Video showing Japanese MGSV TPP Special Edition reveals new info on Quiet, Metal Gear ST-84 and more

Konami has released a video detailing the Japanese Special Edition for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This edition comes with an artbook with more than 50 pages, a Blu-Ray with some extras (making of, interviews, trailers and ‘phantom footage’), a map and DLC.



Particularly interesting is the few pages they show of the artbook, revealing some new information on Quiet, the new Metal Gear and more.

Punished “Venom” Snake


Former Agent in the CIA Special Service Division FOX. Codename: Snake.
A “legendary mercenary” who saved the world from the brink of nuclear destruction.
Trained by The Boss, a woman regarded as the “Mother of the World’s Special Forces”.
Snake was awarded the title “Big Boss” by the US president upon completing a mission the assassinate his mentor in 1964.

Following the mission, Snake parted ways with his commander, Major Zero, and establish and an army without a nation in South America with Kazuhira Miller.
An off-shore plant in the Caribbean coast would serve as their “Mother Base”.
However, a plot to destroy the organization would end with Snake and Mother Base being lost in 1975.

“I won’t see you end as ashes. You’re all diamonds.”
“We’ll make diamonds from their ashes. Take them into battles with us.”
“We are Diamond Dogs.”




A scout and sniper whose special abilities allow her to stalk her prey without being seen or heard. To the soviets she is feared as Quiet-Russian-Name, which means “quiet”.

True to her name, she never speaks, answers to interrogation or even communicates through writing. Despite this, she grows to share a bond of mutual understanding with Snake.

Quiet came here to fulfill some objective. To kill you, maybe to destroy Diamond Dogs.

Metal Gear ST-84


A soviet weapon, which dr. Emmerich (Huey) is suspected to have helped develop. Height in neutral position estimated at 15m.
Its capabilities, purpose, and level of completion are unknown.

Cyprus Hospital Ward


After Snake fell into coma, Ocelot hid him in a hospital within the British sovereign base area of Cyprus. When his location became known, the hospital was immediately besieged by multiple groups, among the attackers was a mysterious “Man on Fire” who plunged the entire hospital into chaos.


The Blu-Ray disc

MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-Special-Edition-Back MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-Special-Edition-Front

To see the video go here. You can order the special edition at certain import shops, Amazon Japan, or CDJapan.

Purchase PS4 version from CDJapan (Affiliate Link)

Purchase PS3 version from CDJapan (Affiliate Link)

Source: Konami 573 Channel, JunkerHQ, via Metal Gear Net

  • WrongDirectionZ

    I love the japanese special edition ^^

  • Golgari

    JP special edition is fantastic.
    Also there is a minor spoiler to Quiet in amazing Shinkawa’s art image.

    • ciclamaino

      p*z ?

    • Ravenous

      *IF* Paz being in the picture is a spoiler, what is EVA doing in the bottom left corner? another spoiler?

      • Isn’t it just all Quiet? Maybe that’s what her different outfits look like. Or it’s just early concept art.

        • Ravenous

          I don’t know for sure, but the woman in the lower left corner (half faded) is sporting a cleavage i haven’t seen on any other characters than EVA and Sniper Wolf…and Sniper Wolf is too young to appear as an adult in TPP AFAIK, and Golgari already pointed out that the young girl on the right does look like Paz did in PW and GZ agewise IMHO

          Ofcourse you could be correct about them being early concept or maybe even scenes of Quiet when she was younger, flashback anyone? 🙂

          • Yes because the page is dedicated to Quiet, would be kind of weird to have random other characters on it as well. But who knows for sure.

          • Jim Houseman

            The one on the right certainly looks less pneumatic.

            I’ve long suspected that this is actually Quiet:
            And that Stefanie Joosten will be the one saying V has come to.

