Check out the MGSV E3 2015 booth where the audience can watch gameplay demonstrations

E3 has begun, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has its very own booth on the show floor designed to resemble Mother Base. At set times, Sean Eyestone and Jackie will be giving live gameplay demonstrations for the audience to watch. It will be available online later, but in the meantime here are a bunch of photos of the booth and the crowd that has gathered to look at the game.



MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-23 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-21 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-18 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-17 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-16MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-30 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-15 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-13 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-9 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-8 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-7 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-6 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-5 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-4 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-3 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-2 MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-1MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-31MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Mother-Base-CustomizationMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Weapon-CustomizationMGSV-Booth-E3-2015-27

FYI the demo we’re holding on the show floor will be available online at a later date–details coming soon! – Metal Gear Official

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, Konami France Twitter, The Snake Soup Twitter, Konami Twitter, thabto Twitter, Metal Gear Official Japanese Twitter, The Decoy Twitter, oatmeals MGO Twitter

  • José Lucas

    :'( i want videos!!!!!!!!!! the mission selection menu is beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Chem

    Kojima Productions T-shirts!!!

  • Ravenous

    What? Still no footage?
    I guess they might be waiting to get more of the demos done so they can upload the one they are happiest with, but the wait is killing me!

    • Gatsu

      Lets hope it come before E3 ends :).

  • Ol’ Jack Burton


    • Shalashaska

      OH YEA BABY!

  • Andrea Feletti


  • DUD Guy

    That Mother Base design 😀

  • Golgari

    Really great booth.

  • Ralexion

    Coolest booth ever o_o

  • I will make my own house like that orange MB, lol.
    It’s cool, they know how to make things. 🙂
    Wondering how is inside.

  • Gatsu

    Thanks Nyx! It is a real Mother Base :O…

    That 3rd image screen looks pretty sweet :).

  • Cartmangus

    That is a pretty good booth

    • “You’re pretty booth.”

      • quintimnia


  • ObsessedGeorge

    If l could be there, l would have maxed out my camera’s SD slot with pics with Jackie, Sean and Mother Base! So l guess no gameplay video today.

    • Venom_Snake_BB

      Probably a official video tomorrow or after E3

    • Gatsu

      They did the same way in some previous game show I think, released the demo few days later :(… I need to see DD and D-Walker in action!

  • quintimnia

    why doesnt someone stream it??? :((((( !!!!!

  • Fox


    • quintimnia

      ” you knew ?! “

  • Ryan Yoder

    That is awesome. I wish I could be there.

  • Gatsu
    • Ol’ Jack Burton

      Think DD’s breed might actually make a difference in terms of gameplay?

    • DD and Snake remind of Shinobi arcade game, Shadow Dancer. 🙂
      I won’t miss Fallout 4 too much, we got a dog here too 😛

  • quintimnia

    Diamond Dogs
    ==Hype Delivery Service== 10 IN 1000
    Contract No W-148-GR-548
    Hype Delivery : R&D DIV

  • Commander Miller

    Does anyone have a link to where it’s being live

    • quintimnia

      no one streaming it like its forbidden. im dying here.

    • hunner

      No stream. Gameplay is coming to youtube later

      • Mini gear

        i neeed to knoooooooow, i hope soon(not kojima soon after last time they said that)

  • Jush

    YES, I am so happy! Will be cool to see how many minute changes we can spot altogether 😀

  • Gatsu

    @Nyxus if you missed Sn4ke’s post in previous article 🙂 –>

    Tons of new screenshots here:
    Chopper is back!

    And also some other here:

  • quintimnia
    • Andrea Feletti


    • Mr.Pony

      Is that a helicopeter fan on D-Walker (or whatever they are called)?

      • ObsessedGeorge

        No, it’s a helicopeter right behing D-Walker.

        • Mr.Pony

          oh… a man can dream 🙁

    • ObsessedGeorge

      It looks like Armored Core! 😀

    • Gatsu

      Oh…my…GOD! !

    • Mini gear

      wait… it scrolls up one sooo…? SECRET BUDDY!?

      • quintimnia

        holy shit missed that. maybe A TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T100 !

        • Mini gear

          YESX99999999999 best game ever

          • Mr.Pony

            LASER BEAR!!!!!

          • mikeyyytexas

            goodness I hope so haha

          • quintimnia

            &Heart FailureHeartFailureHeartFailure&

          • Mini gear

            600th time this happend to me, im gonna need a peace maker from all this

        • A Bonneville with EVA on it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Is that it? Or the other way around? 😀 Nah, you’re probably right. 😉

        • Mini gear

          if it ended up the other way around i think everyones brain would melt 🙂

      • DDADDB

        Maybe…Or maybe its an option to not take a buddy…But I like your version better! 🙂

      • MrVux007

        Kojima did say there will more buddies besides the horse,quite,DD and Dwalker

      • Jason Fairchild

        Here’s hoping it says “Co-op Player”… Come on Kojima, don’t let me down.

