MGO developers answer Twitter questions: no story co-op planned, mic support, Japanese voice options and more

The people at Konami Los Angeles, who are working on the new Metal Gear Online, have been answering some questions through Twitter during the past month. In this post you’ll find a compilation of some of the answers.

May 2526

How many bullets does it take to kill someone?
Metal Gear Online: Depends on a lot of factors.
Alright, would you say it takes more body shots than it did in MGO2 with an assault rifle?
Metal Gear Online: Still too many variables to say definitively, but on average seems like 4 to the body would do it, still that could change.

Hey guys I have never played MGO & was gonna ask what it is like, will there be team tactics or is just another run and gun?
Metal Gear Online: Players can approach a match in different ways but we always recommend coordinating with team members for your best chance.

May 27

Love MGO1 and 2 but will the teleporting after getting knocked down by a grenade or rolling be fixed this time around?
Metal Gear Online: I’m not positive about what you’re referring to.
When knocked down by grenades bodies would appear somewhere else when they stand up. Was informed not connection related.
Metal Gear Online: Haven’t really run into that in MGO3.

May 28

There’s been more interaction in the past 4 months than the 4 years of MGO2 combined. Thanks a lot!
Metal Gear Online: We wish we could talk more, but we know we will as we get closer to launch and through it.

4 shots to the body is near the cod mark… Remember this game is all about headshots.
Metal Gear Online: We’re aiming towards making it fun and interesting, not necessarily CoD or unCoD or even MGO2 style.
Metal Gear Online: Still as I said variables are likely to change, still more work to do to balance these figures.

If there is a major outcry after launch are you all willing to make adjustments?
Metal Gear Online: That’s a bit too general a question to respond to definitively, but of course we can make certain changes if necessary.

Please run network tests on MGO3.
Metal Gear Online: Don’t worry, we’re running/will continue to run tests.

MGO Tweets worry me, there was nothing wrong with MGO2 except glitchers/ddos. Fix that and people will love it…
Metal Gear Online: This isn’t counter to what you say, but your expectations should not be MGO2. This is a new MGO and will be different.
Metal Gear Online: The heart & soul is Metal Gear, but there are changes, some significant, some minor. We’re passionate/hopeful fans will enjoy.

Who’s/are the best at the office?
Metal Gear Online: At playing? I don’t want to put any undue targets on anyone’s back but I will say our dev support and designers tend to dominate.

Metal Gear Online: I understand many of you are providing concerned feedback on a single response, but keep in mind we mentioned there are many variables at play, assume little.

PS Plus to play online? 
Metal Gear Online: You will definitely need PSPlus sub to play online on PS4 and no sorry PS3 save won’t work on PS4 version.

Standard match time?
Metal Gear Online: Well that still has variables that can change it but I’d say they average 6-8 minutes or so.

Will the team play the game with the community?
Metal Gear Online: You bet!

Metal Gear Online: This channel [Twitter account] will always be there.

Metal Gear Online: We’ll detail reporting/customer service systems at a later date.


June 8

Metal Gear Online: Everyone on the team can be fully mic’d

English voice options for Japanese version and vice-versa?
Metal Gear Online: It will yes
Metal Gear Online: I’m referring specifically to MGO, I can’t comment on single player in this regard

June 10

Metal Gear Online: We have preset radio commands

June 20

Metal Gear Online: We would love to support Arabic translation, however its not likely to make it at launch

Metal Gear Online: I know there were a lot of fans disappointed we couldn’t show off MGO at E3 Let me please thank you for your patience and continued support. I want to assure you we’re still hard at work in development of the game so we can get it out to you and show you what we have in store.

Metal Gear Online: Today’s playtest involved some long matches for stability testing, and it was pretty exciting to see how competitive the game is becoming.

June 22

Metal Gear Online: No coop is planned for the story campaign. MGO is team based pvp multiplayer

Metal Gear Online: Currently, no mobile application for MGO is planned

June 25

Metal Gear Online: Hello all! We certainly appreciate and share the fervor that many of you have to discuss the features and design of MGO. We’re eager to share more information with you, and will do so as soon as we’re able to. For now however we cannot answer too many questions. Thank you for your continued patience. As soon as we can communicate more on MGO details, it’ll be here first, to our loyal followers.

