Nikkei reports on poor working conditions at Konami Japan

Some disturbing details have surfaced regarding the working conditions at Konami Japan, as reported by Japanese economy paper Nikkei. Here is a summary of what they had to say (translated by Kotaku).

  • In 2010 Konami shipped Dragon Collection for the mobile platform, which was made on a low budget but earned huge profits. This was a turning point for the company, resulting in a shift from traditional games to cheaper social games.
  • The budget for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has surpassed 10 billion yen ($80 million).
  • Kojima Productions is now called ‘Number 8 Production Department’. Computers don’t have internet access and can only communicate internally. Head of the new studio is Sadaaki Kaneyoshi, who worked on MGS2 and MGS3.
  • When on a lunch break, employees who leave the office are monitored with time cards, their names announced throughout the company if they don’t return in time.
  • In the offices, cameras are installed to monitor employees.
  • Only staff who have to communicate with people outside the company (such as PR persons) have their own fixed email address. For everyone else, their mail address is randomized and changed every few months.
  • If a Konami developer isn’t deemed useful enough, he or she is reassigned duties such as cleaning up at fitness clubs or working as security guards. This also goes for developers who worked on big titles.
  • One employee announced on Facebook he was leaving Konami, his social media was subsequently monitored, and those in the company who ‘liked’ it were reshuffled within the company.
  • Nikkei has also asked Konami founder Kagemasa Kozuki to comment on this, but they haven’t received an answer (it seems this person is known to avoid contact with the media and colleagues).
  • Apparently, the article also states Kojima fell from grace after MGSV was delayed. The whole project probably got too expensive for Konami’s liking.

Earlier this year GameSpot published an article in which an inside source revealed some of the reasons behind Kojima’s rumored departure, and it seems to add up with this new information. If all of this is true, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Konami’s gaming division.


Picture by Ed K. from Chicago

Source: Nikkei, via Gematsu, serkantoto Twitter, Artemio Twitter, Kotaku

  • Ralexion

    Sounds like a fun place to work at.

    • Michalien

      I guess Konami CEO liked Kim Yong Un better in the movie “The Interview”

    • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

      As fun as getting you balls scrubbed with wire wool.

  • kalacoste

    (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■)

  • VenomSnake1974

    Sounds like some sort of concentration camp.
    Orwell would be proud.

  • Gatsu

    Wh…..what the hell is this?! Sounds like some prison or something ;O…

    Okey the MGSV development got maybe a bit too expensive for their liking, so they get mad at Kojima. But still to treat the personnel in such ways, that isn’t right.

    This make me so furious >:(…

    • ddmaster

      Totally behind you. Regardless of how the game comes along they shouldn’t have the right to act so inhumanly to the poor folks who have been working their asses off night and day to make the greatest game they can possibly make.

    • Mauricio Acosta

      The thing is, This was happening even before the fallout of Kojima and Konami. It was sorta normal for them.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah well I had no idea it was happening before that :/, thought all seemed pretty ok over there in the past. But I havent followed Konami news very closely before.

        • kirtanloorii

          Yeah. Kojima has a way of making everything look like it’s all right. I really did believe they were treating him well.

        • Mauricio Acosta

          I don’t think anyone knew what was going on before all of this came out. Threats were probably used to keep hushed whisper and just to think about that sickens me.

    • Eugene Voldo

      First of all, this particular business practice is nothing new to Japan. Google “banishment rooms” to see that its widely accepted practice in a lot of corporations, including Sony, Square Enix, etc.

      Second, Konami get mad at Kojima not because of the budget. He just couldn’t ship TPP on time. In AAA business it means you’re not gonna stay in the company for long. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. And to people thinking that Konami has some personal vendetta against Kojima – please look at Yoshitaka Murayama’s biography and you will see that they removed his
      name from Suikoden 3 credits too. It was in 2003. Nothing new here.

      And finally to comment on news, I love that someone from the old MG team is now manage ex-KojiPro studio. I hope Sadaaki Kaneyoshi will create something well worth playing.

      • No Place For Hayter

        ” this particular business practice is nothing new to Japan” that has nothing to do with how bad it is, are we supposed to accept it because we have seen it before? that is absurd, it is always worth dropping a company because of what they do, I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to hand money over to a piece of shit company like that EVER.

