David Hayter hopes to be in future Metal Gear games after Kojima’s departure

In an interview by FraggedNation and KorruptRonin, David Hayter once again assured fans that he is not in Metal Gear Solid V ‘in any way, shape or form’. He also added that Kojima’s departure from Konami may change things and that perhaps the company will hire him again for the role.


Host Daley explained that the question had to be asked, because there is still plenty of speculation David Hayter is in the game in some form, despite the numerous times both parties denied it. Hayter still gets asked hundreds of times a day on Twitter about the situation.

It’s not true. […] Let me just clarify: the sound files they found [in Ground Zeroes] with my voice on it, that’s not my voice. I don’t know whose voice that is. I listened to it, one of them sort of sounded like me, but I’ve never said those words. That was not me in any way, shape or form. I have had no part in the game, and if there is some big surprise coming, I will be as surprised as anyone, because I have not been hired, I have not spoken anybody about contracts. […] I am sorry, I would love to have done it. I have nothing to do with whatever the next Metal Gear game is.

That said, David Hayter doesn’t mind the fact that people keep bringing it up:

The more they talk about you, the better. So it’s all good. I mean, they’re still talking about me doing Metal Gear, years after I did my last Metal Gear. So that’s very flattering, and that’s awesome. And now that Kojima’s gone…” [Sound breaks up.] “But I know nothing about it. There is no hidden agenda, no trolling, no nothing.

Quinton Flynn, who also attended the interview, asked what he was saying when the sound broke up: “You said: now that Kojima is gone, what?”

Hayter answered, jokingly: “He can go fuck himself.” Then he continued on a serious note: “I was saying: now that Kojima is gone maybe Konami will make a different decision and they’ll bring me back.”

David also indicated that if there was any truth to the rumors, his responses would have been different than they have been in the past years, in an attempt to convince people that it’s not just one giant ruse.

If I was in the game, what I would say is: I just can’t talk about it, guys.

To watch the full interview with David Hayter and Quinton Flynn, follow the link below.

Source: FraggedNation, via GamingBolt, metalgearsolid.be

  • Solidus Türk

    Fake Soldier Voice no one need this.

  • Ryan Locke

    I never really cared for hayter. I mean I like his voice and I thought it fit snake, but I think the new snake sounds really great too. The reason I don’t really care for hayter too much is his attitude. I really like kojima, and he seems to be against him. I don’t know why he was fired and I’d like to find out, but for now he’s just unprofessional to me. Sorry to all the hayter fans out there, but when I hear hayters voice I think of mgs3, and that was much more of a silly game. But now that things are more dark and serious I think a new fresh more realistic voice suits the game well. What do you guys think about this view?

    • He wasn’t really fired, he was never a Konami employee or anything, just contracted for the different jobs and this time they contacted someone else. It also doesn’t seem like he holds a grudge against Kojima (this was just a joke which you can see if you watch the video). But it seems like the decision to go with Kiefer for this game was a good one based on what most previewers said when they played the game. That’s not to say Hayter hasn’t done a great job previously, but this is just a different kind of game.

      • Ryan Locke

        I completely agree. And I didn’t watch the video, only read it, so you’re right I probably got the wrong tone. Thanks for filling me in

    • PsychoMantis18

      I think it’s wrong

    • No Place For Hayter

      To be fair he isn’t willingly jumping into all of this everyone else is shoving it down his throat, but yes it is unprofessional and he appears to be salty, but exepecting every person under the spotlight to be perfect (let alone a stressful one) is kind of unrealistic and would be rude to judge any person so.

      That being said whether Hayter is the biggest jerk or the friendliest guy on the face of the earth has nothing to do with his quality of work. If a movie director turned I loved turned out to be a serial killer I would still love him as a director, his actions, thoughts, crimes, or sins, has nothing to do with his quality of his work.

      • WhatTheJuicay

        So i guess its safe to say youre still a Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise fan?

        Just a test. I pretty much agree with everything you say..and yea I’m still a fan of certain actors who have public meltdowns and make bad life choices. Not that Hayter falls in that category either.

    • decoyF0XX

      I prefer Kiefer’s voice for Big Boss. In my opinion, Hayter’s best work just coincidentally happens to be MGS, MGS2 and MGS4 so let’s just leave him as Solid Snake. I didn’t like his voice in MGS3 and PW so I’m happy with Kojima’s decision. The Phantom Pain is going to be on another whole level, I can feel it, and I don’t think Hayter’s voice would fit very well in this game. I mean, try saying the lines “I won’t scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea” in Hayter’s voice, weird innit?

  • Shalashaska

    After Kojima, there will be no new MG.
    Sad but true.
    Hats off to David Hayter for making our childhoods amazing. And I hope he has future successes. I still wish it was him and not Kiefer as to me, he will always be Naked and Solid Snake. and Kiefer will always be Jack Bauer.
    Cut him some slack. Stop fanboying Kojima. Kojima has his reasons and so does Hayter.

    I feel for the guy. In the media, once you make yourself a place in people’s mind as a character.. its hard to get out and do other stuff.. especially if what place you made took years of your life.
    Take Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Mark Hamil, Keanu Reaves, Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Daniel Radclife and so many more.. its hard for them to let go of their previous image and therefore they begin to fade out because producers want to hire new people because they know the crowd will react differently, so guys like them.. they are left hoping to catch another huge break to let go of their previous image and make a new one because they have so much more to give as entertainers.

    • Ryan Locke

      I agree. I hope he goes on to do good stuff, and I feel like all the fanboys can really get to him, because it wasn’t his choice to leave and he wants to be back.

    • Well as you said, Hayter will remain Naked Snake, but MGSV is about Punished / Venom Snake. The same way Big Boss was voiced by Richard Doyle in MGS4. Maybe they want to make a clear distinction between Snake as he was before and what he has become now.

      • Shalashaska

        True. The distinction makes sense but as a 24 fan … everytime izi hear Kiefer speak, I just feel im in 24 nd not MGS. Gonna take getting used to :/

        • Gatsu

          Shala I hope that you get used to the voice more in TPP :).