          • The Reaver

            “The woman… I gave her a light, she took the short way down” Is a quote from Ishmael… I’ve just assumed that she (the woman in your picture) is a Cipher soldier and that Ishmael is referring to her, and he possibly set her on fire, forcing her to jump out a window. That’s always what I’ve assumed, at least.

          • Jim Houseman

            I agree, but may serve as part of her origins before she was experimented on or whatever it is that happens to her.

          • MichaelPayneV

            “She took the short way down” pretty sure the line refers to Paz jumping out of the chopper!

        • Ol’ Jack Burton

          Yep, early Quiet was a dead ringer for Paz. Guess we’ll find out in another two months whether it was just a scrapped prototype or there actually is a connection.


    This artworks are amazing !!! I hope Konamil will sell this outside Japan

    • Raymondius

      Ken did confirm plans about a bigger artwork for Europe (and USA I think) that would be sold separately.

  • Daniel24595

    I need that art book

  • JoJo

    Any idea what, if any of this, is included in our special edition?

  • !!! WooooOOOoooooW !!!

  • Cartmangus

    Psycho Mantis chilling above Metal Gear ST-88 in the artwork.

    • Alex Lopez Manriquez

      that`s to show scale beyond that looks freaking cool!!

  • MrVux007

    I rly need to finish my Big Boss painting …..

  • Dante “Dante3085” Sparda

    What do we PC players get?:( No special edition at all.

    • SholidOnline

      So how have you played other canon Metal Gears? Only MGS 1 & 2 were on PC.

      • MrVux007

        and MGS1 and MGS2…but those were years after the console release….PC folk should be satisfied that they are even getting the game the same year as consoles…Koji pro are pushing themselves with this

      • Not all PC gamers solely play on PC. For many of us it’s our platform of choice but we still own other consoles.

      • Dante “Dante3085” Sparda

        I’ve played all other games on the respective consoles. Many publishers release their games now on PC, too. The consoles don’t have such great exclusives now like for example in the time where the ps3 was big. Ground Zeroes was a great PC port and I have a pretty good PC. So I thought it would be more beneficial for me to aim for the PC versions.

    • Gatsu

      Yeah, but at least TPP is released on PC which is already special imo.

  • Raymondius

    @Jim Houseman

    “Height in neutral position estimated at 15m”.

    Look at that upright head. This pretty much confirms our theories. 😉

    • Jim Houseman

      And the sketches in the background confirm some of its ‘handy’ features.

      • Jim Houseman

        Look what’s sketched down the left hand side!
        Linked for the spoiler sensitive

        • Raymondius

          Yes!! I had noticed the hand… but THIS??! Oh man!! Haha! 😀

          • Jim Houseman

            The sketch to the right of this is the neck with head removed, a rib cage(!) and one of the two chest mounted cannons all viewed from below. I thought the ribs were another hand at first.

    • mikeyyytexas

      What if the “arm” functions like D-Walkers’? It would be an attachment to this metal gear that was incorporated into the mini-metal gear… And the pictures say it is Russian?

      • Raymondius

        Well, it was one of the first things that made me suspicious about the new Metal Gear having “arms”. So yeah!

        The description says it is developed by russian forces, yes, which is confusing because we hadn’t related Skull Face nor XOF to the Soviet Union until now.

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet

          In the artwork the hand looked like spider arms but it’s not.i think it’s the hand mantis can summon

        • mikeyyytexas

          I agree, it’ll definitely be interesting to find out what is actually going on with everything but for now I’m excited and it makes sense so far with the arm

        • Ol’ Jack Burton

          Plus the other day it was mentioned that it was the Parasite Unit who killed Miller’s retinue and handed him off to the Red Army to be interrogated, so it all fits in that Skully/XOF are in cahoots with the Russians in at least some capacity. Makes you wonder if there might be some residual elements of the Russian and/or Chinese factions of the Philosophers that’ll play into things down the line.

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet

          It’s based on a sahelanthropus skull and not fuckin skull face.Yet skull face can hijack it.

