RevolMini Venom Snake Olive Drab Field Operation Uniform Version goes up for pre-order

Yet another figure in the RevolMini line has gone up for pre-order: once again Venom Snake, but this time in his olive-drab uniform. It comes with a variety of weapons and multiple extra hands, among other accessories. The figure is set to release in late August of 2015, for a price of around ¥4500.



  • Size: Approx. 125mm Tall
  • Articulation Points: 16
  • Joints: 15

Set Contents

  • Main figure
-Stole x 1
  • Optional hand x 7
  • Rocket launcher x 1
  • Rifle (can be combined with parts from other products) x1
  • Sling x 1
  • Handgun x 1
  • Goggle x 1
  • iDROID x 1
  • Phantom cigar x 1
  • Knife x 1


Source:, AmiAmi

  • test

  • Tong Ninja
    Looks like you can customise your buddy D.D. with a sneaking suit and a combat knife! 😀 😀

    • So DD seems to be “the” reason behind the design of the legendary FoxHound logo…

      This game…

      Can’t wait to play it!!!

  • Tong Ninja

    This figurine looks awesome!

  • @Nyxus

    I follow this site since the early days when it was just a “new white backgrounded rookie” in the Metal Gear universe: today I decided to “join in” also his comments section: your excellent job “deserve my presence” 😉

    At the moment MGI it’s one of my favourite source of news about Kojima and Friends (besides their twitter accounts off course ^^) and I hope to be able to post more frequently after my completition of the first MGSVTPP playthrough…

    Keep going this way Nyxus: I was aiming to do your job back then if I had the proper skills to create a website like this one…

    • Gatsu

      Welcome brother :), always nice to read this kind of comments and and great to have more Diamond Dog members for our Mother Base. I love MGI and to me is the best source of MG news, with a great community. I check this site every day ;D.

    • Thanks, and welcome!

  • Javier

    It looks really good. Has a lot of movements.

    • Gatsu

      Was about to post the same comment ;), yeah it’s awesome how many positions it can have with those weapons.

  • Boromir

    Does anyone know if there’s any European retailers who sell this?

  • bushin

    Can you imagine a “metal slug” style metal gear game? I’d imagine snake looking exactly like in those photos. Its all intense and exaggerated! A 2D sprite like that one with the AK.. It would look amazing in a fighting game as well!

    • Automata Snake

      They should replace Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. with Big Boss! Or have both of them. A Big Boss vs. Solid Snake showdown, melee style.

  • Vargor92

    You know guys… What if those weapon parts are actually removable in the game itself and may it be a hint at the ‘crazy Weapon Customization by Yoji Shinkawa’- article at this point?

    Maybe I sound stupid, but I really hope that’s the case.

    • MGS4 had some pretty cool weapon customization, so who knows.

  • Automata Snake

    I don’t care much for action figures, but this Big Boss one is f’in BADASS. Sure beats the Hell outta GI Joe!

  • PrinceHeir