      • No Place For Hayter

        I’ve never liked the distinction of different names means different voice/character. It simply feels to me like an excuse to have a different voice actor, I mean honestly what difference does his code name make? and who should it even remotely factor in to who voices the character? the only way I see it as people trying desperately to make an excuse “This isn’t naked snake this is venom snake so a different voice” this of course makes no sense, having a different code name doesn’t factor into his voice, and besides having a different code name does not make you a different person so I don’t see why this was even conceived of as an idea when the code name doesn’t change who the literately person it. Just my 2c on the code name voice change.

        • It’s the other way around. The code name isn’t the reason for their change, their change is the reason for their new code name / alias. That’s why Snake was referred to as ‘Old Snake’ in MGS4, and Big Boss was ‘Naked Snake’ in MGS3. The new name indicates the character has undergone a transformation, he is not the same man as before.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah, I recognize the name change mean the character has changed, but I question the use towards the voice.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Great way of putting all of it, I agree.

  • Gatsu

    I love David, he made my childhood years really incredible. But if he would be Big Boss in TPP, well honestly I cant imagine him voicing those dark cutscenes with his fake voice.

    I love the change Kiefer brings and I dont agree with people when they say can only hear Jack Bauer talking. I hear a realistic Big Boss. I truly enjoy both of their voices and honestly wish fans would stop hating the guy, he has taken a ton of crap and just because he “stole” David’s place by Kojima’s decision for trying something new.

    Anyway, I wish David good luck in the future be it with a new MG or other projects :). He’s a legend.

    • Bożydar Mazur

      Finally a voice of reason. I love David and I enjoy Kiefer as a Big Boss. They both fit, Hayter is a bit over the top but we grew to love it.

    • Rikimaru

      I agree with what you said and I mean if people don’t think Kiefer is genuine and not taking his role seriously towards this project that consists of MGSV:GZ and TPP, just go ahead and look for the speech he gave out during the VGA’s.

      I do love his work, trust me, I loved Hayter’s voice but this game is totally different and to be honest I cannot imagine a darker, beat up Big Boss with Hayter’s work..it would remind me too much of Old Snake and I don’t want that. I love both and I enjoy both (DH and KS), just voicing out my opinion!

    • Sting’s Dad

      A lot of the people who give Kiefer a hard time, are the same people who fail to see that Kiefer’s voice matches up as a perfect blend between Hayter’s Big Boss and Richard Doyle’s MGS4 Big Boss.

      In other words, Bravo Kojima.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I don’t hate Kiefer I just think he is phoning in the role for TPP. I also believe there are very few people whom actually noticed the talent and understanding Hayter had. Hayter displayed a wealth of emotion serious to comical all while being greatly in character, and not once did I consider him over the top, I honestly think there are very few people whom actually care enough to look past the common fad of Hayter being or or over the top to actually see how good he was in the role.

      • Braden Gunn

        He definitely phoned in his performance during Ground Zeroes, but I’d argue in some of the stuff shown from The Phantom Pain such as the Quiet scene, Sutherland actually gives a good performance

        • DUD Guy

          I thought the performances of Kiefer and James Horan in the opening cutscene were extremely underwhelming. I remember watching the english cutscene for the first time and thought that’s not how Skull Face is supposed to sound at all and Kiefer sounds bored. Then I heard the tapes and I was really impressed. Seriously the difference in quality, especially when it comes to Skull Face is huge. He sounds menacing and unique. The small bits of Kiefer on the tapes were also a lot better. It seems like The Phantom Pain’s voice acting will be on the same level if not better. Skull Face sounds great in the E3 2015 trailer and like you said, what we’ve heard from Kiefer so far is good too.

          • Braden Gunn

            Yeah I forgot to mention the cassette tapes, they’re pretty damn good, I wonder why there was such a big difference in quality between the cassettes and the main game.

        • Tong Ninja

          The cassette tapes were done very well in Ground Zeroes. 😀

      • DUD Guy

        I can understand if people say Hayter sounded a little unnatural and over the top in Peace Walker because the voice he used sounded almost like Old Snake, but at the same time you simply can’t deny how powerful his performance was when Big Boss tried to stop Peace Walker and in pretty much every scene with Big Boss and the Mammal Pod.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Couldn’t agree more. hayter’s performances as Snake are some of the greatest in gaming history. He is irreplacable yet somehow he got replaced. It sucks

    • Cipher

      I always said Kiefer is a better Big Boss

    • Aziz Hussein

      Always had this stance as well..David Hayter will always be snake…solid snake….voicing naked snake and then big boss was a nice treat for the fans and I loved it…but i understand the change and as long as it feels like an mgs game then thats the main thing and kiefer nailed an older more war torn big boss which is a perfect evolution to the big boss we see in mgs 4..he doesnt sound like bauer totally different delivery and its hideo choice aka A Hideo Kojima Game!

    • Cobra Commander

      I was one of the people who were mad and confused in the beginning when the BB voice change was announced.
      But I gave Kiefer a chance, and honestly I think it was a good choice.
      I just look at BB now while hearing Hayter’s Snake voice in my head, and to me it seems out of place.
      The only problem I have with having Kiefer being on board is that it seems like BB will hardly talk at all. (We will have to see what happens Sept. 1st.)
      To me the voice sounds truly like an aged BB and nothing else.
      (Maybe because I have never seen a single episode of 24).

  • SpiderJerusalem

    I still can’t believe David is not in MGSV and I dont think he would say “I cant talk about it” because then we knew he would be in it. And now is the plus of the “Words can kill” trailer

    • What about the Words can kill trailer?

      • Probably he refers to “if only Hayter would speak…” so better to say he is not involved so to bring the surprise when the time comes, i guess.
        Or directly, he says “he is not involved in this”, those words kill the fan’s hearts.
        One way or another, i guess that is what Spider Jerusalem meant.

        Good day, mate 🙂

      • SpiderJerusalem

        I think there a little concidence about the fact that all the fans are feeling bad for David and the theme of the game, thats all. He has all my support but right till the end of Phantom Pain im gonna be waiting for Solid Snake to appear years after 1984, at least in the final conversation like in every Metal Gear. (Im trying to do my best explanation but english is not my native lenguage)

    • cklambo

      David is still trolling

    • Zlatan

      if he would be in it, his acting now would be oscar like. but in fact he’s not that great of an actor. that said, just what he stated million times, he’s not in it. and it’s totally okay. i’m fine with kiefer. the only thing kojima should have done: the voice should have already been changed in mgs3.