          • Jim Houseman

            If the painting was based on that fossil they’d draw a big hole for the nose. It’s just a stylised skull design.

            Sahelanthropus is a reference to a missing link (see Granin’s speech), being able to walk upright, and maybe that the only remains ever found were from the skull and teeth, but not the paint job.

  • Yes…all day yes

  • I don’t have problem with PC not having a special edition, i will buy just the game and the guide, to get all secrets in the second run.

    Have a nice day 🙂

    • SholidOnline

      If by “second run”, you mean repeating story missions, then okay. Phantom Pain will be like Peace Walker though. Selecting missions and upgrading stuff in the meantime (with a ton of new stuff, of course).

  • Daburcor

    Good LORD, Shinkawa’s a monster.

  • SholidOnline

    They missed quite a bit on Big Boss. Mainly how he was with the Patriots for a couple of years, and how he met Kaz.

    • Yeah, it’s just a very short recap. However it does once again cement the fact that this is Big Boss, and not Gray Fox or some other doppelganger.

      • SholidOnline

        Yeah, I really hated that theory. Just because of Big Boss’s position in a picture, people thought he was Gray Fox.

    • Javier

      I think we need more information of those years.

  • Solidus Türk

    Quiet has the same Red bandana on her arm like Eli and Mantis.

    • Shporet

      She doesn’t wear it when she has clothes….i think it’s not bandana but knife holster..

  • Braden Gunn

    Cyprus Hospital confirmed, and I want this edition so much, why does the UK never get the awesome special editions.

  • Romain Robin

    Have you noticed how the “head” of Metal Gear ressembles SkullFace’s face ? sort of mouth/teeth and thos black areas around the eyes, it makes me think about a a skull.

    Edit: Also, the chin of Metal is definitely an early version of Ray.

    • SholidOnline

      I can actually see Skull Face there. In the trailer though, he looks like a clone of Rex (which is weird, since there are two games in the middle first).

      • Romain Robin

        I wouldn’t be surprised if you could customize your Metal Gear look once you’ve acquired it on Mother base.

    • Melyssa

      I wouldn’t discard the psychological factor here. Just imagine the scene where we see a giant hand surrounded by fog, and then an EFFING GIANT SKULL APPEARS IN THE BACKGROUND, coming closer to you with this awful metallic noise. Brr.

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      It’s is actually a sahelanthropus skull which is a homo sapien type of early human

      • Romain Robin

        ST-88 means Sahelantropus – 1988 version ?

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet

          Yes that’s right you’re a fast learner but it’s st 84

          • Romain Robin

            Just saw your comment, I wrote my previous comment from my iphone, guess the “1984” got autocorrected with 1988 – have no iead why though.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            I also use an ipad and it’s really annoying

    • Neil Kapit

      Here’s hoping every character gets their own custom Metal Gear. Like Big Boss getting a Horned Viper-faced Metal Gear. Or Ocelot getting a cat-faced Metal Gear. Or Kaz getting a Metal Gear with giant attached sunglasses. Or Quiet getting a Metal Gear with two big… splotchy mask-like markings around its eyes. The merchandising possibilities are endless!

    • Hanna

      I was thinking Alien… or not…

  • Vegas

    I never understood the necessity of special and collector’s editions to have briefings with the artworks. I mean, man I bought the freaking special edition, I know this story backwards to front bitch. You think I don’t know this?

    • SholidOnline

      Some don’t, I guess. When you complain about something like that, you know you’re running out of complaint ideas.

      • Vegas

        I’m not complaining, just making an observation.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I want comments from Kojima and Shinkawa surrounding the art and the process of making all of it 😉 yeah I don’t want lore in my art book I want art and information around it.

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    Wonder how the quote I won’t see you as ashes but as diamonds could have confirmed the diamond shit is a metaphor.the dogs are soldiers while the diamonds are their fallen comrades ideology

  • Hideo

    “among the attackers was a mysterious “Man on Fire” who
    plunged the entire hospital into chaos.”

