Metal Gear RAY half-sized edition by ThreeA now available for pre-order

The half-sized version of Metal Gear RAY made by ThreeA is now available for pre-order. It costs $230 and will ship at the end of this year. It also features fully articulated legs, wings and neck, and its LED illuminated cockpit can be openend. Despite it being half the size of the earlier RAY by ThreeA, it still impressively large with a ‘wing span’ of nearly half a meter. Check out the new pictures below, as well as the official specifications.




METAL GEAR SOLID | RAY Half-sized edition
The Metal Gear RAY half-sized edition comes ready to do battle with its nemesis, the Metal Gear REX. The Half-sized edition features all the articulation and detail of its larger counterpart. Even at a more compact size, the RAY’s full wingspan spreads an impressive 17.7 inches!

Wing Span – 17.7inches (44.9cm)
Resting Height – 8.6 inches (21.9cm)
Length – 9.76 inches (24.8cm)

  • Officially Licensed by Konami
  • Game Accurate Detailed Design
  • Opening Cockpit
  • Fully Articulated Legs, Wings, and Neck
  • LED Illuminated Cockpit
  • Articulated Stand and Base
    USD $230
    Price Includes Worldwide Shipping 

Source: World of ThreeA, Bambaland Store

  • 230 USD… Too much for a figurine. :/
    I prefer to expend my money in the The Phantom Pain. ^ ^

    Have a nice day and thanks for the inmeasurable work, Nyxus.

    • invader_skoodge

      “Too much for a figurine”……You clearly are not too familiar with the world of collecting figures

      This baby goes for around 600 bucks

      • No Place For Hayter

        Yeah, figures and figurines are insanely expensive. It’s my opinion that the figure/figurine industry (if there is such a thing, lol, I just mean everybody that makes figures) is incredibly over priced for what it is selling, I LOVE figures and yet I almost NEVER buy any because of the outrageous pricing on them.

  • No Place For Hayter

    And again too much money for my wallet.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    It looks incredible, but where is the tail damn it?!

    • No Place For Hayter

      The mass produced RAYs did not have a tail, and so I guess they went with the mass produced design instead of the professional RAY design.

      EDIT: yeah upon closer inspection this is an “Outer Haven” RAY so no tail, no I definitely don’t want it.

      Why didn’t I notice that? lol, now I don’t have to drool, cause I don’t want it 🙂

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Get hyped! An article from Gaming Bolt and a video preview from Playstation Access.

    • No Place For Hayter

      “Fire it off like a rocket” The Door Knob ROCKET PEACE! Confirmed 🙂

  • Bigbossmsf1974

    Yeah!!???………….I’m gona get it.

  • So many figures and statues so little GMP

  • Raymondius

    A bit off-topic, but since I know most of the spanish, german and french details about the previews have already been covered and translated, I would love to translate to you a little excerpt from one of them that I’m sure has been ignored. Anyway, I found it surprisingly touching for us fans and incredibly well-written for a simple preview. It’s from Level-up (spain), enjoy:

    “”Cynthia Harrell sings ‘Snake Eater’. The snakes unfold themselves in fractals and symmetric patterns. You devour the jungle to survive. You pass through the raindrops. Lost in green void, you confront legends that wear powerful words to war: the fury, the fear, the sorrow, the end; their annihilation is essential. You are a viper that eats vipers. From your infertility the imposible sons that will destroy the world as poison shall be born. You are a cyclops and a demon. Terrible Janus of the war, incurable poison, red hand, Ahab of the desert, god of the feast for ravens, cornered snake: the world is your white whale.””

    Really inspired for a preview, isn’t it? 😀
    I would finally add some “one-eyed Dog made of diamond” and some “punished beast of Eden” here and there… 😉

    • No Place For Hayter

      Um, wow someone is really into the thematic metaphorical aspect of the games, wow, TPP will be right up his alley with the demon, moby dick stuff, lol.

  • Sn4ke_911


    • No Place For Hayter

      But um which conference will it be shown at? lol. I’m going to assume and hope for the PlayStation conference, only because I will be busy for nearly the exact hours that the Microsoft conference has, lol.

    • invader_skoodge

      OMG I hope I don’t miss it. I’m going to have to drive to the next town over to go to the Playstation Experience and I’m going to miss most of the day events. It’s general sitting so I have to be there early to grab a good seat. I hope they have the trailer there and announce The Last Guardian. I will cry of happiness.

    • Golgari

      6 minutes? Perfect for me.
      I wanted at the start 9 minutes trailer but now it is more then 5. I’m happy.

  • PrinceHeir

    Looks cool!

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    Is this a statue to surpass Metal Gear?

  • jhsnake

    I ‘m the one who wants that when ocelot leave us free to go to Afghanistan will turn around to see him?

  • Gatsu

    Look sexy, but it’s quite expensive T_T…

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Wasn’t it’s tail longer?

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