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

  • Boldizar

    I still want them to put in a “capture/destroy the Metal Gear” mode. Either one team starts off the the Metal Gear and the other infiltrates or it starts off in neutral territory (options: with or without a 3rd AI team defending)

  • MrVux007

    ahhhh memories :_)

    • Gatsu

      A shame I don’t have these naughty memories of it …

      • MrVux007

        ohh im sure you will post Sept 1st 🙂

      • Solid O. #V

        Yeeeah it was so awesome *-*

    • Tibor

      I heard (and seen) some great stuff about MGO2 and it’s community. hopefully MGO3 will receive even better praise and I will be able to join that amazing community 🙂

    • Vegas

      Oh boy, how I regret not playing this :l

  • Ken Shiro

    “Love MGO1 and 2 but will the teleporting after getting knocked down by a grenade or rolling be fixed this time around?
    Metal Gear Online: I’m not positive about what you’re referring to.”

    That’s disheartening to read. How can they not know about this problem? It was one of the biggest problems on MGO2. I think the fix for this problem is easy though, get rid of the rag-doll physics, and let grenade’s be one hit kill (within a certain range). And let us equip less grenades or something for balance. A similar problem was when players dodged (while aiming) and rolled through a window or from roof to roof.

    “When knocked down by grenades bodies would appear somewhere else when they stand up. Was informed not connection related.

    Metal Gear Online: Haven’t really run into that in MGO3.”
    That’s good to read. I think they did get rid of the rag-doll’s though judging by the trailer (when the guy rolled on a mine).

    • Franky

      They should just remove grenades completely.

      • Santtu Söderholm

        Or just don’t use P2P networking…

        Japanese companies really like that network model, since it means they don’t have to host and pay for servers. Dedicated servers are a must. Even better if they allowed them to be community hosted. That way if Konami “runs out of money”, the game won’t go offline like MGO2 did.

  • Gawd

    It’s important to keep in mind that this is a new MGO. It’s fine and encouraged to use the past entries to reference this one or make suggestions. But purely assuming specific glitches will return or the mechanics of old entries should return is silly. Then to get upset at the responses of a Dev who is obviously bewildered at such questions is arrogant. Of course MGO has a legacy that will influence it but this is a NEW game,on a NEW system, and in many ways managed by a NEW team. It’s not a import from the PS3. “Assume little”.

    • Jak


      Phantom Pain is mechanically different from Guns, why would MGO just settle for an hd update.

    • ddmaster

      Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Andrea Feletti

    OT: does anyone knows if the mgsv ps4theme is avaiable only for ps plus members? Because i preordered mgsv but no theme for me 🙁

    • Cobra Commander

      No you should have got it.
      Not trying to be a dick, but did you check your wallpaper/theme section?

      • Andrea Feletti

        Yes i did look at the pic thats the select theme section

        • J_muse72

          Check your downloads,when you pre-ordered it, it should have shown a couple of items in the cart after you purchased, one of them was the Theme, one was the actual game and the others were the Day 1 Edition bonus DLC.

          • Andrea Feletti

            Mmhm i saw it but there aint no theme probably because here in europe its not included 🙁

          • Metal Gear Arabic

            i think the theme only on US ID

  • Raymondius

    A bit off-topic here. I think I have solved the mystery about the strange ‘new’ Metal Gear with ‘arms’. It’s just one big ‘Metal Gear Transformer’. Take a look, brothers:

    Who’s not hyped about this new little toy? 😀

    • Leviathan

      nice work dude 😀

      • Raymondius

        Thanks! 😛

    • Ralexion

      Im still puzzled about how it looks like REX’s cousin though.

      • Jak

        Why? The rex design is around from the 60s, and Zeke is clearly inspired by it too. This is probably just a visual retcon of the metal gear big boss pilots in the original game.

        • Ralexion

          True, true, I just checked REX’s wiki page and it says a lot of interesing stuff about how the original design traveled a lot. Then I guess that this new Metal Gear was either made by Huey or the CIA had something to do with it.

        • No Place For Hayter

          To be fair, It wouldn’t make sense for the metal gear in this game to look like the original when we have already seen things like PW which are far superior in technology. Also does contradicting the first metal gear even count as a retcon any more? The first metal gear is so old and out of the series now that it doesn’t even make much sense anymore compared to the whole.