    The only real thing that gets to me about replacing Hayter is that I feel Kojima should have replaced EVERYBODY and got a whole new cast.

    For me, when I hear Hal/Huey talk to Snake I expect to hear David Hayter reply. This also goes for Kaz but to a lesser extent.

    But If everyone had a new voice actor I could get my head around it better as that would help me to believe the ‘new’ MGS was truly a step in another direction that Kojima wanted to go in.

    But as it is, keeping some and not others just seems weird to me.

    To this day I still think that Big Boss in MGS4 should have been voiced by the guy who voiced Solidus, Seeing as that he was meant to be a perfect clone of BB.

    • Bożydar Mazur

      The VA for Solidus, man, he did an amazing job. Im gay for his voice.

      • True but Richard Doyle did a great job as Big Boss himself.

        “Did Zero really hate me? Or did he fear me?”

        • Bożydar Mazur

          Of course he did, but he wouldnt fit as a younger Snake.
          Also, “No, the world would be better off without snakes”. I cry everytime ;_;

      • Ebbenezer

        I quote John Cygan when I’m alone. Though less manly, and with no exoskeloton, in front of the mirror

    • Ol’ Jack Burton

      I’d be a happy man had John Cygan been Big Boss’ English VA from day one tbh.

    • Tong Ninja

      Kiefer Sutherland, Stefanie Joosten, Jay Tavare, Troy Baker, James Horan, Sonari Jo, Voice actor for Zero, Stephanie Lemelin, Donna Burke, Eli’s voice actor, Psycho Mantis’ voice actor, etc …. Sounds like a new cast to me haha

      So far only the voice actors for Kaz, Paz, Huey and Chico (Ground Zeroes) are retaining their roles.

  • Golgari

    I’m ok with Kojima’s decision.
    The most important part right now is to deliver. To deliver the best possible MGS, Kojima has ever created. We waited too long for this day.
    Kiefer still need to prove if he is good in the game. I’m ok with Kiefer Sutherland as a Snake. I don’t care who is the actor, as long as he is good. Actors always change, that’s the thing in the industry.

    I really want MGSV to be good. I want it to be not just a GOTY but an instant classic, that will remind us, that all the wait was worth it.

    • Gatsu

      Yes it needs to be instant classic <3!

  • YupStill

    – Play the game, finish Chapter 5, end credits, final scene, fade to black –

    Black screen, Miller’s voice over the radio “Alright rookie, this is a solo infiltration mission…”

    – Sound of water, the swelling haunted opening of The Best is Yet to Come begins to play –

    Miller continues to speak over it. “You are officially off the books and in unprotected waters. To the world, you no longer exist. You are alone.”

    – Fading in, we can barely make out a single figure in scuba gear cutting through dark waters, fade to black –

    “There will be no reinforcements or support; as far as classified ops go, this one was specifically selected for the Fox Hound unit, specifically for you.”

    – Credits begin to appear, fade to the diver again, shot from underneath, the lights of a helicopter choppy and distorted by the waves at the surface flash by, fade to black –

    “Your mission is to infiltrate a terrorist run isolated military complex under the guise of an independent offshore planet in the Seychelles waters”

    – The diver again from the side as he cuts through the water smoothly, credits in white contrasting strongly to the darkness that covers everything. No more fade to blacks as the voice speaks over the images –

    “If you ask me, military complex is putting it lightly. We’re talking a fortified state, recognized by the Big Five as an international superpower. Intelligence has brought back information that they are in possession of a weapon of catastrophic destruction…you’re approaching the patrol vicinity. Ready?”

    – The diver pulls an object from his belt, clicks it. A distortion echoes out (EMP?). A nearby, underwater sentry’s lights flicker and die out as it powers down. The diver moves past. When the sentry powers, the diver is faded into the darkness behind it. Credits continue to fade in wherever there is space in the scene. –

    “Well done. We’re aware of the patrols and how to counter them thanks to the first agent we’ve sent in. Codenamed Gray Fox, his mission was to infiltrate the facility, assess the situation and neutralize the threat. ….we’ve lost contact with him 36 hours ago.”

    – The diver comes to a beam which he pushes himself up against. Walking his hands and hugging it close, he begins to ‘climb’ up, swimming quickly and using it as cover for a second sentry that patrols the area. Credits continue –

    “From what we put together from his information and from our inside agent, somewhere on site are members of a local resistance movement: the famous Dr. Schnieder and Diane, a captured intel agent. There are other hostages but we have no information on their location or their fates. Exfiltration will be near impossible so you are to make contact and get them somewhere safe. We’ll take care of them. We’ve a….wait, are you in?”

    – The diver breaks the surface. Rain pours in sheets as winds create heavy, chugging waves, splashing at the steal beams of large interconnected struts. There are so many struts and beams that their lights shine like a city in the storm. The camera swoops back to get the full effect of the scale of it; one solitary diver against impossible odds. Hideo Kojima’s name enters on the screen. Fade to black –

    – Fox Hound logo, Chapter 6: A New Dawn –

    – Scene fades in with a crack of thunder. The agent has climbed on to a low platform. We can’t see his face but we see his equipment drop as he strips down. He’s careful not to drop anything into the patrolled waters below where we see the sentries lights, distorted and blurred under the waves –

    Miller: “Are you in? Good. Welcome, to Outer Heaven…Snake”

    Familiar voice: “Snake?”

    Miller: “Boss thought it would be…poetic, considering the circumstances. We can’t trust our communications will remain unbroken, at least not for long. So from this point on, and across all channels, your codename will be Solid Snake”

    – Camera comes up as the mask falls down in his hand, we see the agent, a young Solid Snake, mid 20’s. He looks determined, a fire bright in his eyes. David Hayter’s name appears as the final credit, centred under the young cadet’s face. He walks to the nearest corner along the rail, kneeling before peering around the corner –

    Miller: “As I’m sure you know, this is no ordinary mission. This terrorist team is a veteran mercenary force, operating in nearly every international and civil conflict in the 80’s. Quiet, the deadly sharpshooter, a renegade of the now lost Parasite Unit. Psycho Mantis, a powerful but experimental telekinetic prodigy. And headed by the legendary Shalashaska himself, also known as Revolver Ocelot. Ex-KGB. I don’t think I need to tell you about him.”

