New ‘WISP’ Bionic Arm shown by Kojima

Hideo Kojima shared an image on Twitter showing a new kind of Bionic Arm attached to Snake’s body. It has a clear blue color and orange fingers, and has the text ‘WISP’ on it.

MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-WISP-Bionic-Arm “Took a photo of TV screen. Guess what this is?”

Fans of Kojima’s other games probably recognize this name from Zone of the Enders. In that game WISP is a weapon that allows the user to grab objects from a distance.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Golgari

    This is great. Kojima is fine I guess because Yaay for the new chopper pics!

  • Bożydar Mazur

    Gravity gun in MGS?
    Awww yissss

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      Ridiculous or not ill use it hell yeah!!!!!!!

  • Solidus

    Go wisp! I’ve been replaying Zone of the Enders recently, hoping there are as many references to other Kojima games as possible in V

  • JoJo

    I absolutely love the look of this. I’m hoping that the appearance and the function of the arms are interchangeable, so for example I can use ROCKETO PUNCH with the standard red hand.
    Of course it’s fine if the function is assigned a specific appearance, but that extra layer would be amazing.

    Edit: This also makes me excited for what’s on the horizon for Kojima. I’m already ready to put money down on his next project because he’s a developer you can trust.

  • Golgari

    Gamescom demo. I wonder… Is this new gameplay demo or that one with Motherbase?

    • Checking audio before mixing? (I’m music producer) And i don’t know what they are doing there…
      Mixing what… Voices? Story spoilers? Hm, hm… ¬_¬

  • Fredy Carius

    Correction in the first word in the article: Hideo instead of Video. Or is Nyxus’ mind in Mantis control?



  • BlackLesnar

    I’m sure more variant colored Play Arts are incoming.

  • WeAreDiamondDoges

    Goddamn every new picture released gets me more hyped for this game!:D Must….go into….blackout

  • My_FutureDream

    0.0!!!!!!!!! *catches breath* just one month to go.

    • Mauricio Acosta

      *Breaks from going Dark*

      What! Where is this from!?!?

      • ddmaster

        And just imagine thats only a small fraction of the number of platforms that can be built.

        Ok picture this: 6 departments (intell, r&d, mess hall, etc.) with a confirmed maximum of 4 platforms per department equals 24 seperate platforms. Add on to that at least one brig and at least one more for animals. You’re already looking at a MINIMUM of a least 26 different platforms…I don’t know about you brothers but mine will reach maximum size and be glorious!!!!!

        Salivating at the prospect.

        • Mauricio Acosta

          The amount of sheer time to make Mother Base that huge will be glorious!!! Ahh goodbye world! It was nice knowing ya!

    • Tong Ninja

      The base is so massive! 😀

      • Yeah, massive, but you can not build it your way.
        I wanted to choose where to put the buildings and zones myself. :'(

        You can’t have everything, i guess.

        • Shiragama

          As far as i understood Mother Base won’t let you create it the way you want (except colour and emblem i think), like you said, but the FOBs will be customizable the way you want with different positions for the guards, weapons, zones etc. and maybe buildings but i’m not quite sure about it.

        • Tong Ninja

          Yeah, but wouldn’t that screw up the cutscenes that take place on Motherbase?? From the trailers, a lot of the cutscenes are on Motherbase.

          It would be awesome to build it your own way though. 😀

          At least you can fully customise your Forward Operating Base though. haha

      • solideater

        That Screenshot doesn’t look like from a game.For a second I thought it is from a movie or a real base 0-0

    • Gatsu

      Oh my god ….

    • ddmaster

      Where’d you get this image its beautiful?

    • akumetsu

      I repeating myself every day ……(3 first seconds in this video)

      please try to relax e__e

    • Gay 2

      That comment was really autistic

      • Gay 2

        If a mod bans me I’m going to kill a chicken I swear I’ll do it

      • My_FutureDream

        Thank you! Your opinion is very much appreciated. Gay 2.

        • Gay 2

          It’s a fact not an opinion :^)

          • My_FutureDream

            And that is your opinion 😉

          • Gay 2

            Stop trolling me dude wtf

          • My_FutureDream

            loooooool 😉

  • kirtanloorii

    I’m also noticing that blue diamond dogs patch on BB’s shoulder. Didn’t know it changed color.

    • Ravenous

      If you look at the area around the DD-patch, it seems as if the blueish hue is because of the general lighting in the room/chopper.

    • Mini gear

      still looks the same to me, just probley from the screen making it look diffrent

  • kirtanloorii

    Lol. What’s that stuff covering the Toshiba logo? Kojima has been having too much “quiet” time.

