Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain out now

Finally, after years of waiting, Kojima’s last Metal Gear game has officially released. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


There are several different versions, go here for an overview, and here for a detailed look at the Collector’s Edition.

Now go! Let the legend come back to life!

  • Gawd

    Thanks for everything!!!!


    V has come let the legend return

  • jhsnake

    WOHOOOO!!! i’m alredy downloading it, and i must go to sleep.

  • Chico Ribeiro

    Huge thanks to Metal Gear Informer for gathering this incredible fanbase. You’re fantastic!

  • bufandri

    YEAAAAAH! At last!!!

  • Gatsu

    V HAS COME TO! We made it!!! <3

    • Ardens Anima

      We made it everyone!
      Congrats, let’s celebrate and enjoy this release of TPP!

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Here’s to Kojima. One last time…

  • 2.0 mbps… it begins.

  • V has come to… up in this bitch!

  • 6god

    1 Hour and 40 minutes to DL. Can’t complain.

    • Ardens Anima

      Better than My download speed. e_e

    • The same DL time here, Steam version :).

  • Gatsu

    7 minutes left until mind-blowing starts! Oooooh shit

  • drex2580

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss its finaly here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well done everyone!! We can now all let the legend come back to life!!

    See you out there on the battlefield brothers!!

  • Y Jebai

    Thank you and YongYea for the amazing news updates and theories and coverages! And thanks to the community for being so amazing and not spoiling things!! I love you all and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on MGS V TPP today!!!

    • We’d put in the hours anytime!

      • This man Yong.

      • ddmaster

        Aaawwww thats cute. Saving the world takes a lot outta ya.

  • akumetsu

    I still do not start to play in my country still it is not September 1

    but beforehand I thank the entire community and all who have made ​​the short wait thanks


    Now that the game is officially out for everyone I have to ask is anyone else unable to login to TPP severs?

    I can’t access some features such as I can’t download my GZ save 🙁

    I also can’t get on to the GZ servers and that has been for some time now. Is it me or is it an xbox1 issue?

    • MK_Madness

      Nope, just like every game servers they are down on launch days, gice it 2 days.

  • Kojimatroll

    i guessing this wont be a spoiler free zone anymore. it would be nice until the CE comes out for the people that don’t have it yet

  • Niko

    It’s been a loooong ride since VGA 2012 and that trailer. V HAS COME TO OUR HOMES. Enjoy brother’s and see you in the darkness of revenge!!! :’)

  • Ardens Anima

    To celebrate I’m watching all the trailers up to midnight with My girlfriend.
    It’s so beautiful watching all the trailers from 2013 till now, seeing how far and how long we all waited.

  • Gatsu

    I’m crying…the intro is so amazing. We try hold spoilers off for one week.

  • Schmojima

    finally! *-*


    The game box feels almost fake in my hand my mind doesnt wanna, it just doesn’t,


    I think I became hooked on the limbo of waiting… : o

  • Andrea Feletti

    Thanks for everything 😉

  • VenomSnake1974

    Still waitin’ for my CE to deliver…
    Just wanna thank this community, for this loooong journey. “I’ve been waitin’, Snake: waitin’ for your birth, your growth and the finality of today”.
    I’m off, trying to avoid spoilers. See you soon!

  • Solid PhoeniX

    Dammit Dammit Dammit! My copy of TPP just arrived at home and IM STUCK AT Work NOOO!

    • Killainstinct

      I feel your pain brother!

    • JohnnyAB

      Be glad it didn’t arrive at work when you were stuck at home bro :/

    • I think I’ll go home early today from wort. Really early, because right now I still have 5 hours before I’ll be home 🙁

    • Chico Ribeiro

      I feel you. The PC version had an issue with some CPU, mine included. They fixed it now, just in time for me to get to work. Now I’m 10 hours away from playing it!