        Also we don’t anything about when Kojima was supposed to have shipped TPP, so we don’t know if he missed a deadline or not, also there is always delays, why does Kojima supposedly having one suddenly be a bad thing? what Konami has never seen a delay before? are you seriously thinking that a simple delay is enough for a large corporation to kick such a high profile character? think that if you want, but don’t try to convince me of that absurd notion.

        • Eugene Voldo

          But here’s the problem. If you’re against this practice there’s no place for you in japanese gaming industry. Kojima obviously didn’t leave the company at his own accord so he was totally OK with this whole concept. Why? It’s a cultural difference.

          About the delay. You need to remember that TPP is the MOST expensive game in Konami’s history. And the higher the risk the greater your responsibility. That’s okay to delay small or mid-tier project but when you delay AAA game it generally means $10 million in additional funding to just complete the project. It’s a big money for a company like Konami. And yes, it’s enough to fire Kojima, because he didn’t do his job well. And by his job I mean not the quality of TPP, but budgeting and working on schedule.

          • No Place For Hayter

            I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn every company in Japan, but sure if they all do it I won’t support them, why should I try and find a place for myself as a consumer in such a market? I don’t want to and don’t need to. Also being a huge stupid corporation like Konami is bad enough, all large stupid corporations are like this, just Japanese in particular.

            Considering how bad Konami is why even give them the benefit of the doubt? when have they ever been in the right? assholes are assholes, I won’t try to slice it any other way and don’t try to convince me otherwise, I have no problem not partaking in entire companies or markets, my life does not only consist of Konami games, they can stuff it. And it’s not like I’m heavily emotional about the whole thing, this is just the attitude I hold towards such soulless entities, I don’t care what the norm is, or what other people have become conditioned to, and I don’t care what other people believe (sounds harsh >.>) on this subject I stand firm on my morals regarding such a thing, I’m not going to take a grey middle area of neutrality, I am very much against such things, I suppose that is why I’m not looking at this from a business perspective, because frankly I don’t care about the business perspective, the large soulless moral-less corporations can do that, I’m a human being and hold people higher than just business pieces and will not degrade my morals or ethics simply to be fair to the people and corporations that go against such morals in the first place, just because they work on a soulless level does not make it ok in any form, just because I understand them and what they do and how they work does not mean I will give them leeway with such garbage, an understanding of what they do and how they work does not grant them pardon for what they do, someone always has a reason if they didn’t have a reason they wouldn’t do it, but an ethic or moral crime is always just that, whether they have a motive or not does not change what they did. I’m not going to defend a serial killer because I understand how he works and try to get people to understand his motive and to see things instead from his point of view instead of ours, it is not like he effects only himself, he will be judged by our moral and ethic standards not by his own, and the same should be said of corporations, they should be judged by our moral and ethic standards they should not be pardoned or excused because what they did can be understood from a business stand point. At best all I can do is not support them, and all that does is support my moral and ethic choices, it does not effect the company and does not effect their other consumers, it only effects me, I understand that, but I will not fold my morals simply because others have different morals and are still buying from them

            Considering I won’t take a neutral ground on the subject of Konami I will admit, there is little discussion to be had with me here, I understand that I’m the one causing any problems in this discussion, but I understand why, and I don’t want you to beat your head against a wall trying to bring me into a neutral point of view on this subject when I will simply disagree on the subject simply because I am biased against Konami.

          • ddmaster

            Just…Wow. No seriously wow. I couldn’t in a million years have said that better. Using the serial killer analogy was genius. Just as you said Konami is basically a game making metaphorical serial killer, killing all their game franchises and slaughtering those poor bastards who work for them. I know they’re trying to transition from one market to the next right now but DAMN!! Konami this isn’t how you go about it!

            All it is is they are just greedily jumping onto the band wagon of legalizing gambling in Japan so that their slot machine department will become a golden goose and everything else is pretty much being dropped like a bad habit. I’m all for this idea given the circumstances (excluding at least a little bit of profit for Kojima-san’s Silent Hills) but what they’re doing is just ridiculous.

          • Eugene Voldo

            I love reading your posts.They are very emotional and at the same time very picturesque and that’s why I actually keep reading MGI – not so for the news, but rather for people’s opinions and their train of thoughts.

            I’m not going to make you change your mind, because that’s what making your ideas and your ideals special in their own way. And to address one of your point – Probably I used wrong words for explaining my stance (well, my English IS rusty and awful) but actually I’m not trying to take neutral ground in this discussion rather I’m trying to
            explain that Konami vs Kojima is not something really special. It’s just another day in the Japanese gaming industry. That’s how they roll for almost 30 years. And sadly nothing will probably change in the near future.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Aye, you are right about that, it sucks when these things don’t turn a few heads, and is instead took in stride.