    Snake “No, Master”

    – Snake ducks under a camera climbs the rails, pinning himself against the walls. The ocean stretches out in front of him, the lightening flashes reminding him of how far the horizon is, how far away everything else in the world is. –

    Miller: “This is not an assassination mission; the United States doesn’t go in for that, at least officially, and even as far a top-secret black ops go, any contact won’t be in your favor. You’re not here to neutralize targets nor interfere with Gray Fox’s mission. You’re here to assess and make contact with Gray Fox”

    – Snake makes it to the top of the platform. The building surge around him, huge and daunting. Lights flare into the camera. Snake pushes himself against a wall as soldiers in cloaks patrol by –

    Miller: “If he’s ok, you get outta there. If he’s been captured, you free him. If he’s been neutralized, then his mission…becomes yours.”

    – Snake kneels down, watching the soldiers open a door and head into the facility –

    Snake: “Why me?”

    Miller: “What?”

    Snake: “Gray Fox is the best agent in Fox Hound and even he’s gone MIA. I’ve got no field experience, only training and simulations. Why pick me for this?”

    – The mic comes on to respond but before Miller can speak, a shuffle is heard and a new voice comes –

    Big Boss: “You’ve got my name, kid”

    Snake: “Boss…”

    Big Boss: “Now go earn it”

    – Camera centres around Snake, rain pouring on the deck, lights reflecting off the mechanical crates. The player takes control…

    This is what I’m hoping will happen 🙁

    • TheUppu

      I hope so too. if Konami will not do this, i hope some one uses Fox engine and does a mod that has this! Voice acting would be a problem though

      • JoJo

        Considering the Metal Gear remake that was being made, I think David would be on board in a mod at least. Don’t know about anyone else.

    • Azarul Nazim Abdullah

      Why I’m reading the snake line with Hayter voice.

    • Plissken

      I’m hoping for this as the post-credit scene to The Phantom Pain. That or Colonel Campbell talking to Naomi and Mei-Ling talking about the Shadow Moses mission. Then you hear “This is Snake. I’m in front of the disposal facility. Kept you waiting, huh?” voiced by David Hayter.

    • MrVux007

      One little thing most people forget …. Solid Snake had his training in his teens in Green Berets,and had field experience doing black ops operations in Gulf War and later on in Western Iraq …so he was no rookie soldier/agent, but he was new to the unit of Foxhound thus he was a rookie in that unit (like everyone new in the unit,despite their experience and rank in previous units)…he was 19 during his first black ops operations and 23 during MG1

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      Awesome writing

    • Cobra Commander

      The only thing I see out of place is Ocelot and Mantis can’t be part of the villain group.
      If that were true they wouldn’t be accepted into Fox Hound for MGS1 to happen.
      Other than that I loved the writing.

  • Jake Barnes

    Sorry David, but if Kojima is not involved with Metal Gear, then it is not Metal Gear, just some travesty pretending.

    • Braden Gunn

      Portable Ops and Metal Gear Rising say hello, while both games may not be classics on the levels of MGS1 or MGS3, they’re still really good games.

      • Jak

        Doesn’t make them part of the saga-they’re silly fan fic written by people with none of Kojima’s nuance. They just ape the wackier parts of his writing.

        • Jak

          (And this is coming from a giant fan of Reveangeance)

        • Braden Gunn

          Rising had Kojimas seal of approval, and Portable Ops is Canon according to Kojima

          • Yea but Rising isn’t our typical MG

          • Jak

            Seal of approval doesn’t mean canon-he basically said as soon as platinum took over it had to take place away from the rest of the games (hence it not being the raiden prequel to 4 it was intended as when Koji pro was making it).

            You’ll also have to source me on the latter-I see people claim that a lot and the most I’ve seen is him vaguely acknowledging things like Big boss acquiring the philosophers legacy is accurate. Given déjà vu literally has all the non Kojima games be soundly dismissed, along with his view of Snake’s Revenge, TTS, and the franchise post departure…

            It’s cool if you guys enjoy the non Kojima stuff (ive 100%d Revengeance, enjoyed the NES Port of MG1 as a kid etc), but there’s every indication that anything he hasn’t directly written or directed isn’t canon. I’m pretty sure after December he’s going to be a lot more clear on that.

          • Jak

            To add-why wouldn’t Bluepoint have remastered it the same time as PW? That it would be the only canon game outside the Legacy collection is nonsense (an again-radioing Kaz in déjà vu should be confirmation enough).

      • gerber

        PO is a good game, but weak MGS. The story has it’s ups and downs (they screwed up Gray Fox using pretty much the same theme as in MGS1 and brought back Sokolov who died in MGS3) but PO did not feel like Kojima game. Kojima always comes with new and unique stuff in every new MGS, and PO felt like MGS3 ripped to fit PSP. The game lacked Kojima’s feel, humor, easter eggs, attention to details, and gameplay mechanics where not that good. Controls were bad, and recruiting by dragging to a truck was just annoying.

        I am not hating PO, general story and characters are better than PW in my opinion, and yes to human boss battles. But it wasn’t a fresh new MGS to me, just a ripped MGS3 spin off.

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet

          True but I hate the way fuLton is portrayed.its really annoyinggggggg

        • Uh, what? Sokolov was never killed, he was given a “Fake Death” pill by The Boss that simulates death so he would be able to escape,

          Remember Big Boss / Naked Snake could use it too in MGS3.

          • Ol’ Jack Burton

            The timeline on the old MGS website that actually did mention “The San Hieronmyo Peninsula Incident” under Peace Walker’s entry specifically mentioned ZEKE as being the first Metal Gear, so if RAXA and the ICBMG aren’t canon anymore, probably safe to say that Sokolov was indeed beaten to death by Volgin and The Boss didn’t slip him a FDP to save him. Plus you’d think BB would’ve made a point of mentioning RAXA and the ICBMG to Huey when their taped conversations turned towards Sokolov and Granin, but no cigar.

            Basically, the only stuff from Portable Ops that’s still actually canon is just the skeleton story (Which Kojima actually did write) explaining how stuff that isn’t exclusive to PO happened (BB forming FOXHOUND, Zero and Ocelot managing to steal the legacy from the CIA, etc.). It’s a shame imo, since I’ll take PO for all its flaws over PW in a heartbeat, but that’s how it is post-2010.

