Eurogamer Digital Foundry puts the last gen versions of MGSV:TPP to the test

Digital Foundry has tested out the last gen versions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While the team at Kojima Productions has done what it can, it’s evident these older consoles have reached their limit and people shouldn’t expect a performance on par with the new console. That said, it looks like TPP will still offer a good experience on these consoles.

’On the one hand, some might say that the fact that these versions exist at all in a feature-complete, playable state is a miracle – but on the other, it’s clear that Xbox 360 and PS3 are being dragged kicking and screaming to their limits.’


MGSV:TPP on Xbox 360

During their test session, it turned out there are scenes were the framerate drops to 20fps, and in gameplay it’s often below 30fps.

However, the article says that ’with all due caveats in place, The Phantom Pain on last-gen is a remarkable example of raw, technological ambition’, and ‘as a package it remains an event the like of which PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 haven’t seen for a long, long time.’

Their conclusion states:

‘It’s a fascinating result overall – at once, Metal Gear Solid 5 pushes last-gen boundaries but at the same time, comparisons with the latest consoles are hardly flattering. For some, the last big hurrah for Xbox 360 and PS3 release may well be the catalyst that inspires a next-gen upgrade.’

To read the entire article, including comparison shots, follow this link.

Source: Eurogamer Digital Foundry

  • GrayFoxWasTaken

    Im amazed they got it working on ps3 and xbox 360 at all

    I might get it on ps3 just to play with some last gen friends

    Oh and look at that clock, brothers, we will soon understand what V is and the context of “come to”

    • Schmojima

      “last gen friends” sounds really fitting! I think you just invented a new term! ;D

      • GrayFoxWasTaken

        Thanks 😀

    • Reynard

      Ikr so close

  • Haan

    I can’t take any more of this

  • MichaelPayneV

    New Codec Episode with Rob himself!

  • Benedict Miller

    It’s almost time to see if the man can live up to the legend brothers. 🙂

    • MrVux007

      Aren’t you one of the admins from OH facebook group?

  • Hussain Alkhalaqi

    I don’t have a powerful gaming rig, not even close, yet my laptop still handled ground zeroes surprisingly well, If i hadn’t given my laptop a chance to run it I wouldnt have known, and would’ve gotten the ps3 version, now that I do, i’ll gladly play with it, 60 fps is sooooo good, once you’re hooked, you can’t play with any less fps, I would gladly turn all the graphics options low just to enjoy a smooth 60 fps, and i tried that with another laptop and i have to say the game still looks good even on the lowest possible graphics, man the fox engine really blows my mind.

  • Danny Patten

    Where did the CE news go? :O

    • The article has been made private for now, but it will return on September 1st.

      • Danny Patten


  • Danny Patten

    Gonna repost it from the CE news that went private!

    10 Suggestions to kill the day:

    1. Binge watch The Hobbit + Lord of the Ring extended cuts
    2. Binge watch Star Wars or the Twilight Saga
    3. Binge watch your favorite TV Show or Anime (mine would be The Nanny or Detective Conan)
    4. Take a hike
    5. Imgur
    6. Start doing chores
    7. If you have a significant other; have some bed time
    8. Finish that Book you started but forgot about.
    9. Start to learn something new. I always wanted to learn how to make Candles.
    10. S-Rank GZ if not done already, else replay any other game

    These are not exclusive to each other. Combine them like you want.
    I personally recommend doing chores first, because they always stop the fun train after a while.

    • Randomsniper

      I will watch black sails and read the faults in our stars and dont judge me for this

      • Danny Patten

        The Book was amazing. I’ll never judge somebody because he reads books. It is rare enough as it is.

        • Randomsniper

          I agree and duder and thank you for lending me a hand into getting banned lol

          • Randomsniper

            I was jokinb dont take it seriously

          • Danny Patten

            I was a little confused lol

          • Randomsniper

            I better keep my mouth shut or ill get banned again

    • Gatsu

      Lotr and anime for me :).