            And thanks, lol, you are right about all of us 🙂 we all try to keep a balance of keeping our own opinions while understanding and appreciating others opinions, and you fit right in, lol 😉

      • Gatsu

        “Ship TPP on time”
        You mean a delay? I dont remember TPP being mentioned of being delayed, or they I have missed something :). I mean they only gave one worldwide release date.

    • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

      If you watch the MGS 2 making of DVD. The hours and workload was gruesome. Guys falling asleep at their computers.

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet


      • Gatsu

        What comment?

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet

          My comment saying the episode names were leaked

  • The[]doR
    • Antonio Russo

      No place for Hideo ? no place for anybody with still a bit of brain left lol

    • No Place For Hayter


      • J_muse72

        I was waiting for you to comment XD

        • No Place For Hayter

          Lol XD

    • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

      He’ll make it. That soldiers head is backwards. Rex is a bigger threat……or is he?


  • FOX

    Off the topic.
    İ wonder if this soundtrack will be played in TPP. İt would be so cool of it does while saving Kaz. My favorite one so far.

    • Kol Leqejza

      it’s a great track indeed, but i don’t think that it will be used for kaz. hence the name. my favourite track is the end credits. the moment when motherbase falls apart and the trumpets start kicking.

  • Meumels

    Konami will screw up mgs good the second kojima leaves.
    For starters an annual release scedule. (so MGS Six in 2016)
    More micropayments in MGS 5 through patch
    MGS social (facebook game)
    Shitton of social game spinoffs.
    Entire series remade in fox engine (terribly done)

    Don’t be fooled, MGO was delayed to find more ways to implement microtransactions.

    (Wakes up from nightmare) Let’s hope this never happens.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Konami is who we thought they were? SURPRISE! not.

    That being said it makes sense Kojima quit/got kicked I wouldn’t want to work they either, Also spending 10 billion yen on a game under a company that wants to spend as little as possible on development is a bad sign, lol.

    • ddmaster

      They apparently don’t understand the concept of spending money to make money. Besides the more money you give Kojima-san the HELL of alot more they’ll get in return.

      • Kol Leqejza

        naaaah, just naaah. imo the 80 million $ are spent better than those 250 millions for GTA V. GTA V has nothing new to add, while MGS V starts a new revolution in the open world genre. and that with “only” 80 million bucks.

        • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

          Phantom Pain won’t sell 65 million copies or some crazy number like that, like GTA V. It will be Konami’s biggest ever selling game though. I’d say near to 20-25 million in it’s lifetime. Could reach 30. That’s a HUGE! profit. Remember when everyone was gushing over the first Bioshock’s 5 millions sales a few years back?

          • ddmaster

            You also have to take into account that MGSV will be the first true multiplatform entry in the series. I imagine the sales will higher on the whole than any of the other games.

          • Kol Leqejza

            i never mentioned any numbers. i’d say the game will sell 5-10 million copies. that sounds realistic.

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            You mean 5-10 million by the end of the year? It’s on every platform. Bar the anti-socal, non conformist, last gen tech being sold as new, Nintendo ones. It will reach that 20-25 million in it’s life. It’s the most anticipated game of the year.

          • Kol Leqejza

            the same was said about arkham knight & witcher 3. i think you see this subjective, because your a fan. if konami won’t spend at least 200 million $ in advertisement it won’t reach that number your suggestimg. MGS as a series “only” sold 30-40 million copies. i don’t believe that TPP alone will sell that many, very doubtful. MGS is not that mainstream. it is for thinking men & there are not that many around.

        • ddmaster

          Thats what I was saying. MGSV is only going to do well $80 million or not because Kojima-san lead its development.
          I’ve said it before I’m a Kojima-san fan first and foremost and love MGS because of what he as a game developer is able to do. So what you said is apart of what I meant.

  • J_muse72

    I hope Kojima screws them back. I bet he did not tell them how much it would cost to make The Phantom Pain to deliberately sink them into the ground. After Kojima leaves, I hope Konami goes under, either that or they do what Nintendo did and promote Kojima to CEO and allow him to do whatever the hell he wants.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Unfortunately they won’t, they make most of their money outside of gaming, I just hope their gaming components die.

      • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

        Let Konami’s gaming sector DIE! And then Kojima or another group can buy the rights to MGS off them for dirt cheap when they are in the gutter. Konami/Capcom. Two peas in a pod.

  • kirtanloorii

    ATTENTION! Ground Zeroes PC (amd users). There appears to be a really good fix for the bugs caused by the latest AMD drivers. And it does not involve rolling back the drivers. Have a look here: The thread was pinned by Robert Peeler and the solution is reported to work well.

    • No Place For Hayter

      At least someone is working on fixing things with AMD hardware, it annoys me to no end that the FOX engine only runs really well on NVIDIA, thanks for that monopoly btw. It is especially funny when consoles run on AMD hardware, lol.

      • kirtanloorii

        Oh, the irony. Batman Arkham Knight had the same problem with AMD. But it ran like a dream on PS4…

    • It works really well. I’m able to turn a few more settings up to extra high and still get full 60!

  • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

    Konami’s greed is sickening. Their big brother approach to running a business is just indescribable. SHOCKING! This shows that the future of the industry lies with the indies and kickstarter programs.

    They were worried about spending €80 Million on MGS? MGS is their biggest IP. Phantom Pain will sell 20-30 million copies in it’s lifetime. It’s the most anticipated game in recent history. They are also making a shitload of cash from MGS merchandising. Overpricing their products. Need we forget the €40 for Ground Zeroes? Which sold very well.

    • Kol Leqejza

      i paid 20 € and got peace walker, too. so i don’t know, what ur talking about.

      • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

        You know exactly what I’m talking about. Folks got ripped off.

  • Kol Leqejza


  • asdasdfd

    Konami is watching you.

    • Kol Leqejza

      i’m outer party, lolz

    • ddmaster

      I hope they are. One of the first things I’m gonna at MB is find a way(the idea of making your own posters at MB someone posted a while back would fit perfect here) to make a Konami logo poster and have all my goats line up in single file walk over it and shit on it.
      Anyone have any animals to share?

    • angeliquedevive

      Through your laptop camera.

  • Boromir

    If people were pissed about Hideo Kojima’s name removal, I think now is time to start another viral hashtag campaign. #KojimaNotKonami ?

    • Konami is being so respectless, not only do they fire Kojima but they also remove his beautiful A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME ….what the hell does his name hurt them that much?

    • ddmaster

      How about: #WayToRapeKojimaKonami

  • What a great place, I’d definitely want to work there

    • kirtanloorii

      He almost looks like he is going to cry in the top pic, lol.

  • Bartolomeo OP Snake Eater

    Buncha Dbags. Last Konami purchase. EVER.

  • Bożydar Mazur

    Guys, MGS V for PC coming out 1st september!!!
    Im mad and happy at the same time, ordered Ps4 CE because I needed to play ASAP but will bay PC version too anyways, nice move Konami.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Lol. Well at the very least we know the PS4 version will run great no questions asked, with PC there is always questions, lol. Plus you got all those (not so special) CE items 🙂 the only item I actually care about in the CE is the bonus Blu-ray.

      • Bożydar Mazur

        I still dream about 1:1 hand replica 🙁 But ill high five the smaller version all the time anyways

        • ddmaster

          Same here, baby high five.

  • Kawaii Monster

    And this is why MGSV will be my last MGS. If Kojima and the team ever read this thank you for the last great MG game

  • FMercenary

    INB4 Hideo Kojima gets assigned to work as the company’s janitor who from time to time solves game developing equations on the hallway chalkboard.

  • VenomSnake123

    Really mature to embarrass people if they’re a few minutes late. Shows what Konami has become…

  • when was the game delayed? i don’t remember that, or maybe it wasn’t known?

    what a horrible place to work in though, i feel bad for developers there. and the budget for TPP is around $80 mil, imagine what kojima could do with the budget that Rockstar used for GTA V…

  • Kojima is one of (the best) the very DNA’s of Konami so there are some interesting clarifications ahead.

    I am not sure for those last infos but what’s sure is that Japaneses are never ashamed to clean up. In the streets, bank employees clean up the street with ties. It is just a different culture (everybody clean up everything).

    I love Kojima since Penguin adventure (MSX), things can get dangerously mixed in emotional circumstances. If neither Kojima or Konami want to work again together, their decision’s have to be respected on both sides. Kojima is grateful to Konami (at least from some extents) more than anybody else and vice-versa.