    Looks like Psycho Mantis mind tricks.

  • Ol’ Jack Burton

    A video showing off the swanky red PS4 has been released as well.

  • Zahi

    Among the attackers was a mysterious “Man on Fire” who plunged the entire hospital into chaos

    This pretty much confirms that Fire Volgin is not only Big Bosses hallucination, but the actual cause of the fire. It is known that Psycho Mantis burned his entire village, but why would he pick exactly Volgin’s image as Man on Fire? I kinda doubt that he read Big Bosses mind just to create him. Maybe he met Volgin’s spirit in Russia and now he is doing his own revenge in Volgin’s name?

    • Mauricio Acosta

      Or maybe Volgin was his father!!!!

    • Melyssa

      MiniMantis works for XOF. XOF works for Cypher. Cypher used to be friends with Big Boss, and probably kept tabs on him and his psychological profile. Since they were looking for Big Boss, they could’ve had access to that profile, and use a Volgin likeness to scare the hell (pun intended) out of everyone.

  • Calm Breez

    So the special edition just comes with extra artwork while the U.S. collectors edition gets half scale bionic arm. And digital will get a free MGSv theme. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • José Lucas

    Sniper Wolf in the Quiet Page??? :O

    • Tong Ninja

      I believe its early sketches of Quiet. Usually character designs do change a lot from initial stage to final stage. 🙂

    • MichaelPayneV

      Or maybe is just Quiet with her hair opened and a business jacket, that’s all.

    • Cobra Commander

      I’m wondering if Quiet will be somehow linked to Sniper Wolf, or she becomes Sniper Wolf.

  • Tong Ninja

    “I won’t see you end as ashes. You’re all diamonds.”
    “We’ll make diamonds from their ashes. Take them into battles with us.”
    “We are Diamond Dogs.”

    So poetic and haunting at the same time! 😀

  • Tong Ninja

    I want that artbook!
    Any idea will it be released outside of Japan??

    • They were planning to release a different (larger) art book in the west.

      • Leon

        is that so ? That is so awesome to hear ! I was thinking of pre-ordering the Premium Edition just to get the artbook but now this 🙂 .. do you have any source ?

  • Aleezy
    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      what is this?cant see it?

      • Mauricio Acosta

        It’s a picture of next week’s gameplay presentation at his editing studio.

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet


    • Mauricio Acosta

      Ohhhh Kojima you!!!

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      Saw it thanks

    • UpSideDownGRUNT

      Is that the Xbox One version? I notice it says “Menu” button instead of “Options” button.
      EDIT: it could be PC too now that I think about it.

  • MichaelPayneV
    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      what do you think about the”i wont see you end as ashes”thing.does that confirm memorial diamonds according to you?

      • MichaelPayneV

        Pretty much.

    • Gravy Snake

      She won’t be wearing em’ in my game. -sweats-

      • MichaelPayneV

        She has multiple Suits options -dreams ruined-

    • ddmaster

      Anyone notice the MGS3 Eva-like attire for Quiet on the far left. Lovin the possible implications. Suspect we will see or at least hear from Eva on one of the cassettes. If that’s the case any ideas for who her voice actress may be?

      PS: even if Eva’s not in it its good to see an homage to her. Me likey!

      • Rolling Guy

        If you look closely, that’s her default attire that was shown everywhere.

        • ddmaster

          I was talking about her faded image on the far left. They haven’t shown that everywhere.

          • Rolling Guy

            Oh, I didn’t notice that. Reminds me of Sniper Wolf though.

    • JablokoMoloko86

      Damn this art is hot. In here she looks more evil than in the game i think. More like sniper wolf from mgs1. Evil face , eyes with evil determination. In the game she is more like Stefanie 😛 Calm and quiet… oh Wait xd quiet : )

  • Solidus Türk

    this quiet makes me crazy!!!