  • Killainstinct

    Big shout out to MGI for all the updates and info. It’s kept me going. I’m on the way to work whilst my ce ps4 is waiting to be delivered 🙁

  • Lackooo

    I will get my limited MGSV PS4 bundle in just a 2-3 hours, can’t wait!!

  • Golgari

    V Has Come To.


    Aaaaah, just got to school, can’t stop thinking about TPP, knowing it will be in my house and I can’t play it because I’m stuck here. This pain; won’t stop hurting.

    • Raven_Sorrow

      Be strong little bro. And get off the net, you’re in school!! XD

    • Use the force. I am at work and getting totally nuts.

  • V has come… yes, but still not in my house! Fuckin’ waiting for the courier.

  • WrongDirectionZ

    So my dear brothers in arms, im going to pick up my CE for PS4 now.
    If theres anyone who needs help on FOB, MGO or just wants to show off his mother base add me.
    PSN: Wrong-DirectionZ

    Thanks to everyone here at MGI and especially to those who keeps this beautyful community running!

  • Raven_Sorrow

    Well, almost 9am. I slept nothing. I regret nothing xD I’m finally going to pick up my copy. Thank you every one on MGI, Mod and user, you made this years of wait really fun. You guys are all awesome and I’m really proud of us 🙂 I hope to keep seeing you here in the comment section for many more. This is good, isn’t it?

  • vic boss

    I don’t have the game yet but I just came back from my friends house and man. Fucking intro was awesome. One of the best things I’ve seen in gaming. I just can’t wait for wednesday. We stopped right when snake is thrown into Afghanistan. Even though I wanted to play a little bit more.

  • vic boss

    Have any of you gotten the dlc for the collectors edition yet? If you have how did you get it?

  • vic boss

    Shit I just put the code for the ground zeroes dlc in my ps4 the one from Konami core, but I didn’t see any downloads and I don’t have the game installed yet, so anyone knows if I messed up? Will it be available once I install the game?

  • Danny Patten

    V has come to!
    If you don’t hear from me, tell my family I love them but I had a very difficult mission and surrender is no part of it.

  • Shalashaska

    I have been playing and man do i love it.

    But i got one complaint. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO increase my security team level if dont have internet?
    WHY am i forced to go online for in game stuff. Great work forcing this shit man.. God I hate this rubbish they pull.

    • Danny Patten

      Why do you have no internet?^^

      • Shalashaska

        :/ Seriously? I have no internet connection to the xbox

        • Danny Patten

          Yeah why is that? It has WiFi and a Lan port.

          • Shalashaska

            I got a second hand xbox and the lan port doesnt work and there is no wifi :S

          • Ravenous

            Ouch, that sucks 🙁
            I’ve never had an xbox, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you buy external wifi-adapters for them, should be quite a bit cheaper than buying a new console atleast?

          • Mauricio Acosta

            Ethernet cable maybe?

  • luvs2spluug3

    now I’m paranoid , i am sure i got all the people you can save in GZ, but what if i didn’t? i will miss a guy for motherbase in TPP and i’ll find out and it will make me feel hollow inside!

    • AeroGre

      Well theres the pows in the usual spot during each mission, then the pow that you can save in ground zeroes, the pow in the admin building basement in destroy the anti air mission, glaz palitz, the cia agent and the bald soldier, i think those are all of em

  • Shalashaska

    I cant believe they have locked some really good stuff in development behind the need for an internet connection. Why YOU !!! :@

  • Volf

    Copy’s just arrived. See you in a week or so guys 😀

    • Robin Besch

      enjoy brother!

  • Robin Besch

    hey guys was anyone able to cash in their GZ dlc code yet?

  • Stuart

    IM AT WORK ALL DAY it’s killing me lol, had to get my misses to go to Game and pick up my CE edition first thing this morning, all I’ve had so far are pictures of the arm and the boxes, MUST GET HOME, I’m thinking i might have to make a sneaking mission out of her to get home asap

  • Chris Estevez

    Everybody stay calm! The Game is out!! This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill!!!