  • Tong Ninja

    Kojima is going all out with this game! So much customisation and the scope of the game is huge ….
    So many different tactics and strategies that can be used to tackle down missions. Everyone’s playthroughs of TPP is going to be different! 😀

  • Ravenous

    Hmmm.. Referances to other games, blue hue because of the lighting in the scene and the sharp blue color of the arm made me think of Megaman, and then Gray Fox’s cannon-arm….

    Anyone else think it would be rediculously over-the-top AND awsome at the same time if we could develop something like that for BB’s arm at some point after the storyline in TPP ends? 😛

    • The colours of the arm are blue and orange. Same ones as Gray Fox armor (but less intense), lol…

      Saying nothing here. Just… well…

      • Ravenous

        Oh yeah, I didn’t even think of that XD

    • Punished “Venom” Snake

      Anybody here is waiting for PythonSelkan’s final MGSV TPP analysis about the Gray Fox theory?

      • I like their videos, they are always interesting and entertaining. But i doubt he will come with another video just before the game is out, there is not much more material to talk about.

        I will miss their theories. 🙂

        • Punished “Venom” Snake

          They will, check out their Twitter.

          • Oh, so nice. Yes, i checked it. That final video.
            I will watch it later with my gf then 🙂

            Have a nice day and thanks 🙂

        • Tong Ninja

          They said they have one more video. It should come out sometime later today.

      • Alberto Sánchez

        Nop. He sucks.

        • Punished “Venom” Snake

          they suck because of their theory? I still believe Venom Snake is Big Boss but their videos still have been entertaining.

    • MichaelPayneV

      You mean like freakin RoboCop? HELL YEAH!

  • Solidus Türk


  • FoxTamerMGO

    I would love if you can collaborate with your clan members on creating a motherbase.. LET’S MAKE AN MGI MOTHERBASE AND MAKE IT THE BIGGEST MOTHERBASE OUT THERE :’DDDDDDDDD

    • Gatsu

      That’d be so damn cool :D.

  • Raven_Sorrow

    It’s the colors of Jehuty

  • Gatsu

    That is so AMAZING!

  • Bartolomeo OP Snake Eater


  • Solidus

    What if in order to develop the WISP arm you have to find Metatron? Like how you can find raw diamonds.

    • Raven_Sorrow


    • Tong Ninja

      At first, I thought it said Megatron …. XD I was like, so Big Boss has take out a decepticon and then fulton it to Motherbase!? haha

      But yeah you probably have to find R&D personnel who specialises in building robotic arms. Plus, additional resources like scrap metal, etc. 🙂

  • Punished “Venom” Snake

    Almost 30 days left for GOTY, I can’t explain how, but I’m 100% sure it will.

    • MichaelPayneV

      And 46 here.

      • Punished “Venom” Snake

        I can’t imagine waiting 2 more weeks when the game is already out on platforms other than the PC.

        • MichaelPayneV

          Well, i’m a patient man with self control, so can wait without losing my mind, plus on September first i get Max Max, and i’m pretty sure that Game will fill those 2 weeks of waiting, at least for me.

          • Pablo Andres Martinez Garcia

            REJOICE, PC version will release on september 1st

          • Punished “Venom” Snake

            Well now you don’t have to, because its coming on Sep 1st as well.

  • Gatsu

    It seems Kojima watched the new Mission Impossible movie already, looking forward to watching it myself too :).
    I noticed the MI5 poster on my way to work this morning, and for some reason it just reminded me a lot of that awesome TPP poster from few weeks ago. Maybe because of the way the characters are placed ;D, I dunno.

    • ominonarepus

      I saw yesterday “Kingsman: The secret service” and man, it has spies, “tapes”, an electric ring that gives a lot of volts to the enemies and even a scene where the protagonist jumps three time before fall on top of a guy, just like Quiet.

      Really fun movie, by the way.

      • Gatsu

        Will check it out :), thanks!

      • Cobra Commander

        Been thinking about renting that, is it good?
        Recently saw the trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and that looked sweet!
        Never heard of it before or knew it was a show from the 60’s (Co-Starring David McCallum, aka “Ducky” from NCIS).
        I just love spy stuff!

        P.S. anyone else find it sad Daniel Craig’s Bond movies don’t really have the cool gadgets?
        WTF is up with that? It’s like spaghetti without meatballs, Han without Chewy, Prince without purple, you catch my drift. LOL!

        • ominonarepus

          I saw that trailer and it shows a bit too much (I think it was the one from comic-con) it last like 5 minutes and spoils nearly the hole plot. One english spy vs American spy, but they must join forces to fight a bigger evil. Anyway looks quite cool!!