    • MichaelPayneV

      “Oh, oh, here, she comes
      Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up.
      Oh, oh, here she comes

  • MichaelPayneV

    Hey, give us PC Gamers the Special edition as well, is not hard, is just a matter of “Disk Switch” come on Konami, “DON’T YOU DIE ON ME, DAMN IT!”

  • The[]doR

    “Тихий” [tihiy] in russian is the masculine noun. Quiet should be “Тихая” [tihaya] or even better – “Тихоня” [Tihonya] in this language. So may be the Chico/Quiet-theory has a grain of truth (LOL).

    • Chem

      once a russian guy told me that they usually call the girls with the masculine noun, i don’t know if this is true or if i missunderstood what he said to me but maybe is relevant to your comment

      • The[]doR

        The endings of nouns in russian depend on gender. It’s hard to explain for native english speakers because there are no differences in this language.
        P.S. You missunderstood this russian guy.

        • Chem

          thanks for explain me, my native language is spanish and we have different prefix depending of the gender too , so i understand what you mean, i think that ,like you said, i misunderstood the russian guy. So the question is if KP wrote the name like that on purpose or if is just a mistake

  • Alex Lopez Manriquez

    so to get it right besides dlc and packings
    PREMIUM PACKAGE (japan):
    full size arm
    blu ray extras
    blu ray extras
    COLLECTOR`S EDITION (worldwide where available)
    half size arm
    blu ray extras
    steelbook (problaby diferent art)
    DAY ONE EDITION (worldwide)

    PS4 bundle (japan and europe for now)
    day 1 edition

    standar edition game solo no extras .music sold separately

    full artbook later, playarts figures on the run. Hot toys figures soon

    • Mauricio Acosta

      Wanna freeze yourself? I’ll wake you up in two months 😉

      • LetTheLegendComeBackToLife

        Yes….. yes I do.

        • SiodogRehane

          you guys know that stores actually get the games early on right? xD

  • Gatsu

    Hey everyone :). This was awesome to read, thanks Nyx!

    Really beautiful all those art works and this…
    “I won’t see you end as ashes. You’re all diamonds.”
    “We’ll make diamonds from their ashes. Take them into battles with us.”
    “We are Diamond Dogs.”

    Also the info about Ocelot was interesting, that he helped hide Big Boss. But that also explain how he found him after escaping I guess.
    One question: I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition months ago, but I was wondering did CE include those “making of” things? Don’t remember and sry if it was mentioned in above info, lol :(.

    I would really want to have that Blu-ray stuff with my TPP :O!

    • Well the CE includes a bonus disc as well with behind the scenes materials and trailers, so it looks like it’s the same thing.

      • Gatsu

        Oh thank god, yeeees that is fantastic news thanks :D. Already got two pre-orders done so no need to buy a third Edition for console then, lol.

  • LetTheLegendComeBackToLife

    Every time I see these Japanese editions I just wonder why they get so much more cooler stuff than us Westerners. I’ve preordered the Collector’s Edition here in the UK and I can’t believe it doesn’t have an art book. MGS is just as famous for its art as anything else. It wasn’t just the Japanese gamers that made the game a global success. As you can tell I want that art book. Kojima…Kojima…Kojimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • decoyF0XX

      I’d always thought the MGS series made most of it’s money from the west, but it now it seems it’s otherwise. Still they’re almost crazy to not be selling this badass goodies over here!

    • Chem

      i think the reason is the cost of produce and ship all this items to our countries,maybe is not a good deal for Konami, and if they take the risk of put the CE in the market and don’t sell well they will lose a lot of money, that happened with ZOE and after that ZOE3 was cancelled

  • Rikimaru

    That fucking artwork man, its amazing.

  • Gatsu
    • Sovereign SnaKe

      This is beautiful, any way to make it bigger? ~Tis wallpaper worthy. 🙂

    • Bigbossmsf1974

      Your!?………pretty arty!!???.