        • Dr. Miles Manners

          Gerber!!! xD

      • Israel Barajas Molina

        Sorry, but those two games… well, they may be entertaining but they’re far from MGS legacy

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Yea well Sorry Jake, but if Hayter is not involved with voicing Snake, then it is not Snake, just Jack Bauer pretending

  • kirtanloorii

    I say “Let the Legend come back to life!”

  • RanFujimiya

    I’m absolutely okay with Sutherland as Big Boss, I prefer him, he sounds great. As you guys already said, Hayters voice is perfect for Solid Snake.
    I understood that Snake is Hayters lifetime role, but… he’s a bit too obsessed, isn’t he. And I don’t like the sound of “yeah, Kojimas out, so I’m back in MGS”. Without Kojima, no MGS, I feel sad that Hayter doesn’t see things like this.

    • J_muse72

      I agree with you 100%. I just wish Big Boss spoke more in the cutscenes in MGSV

    • Braden Gunn

      That’s not really what he’s saying though, what he’s saying is now that Kojima has left he hopes Konami will consider rehiring him because he’s a big fan of the character and the franchise.

      • RanFujimiya

        No, he didn’t, but it kinda feels like this. :/

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    I love your Work david ( The legend Snake / naked snake/ BB) but Metal Gear solid = Kojima
    We lost silent Hills
    we have the worst year on gaming with so many Horrible news
    Konami is making mobile games – Micro transactions and Destroying Metal gear Fans apart
    Metal Gear Solid V is our last game .

    • Ryan Locke

      Well that was depressing. lol

    • Raymondius

      I’m with you bro. Hayter will always be my idol and Solid Snake, but this is my las Metal Gear too. So I expect they decide not to choose him, ’cause I won’t play it.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Hayter gets rudely dumped. Than Kojima gets rudely dumped, which in turn means SHs is over, and than Kojima productions gets rudely dumped.

      Yeah it has been horrible 🙁

      • Somehow, i still think that Silent Hill will come. I can’t believe a game with that potential will go away like nothing.

        I think Kojima will come with his new toys next year, when he leaves Konami.
        Maybe he will come with a new company, and Konami will dissapear or will continue with his stuff.

        But i know that Kojima wont stop making games.

        Have a nice day 🙂

        • No Place For Hayter

          Kojima got kicked from Konami, but YES he will come back 🙂 hyped to see what he is doing next 🙂 he just needs a place to settle and develop a game 🙂

          • Joaquin Romero Victorica

            I would sell my House, my Sister and my own soul to see that happend (= . All for revenge

        • Shalashaska

          Well, it only had potential thanks to Kojima and Del toro on the same team.

          Seen the recent Shs? My god.. they were terrible.. their Hd re-release..


          Kojima san should dump them and make his own engine and make a new IP horror and action 😀 Lol .. imagine P.t / Dead space – First Person view horror.

    • decoyF0XX

      Come on, Joaquin, it’s not a bad year for gaming. We’re getting MGSV this year!

    • Tong Ninja

      If you mean Konami is having a bad year, then yes.

      This year is one of the best years for gaming. Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, MGSV: TPP, Persona 5, Tomb Raider, etc. 😀

  • This is what happens when you do something that people like and fan (fap) about it.
    You can get caught by what you have done and never turn to the next page in your life.

    David should let it go already, he did a good job, but his time has passed*, i’m pretty accustomed and comfortable with Kiefer’s voice. 🙂
    So, this is why David Hayter is always talking about it (like crying), to avoid people that
    already got accustomed to Kiefer’s voice to forget about him.

    *Still, i think we will listen him as Big Boss in Phantom Pain. Yes, Big Boss.
    I think we will play with this character (Solidus, Gray Fox, whoever he is)
    Kiefer is another character. 😛

    I know, fans won’t take this easy, because they only want to play as Big Boss, but believe me, something big is going to happen in Phantom Pain. I got that feeling. And all fans will be satisfied. 🙂

    I must go, before someone wants to punch me for what i said, lol.

    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Nah, you’re playing as Big Boss, and a nice day to you as well. 😉

      • PrinceHeir

        Have a nice day to everyone here!

    • No Place For Hayter

      Hayter isn’t always talking about it, it is everybody else that is always talking to Hayter about it, I’ve never seen Hayter willingly bring it up and complain about it.

  • Kol Leqejza

    hayter is all wrong. he does not play snake BECAUSE of konami and NOT kojima. it was also konamis decision to release GZ prior to TPP. just my 2 cents.

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    Rip Metal gear Solid

    • Raymondius

      15-9-2015 you mean.

      No one thinks about PC. No one. Not even Batman. 🙁

      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        )= Yes . Pc will be amazing.
        Mgs V masterpiece = All platforms
        This will make you feel better

        • Raymondius

          Not really. My PC is pretty shitty, but still, better than a PS3 lol haha.

        • Shalashaska

          The only reason I initially want a good pc is for this and Dyling light. And no mans sky and Horizons that was announced recently. Oh and the Division, too.

  • flying_fox

    In other words, David Hayter would be very happy if Kojima just got the hell out already, so he could have a chance at having his role back (or whatever delusion he’s in).

    Of course, he doesn’t seem to express any doubt about the future of the series without Kojima.

    And on top of that, he’s insulting (jokingly or not, that’s not the point) the man who made it all possible to begin with.

    As far as I’m concerned, he can have Venom Snake’s part. He’s given us enough evidence that he can turn into an egotistical vengeful psychopath.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yeah Hayter seems to still be pretty salty about the whole thing, but to be fare you is constantly beign asked about the new game and his role, he is not connected to the new game or to Kojima or to Konami or there business going-ons and yet everyone is always throwing this crap at him constantly, I mean let the guy move on people.

    • Kazuhira-on-the-roof

      +1 Fuck Hayter. Stay bitter my friend.

    • decoyF0XX

      He’s a grown man, he should have known he could get fired any time. Coupled with the fact that he was technically never a staff of Konami, this is just weird lol.

      • Jak

        He singularly represents the franchise to a lot of American fans, and he dearly loved it.

        You try getting fired from your dream job with no warning and then have your (sort of) former boss crowing about how amazing your replacement is.

    • Braden Gunn

      Dude, he just has a dry sense of humour, how is that a vengeful psychopath, I tell my best friends to go fuck themselves and have nothing but good feelings towards them, it’s not like he went and sacrificed a virgin just so he could have the part back.

