comes down to whether you personally like it or not, lol, funny conclusion considering how much I wrote about it, lol, could have saved myself time. And yeah the Quiet scene was just fine in my opinion and worked, but I’m holding my breath for a line that impacts one with clear emotion behind it, this puts me in a waiting position for the whole game because I can’t judge a book by its cover and have to have the full voice acting, but I will refrain from giving my opinion of specific examples of voice acting as I want to consider the voice acting and directing as one big whole as it would not be fair to judge the entire voice acting by one line I loved or one line I hated, which puts any discussion I want on the subject on hold as we do not have even a small portion of the dialogue of the game. If I were to separate GZ from TPP I would call the voice acting “Uninspired” a plain rock which has a corner or two that glimmers, a game that has parts of good voice acting but someone or something is not getting universal quality or someone or something simply does not know what they/it is doing. Considering my stance on the subject banter about it is pretty pointless until we get the whole game but never the less I enjoy such banter (Diverse opinions. all looking at the same thing differently all being able to enjoy or not enjoy different parts of it for different reasons), I just tend to get long winded because I don’t want people misunderstanding what I’m saying (I get to write such large posts 0_0 lol)

          • Jak

            Twin Snakes actually has more professionally performed and recorded dialogue, just a lot of the new writing comes off as stilted-it’s definitely telling that MGS4 flashbacks are all to MGS1 and not twin snakes-Kojima clearly doesn’t feel like he has any relationship to it

          • Are you sure? Naomi and Mei Ling no longer have their accents in MGS4, same as The Twin Snakes. But yeah, obviously Kojima has much more of a connection with the original, since it’s his game.

          • Jak

            Well given that every single one of the flashbacks that refer to Shadow Moses uses shots from the PS1 game…

            and eh, I think that’s mainly due to Mei Ling’s accent in the original being kinda ridiculously stereotypical, and Naomi’s just being so faux british-in MGS4 Guest and Hale are basically just using their normal speaking voices, and it comes off wayyyy more natural. Seems like that would just be Zimmerman also growing as a director/knowing how to get better performances out of her cast.

        • Mini gear

          Tpp voice sounds much better, in GZ it’s like he’s drwling over all his words with no definition

      • Jak


        Yeah, Kief mumbles a bit in it, seems much more articulate for TPP

  • cardboardbox engineer

    this brings back a lot of good memories for me…

  • Those calls in MGS 2… man they really scared me the first time

  • No Place For Hayter

    Really love that social aspect that the first few MGS games created between the actors and the fans.

  • RoderickThe13

    It’s such a delight to see how compromised he is to the character and the series.

  • Jeff O’Connor

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  • PrinceHeir

    “Paul said he was ‘overjoyed’ when he could return for MGS4, because it’s never certain wether this will happen. “People ask me if I’m upset about not being in V, it’s like: no. It is what it is. […] You never know, I never take anything for granted, and I’m always overjoyed when the phone rings, when someone invites me to come play.”

    Glad Paul understands

    Never knew Paul was a sergeant 😀 Guess that help bring the character to life even more so.

    “I wanted to give the man what he wanted, because I have such respect for his mind. And it also pissed me off, because he looks so damn young! […] How are you this smart? This is not fair! Yeah, it was pretty cool.””

    LOL Nanomachines!

  • PrinceHeir
    • Gatsu

      Games should release on Friday :(, couldve played it whole weekend. I want this already ^_^.

      • PrinceHeir

        Damn Ciri is fun as hell!! Her dash kinda reminds me of Alucard from Lords of Shadows 2(same green color), but much more faster and doesn’t seem spend any meter by the looks of it :O

        I hope Geralt will have a skill that lest you dash like Ciri as well 🙂

        This is the last time i’m watching any more videos XD

        • Gatsu

          I agree :), she seems like a really cool character. I love the dash ^-^.

  • ominonarepus

    Big Boss is named John in honour of his grandfhater

    • FOX

      One of my fav games of all time!

  • kirtanloorii

    A small Paul Eiding cameo in TPP would be the coolest thing ever.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    So..what was it Colonel Campbell lied to Solid Snake about, I don’t remember such an event taking place?