    If Konami think Kojima is too expensive or late that’s a POV, although Kojima did it just for us, longer than anybody else (even Carmack left ID, Metal Gear came out 7 years before Doom…). Japanese management is straight forward, I saw that Japan territory represent a different target for a lot of Japanese stake-holders. Where they are wrong is that it has been decades now that we appreciate Japanese games at least as much as Japanese people themselves (like mangas BTW). Kojima is not producing only games anymore but a next “stage” : most highly interactive movies. It was perfectly ok to have MGS IV delayed for almost 2 years, CellBE SPU’s were so strange beasts… It was Sony’s + Konami responsability, I even remember Kojima, pissed off at not being free enough to deploy somewhere else than over PS3’s.

    In all cases, erasing Kojima-pro / Hideo was like erasing a famous painter signature, with all respect, Konami should either put those seals back because this is getting pretty trivial (not to say very cheesy at any stage of prod, unless Kojima himself don’t want it anymore).

  • Golgari

    “Apparently, the article also states Kojima fell from grace after MGSV was delayed. The whole project probably got too expensive for Konami’s liking.”
    80 million is not that expensive for the industry. GTAV did it with 180 million. Witcher 3 is 67 million and so on. If you want to be in the business you need to experiment and make things right.

    • muaddib

      Actually, The Witcher 3 was made with a hundred zloty, a pile of wood, some rocks, and polish witchcraft.

      • No Place For Hayter

        “polish” Really? it was made in Poland? 😉

        • RJRO

          Yes, CD red project it´s a polish company.

        • MeLand127

          This joke XD

        • Le Guy who drowned quiet

          Yep you didn’t know that ?

    • Tong Ninja

      In Japan, $80 million worth of game development costs is considered to be very expensive. In America on the other hand, this budget would be considered normal (maybe even below average). haha

      Japan usually aim for low development costs and high profit returns. America having the larger audience, can indulge in a higher budget.

      On the other hand, I think MGSV: TPP will sell very well though (accessible to all platforms, etc), so Konami will definitely profit a lot from this. Don’t know why Konami aren’t confident with this game not selling well. Kojima has delivered profit to Konami on ALL of his past games for the last 27 years or so. 🙂

  • Amrit

    There goes Nyxus’ review copy of TPP!!

    /jk 😛

  • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

    After MGS V becomes Konami’s biggest selling game ever. Will they move away from AAA titles as stated previously? Smash and grab!? I know Fox Engine was expensive to produce. But will the the next MGS, if it exists, get a big budget? Will it hurt it quality wise? Phantom Pain is being hailed as one of the best, if not the best game ever by some journalists.
    Konami have been tarnished almost beyond repair. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. MGS future is even more worrisome.

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    Also people don’t forget what Konami do to Igarashi ( The mastermind of Castlevania ) They treat the guy like trash for years and forced him to move to other stupid projects instead of bring us a true Castlevania title . This are not more rumours folks . The way konami destroyed every single franchise is real .

    But kojima is more Stronger than anyone . He walked hell itself for us . But what better place for us than this ? It is our only home. Our heaven and our hell. This is Outer Heaven

  • echolution

    There goes one of greatest developer 🙁

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    “From the moment we’re thrown into this world, we’re fated to bring each other nothing but pain and misery.”

    • No Place For Hayter

      Aye, the struggle to understand and communicate with each other.

      Though I think you are looking at it wrong Psycho Mantis, lol.

    • Mauricio Acosta

      Hey Joaquin, I had some PC questions I wanted to ask you if you’re cool with it. I am planning on building my own beast but need advice.

      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        Yeap no problem my friend ! . talk to me on facebook and we check that out !

        • Mauricio Acosta

          Really appreciate it bro! I’ll contact you soon.

  • Javier

    We shouldn’t be talking bad about that company, the room could be wired.

    • ddmaster

      Watch for for the surveillance bubbles on the ceiling.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Where are all the Konami apologists when you need em’?

    • BurntFM

      They have been “reshuffled” by Konami

      • PsychoMantis18

        Hahahahahahahah. I like

  • Remember mega64’s video about Hideo Been a Janitor in disguise?

    lol, a F-ing prophecy!

  • Remember that Kojima was Konami’s Digital Entertainment Vice-president since a couple of years ago until a few of months ago… and if Konami can unleash hell to one of its top-guns and leading designers

    wonder what will be included on the heavily censored making off video…?
    maybe Kojima’s face will be blurred all of the time with a synthtizer and appearing just as “number 8, production department” director or something along these lines

    also just to make you mad… PES PRODUCTIONS is still been marketed as.. well PES PRODUCTIONS games.. will try the demo to see if they kept the logo on the final game just to see how assholes konami execs are….