  • J_muse72

    I still believed until today that Kojima is still holding off hiring Hayter for the role of Solid until the last possible minute,but I am not so sure now after that “remark” toward Kojima Hayter stated.
    I love Keifer as Big Boss and Hayter as Solid and I can’t wait to play as BB once again.

    • Tong Ninja

      They are in postproduction at the moment. That means all the recordings, dialogue, cutscenes, etc are done. We have to assume that Hayter is not in the game for now until the game is released. 🙂

      Hayter is already a legend with the Metal Gear Solid series. Fans will definitely not forget that. Kiefer will bring something new to the table for Big Boss which I am excited to see.

  • James Raskalov

    As far as I care, without Kojima, it’s not true Metal Gear. Nobody could ever write Metal Gear like him.

  • Franky

    First I felt sorry for him.
    Then I saw his net worth is 13 Million Dollars.
    Now I feel sorry for me.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      Lol In retrospect, I’m sure he feels sorry for people who hayte on him…

  • thetrooper1989

    Possibly the next protagonist for Metal Gear Solid VI ?

    • Joaquin Romero Victorica

      Pure gold… Pure Gold ! ! !

    • Ralexion

      This is so dumb, but I love it.

    • WrongDirectionZ


    • Video of the week!

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      What the !!!!!

    • Gatsu

      Amazing ;D!

  • PrinceHeir

    So salty.

    Oh well we’re not even sure if Konami is willing to use the same cast nor the same people that worked on it. So good luck thinking Konami can bring the same people just like that.

    I’ll be enjoying MGSV in its entirety 🙂 He already said he won’t be playing MGSV because it doesn’t feel right.

    Well that’s your lost now lol.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    One of MGSV’s themes is LANGUAGE and how to use words to control the subconscious. What if Kojima is actually trying to demonstrate that by controlling us with words, like making us believe that he’s gonna get quit Konami after MGSV + that David Hayter isn’t in MGSV + that Silent Hills is canceled. That would be a bold move to do it just to prove that the themes in MGSV exist in real life.

  • Batzi

    His “joke” wasn’t funny.

    • decoyF0XX

      It was very passive aggressive in my opinion. He must have some bitter feelings he’s holding back. Poor Hayter.

      • Braden Gunn

        From the interviews and panels I’ve heard Hayter talk in I don’t think he has bitter feelings, he just has a darker dry sense of humour 🙂

        • decoyF0XX

          I have a sixth sense for spotting passive aggression, and my senses are tingling. It’s all good though, I wish Hayter all the best 🙂

        • Jak

          He’s entirely (justifiably) bitter-keep up with him on Twitter, only recently has been more silly about things.

          Has also maintained that he will never play GZ or TPP and wants people to stop asking him to do a “fan” dub of it.

          • Jak

            Not to mention him joining that remake of 1 that Konami shut down.

    • Braden Gunn

      I mean it was kind of funny, but then humour is subjective.

    • Cipher

      I agree !

  • Braden Gunn

    Though I’d love to see David return, (and hopefully he is in Phantom Pain to some capacity (especially since its the ends of the series) I can’t see Konami making anymore Metal Gear Solid games after this, Kojima said this brings the story full circle, so there’s not much more they can do with either Big Boss or Solid Snake.

    No doubt future Metal Gear games will be spinoffs like Rising, or the origin of The Boss, etc…

  • PrinceHeir

    BTW They also uploaded the E3 Gameplay, but with Sugita narrating the gameplay.

    Man I really can’t wait for the game ^^

    • Gatsu

      Sweet =), thanks for the vids Prince!

  • Braden Gunn

    Can someone explain where all the sudden hayte for David came from please, two years ago fans were sending death threats to Kojima and Konami and signing petitions because David was fired/replaced.

    And now he says one bad thing against Kojima (Jokingly, might I add) and now a lot of people seem to hate him?

    I mean don’t get me wrong everybody is entitled to their own opinion regarding the man, but I don’t understand how weas a fanbase can hate a guy who helped bring Snake to life, who gave up his pay so that Twin Snakes would be able to reunite the original cast, who was more than happy to get involved with a fan remake, and is always happy to talk about the series with fans despite the fact he has no obligation to.

    • Tong Ninja

      There was a LOT of hate on Kiefer as well haha. Kiefer has kept quiet though.

      I think a lot of people here still love Hayter (I like BOTH Hayter and Kiefer) but maybe just didn’t like his dark humour. Obviously he was joking (with some hint of bitterness) though, but it doesn’t come across to everyone.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    From 1984 novel by George Orwell D:

    • Tong Ninja

      Have you read the novel?
      Terrifying but well written story!

      • FoxTamerMGO

        I haven’t unfortunately, i might give it a try with Moby Dick

  • korruption

    …Oh goddamnit NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN!!! >.<

    (And that's about all I have to say on the matter)

  • Hanna

    “Kojima is gone maybe Konami will make a different decision”… Read: “Fuck you Kojima”

    • Tong Ninja

      XD I’m not even sure if Konami want to make any more Metal Gear Solid games.
      They want to focus on mobile games and casino gambling machines haha!

  • Ralexion

    Always loved Hayter’s work, I liked Sutherland in GZ (so I guess i’ll like him too on TPP). So, im happy. For me, thats basically it.

  • KiloTwoOne

    Wants him out of the way, some kind of revenge thing I guess.

  • kirtanloorii

    Ladies and gentlemen. My latest masterpiece. I call it “Me on launch day.”

    • Tong Ninja

      So that’s why they chose Kiefer. XD
      He can pull those sorts of crazy psychopathic facial expressions hahaha

    • You’re pretty good!

    • Gatsu


  • Tong Ninja

    We need to think of it this way because Big Boss is present in the Metal Gear Solid Series from 1965 – 2014:

    David Hayter –> Relatively young Big Boss, Kiefer Sutherland –> Middle aged Big Boss,
    Richard Doyle –> Old Big Boss

    Similar to Ocelot who is also present from 1965 – 2014 throughout the series:
    Josh Keaton –> Young Ocelot, Troy Baker –> Middle aged Ocelot, Patric Zimmerman –> Old Ocelot.

  • kirtanloorii

    Narcissism strikes again.

    • What’s Ugly and Eats Ham?

      Why is that narcissism? they’re interviewing him so why would he not say that exactly?