        • MichaelPayneV

          Split Screen Coop would be amazing.

        • Shalashaska

          Although this would be amazing. I really hope they balance this out and not make the good bosses impossible to defeat unless you have two-players. This happened in PW.

      • Aftershok

        Most likely the option not to select a buddy for the mission.

      • Punished Fox

        Ocelot probably.

        • mikeyyytexas

          I thought that Kojima opted not to put Ocelot in the game as a buddy because if he died he would no longer be a part of the story.

          • chiffmonkey

            Support buddies don’t die in gameplay, they get airlifted back to MB as injured/damaged. This isn’t to say they can’t die, but rather that there is no issue with making Ocelot a support buddy once Kaz gets back.

      • decoyF0XX


      • Shalashaska

        What if you can have your own “Skulls” or your metal gear as your buddy.. haha man that would be fun for the rampaging xD

        • chiffmonkey

          There’s a popular theory that Quiet is somehow linked with the Skulls.

    • ddmaster

      Holy frickin’ frack!!! So it can be equipped with rotors?! Hells yeah to flying over short distances all the while dropping fear and knowing Kojima….poop!

      • Aftershok

        It’s the helicopter behind it.

        • ddmaster

          Damn! That would’ve been nice. Hopes dash.

    • quintimnia

      It started brothers and sisters, though we cant watch it. fuck.

      • Mini gear

        im dying here, so happy, cant wait to see that start menu ^_^

        • quintimnia

          so, i’ve got parkinson’s from all that. gimme diazepam..

        • Gatsu

          Oooohh me tooo Mini, that look so beautiful <3333 !

    • MrVux007

      good to see that PW mission prep,make a return

    • Ravenous

      Oooh, looks like there is atleast one option above the 4 visible ones, wonder if that’s for Diamond Dogs soldiers, or someone specific we don’t know of yet?

      • Javier

        I think that option is ————. No buddie.

        • Ravenous

          How would that make any sense, you can just NOT call in the buddy O.o
          See the Africa gameplay as an example, Quiet was the buddy for that mission, but they still had to manually call her in for her to even be there, so what would be the point of having ‘No support’ as an option?

          • No Place For Hayter

            For those who don’t want any support, it would blow to HAVE to bring something with you.

            If you select one here in this menu it starts in the mission with you so you don’t have to call it in later.

  • Jush

    “FYI the demo we’re holding on the show floor will be available online at a later date–details coming soon!”

    Thank you, Hideo.

    • Willy Rogers

      I’m assuming he means a video of the gameplay and not a downloadable demo?

      • Tong Ninja


  • BlankAzure

    oh my like wow this looks amazing really wish i could be there now haha

  • Fox

    Wait a minute…. Did everyone forgot that today is 16th and there was something about MGO today? o.O

    • Javier

      I think they said in twitter there wont be nothing.

  • No Place For Hayter

    best ever wish i was there, lol.

  • PrinceHeir

    Man can’t wait to see more gameplay!

    Also @Gatsu88:disqus saw the new gameplay? 😀

    Still wish it was full third person view or an option for it. Very nice indeed 🙂

    • Zlatan

      that engine looks very… foxy.

    • Gatsu

      Yes I did Prince :D, and I loved it! <3

  • quintimnia
    • quintimnia

      and some dumb previewer said there will be no base color customization.

  • Batzi

    Why are they doing this to us? Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Give us the damn gameplay presentation already!!!!!!!!


    I mean I can’t…I just…New game play..The pics…The trailers..New info…All at once..How can I…

  • Maurycy Zarzycki

    So many new wallpapers-to-be @_@

  • mikeyyytexas

    DAT KJP SHIRT THO!! and the KJP logo in game?!?! thats what we wanted.

  • Justin Wentz

    Just got back from the show floor. Demo was very entertaining. Finally saw the language interpretation aspect in action.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I’M SO JELLY! lol, looking forward to seeing it on youtube 🙂

  • Datguy8923

    Omg if they make a Metal Gear World theme park I would go and never come back.

  • Old Liquid

    This is from GameFAQs. It’s not me. Credits goes to the topic creator that personally attended E3 here:

    Here’s the summary of his experience with the live demonstration:

    “Hello everyone. So I’ve had the opportunity to attend E3 this year and have seen the gameplay demonstration that was presented today by Sean Eyestone at the Konami booth. Here is what happened in the presentation:

    The presentation started with Sean Eyestone confirming Micro-transactions, while reassuring everyone that they are only there for those who don’t have a lot of time and won’t affect the game in any negative way. Whether you believe that or not is up to you.

    The gameplay starts in the air command center (helicopter menu screen). Here, they showed the photos on the walls, confirming that they are indeed moments that you can capture and put attach inside the chopper.