          Though also in the original game nobody piloted the metal gear, you destroy it before it activates 😉

          • Jak

            Yep, brain fart-I havent played them in ages, forgot

      • Raymondius

        Well, to me is pretty much like a mix between Peace Walker and Zeke that seems to be some kind of original prototype of both REX (head, legs) and RAY (‘standing’ position (?) in last image).

        • Ralexion

          It also has that big, circular AI core Peace Walker has. At first I thought it was the radome REX had but no.

          • Raymondius

            Well, in fact it is Peace Walker’s radome, not AI core. It also has PW’s ‘retractable arms’ and missile launcher module and ZEKE’s rail gun and legs.

          • Ralexion

            Yes, the “head”, that could stop missiles (ugh how I hated that), if I recall correctly. But wasnt that where the Mammal Pod was, or just the bomb?

          • Raymondius

            No, the Mammal Pod wasn´t there. It was hidden at the “bottom”, or let’s say at the end of the “back”, in PW’s body. Somewhere in the neck, just under the head, was Reptile Pod.

            I hated the head too, but I spent so many hours in the game that I really mastered the custom PW. xD

          • Ralexion

            I see, well, you can always learn something new! I dunno why, but I always asumed that the Mammal Pod was there. Guess I took it for granted because it was a “head”.

            Anyways, cant wait to see what the new “REX” can do =)

          • Raymondius

            Peace Walker was really weird, impossible to compare to any anthropomorphic mecha.

            You are absolutely right, mate, cannot wait either!

          • Jim Houseman

            Like you said, Peace Walker is really weird, its walking on its front legs to begin with with the rear ones retracted.

      • stocchinet .

        Granin made the original rex design, i think they used his plans to make this one

    • No Place For Hayter

      Ooohhhh awesome, nice one 🙂 normally I would be very reluctant believing this but THOSE ARMS.

      That being said there are things different about the last one, such as the legs being different, but of course this could be player customization of the metal gear like in PW.

      • Raymondius

        What I think is: the legs are the exact same but we are seeing them from another angle. Here, let me try to convince you:

        While the first legs are in “REX mode”, let’s say “crouching” like a T-Rex, the legs of the final image would be more like a standing position (RAY mode?). To me, the legs are the same, I just cannot see how exatly they transform, but I think I will try to draw it . ;D


        • Jim Houseman

          I think you’re on the right lines. I’ve been working on a similar idea.

          • Raymondius

            YEAAH, EXACTLY MAN!

            I was thinking that maybe the REX head is acting as a torso and Peace Walker head would then be the real head, but wouldn’t make a lot of sense because what we know so far is that this Metal Gear is controlled from inside REX head. It also has that cool skull painted on it, so it makes a lot of sense the way you drew it; pretty much the same thing I was trying to explain. 🙂

          • Jim Houseman

            Yeah I guess that’s just a huge radome but I’m not sure. Shagohod had a spherical one too.

          • stocchinet .

            Man, this is awesome

          • Raymondius

            I’ve just read your comment about Eli, OMG you’re so fucking right. I mean, I had my suspicions but never realized what Eli is standing on, now this design we are talking about is pretty much confirmed.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Very interesting, I think you have something here 🙂 something I would have never considered, lol.

  • Javier

    I think mgo will have a lot of problems. I don’t trust in konami los angeles studio, maybe mgo should have been developed in japan. I don’t know if they will be ready for september.
    Off course, I don’t have problems with that, I just want the single player campaign to be ready.

    Yesterday I played gz in ps4, it’s so different than pc version.

    • Gatsu

      Hmm lets hope they will be ready with it :), still 2 months.

      I think GZ looks so fantastic on both :D, assuming that by “so different” you mean graphics.

      • Javier

        I’m talking of graphics. In ps4 it looks more empty and when you exit the area in helicopter a lot of things just disappear and the ground looks bad.

        • Kojimaphile

          It’s to keep the steady 60 fps frame rate. You ever try stacking a whole bunch of bodies next to each other? You can have like, three max before the first body will disappear.

          • Javier

            Yeah, I hate that. It happens in pc too.

          • Kojimaphile

            I was worried it’d be a problem in Phantom Pain, but I realized most players would likely not notice because they’d be busy fultoning everyone. I’m sure it also helps that there are stash spots to hide bodies, which could help.

      • WhatTheJuicay

        I secretly hope they won’t be ready with it so we can get some quality time with single player.

