Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain steelbook case features Shinkawa artwork

Several European retailers, such as Amazon and Shopto, are offering an exclusive steelbook with the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Day One Edition. The case features a Shinkawa artwork of Big Boss on the front and a Diamond Dogs logo on the back.


Metal-Gear-Solid-V-The-Phantom-Pain-Steelbook-Shinkawa-Open Metal-Gear-Solid-V-The-Phantom-Pain-Steelbook-Shinkawa

It also has another Shinkawa artwork on the inside.


Judging from the product page you get both the normal case for the Day One Edition and the (empty) steelbook.

Source:, via Reddit,, via MGSFansUK

  • Will Hough

    Well… Time to become German then.

    • FMercenary

      Auf wiener schnitzel! Am I doing this right???

    • Jeremytroid

      Do you have an American Amazon account? I logged into using my American account info and bought painlessly. Knowing a touch of French did help, but I’m sure Google translate could get you through if you don’t.

      • Knightv

        How much did you have to pay in all? With taxes and shipping.

        • Jeremytroid

          66 euros, which is $71.48 USD according to Google’s conversion.

  • RanFujimiya

    Gues I need to preorder my 5th copy of TPP…………

    • stocchinet .

      gotta catch ’em all

      • Altaim

        ahahahahaha this killed me

    • J_muse72

      Same here. I got 3 limited editions 1 JP premium edition and maybe a day one digital just to play it the second it comes out…plus headphones and the collectors hardcover Guide book.

      • ThreeMadFrogs

        Damn, dude…

        • J_muse72

          Yeah, that;s how much this game is worth to me XD

      • Solid O. #V

        Wow… 0_0

      • Tong Ninja

        How much does that all cost for you? You must be loaded with cash!

      • RanFujimiya

        Jep, my list looks almost the same. I’ve already spent around 1200€ for my preorders. With the Collectors Hardcover Guide, the european Bundle with the console and the not paid preorders it’ll be around 700€ more.
        And I’m not regretting anything.

        • J_muse72

          This Monday will make you think you should invest even more into MGSV!!

          • RanFujimiya


  • Looks like I have to buy a PS4, PC is getting left out 🙁

    • If you live in Europe you might as well get the special MGSV PS4. 😉

  • umbralex

    Sold out

  • Daburcor

    That looks incredible.

  • JoJo

    I wonder if the steelbook in the Collector’s Edition is similar.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Of course the steelbook has Shinkawa art on it *sigh* the ONE thing I will NEVER put my discs in.

  • So it’s been confirmed that Kojima will be at E3…guess he also has something to do with this then

  • Sn4ke_911


    • Le Guy who drowned quiet


    • Alex

      That doesn’t confirm his appearance, just Keighley’s hype level for the trailer and everyone seeing it. So far there hasn’t been any plane tweets yet from Kojima, Ken, secretary, anyone close to him 🙁

  • Bigbossmsf1974

    This look so magnificent, I’ve always been a big fan of shinkawa work, but this is mind blowing. I already got the phantom pain preorder for the ps4, but it’s just the regular retail version. I’ll probably wait until next month to upgrade my phantom pain copy into the collector editions version, but wonder will this case come with it, if it doesn’t I’m gona be a sad diamond dog.

  • PrinceHeir

    Hope US and other parts of EU and Japan heck everywhere in the world will be able to buy this 😀

    Here’s some more Big Boss art.


    i want this so bad

  • crispy123

    dear lord. i have the game special edition, the guide special edition, the history of metal gear hardcover. and then this pops out. i hope my special edition looks like this.

  • captain!

    Going to france

  • PsychoMantis18

    Too many to buy

  • Big Fox

    I hope this steelbook will be in our collectors editions.

  • Gatsu

    OMG what is this :O !? This better be in my CE >:O !!!

  • AbdElRahmanSnake

    Have anyone noticed the kojipro logo on the side of the case

  • Alex

    I hope this is what we get with the Collector’s Edition and the one they show in the promo is just a placeholder, cause it looks bad.

    • Gatsu

      Yeah it would be nice to have this with CE 🙂 …

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    can i buy this in the USA? i just want one mgs game with shinkawa art thats not mgs3 subsistence lol.

    • WaterFaster2012


  • Alberto Sánchez

    This is a fake. Look at the photos, they’re not the same. First one has no logos or symbols and the steelbook of the other photo has even the Kojima Productions logo, which we know it no longer exists.

    • Maybe the final thing will not have those logos. It’s on Amazon, so it’s a real thing.

  • WaterFaster2012

    This is a very REAL steelbook cover. You can pre order it at Germany and France amazon, and Shopto in the UK. This will NOT be the steelbook cover that comes with the USA Collector’s edition of MGSVTPP.

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