          And about Kingsman, I’ve enjoy it a lot. Is directed by Matthew Vaughn, the director of Kick-Ass and Xmen: First Class and is based on a comic book by Mark Millar, the same guy who makes Kick-Ass soooo… if you like any of those movies or comics, give it a chance!! and Samuel L. Jackson character is great!

        • MichaelPayneV

          “Never herd of it” It stars Superman himself, Henry Cavil, how could you not know about it?

        • ominonarepus

          Didn’t read the Bond part…xDD

          I really like “Casino Royale”, “Quantum” is a bit boring and the photography of “Skyfall” is just WOW! (those shoots of Hong Kong are eyegams) and they introduce a hipster Q, who looks, by the trailer of “Spectre”, that he’s gonna star making more of those gadgets… but in the “realistic” way they’ve been doing it, like the defibrillator in the car or the “radio”.

          Anyway, I prefer that, in Bond’s world right now, than a Rolex with a laser beam… fuck Apple! that’s an “SmartWatch”!

          Right now, you have many options to choose.
          Do you like “realistic” spy movies? Craig’s Bond or even Bourne.
          Or maybe some action? Mission Impossible
          Maybe you like the over the top gadgets and villains of the old Bond movies make today as “hommage”?
          Kingsman or for sure U.N.C.L.E. will satisfy you.
          Even “Xmen: First Class” have some of that old spies movies, with the Cuban missile crisis plot in between.

          Also, there’s a lot of good “standalone” spy movies like “True Lies” or one of my favorite movies, “North by Northwest” directed by Hitchcock. Must see!

          And just for finish, when I was a kid, I fell in love to those “realistic” spy movies thanks to films like “Patriot Game” and “Clear and Present danger”, both with Harrison Ford playing as Jack Ryan, character created by Tom Clancy so, give them a chance if you haven’t 😉

          Sorry for losing the point or if I sound too pedantic… but I hope it helps you… even if you don’t ask for it xDDD

  • Sovereign SnaKe

    “What a thrill…”

    • gRammarnazi

      God I hope that scene is the game’s ending. Looks so epic.

    • Arestras

      The waiting intensifies, huh?

      • Lewis

        I wonder, what happens if Hayter gets surprised? Does he say:”Huh, huh?”

  • Last video from Python Selkan. LAST, literally.

    The title is a total WTF, but we must watch it before speculate what they are talking about (I’m WTF’ed too)

    • MichaelPayneV

      Before watching it, i will say this, and then i will come back to update this comment.

      If What he is saying here is that Frank Jagger may actually be a Snake, a son of Big Boss, then that could very well be possible.

    • MichaelPayneV

      But If there is 1 thing i got from this Video, is that Gray Fox is hunting Venom Snake in TPP, that he might be our surprise Villain!

    • SholidOnline

      One thing about this is that it includes Portable Ops… Great game, but the story doesn’t fit in very well (Sokolov not dead? Really?). Not only that, but we know that Hideo doesn’t include it in the canon. Have definitely not watched it all, but that’s something to point out so far.

      • Yeah, i thought the same thing about Portable Ops, which is not canon, so let’s see what happens. Just one month.

        After all these years waiting… T_T

    • ObsessedGeorge

      I watched parts of it. This is a whole other level above the word delusional. They have literally re-written the story based on their own theories.
      For example, Venom Snake (which is Gray Fox) is responsible for Liquid’s hate towards his father (BB), therefore after all these years, he finally got revenge on the man he hated the most by killing him in Shadow Moses without him ever realising it… So, he hated his father because of Gray Fox’ actions in TPP? Yeah, true. Cool.

  • SolidAmirati

    Does that means that we are going to have telekinesis?!
    Ps: sorry for bad english

  • Automata Snake

    I will have no life after this game comes out.

  • 何科友

    The force is strong in this Snake…

  • ddmaster

    Knowing Kojima-san we’ll probably be able to grab a guy’s pants and pull em off…be hilarious.

  • For centuries, human beings have realized various forms of energy…

    Civilizations have progressed with them, so where does such energy like Metatron lead our civilization? Destruction, destruction to end all! the universe, and human subconscious are willing their own end! This is the will of Metatron!!!

  • GUN®

    My grandfather works at Nintendo and told me that the unannounced pink arm can be fired like the black arm only instead of exploding when hitting a soldier it gives him a hand job.

  • PrinceHeir

    Hope to see more customizable bionic arm like this 🙂

  • Suzaku

    WISP was also used in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, as a type of “unmanned weapon module” deployed by Metal Gear Gander. Can’t believe I remember that.

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