      • kirtanloorii

        Unless I am mistaken, nobody gives a damn about Yong. Unless of course you can think of any good questions. What would you like to know about Yong?

        • What’s Ugly and Eats Ham?

          Considering he got hands on for an hour at E3 on MGSV I’m assuming most of the questions will be geared towards that. I don’t think he’s anticipating a lot of “what did you do at a young age and what do you wanna be when you grow up?”

          Yong has done nothing wrong so why hate on the guy? he’s a powerhouse for rounding up MGSV news and has a lot of good insight on the game. Entertaining for when you want more MGS in between the waits. I doubt that’s him being narcissistic and I also doubt it was his idea, the show has two other co-hosts. I’m sure Daley directs it.

          • kirtanloorii

            I don’t hate him. It’s just think really odd to be interviewed on your own show. He played one hour. It was the same part that all of the previewers played. Everything else is locked up by the NDA agreement. I just don’t see any new information coming out of it, but he is still being interviewed anyways. I’m just saying, what’s the point?

          • Tong Ninja

            From their previous Codec show (I think), Daley and Korruptronin will be interviewing Yongyea on how he became a youtube celebrity, what projects he has been doing, his voice acting aspirations, etc. I guess it’s for Yong’s fanbase who want to know more about him pretty much haha. Also doesn’t Daley direct the shows ?? Yong just comes on as a co-host.

            What I’m really waiting for is the interview with Lori Alan (The Boss), Heather Halley (Paramedic), Debi Mae West (Meryl), etc..

    • Boldizar

      What the hell insight and experience does this kid have that no other fan could from simply playing the games and researching base level stuff we all have access too? I don’t understand why this guy (or PythonSelkan) get any amount of attention.

      and I guess that is my questions for him haha

    • Shalashaska

      Lol this is probably something they’ll do for all of them involved in the Codec.

    • MrVux007

      wouldn’t call it narcissism …but its close to it

    • Javier

      Sometimes he sounds like he doesn’t know some important things of previous games. For example he didn’t knew about the heroism in the pw missions.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    Why does David Hayter want to stain his legacy by voice acting the terrible MGS games Konami will make without Kojima?

  • Gray Lion

    I have to say that I love David and I missed him in Ground Zeroes. Keifer´s voice… It was a bit difficult to get used to it at first but he certainly provides a nice “middle voice” between Hayter and Doyle. I don´t think however that his facial performance was all that great in GZ, taking into account Kojima´s remarks about wanting a more “genuine” way of conveying BB as a man in his forties. I also think that Peace Walker was a very nice game to serve as a “send off” to the arguably the most iconic voice in gaming history. As for Hayter´s supposely harsh comments on Kojima… Well, I can understand to a certain degree why he did it. He was, in my oppinion, brushed aside by Kojima. I mean, the sudden change in voice actors was weird, to say the least. Keeping in mind the series´ timeline, BB´s voice changed in a very short time and that rubs me the wrong way. If Keifer took the role only in The Phantom Pain I wouldn´t be so weirded out by it, since 9 years went by since GZ and it would be natural for his voice to change in that large ammount of time. Going back to Hayter´s remark on Kojima, I think the fans are overdoing it and taking it too personal. Sure, Hayter wasn´t exactly professional by saying such a thing but the man got fired, uncerimoniously as I said before, from the job; the job he loved and gave him recognition – one that made him loved by millions of fans around the world and, IMO, had its part in popularizing the series in the west. The voice of Solid Snake is truly iconic and recognizable even by people who are not that much of a fan of the game. I think that a lenient approach is due to Hayter´s remark. Because we are talking about actual, real humans, not Christ figures beyond repproach or sin. They have their flaws but so do we and we should not be so quick to judge or, should we do so, we should never be one-sided. Hayter may have his but we are forgetting that Kojima has his flaws too. All those jokes about him being the voice of God and that Cosima Caminades joke in particular… Yeah, it´s a joke. But, once again IMO, he sure came off as self-centered and egotistical. The man asserting himself as god in his game, going so far as including himself PW and GZ (and Kaz´s remarks about him in GZ) – that is part of his brand of humour but, nevertheless, I was a bit put off. Don´t get me wrong, I love him dearly him as any MGS fan and Snatcher fan would but my point is – we are dealing with real people and real people have flaws. One has every right to be hurt, one has every right to be cocky. Those are not the only traits that define the people that we love. And should they fail, should they screw up from time to time – we came to “know” and love them for all these years, fellow fans. How about we look the other way, for once? As I said, I am merely stating my point of view and I mean no harm or to insult anyone 🙂
    Going back to Keifer, I have come to like him more and more. I think his voice suits the older BB and is a very good transition between Hayter and Doyle. And I hope that in TPP he will make me love him as BB, of which I am certain he will. Hayter may no longer be BB but the man, for me, never was BB. He was Solid Snake, one of my childhood heroes and he will always have a special place in my heart as Solid Snake.

    Note: by the way, I love Kojima even more for including Robin Atkin Downes, the voice of the one and only, the moe-mad, beam katana-wielding, boobs-loving, awesome mr. Travis fucking Touchdown, in the MGS world.

    • Gray Lion

      Sorry for the long post and my less than perfect english n__n;

    • Tong Ninja

      haha try paragraphing your essay and your English is good! 🙂

      Kojima and Hayter are both great people who clearly love the Metal Gear Solid series. Kiefer is a nice transition between Hayter and Doyle. I just really hope we get to see more of the facial expressions for Big Boss because we don’t see it much in Ground Zeroes.

      • Gray Lion

        Sorry, my bad! XD It was indeed an essay! XD

  • JoJo

    Honestly I hate to get on my high horse here, but the level of narrow-mindedness I’m seeing in the comments section is really unbecoming of such a community.

    “There is no MGS without Kojima” Well sure, we can reasonably assume that, but at the same time we don’t know it for a fact. As I’ve said in other posts, I’m willing to give the new games a try, or at least follow their development. I’ll judge them one way or the other once I actually see what we’re dealing with here. There’s no denying Kojima’s excellence, but at the same time none of us can see the future and foretell what the new games will be like. They won’t be the same, sure, but that doesn’t immediately make them WORSE.