    • “Please try to relax.”

      • Ardens Anima

        “It’s been quite some time”

  • Chico Ribeiro

    Game is crashing with some AMD processors. Mine included.
    They are promising to fix this issue in “roughly 5 hours”

    Why? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • To PC / Steam users having the lack of SSE 4.1 support issue such as with AMD CPU’s, a 60mb patch is out on Steam in the TPP’s game properties -> beta tab.

      The patch is functionnal according with several users. Good luck.

      • Chico Ribeiro

        Yeah. Just in time for me to arrive at work. I need a diarrhea asap.

  • AeroGre

    Ugh stayed up all night cause i was so excited about picking up my copy today lol

  • Dr. Blowfish

    Lets hope we weren’t played like damn fiddles.

  • JBloggs


    • I don’t care that much about playing TPP on PS4 because I prefer Keyboard + Mouse but… This PS4 is magnificent. Jealousy level over 9000!

      • JBloggs

        It’s also a slightly redesigned console- uses less energy (8-10%), quieter and they have scrapped the touch sensitive controls on the front. When I read they were “mechanical” I was a little worried they may require a lot of force to turn on and off, but they work fine with very little pressure required. Pity they didn’t include a 1TB drive tho. Still, over the moon to get one of these.
        (In case anyone asks, the analog sticks are not white, they are black- I just popped on some GelTabz silicon grips).

        • The additional contrast with the dark colors added by the silicon grips makes the pad actually much more beautiful. The cheapest (and only) set I’ve found here is for 480 USD, the regular PS4 is 360 USD, so the difference is gigantic but I guess if I were buying PS4 I’d try very hard to buy the limited edition :).

    • badass ps4

    • David

      I feel they could of done more design wise but its pretty awesome

  • RagingWolf2124

    Finally! The Day Big Boss Get’s his Revenge! Let The Legend Come Back To Life!

  • Nekkedsnake

    I still have to pick up my copy during lunchtime at work Arggghhh!

  • FOX

    İ wont be able play it till october.Hopefully there will be a spoiler alert on MGI

    • Gatsu

      Not sure can we keep it clear of spoilers for that long. Unless we get some official place to discus them, maybe forums I dunno. 😉

      • FOX

        Fuck this i cant wait. İts either i wait till october or i quit my job. lol

      • Chem

        that would be nice

  • Gatsu

    PC port is fantastic ^^, at least I haven’t encountered any problems.
    Although can’t use online features yet, like ranking etc because of some maintenance.

    • I looked at some negative reviews….I hope I won’t have any problems

  • My god the download is slow going. “A wise-man denied his internet connection”

  • Never feel sorry to write a lot. Communication is always a sign of good mental health.
    Good luck with your shipment !

  • Ralexion

    It has been a long trip.

  • SholidOnline

    Kojima Productions is in the game!!! So at least that wasn’t taken out! The game is beautiful so far!

    • Box-art design and game programming are slightly different disciplines, it seems… 😀

  • Remember when the timer said 70 days?

    • xD, yeah I felt miserable ! Now I am flying sooooo high !!!

    • Hayters Gonna Hayte

      I remember when it said nearly 200 days… Time flies fortunately 😀

      • ddmaster

        I can remember one time back when we still used the weekly countdown and someone used a rendering of BB from GZ to make an animated gif of him shaking a pc monitor because he hated the wait. If somebody has that plz post it again I’d love to see it for the lols.

    • ddmaster

      Yeppers, I also remember someone joking back then when the timer somehow said zero lol. Everything is back to zero now.

    • muaddib

      What’s the fate of the timer? It’ll be replaced by something else, will be there forever, or will be just taken out, with a blank space?

      • Maybe we can replace it with a MGO countdown?

        • muaddib


    • Chem

      i don’t want to fell that pain again, i just want to enjoy every second of TPP. BTW thanks Nyxus for making the wait less traumatic

  • 😀 Check this one !