    • Tong Ninja

      Doesn’t the American based Konami studio specialise in the online component??
      Not many gaming studios in Japan do a lot of development for online gaming ….

      2 months is still a long time though. Hopefully they can finish it by release date. 🙂

    • Santtu Söderholm

      In my experience, western companies are better at implementing multiplayer than eastern companies in general. Remember that multiplayer shooters (or games in general) aren’t a huge thing in Japan, so Japanese studios don’t have a lot of experience with the requirements for multiplayer action games (especially netcode wise).

      Japanese companies’ habit of using Peer to Peer networking is horrendous shit. We need dedicated servers, or MGO is going to turn into the lagfest that MGO2 was.

  • Gatsu

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with the info Nyx :). I’m looking forward to try MGO but only after playing the hell outta TPP.

    • VenomSnake1974

      I know myself, I won’t be satisfied ’til I’ve found every dark little secret Kojima put in the game… 🙂


    No co-op 🙁

    • Takezo

      was hoping for peacewalker style coop :/

      • VIC BOSS

        Me too

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        Me too :'(.

    • Datguy8923

      Definitely makes me a sad Panda.

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Oh man, we really need that Co-Op :'(.

    • Was to be expected. If they had co-op they would probably have revealed it by now.

    • Vegas

      Well, its kinda understandable. I supose MSGV with co-op would be a mess with all the variables.

    • MG

      I guess they have their reasons why co-op is not available in MGSV.
      It doesn’t mean it will never happen. Co-op should be in open world game.

      Some players absolutely don’t want co-op assuming creators of this game would put it in story mode (single-player) and that would f**k up whole game. Now why do you even think like that? There is more OPTIONS.
      Yes. Leave single-player open world story mode with buddy system alone and think about something else.
      Now we have cool stuff for almost all players – it’s A) single-player world.
      We also have B) multi-player (competitive) world – MGO.
      Something is missing…? C) Yay, there is no C. C for Co-op world. It can be separate world as MGSV and MGO is. They don’t need to sneak it into A) and/or B), don’t worry! We can all be happy…

      Come on, don’t you want to go on a mission with your friend and raid some bases in the desert or in the jungle or…? Just imagine… You sit together in a helicopter, talking before helicopter dispatch you to the mission area… “Hey brother. Quiet is not here, but I have YOU! Lets go, lets get out of da choppa and complete the mission!” 🙂

  • Kol Leqejza

    MGO 3 ftw!

    • Santtu Söderholm

      Not if they don’t allow community hosted dedicated servers. The game is going to get pulled offline in 4 years tops if the servers don’t become a thing.

      • Kol Leqejza

        whatevs. i’m not going to play an onlinepart for about 4 years. even if it is for the GRU.

      • Developers said that they wont end MGO (at least not soon) like Konami did with MGO2.

  • J_muse72

    O well, I was hoping to play some co-op with my brother as we build our own Mother Bases but I guess we are just going to have to meet on the battlefield then.

    • Janeo

      Co op for this game would be amazing but it being left out doesn’t bother me too much. I usually just like playing split screen co op with my brother so I was hoping you would be able to just press start from another control and then be able to choose from any of the recruited soldiers to play as. I knew it wouldn’t happen of course but that would have been a lot of fun.

      • MichaelPayneV

        Yeah, i miss Split Screen Coop, especially on PC!

      • Hokieporter

        Agreed, it would be very cool to have some missions where a buddy plays as Quiet and provides support as a sniper in the hills similar to the new demo posted.

  • Solidus Türk

    Co-op= 30 FPS no thanks.

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Not necessarily but Co-Op = a lot of fun with friends for sure.
      It’s a pity TPP is not getting it :(.

  • Ralexion

    I might play the game with the japanese voices if you can switch them.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    No Co-Op? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :'( !

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    As much as I like co op when done right I just don’t feel that metal gear is a coop type game.

    • MichaelPayneV

      The only way i would see Metal Gear being Coop is if you have a “Cobra Unit” Game set in the 40’s, and its a 4/5 players Coop Story Game “Gears of War” Type, except more Tactical and Stealth based.

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        Peace Walker had excelent Co-Op.

        No need for that, just do what they’ve done with Peace Walker.

        • MichaelPayneV

          On PSP it was easier, but if MGSV has Coop-, then it has to be both Online and Split Screen!

