MGSV at E3 2015 Day 2: Lots of awards, Kaz pays a visit

During the second day of the E3 show, more gameplay demonstrations of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were held in front of curious crowds.

MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-1MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-2MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-3MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-4MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-5MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-7MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-9MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-19MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-10MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-11MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-12MGSV-Booth-E3-2015-Day-Two-Julien-MerceronJulien Merceron

Metal Gear Solid V also managed to snag a lot of awards from sites and game shows this E3. Below is just a selection:


Robin Atkin Downes, the voice of Kaz Miller, also paid the convention visit.


A 40 minute gameplay demo will be released shortly.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, Konami Twitter, Robin Atkin Downes Twitter

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