    • Mini gear

      the boss would be proud of such art. i herby give you the title: BIG ARTIST

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    its a crime the US collector’s edition doesnt come with the art book. i really want that damn art book.

    • Boldizar

      If im not mistaken I believe I read that the art book is being released as a standalone either in other regions or in Japan. I think Ken mentioned it.

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        yea i read that. thats fine im buying that regardless but still it should have been part of the CE just having it be sold separately while in japan they get it with the CE is kinda disappointing to me. but hey at least i will be able to buy it.

  • I want that freaking art book.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I want a full sized hardcover full release art book 🙂

      • Yeah, same.

      • Yeah, those books are always awesome. Though not hardcover right?

        • No Place For Hayter

          Good point, probably not hardcover, hardcovers are great, but they make it harder to appreciate an art book 🙂

          • The Collector’s Guide is a hardcover though.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Thankfully it is mostly guide though, with only an art portion at the back, as long as they don’t make an art piece over two pages I can enjoy it in its full glory, having a big dip in the middle which you can’t really open sucks, lol.

    • stocchinet .

      Papa Franku <3

  • Ninja_Se7eN
    • Boldizar

      This is the kind of stuff that really shouldn’t be reported on yet. Pretty big leak an spoilers

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        Yeah, and Nyxus please don’t put the unrevealed name of the next Metal Gear on the title of the article :(.
        I can avoid clicking on the articles (and I can skip them) but I can’t avoid reading the titles.

        • This has all been officially revealed through a video Konami released. So it’s not a leak.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I know but it is spoilers :(.

      • If these are considered spoilers than there’s not much that can be reported on. This has been officially revealed by Konami.

        • Boldizar

          It is still worth noting spoilers. And I definitely get what Ninja is saying about the title. Konami shouldn’t have released the info 😛 the game is two months out.

          • It’s hardly going to ruin the story.

        • Ninja_Se7eN

          Nobody’s saying for you to not write about it, we love your site man :).
          I’m just asking you to be more careful because I don’t want to stop visiting this site in fear of learning something I didn’t want to know :).

          I’d be very satisfied with a [Potencial Spoilers] tag on the title for instance :).
          I avoided all of the articles that you tagged with spoiler alert ;).

          • That’s understandable, but those who consider this information spoilers would perhaps be better of doing a complete media blackout until the game is out. If you look at the other Metal Gear fansites, such as The Snake Soup and YongYea, they also posted this in the title. Question: what would you not consider a spoiler? 🙂

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            Oh man I really didn’t want to do the media blackout :(. Like I said I love visiting this website and this was the first time I felt I’ve read something I didn’t want to.
            Then again, I’m usually pickier than most people when it comes to spoilers… Damn, decisions decisions…

            Honestly, I didn’t know other Metal Gear fan sites aside from this one.
            Usually I consider anything story related to be spoiler and everything else not.
            Things that I don’t consider spoilers include:
            Game mechanics (e.g. motherbase building, collecting animals. open world, etc.)
            Special editions
            Info on the developers (e.g. MGO team held a tournament today, Kojima visited place X, etc.)
            Anything else not story related that I can’t remember right now :P.

            There are exceptions however, meaning that if anything I’ve listed is intrinsically tied to the story then it becomes a spoiler. A great example of this would be reporting for MGS2 that you would be able to swing a katana. While this falls under the Game Mechanics category the fact that you get the katana pretty much at the end of the game to defeat the last boss makes it a potential spoiler.

            There are also exceptions when it comes to story related stuff that I consider to be mild spoilers and I can perfectly live with them.
            This usually includes official info revealed in the trailers, things such as secondary characters (Quiet, DD, Eli, Code Talker, etc.), locations, and game scenes taken out of the context in such a way that we can’t guess the plot line.
            This means that I’m OK almost every trailer released so far.