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I don’t know man. I played Peace Walker on my PS3 and I loved the online only Co-Op.
            I’d really like some Co-Op on TPP even if it was online only.

          • Jason Fairchild

            I played PW on both PSP and PS3, and the co-op was an excellent addition to the core MGS gameplay. It was fun, pure and simple.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            Yeah, it’s so disappointing that TPP is not getting Co-Op :(.

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Peace Walker had excelent Co-Op.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      The last Splinter cell had great co op as well. I think the first stealth game to have co op was tenchu 3. Co op just works perfectly in any stealth game.

  • LetTheLegendComeBackToLife

    Even though I’ve been a fan of MGS since MGS1 I’ve never played MGO. I wasn’t gaming online when MGS4 was out. Everything sounds pretty cool about MGO3, but what concerned me was match times of 6-8 minutes. This seems far too short for a game that’s about tactics and scoping out the enemy. Will there be match types with longer play times?

    • Sreza

      In MGO2, 10 minutes or so was the optimum time for most game modes. It was a good limit, both preventing you from getting used to the other team’s tactics as well as keeping certain modes from dragging on in a long stall. Being able to think fast is part of being tactical too.

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    I share with you guys My little research

    • Vegas

      Thats a nice find. Maybe Volgin killed SkullFace’s village. And maybe he is helping BB for it, but i doubt the latter.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Hide started the Trailer with an Emil Cioran quote, who is Romanian (ca mine/just like me) then we hear Skull Face. What if Skull Face is Romanian and he lied all this time, and his Origin Story was a “You know how i got these scars” Lie?

  • Santtu Söderholm

    No mention of community hosted dedicated servers…

    I bet Konami is going to pull the plug on this game as well, after 2 years at most.

    • SuperSillyKItten

      I’m hoping this MGO will be independent of Konami.
      But knowing Konami, they’ll fuck us.

      I mean come on, even the fucking multiplayer in Duke Nukem Forever is playable independent of Gearbox.
      MGO 4 got beat by Duke Nukem Forever in multiplayer longevity.

  • PrinceHeir

    Can’t wait for this beast 🙂

  • RJRO

    OFF Topic. just sharing from JunkerHQ twitter.

  • Kojimaphile

    Not going to lie… if they could somehow add CO-OP later I’d be completely down with it. Even if Konami wanted me to shell out $20 purely just to enable CO-OP… I would. I prefer cooperative multiplayer over competitive multiplayer, like PAYDAY.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      I wholeheartedly agree. Helping a buddy kill NPCs is far better than competitively killing other players. It’s what I mostly do in gtav or any game that has both modes.

  • Antisadism

    the 4 shots thing is scaring me, it took a sniper rifle, 4 shots to the torso just to kill someone in MGO2, now they are saying that it takes 4 shots of an assault rifle to kill someone when, from my memory, it took around 8-12 shots to kill someone with an assault rifle? The guy who compared that to COD shares my sentiment completely. I WANT MGO2 BACK< FSUFSOFSOFSIFOI

    • Actually it was always 4 bullets from an assault rifle to kill someone, BUT, the bullets had a delay, so even if you shoot 4 bullets in a short time, only 1 or 2 would actually hit the target and cause damage, even if all 4 bullets were in the same direction…

  • Fox

    Am I the only one here who prefers the TPP experience alone (No CO-OP or buddies) at least in the first playthrough?

    • Fox

      Dont get me wrong, the CO-OP in PW was amazing and the idea was to get together with friends who had a PSP.

      • Jason Fairchild

        Although some missions in PW worked better solo for S rank, they were all fun to play with a friend. Also, the boss fights were fantastic to play with friends, particularly the custom versions in side ops. I also appreciate how balanced the missions and boss battles were in PW, and how the boss difficulty changed with additional co-op players. Obtaining research specs was great since a co-op friend who had played farther than you could help you obtain specs and recruit higher level personnel for mother base. PW co-op was simply a lot of fun with a friend or three. Also, for the solo purists, it was completely optional.

        Overall, I’m really disappointed that PW-style co-op is apparently not included in TPP’s campaign. Seems like the buddy system would have provided the perfect context to implement it. Walking around in someone else’s mother base would be fun, and I’m excited about the opportunity to do sneaking missions in other’s forward operating bases. But, PW-style co-op gameplay will be sorely missed. It’s a wasted opportunity, in my opinion.

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