First update for MGSV:TPP delivers enhancements and additional features for FOB Missions

Konami has released a patch for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, weighing 421.1 MB on PS4, 150 MB on PS3 and 750 MB on Xbox One.

Version 1.01 of the game gives us the following:

  • Additional features and enhancements for FOB Missions.
  • Overall optimization and stability enhancements.


Source: Gearnuke

  • Bramdeman

    Tomorrow between 11:00 and 13:00 my life will be complete. CE!!!

    • Aleezy

      Same…. Amazon shipping mine.

    • TheGame1083

      my CE is coming UPS tomorrow, TIME CAN KILL!!!! WHOOOOOO HEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • The countdown timer has been changed by +6 hours, since this is probably the time zone the game launches for most people.

    • Gatsu

      Thanks boss :).

    • ddmaster

      Thanks BB

  • JoJo

    12 hours until I walk in to EB Games and pick up my copy and my MGSV PS4.

  • Aleezy

    You feel it too don’t you?

    • Kieren Chase

      The weeks ive waited. The day’s ive lost…

      • Aleezy


      • TheGame1083

        the month’s we’ve lost…won’t stop hurting!

  • AeroGre

    Oh crap, i lost my gamestop card which had my preorder on it

  • Cristian Landeros

    Hi guys. I am lucky to have TPP . The game is fantastic , far exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were high . All I can say is that my social life is ruined. See you at the mother base, your waiting is almost over.

  • Major Ocelot

    The wait is almost over, comrades.

  • Reminder the game is available for PC/Steam 8:00 AM today (august 31)

    • OptionalLemon

      8:00 AM in which timezone?

      • EST

        • OptionalLemon


        • jhsnake

          I’m from Argentina, in this case, in what time i can download? Sory for my english !!

          • OptionalLemon

            Just type this into Google: 8:00 AM EST in Argentina

            Looks like that would be 9:00 AM for you.

          • jhsnake

            AWESOME, its’s alredy 10:20 am now 😀

    • Hussain Alkhalaqi

      I doubt it, they changed the whole New Zealand Time thing, it’s already 8 AM as well and I cant seem to download anything, bummer 🙁

      • Haha yea. Wish I had never read about the timezone thing and gotten my hopes up. Almost went nuclear.

    • Chico Ribeiro

      I´m at work so I cant´t check if the download is available. But that New Zealand date was changed. Can someone confirm if it is really available now on Steam?

  • Gatsu
    • Mr.Pony

      Kojima going on a sneaking mission into Konami HQ to steal the rights for MGS and Silent Hills xD

  • Mr.Pony

    I want to be able to make this emblem xD


      “We’ll make precious wool from their bodies, take it into battle with us, a toasty sweat for our brothers in arms, even in combat.”

      “We are SSF”

    • asdasdfd

      add me on psn i want to see that sheep, Alanbrex1234

  • Bigbossjack

    This is how the recruits works. Gotta complete missions in TPP to unlock them from GZ.

    • Tong Ninja

      Thanks! 😀

  • thank outer heaven only 1day left but can sum one plz tell me the FOB game play that you can invade sum ones base and they can do the same to you i read that i need to pay for that is this all true case if it is well fuck ill pay lol any one got info ?

    • Here’s some info on that:

    • Daburcor

      In short, you don’t need to pay.

      Long answer is that you CAN speed up development of your FOB using the game’s micro-transaction

      system. Well, I guess that wasn’t that much longer of an answer… xD

      • 104 man thx well i don’t want to do that im in no rush for my mother base to upgrade

  • Marxal

    The Phantom Pain just released in New Zealand 5 minutes ago!!!

    V has come to.

    • H’m

      still waiting on a bloody preload in australia on ps4

  • Hussain Alkhalaqi

    Man we’re missing out on alotta stuff here on PC, what’s going on! the game’s getting patches already what?!!

    • Gatsu

      Lol yea and I havent even touched the game yet -_-

  • H’m

    can anyone confirm if ps4 version is playable from initial 4gb install

  • Random sniper

    Good news sony has blocked share button for mgsv tpp until September 1st

  • Hussain Alkhalaqi
  • G Yoh Aquino
    • OptionalLemon

      Yup, there’s only an installer on there and you still have to download the entire game from Steam like you would with a digital purchase. At least I got the Disc for 30,- EUR though…so that’s still a bonus.

      • Gatsu

        Well I guess this at least this stopped ppl from playing it early on PC, unlike with consoles.

        • OptionalLemon

          Here in The Netherlands I could have played it two days ago apparently if I’d gotten it for my PS4…couldn’t do it though. There’s bound to be some good mods for this game, so it had to be PC.

  • Robin Besch

    omg im so excited right now gamestop just confirmed they have my CE and i may get it this afternoon!!!!

  • MK_Madness

    Guys you can now download the game on PS4 it will give you an error but when you check your download list you will see the update and the game.

    • OptionalLemon

      Meanwhile on PC 🙁

      • nice pip boy

      • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

        I heat that you still have to download the game. that sucks dude.

        • OptionalLemon

          Yeah, I knew that. Bought the disc because it was only 30,- EUR…My internet is pretty fast 🙂

  • Random sniper

    Did someone watched the weekends vma performance at the vmas .DUDE JARED LETOS HAIR IS REALLY WEIRD AND THOSE PYROTECHNICS!!!!

  • decoyF0XX


    Getting my PS4 next weekend so I’ll join you all soon. I have limited Internet so I won’t be on FOB much but please add me on PSN: bobbyultraa

  • Jedediah Carender

    Cant wait to play finally getting this masterpiece tomorrow. Mch respect to Big Boss (Kojima San).

  • VFox

    12 HOURS LEFT! I can’t believe we are already there!!!!

  • Sockerfri

    I did it. I actually did it! I managed to not get spoiled, even tho I havent tried too hard not to. Ive watched Gregs Kinda Funny Lets Plays, Ive watched “The Codec” with the chat live… Just six more hours, and I can experience the story for myself. I wish all of you guys a great time with the game tonight and tomorrow! And we’ll speak again soon!

  • Hey guys. Add me on PSN! I want to kick some cypher ass with all my brothers in arms!


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