    Here, we are shown Quiet sitting in front of us, and the various menu features that you can access in the chopper. Mostly the same as Ground Zeroes, except that now you can also fully customize your loadout from here, as well as choose your mission and where to land.

    Customization options are simply awesome. You can of course customize Mother Base’s color, custom emblems, and Snake himself, be it outfit, weapons, and buddies. You can also fully customize weapons, everything from scopes, barrels, under-barrels, colors, and various parts of the weapon itself.

    There is a face option in the loadout section as well, although they didn’t go into that. Might be face paint, masks, or who knows what. You can also choose to play as someone other than Snake, although they mostly have very average stats compared to Snake. Oh, and Diamond Dogs have female soldiers that you can play as as well.

    Buddies can be selected here as well. Buddies shown are the four known so far, and each can be customized with a different outfit. For example, the default Quiet outfit we always see her in is called the naked camo, and you can change that if you don’t want her to look like a bikini model.

    They proceeded with Diamond Dog instead of Quiet for this demo. Then, instead of choosing a mission, they went with “Freerom” and just chose a drop location and time to go into the open sandbox of Afghanistan with no mission restrictions.

    Dropped into a new section in Afghanistan. DD proceeded to follow in the D-Horse example and peed. Snake can pet DD if he wants.

    After that, the player selected a mission from i-Driod, it was episode 3, “A Hero’s Way” I believe it was called. The mission, however, does not start immediately. Instead, the player is given three different mission-start locations on the map where the player has to go to start the mission.

    Before doing that, the player noticed a side-op nearby, Side-ops are just points of interest in the map where the player can go to and do either in freerom or in main missions. This one involved the extraction of a Russian translator.

    The player, who chose to land here with a vehicle beforehand, rode there alongside DD. The location was a crumbling building with Russian soldiers nearby. The player attempted to interrogate one of the guards but could not understand anything.

    DD automatically detects enemies and the like. Can be ordered to attack enemies and to wait. The player makes his way inside, kicking ass, and extracting the translator, allowing interrogation of Russian soldiers. The player also rescued a female soldier in the location and fultoned her back to base.

    After that, player started to proceed to the mission area. Sprinting alongside DD to the vehicle and driving to one of the three mission-start locations. Arriving at the mission-start location, the player found a machine or something which he proceeded to plug the iDroid into to download mission data. Doing so starts the mission, with the creators of the mission and the characters appearing in it having their names pop on the screen like a TV show. It does NOT interrupt gameplay, since you can continue playing as the names pop up on screen.

    The mission had the player eliminating a Russian captain or commander in a Russian base. For this mission, the player extracted DD and brought in the D-Walker, which is seriously overpowered. It moves very fast (faster than the horse probably), has a lot of firepower, shields the player, and can even perform stealth take-downs. The D-Walker even has a funny robotic voice when Snake orders it to do stuff, like scouting the area for enemies for example.

    Proceeding with the mission, Snake found that several soldiers are not carrying shields and wearing heavy armor to counter Snake’s previous tactics. Boomboxes with tapes found, and a funny moment in which Snake encountered an enemy inflatable decoy inside a building happened, showing that even enemies can use these tactics.

    Snake CQC’ed the target and Fultoned him. He, however, encountered an alert face and called in the D-Walker to kick some serious ass. Really overpowered. Snake also took an anti-aircraft enemy weapon and called in the chopper for extraction. The chopper itself (driver was NOT Morpho) can fire missiles on enemies, kicking even more ass. Snake rode in the chopper, a gun turret infront of him, and blew up everything in place as he flew away.

    Mission over, Snake attached a Kojima Productions emblem on his chest, and the demo was over.

    Here are a bunch of pictures I took: from the game presentation, the Konami booth, and myself alongside Sean Eyestone and a bunch of amazingly great cosplayers:

    I do apologize for the low quality of the photos, I didn’t have the luxary of taking my time with them.

    Also, before the start of the presentation, they played a vocal version of the Quiet theme, which was frigging amazing. Also, I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention a lot of stuff, so ask me anything if you want.”

    • Shalashaska

      The player, who chose to land here with a vehicle beforehand

      what? O.O did he drop into the map with a car ? How? o.O I wonder if there is sky diving, its not gta but i would love to replay the movmement from MGS # xD

      Also Snake encountered an enemy inflatable decoy inside a building happened, showing that even enemies can use these tactics. THIS IS GREAT stuff. More the challenge, the better. I wonder what else they use.

      Anyone else loving the amount of tit showcase this game has? Honestly, now i feel quite is sexy..

  • Yell

    Why is Jackies shirt blurred out?

    • Edward Wokhands

      It shows Chico in Quiet’s clothes.

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  • PrinceHeir

    Awesome 🙂

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