            When it comes to gameplay, then it really depends on what they show.
            I’m ok with gameplay shown and last year’s E3 and Gamescom and this year’s E3.
            The only would be spoiler in last year’s gameplay would be the fact that we’re rescuing Kaz but that was a pretty simple assumption to make and we already knew that from one of the official trailers.
            This year’s gameplay, in spite of containing a main op, isn’t really spoilers (or very mild spoilers) because we’re rescuing someone that probably will have zero impact in the story, I bet we’ll be doing it a lot in the game and the mission was modified for E3 presentation.
            But then again, when you post gameplay here you just write “new gameplay available from X” and I’m the one that decides whether to watch it or not :).

            I guess I’m considering this spoilers because we learned something important about what’s most definitely going to be one of the final bosses of the game through a freaking art book -.- (which is not your fault Nyxus).
            I’d consider this to be mild spoilers (and be ok with it) if it was revealed through a grand trailer where we would be shitting our pants in fear of meeting this foe in the game (much like what was done with the Beauty and the Beast Corps in MGS4).

            If the title was something like “New info of Quiet and the new Metal Gear name revealed through official Art-Book presentation” even though it doesn’t have a [Spoiler Alert] tag this is the kind of thing that makes me go “my spoiler sense is tingling” and makes me stay away.

            Sorry for the overly long post Nyxus. What do you think? Media blackout for me?

          • No problem. Though to be fair they already revealed the new Metal Gear in their trailers. It’s just the name they showed.

            But yeah, maybe you should do a blackout, because this kind of info will be reported by other sites as well. Up to you. 🙂

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I know it was just the name but still… it’s something that I’d rather hear from Kaz or Ocelot than being revealed through an art-book.

            I know that too and that’s why, aside from the official website, this is the only site I was still visiting. Guess I’ll just refresh the official website from time to time now.

          • We’ll be extra careful, hopefully Konami will be considerate too (they have been so far with the story embargos and such, so it can be assumed they knew what they were doing with this video). But if this was the only time you had a problem with an article title on this site, maybe it will remain the exception. 🙂

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            Yes, it was the first time indeed. I can’t stress enough how much I love this site man :D.
            I still remember the day I stumbled upon it completely by chance on a google search and I was like “OMG how long has this existed without me knowing 0.o ???”.

            I know you guys are really careful, you didn’t post any spoilers when Ground Zeroes’ street date was broken :).
            Ok, I’ll continue to visit MGI regularly :D. Reading the non-spoiler articles and talking with the community really helps with the waiting :).

      • TheUppu

        Look, I think it is also kind of spoilers, but the name of this site is metalgearinformer… Does that not already tell you you’re in a spoiler zone =D

  • Bigbossmsf1974

    Kojima sensei I think you’re trying to kill me with all this teasing, literally guy’s my heart and chest muscle’s are strangling from over excitement. I can not take this anymore kojima sensei, your gonna kill me way before the phantom pain even releases. I think I’m start avoiding looking at any news that has to do with the phantom pain, so I can keep my over hype mode on cool instead on over heated. But then again there’s always a voice in my heart saying( LOOK AT IT), so honest I don’t know if I can stop coming on this site for more metal gear solid news.

  • BurntFM

    “Quiet came here to fulfill some objective. To kill you. Maybe to destroy Diamond Dogs.”

    This is very interesting. We know we play as Big Boss and in video games we almost Always play as the “hero” or “good guy” and everyone we go against is immediately a “bad guy” depending on the story. In MGSV we’re going to see Big Boss’ transformation from the Naked Snake we know from Snake Eater to the Big Boss we fought in Metal Gear. So, somewhere along that time Big Boss did something that would not be something the “hero” of the story would do. I think this is where “Quiet” comes in. She plays the role of the Heroine like Kojima said before. She’s on a mission to destroy this evil organization(Diamond Dogs) fighting in wars all over the world for money(MSF and DD are basically PMCs) and she’s going to put a stop to it by Killing the evil mastermind behind the whole operation(Big Boss) So we might be looking at things from the POV of the “bad guys”………..But!!! One thing that makes this fall apart is that Kojima also said that meeting Quiet is optional, she can Die and she’s a support Buddy. On the other hand, she’s very heavily featured in promotional stuff and in game trailers so how is she optional?