    People judging David for still being upset about being replaced also lack a significant amount of empathy. As an actor he had the privilege to play two incredible characters over the course of almost 15 years, it’s not really fair to say that he should just get over it. As someone with an interest in the performing arts, I truly believe that actors such as David take these characters upon themselves and appreciate them as much as any fan could ever hope to. To poo-poo that is just inconsiderate in my opinion. I’m still salty about David getting replaced, that doesn’t mean I appreciate Kiefer’s performance any less – it’s all about compartmentalising it, people.

    I love Kojima, he truly has the Midas touch when it comes to creativity. I love David, he has shown many times over his level of commitment and appreciation of the Metal Gear universe (reducing his own paycheck for Twin Snakes, anyone?) but to blindly fanboy one and aggressively hate the other is truly nonsensical to me.

    • Shalashaska

      I was willing to give them a chance.
      Then they announced they were going for mobile games.
      Then i cooled down.
      Then they announced they were MTransactions in Tpp.

      Now Im pretty sure that MGS is like milking the cow for them. And the fans are just there for their money boxes.
      Look at Acreed. Phew.. look at all the game Ips released so regularly that they need tons of patches before they can even be called a game. This exists because companies like milking them.
      The way Konami is headed, I highly doubt they will ever make MG with dedication to make it perfect. All it’ll be is another Cash grab.

      Thats not to say that they may not make a good game. Acreed is a sh** hole but its still fun to play but Its not something Im going to waste my money over Unless they come up with something Brand new rather than the same things from their previous titles. Literally. Same things with more glitches.

    • MrVux007

      thank you for showing me that there are still a lot of reasonable and open-minded fans in this community….i agree with your statement 100%

    • Frederick Guese

      I have similar sentiments about what happened to Jeremy, the translator of the first MGS. His script knocked it out of the park.

  • Raymondius

    @Nyxus:disqus Our friend Robert Peeler has come (back) to Steam forums and has opened a thread about suggestions and general discussion on the PC version. He’s been answering fans all day, so maybe you want to make a little article about it.

  • Shalashaska


    My God the SKULLS are STRONG! I’m gonna enjoy escaping from them ! I love chases 😀
    Yong says he is now 100% sure you play as Big Boss and also, Now that I think of how strong they Are.. I Would love to have GRAY FOX as a Support buddy/Character who can actually slash Those Skulls in two. Haha. Epicness!

    • Gatsu

      I would love to watch every Yong’s video, but at the same time don’t want to XD… I’m scared if he mention too many details 🙁 and the game is so close…

      But yeah they seem like such awesome enemies and I love chases too :D.

      • Golgari

        there are no spoilers in hands-on impression. It is about the first mission where Boss saves Kaz. Some interesting stuff about Parasite Unit only.
        No spoilers.

        • Gatsu

          Hmm okey :), I might watch it then soon :D. Thanks brother <3.

      • Javier

        He spoils a little of kaz talking after being recued. Damn you yoooooong.

        • korruption

          Nononono, it’s “EEEEEYONGKEEEERE!”

    • Gatsu

      Wow, that was amazing preview and holy shit those Skulls really seem f*cking cool :D.

      I’m so jealous he got to play it for 1 hour !

      • Shalashaska

        I know.. Im gonna have so much fun shooting them in the head to temp them and then im gonna start running thru the whole map just to screw around xD

  • john

    Once again I’m here seeing all this talk about solid and big boss…but no one is asking if solidus is going to show in phantom pain :/

    • Javier

      Nobody cares about solidus.

  • Javier

    I’m not ok with Hayter being happy because of kojima’s trouble. But I think he should be snake in mgsv. I can’t hear another voice coming from snake, only a japanese exception. If this game is going to be “emotional” he could do it. Mgs3 and even 4 have emotional things and they didn’t go for another actor. It’s still being a game, if hayter sounds “a little fake”, don’t forget snake is just a game character. And we know this is a game with a great story, not a movie playable.
    I think kiefer do a good job but I hear it “too young” for big boss. It doesn’t match that voice with big boss.

    • Big Boss was voiced by another actor in MGS4 as well. Solid wasn’t, but Big Boss was.

      • Javier

        Because he was a very old man

        • Yes, but the point is that they can use a different voice actor for different stages in his life. Ocelot has had three different voice actors as well.

          • Edward Wokhands

            I agree. Hayter wouldn’t have fit in this game anyway. It’s way too realistic. The other games were really comic book-ish. They were like semi-realistic mangas. This game feels like a simulation of real life to me, so his kind of over the top, gruff delivery would stand out.

            Is it weird that I STILL think he’s going to be in it? That I think all of this is a bluff?

        • Old Liquid

          Lol that’s a very horrible point. That’s also not how senescence works.

          Old Snake was physically the same age as Big Boss, both interior & exterior. Thus, Big Boss would have the 1:1 voice like before, but he didn’t. He had a different actor with an obvious different voice & speech patterns. Point is, Big Boss’s voice isn’t exclusive to Hayter. Big Boss =/= Solid Snake, and Big Boss (IMO) needed a different voice from the very beginning of MGS3.

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    At this point is more of an ego thing. I mean.. He keeps making indirect comments about MGS whenever the waters calm down on his twitter. He said that he’s not playing this new MGS game due to him not being in and that he’s flatter people keep asking him about MGS and being back even years after the last game he was in.
    I’m sorry, he was really cool in 1 and 2, but ever since 3 they should had another actor playing Big Boss.

  • Sheila T. Bethel

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    Metal Gear without Kojima, isn’t a Metal Gear.

  • Isaiah

    Please no! I know his voice is nostalgic and all, but I’m urging for more Metal Gear like TPP. I’ve had my fill of corny military-esc voices. I would rather have something based in reality much like what TPP has to offer.

  • Terroantula

    I came around to the guy from 24 playing Snake, however after completing MGSV:TPP……. it left me cold, the story sucked, the voice acting was non existent, Snake’s voice wasn’t memorable…

    I want a Hayter Voice Over mod for the PC version.

    MGSV is the worst in the series as far as I’m concerned, though I did think 4 was pretty crap as well.

  • Iroquois Pliskin

    Honestly Hideo is the evil creator to me. He brought us Metal Gear Solid and simultaneously butchered it repeatedly. Maybe Konami with the help of some special student/savior of the series could bring us future MGS games with everything we’ve always wanted, minus the Raidens, geriatric-fallen-idols, and general narrative bullshit.

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