      • Randomsniper

        Well attack on titans death note and cobra are enough for me mqybe a little of grendiser

    • Robin Besch

      7, 7 and some more 7 😀
      oh and dark souls

  • Randomsniper

    Well do yiu think i should buy v tomorrow befire the release which is in limited stock or wait for the release

  • nyx

    Ok, I took one for the team (that is for those who don’t yet possess the game and are afraid of the last gen’s performance issues). I was lucky enough to see a non-spoiler bit of PS3 playtrough (MB and Afghanistan) and I can assure you that extreme pop-ins and ugly shadows from Ground zeroes are gone :). If the streamer’s information were correct, I am very surprised with PS3 version’s quality.

    • Randomsniper

      Youre pretty good

    • Tong Ninja

      Awesome! 😀

    • Reynard


  • Gatsu

    Amazing Fox Engine. Kojima and his co-workers are true wizards.

    Btw @Nyxus I was wondering should we do some own article for spoiler discussions after September1? I will be of course watching comments here , but just a thought that would it be good idea at all to do own place for them :). It’s up to you Boss.

    • Danny Patten

      But MGI has a forum, why make an additional thread? :O

      • MichaelPayneV

        Because apparently is closed for now!

        • Danny Patten

          No. Click the picture^^

          • MichaelPayneV

            Oh, nvm.

      • Gatsu

        We have a forum but still not everyone find it. It would work but just need to inform of it better if can somehow :). Forum has TPP thread though so it would be best place maybe.

      • Mr. Sir Shpee

        we… have a forum? I never knew about this.

    • MichaelPayneV

      That would be a agreat idea!

  • Randomsniper

    Kojima is love kojima is life

  • MrVux007

    Thanks to the user named @gerber,i watched a non spoiler video of Playstation 3 gameplay of MGSV TPP
    This is my personal view on performance:(SPOILER FREE)
    (while in motherbase)
    -Ive noticed screen tearing and FPS drop while sprinting that lasted around 2 seconds,and that happened only once while he was 14 minutes messing around the motherbase…
    to add up drawing distance has been improved compared to Ground Zeroes,

    -later on player enters mission prep and commences the mission
    -the loading screen can last around 15 seconds (give or take a couple of seconds)

    (afghanistan gameplay)
    -From landing to mounting D-Horse,is smooth and again i must point out that the drawing distance has been improved,but there are still noticable pop-in while sprinting or fast galoping D-Horse…
    -Noticed frame drops(3 times) that lasted 3 seconds in 22 minute gameplay,again these happend only while sprinting and fast galloping the horse+ action heavy parts…
    -in enemy base full of enemy soldiers,the frame rate was stable aswell which was quite surprising considering many light sources,shadows etc
    -During the big explosion gameplay sequance the enemy entered the alert stage,the player was surrounded by enemy soldiers engulfed with gunfighting….later on a couple of vehicles including a tank entered the area…FPS perfomance was astonishing,i expected the FPS to drop significantly during that time,but as mentioned,this was one of those (3 times) the FPS dropped for a brief second and later on continued the run smoothly …(the gameplay started in the morning)

    now i watched only half of the 60 minute video,cuz they commenced a mission i didnt see so far and i wanted to avoid spoilers….

    Overral this this game looks astonishing,even with that disgusting youtube compression,it looks really impressive and i had a couple of moments where i said “this is impossible” “trully miraculus that they made this happend on PS3″…

    I can expect the same from Xbox360

    Again this was my personal insight on the video…

    • gerber

      Exactly sometimes I was like

      Is this really my good old ps3?

      • MrVux007

        That meme is impossible 😀

    • Tong Ninja

      Thanks so much for giving us some insight on last generation console performance for TPP. 😀
      I am pleased with this news!

    • Reynard


  • kuaikukia

    Can’t wait to see FOX Engine run on PC

  • I think there should be SPOILER TAGS on this article. I understand it’s the hospital scene and is the first five minutes of the game, but there is a MAJOR spoiler in one of the shots of it.

  • John Rhogan

    When I get a PS4, I will get this Ground Zeroes. Till then I will enjoy this game on PS3.

  • アンノウンソルジャー9865

    Meh. If the PS3 could handle a game like Skyrim it can handle The Phantom Pain…

  • Jimbo slice

    Its funny how mortal kombat x a fighting game couldnt do this lol The power of the FOX ENGINE.

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