    I’m going crazy waiting for this game.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Which is why i hate that Hideo made her optional, she seems to important to make her optional.

      • JablokoMoloko86

        Optional yes but tell me my friend. Who from here will want to miss her quest ? 59 days left btw

        • MichaelPayneV

          That’s not what i’m saying, what i’m saying is that she should not be optional, that is a big mistake to make her optional.

          Is about the principle.

  • Luqidsnizake

    one thing that somewhat concerns me is that the top of the map says afgan which makes me believe that one side is afgan and the other side is Africa. I just hope there is just one or maybe two more areas than that in the game…

    • Tong Ninja

      I have a feeling, that Big Boss will go to 2 African countries not one … but we will find out if there are more areas when the game releases. 🙂

    • Jim Houseman

      Yes I keep changing my mind about what to expect. Safest to expect 2 big maps and maybe some other small locations similar to Cyprus and Camp Omega.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Shinkawa is a god. Check.

    New spoilers. Check.



    Makes me want the game and artbook more. Check.

    Was not expecting anything this awesome until release, lol.

    • MichaelPayneV

      I guess that Skull Face gave Big Boss this Metal Gear, as his homage to the Diamond Dogs Soldiers that died when Kaz was captured, since he needs Big Boss on his side to find Zero!

  • OD2000

    Ocelot hid him. Man is there a greater character? Ocelot is always on top when it comes to his husbando.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Less than two months! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • Edward Wokhands

      I know! I saw “57 days” on the right and went :O

      Time really has gone fast since the release date announcement. I still remember seeing “5 months” on the timer very clearly.

  • MichaelPayneV

    I guess this is also confirmation that TPP will be no bigger than 50 GB (1 Disk)

    • Mauricio Acosta

      Well they have Blu-Rays now that hold more than 50GB of data. So it is still possible.

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    Anyone knows if the Japanese version come with English Subs or English audio?

    • Sovereign SnaKe

      I’m wondering the same, I ordered the Japanese Premium Edition (I NEED Boss’ full size arm) and I’m thinking I may need to buy an English copy as well if this is the case?

    • PrinceHeir

      Yes the JPN version will include English options for menu, text and dialogue.

      Game is JPN voiced only just like Ground Zeroes(I have the PS3 version and confirms it).

      Kojima also confirmed this a year ago.

      If you want both JPN/ENG for voice and text get the PC version.

  • That ST-84 looks awesome. XOF and Diamond Dogs.. It has hands which is new. I hope it stands as a huge humanoid mech.

    Stand Tall ’84

  • PrinceHeir

    I’m glad this is the version i preordered 😀

    Only $81 on CD Japan! Go get it now!!

  • Pingback: Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain – Metal Gear ST-84 Detailed, Info On Quiet And More « Video Game News, Reviews, Previews and Blog()

  • WaterFaster2012

    The art book is the same size as the game case….I’ll pass on this edition.

  • Eugene Voldo

    Just wanted to point out an interesting piece of information about Quiet and one particular theory about her being Chico who is now transgender. So here it is. “To the soviets she is feared as “тихий” , which means “quiet””. I know Russian language fairly well and adjective “тихий” has a gender. “Тихий” is a masculine gender. Well, isn’t it strange to call your female sniper using masculine gender? We all know that Kojima is very picky about the details. For example, you can see in MGS3 the word “кот” (which means cat) on the number of Ocelot’s motorcycle and Ocelot is actually a cat. So I think it IS subtle hint to Quiet identity.

  • Ravinder Singh Patil

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