  • angeliquedevive

    80 million dollars?! Wow.

  • BurntFM

    On the other side of the spectrum you have companies like Valve here’s a little insight on their working conditions, and you don’t needed to be an analyst to understand their success in the gaming industry. What’s your excuse Konami?

  • Ardens Anima

    Yeah, I read this a bit ago.
    THIS is why I’m done after TPP.
    Like, if they had another MGS major release, I’d give it a whirl, but after I read this? This is why I quit after Kojima.

  • vic boss

    Is up guys , the NEW TRAILER IS UP

    • stocchinet .


    • BurntFM

      OMG that is so bad ass. It didn’t feel like Kojima edited this one though. The shot that stood out for me was Quiet shooting that fighter yet. So epic.

      Kaz: “You only have 2 options. Heaven or Hell.”
      Big Boss: “No. There’s another.”

      • Tong Ninja

        Option 3: Outer Heaven?? 😛

        • ddmaster

          Thats what I’m thinking.

    • FMercenary

      Damn, I wasn’t expecting this! Hype overload!

    • Schmojima

      Uh, you were faster. ;D
      What an awesome trailer that was, god damn!! <3

      BTW. badass CQC at around 1:20 – 1:24 o_O

      • Danny Patten

        At the time TPP plays, he is a child! 😛

    • Golgari

      Last words.. Isn’t that… Grey Foxy stuff?

      • SholidOnline


    • XIFF-5

      Nice Trailer! Nice gameplay scenes. But, didn’t they post it a bit earlier this day or what?

    • H’m

      the one thing i think i miss most is the hours n hours of cutscenes, seriously was i like one of the only few that loved that

      • ddmaster

        Nope, sure weren’t.

    • Oh shieet I didn’t want to watch this but couldn’t stop myself… I don’t regret it tho

    • Gatsu

      Oh my god! That 2nd half of the trailer omfg so amazing :O !!! I dont know what else to say…speechless T_T …

    • ???
      Was’nt going the new trailer for Gamescom to be about the Motherbase thing?

      More spoilers? :O

  • Sn4ke_911


  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    all the episode of mgsv tpp have been leaked and they are odd .NOT SURE IF I SHOULD SAY HOW MANY CHAPTERS THERE ARE BUT THERE ARE 61 MISSIONS

  • Schmojima

    The Gamescom trailer is live!!
    Holy fucking mother of god, this is one awesome trailer!! x_x

  • H’m
  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    For the love of god, the scale of Africa and those Water waves !!!!! !!!!

  • FOX
    What goes around comes around

    • H’m


    • Jack Raiden

      What about the spoilers? Are there any?

      • FOX

        Not really but has some cool stuff. İ loved the scale of the world in one of the scenes

      • MichaelPayneV

        A LOT!

    • ddmaster

      Can someone edit Hideo’s face over BB’s and Ken’s over Kaz’s. Have it be a shot of above and let there be a dialogue box from Hideo saying something like “…the time has come.”

  • oselot14

    off topic but you will love it 😀

  • Gray Lion

    Speaking of Konami… they released a new trailer, guys. Check it out:

  • SholidOnline

    TPP is actually the 18th most expensive game developed (MGS4 is 19th, LOL).

  • Silent Hills has been cancelled but at least we’re getting this, guys!

    • PrinceHeir

      LOL Konami

    • ddmaster

      PT for this

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    is konami trying to compete with black sites in treating people? these employees sound like they are POWs of some kind. is konami a black site? maybe camp omega was really konami!

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  • @Gatsu You made it into this article. 😛

    @ddmaster as well.

    “When popular gaming website ran a blog post about the Nikkei report, translating key details like “One employee announced on Facebook he was leaving Konami, his social media was subsequently monitored, and those in the company who ‘liked’ it were reshuffled within the company.” Several readers took to the comments section to vent their outrage. One commentor named ddmaster wrote: “Regardless of how the game comes along they shouldn’t have the right to act so inhumanly to the poor folks who have been working their asses off night and day to make the greatest game they can possibly make.” Another named Gatsu was even more distressed by the news, writing: “Sounds like some prison…to treat the personnel in such ways, that isn’t right. This make me so furious.” […]”

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