  • WhatTheJuicay

    I had no idea Kris Zimmerman was still working on this game. She deserves an interview of her own. I wish I knew more about her projects. I just know she worked on the last SOCOM game. The sound design was amazing as always. I even appreciated the proximity chat that most people hated. It could have been perfected by now.. But you know people and hating new things.. RDR had a similar proximity chat as well.. But that wasn’t a tactical shooter. More games need this feature.

    • Tong Ninja

      I think she voice directed Bayonetta 1 and 2 as well.

  • Gatsu

    Off-topic but it seems Kojima loved Mad Max: Fury Road :D.

    “MAD MAX2 always ranked in top 5 of my life time, never thought any sequel will beat but that was a mistake.
    This one directed by George Miller had easily exceeded that masterpiece.”

    For me Mad Max 1-2 are amongst the best movies ever, damn I can’t wait to see this new sequel next Saturday :).

    • Tong Ninja

      Mad Max: Fury Road was as good as Mad Max 2 in my opinion.
      A proper 80’s action movie using minimal CGI effects. More emphasis on real life stunts and practical effects compared to all the superhero movies haha. Charlize Theron nailed her role in the movie.

    • invader_skoodge

      I loved Fury Road. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. I will go back to the theater to watch it in 3d(somethings I never do. Watch movies in the theater/watch 3d movies) because I like it so much.

      • Gatsu

        Thanks brothers, now I’m getting even more excited for it ;).

  • Gatsu

    <3 mmm so cool. Kojima, what took you so long?

  • Nick

    A brazillian game reporter is answering questions about MGSV on 4chan (no story spoilers afaik). I’d recommend you get in there and get down as much info as you can before it’s gone! Wasn’t sure where to post this so I’m posting it here. Hopefully it’s useful!

    • Gatsu

      I’ll try avoid myself any more of these before E3 after reading so much from the previous articles and the release being so close. I don’t think there will be much spoilers but if there are then I’d hate to get too many :(. And things about gameplay I have heard or seen a lot already.

      I briefly read some of it and I think he answered a question like do we get to see a certain character in the missions he played etc. Hearing about the Skulls was awesome in the first preview article we got, but I don’t want to know too much about when we might meet a characters or not, who someone might actually be, instead find it out when play :).

      But not sure can I avoid it lol, because I always end up reading or watching everything of TPP .

      Anyway, I appreciate that you shared the link :). I’m sure Nyxus will take a notice of this :D. I’m just kinda scared to read it all haha.

      • Nick

        I kept reading it and it seems like it could just be a troll unfortunately. I really should’ve read through it all before posting, as I think it may be mostly false information. 🙁
        Either way, it may be true or not, if you choose to believe what you read I’d take it with a bucket of salt. I want to believe it but I think it was just a troll 🙁

        • Gatsu

          It’s okey and thanks for replying :), yes it could be a troll I guess. I wanted to read it too but scared to find out too much info after all we have received before the game release xD… The other people posted the gameplay experiences on twitter so it would be weird imo, if he go over there doing a Q&A instead posting on twitter like the others.

  • Venom_Sina

    The Witcher 3 is here:
    I think this is the version that’s going to be sold in Central/South America.

    • Gatsu

      You got it already ;O?!

      • Venom_Sina

        Yes and No!!!Unfortunately I don’t have a PS4/Xbox One,so I bought it for one of my friends.

        • Gatsu

          Oh okey :). You can play it together :D.

  • PrinceHeir


    This will definitely keep you busy while we wait for Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain!!!!

  • PrinceHeir
    • Gatsu

      Omg xD…

    • Venom_Sina

      What the…?! Is this legit?!

      • invader_skoodge

        The account is legit but the tweet sadly is not.

        • Venom_Sina

          Yeah,I wish it was true!!!Thank you for reply.

    • MrVux007

      I KNEW IT! Thanks Obama!

      • Gatsu

        Obama must be hyped about TPP too.

  • Venom_Sina


    • Gatsu

      O_O ooooooh yeah!!

  • MrVux007
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