  • Alex

    V has come to! my comrades. Thank you everybody and Kojima for sharing all the moments and emotions. Tha “V” day has come and with this another bunch of emotions, I hope and I really sure this game will change my life as the others have done.

  • ddmaster

    Today is shaping up to be fantastic: Mad Max Fury Road comes out, MGSV CE and CE guide are together and on their way to my house, and hurray my copy of the A Hideo Kojima book finally arrived at my doorstep!

    • JBloggs

      ….and ordered! Sweet- thanks for sharing 🙂

  • ddmaster

    HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE MADE IT BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    School has ended, I’m on the way to my house – feels like I’m driving across the planet.

    • muaddib

      I toke one week + 1 holiday without school, but i still have work in the afternoon. Guess it’s better than nothing

  • FooXz

    I hope my day 1 edition arrives today… or else, ill go full retard on the seller… nrhtewnhjfauiwdfjwaei0fg-rigfweojfi0weqfg0jqwgij CANTTTT WAITTTTTTT AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! dang it.

    PD: Someone please post that pic in wich bigboss appears screaming and the tittle says: Metal gear solid v the fucking wait! Can´t find it!

  • muaddib

    Damn, i should be playing TPP right now
    But no, the PS3 and PS4 version were delayed till tomorrow, while both Xbox versions are already here

  • Boldizar

    Getting it on release day does not count when UPS is going to deliver “by 8pm”. Fuck this.

  • Chem

    impressed me that this post only have 111 post, but i know everyone is busy with TPP. i miss you comrads!

  • N-Shifter

    I’d been counting down via status updates daily at my usual forum and one of the guys made this today 🙂

  • RevolverRoden

    I can’t believe I’m actually playing MGSV. This game is insane.

  • Cartmangus

    Been playing pretty much all day. The open world infiltration is something I’m loving so far. Man, the game is tough and punishing and rewards patience, and when things just come together it truly feels incredible. Playing at nighttime, sneaking around with tons of enemies around, then a sandstorm hits and you get really close to the enemy as you try to progress forward as fast as possible when they have low visibility, but then you have low visibility too so you’re just scrambling your way forward trying to make fast progress but you’re just as blind as the enemy. These systems working together is really creating for some great fucking gameplay moments, I can’t wait to explore more bases on the maps. Been so cool infiltrating them so far, and I’m only I think 7 missions into the story. The Honey Bee mission without spoiling anything at all, was just a pleasure to play, such a long sneaky journey to get there and then you reach this big intimidating open space with the entrance and when you get in there are a lot of little paths to walk around in and little rooms to explore. And man there seem to be so many bonus steps to each missions, that with all the ways to approach them seems like it’ll make for some great replay value.

    The introduction was amazing. I played that shit as such a loud volume, it was intense. I don’t have a lot of story impressions so far since im only like 7 missions in, other than after reading all the impressions of how little story there is, there’s been more than I expected. It’s very mysterious and loose so far, looking forward to learning more.

    I hate the mission opening credits since they seem to spoil who will appear in the mission right there at the start, doesn’t really seem like something you’d wanna know, you’d just wanna come across that organically through the story, rather than finding out via a text at the start.

  • Rob Machado

    Got my CE! but no dlc codes lol thanx konami

  • JBloggs


  • Some are fake-spoiling the game, saying they had not enough cut scenes (3 out of 25%). I am at 15% and had at least 10 great ones. Ok, they are short, but the next time (if any), I hope some crappy ready to shoot reviewers or 2nd hand gamers won’t criticized Kojima cut-scenes like that, so that others do not have MF bullets to shoot at him… Do not let earth fuck up the idea Kojima has for his games.

  • Nacrois

    Finally we got here alive :’) it was an honor to share with all MGS fans in this site all of these years! seriously it was a nice experience that I don’t think we’re going to live again with this game.

    Thank you MGI for the amazing job you’ve done!

    Now go… let’s enjoy this EPIC and LEGENDARY game :’D

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