MGSV developers taking temporary measures to combat connection issues

A few temporary measures have been announced through the official Metal Gear Twitter account, meant to combat the connection issues people are having.

We’re seeing connection issues and are taking temporary measures:

1. Number of FOB missions displayed decreased.
2. Win/Loss, Points, Support and Heroism info on the FOB MISSION list has been disabled.
3. Number of missions listed in online COMBAT DEPLOYMENT menu has been decreased.

We apologize for this and will update further.

Hopefully this will help fix the problems people are having.


Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter

  • Paul Arpit

    Why am i still here, just to watch people play TPP while others play?

  • vic boss

    Is the video that Kojima and Geoff Keighley and other people were doing available yet?

  • Andy Price

    Is anyone else having issues with their DLC?
    I downloaded it and was notified it has loaded when I first booted up.
    Then i took a break and the servers crashed.
    Now it doesn’t recognize I have any dlc. :/

    It’s listed as being installed in my library.
    Is it only accessible whilst connected to Konami servers? That seems odd….

    I’d delete and reinstall, but there seems to be no way on PS4 to remove the add-on without deleting the whole game and my save file along with it.

  • NameUndecided

    I’m on PS4 and after playing the prologue, I seem to be stuck on this screen without a way to exit it (outside of pressing the PS home button)

    “Installing game data…
    Do not turn off the system.
    203 seconds”

    HA! It’s been about an hour. The number of seconds hasn’t changed. I’m not feeling too impatient yet. I’m fine to take this break after the prologue. But I’m guessing this is part of the “server issues” that are being talked about?

    • NameUndecided

      Just in case anyone reads this and has the same problem, I found the solution here:

      The important part:

      “Installed the game, played for a bit. After a certain cutscene I had a black screen with the message “Installing game data, xxx seconds” and the seconds timer wasn’t moving.

      Closed the game, opened again and had the same issue.

      Uploaded my sava data to the cloud(just in case), deleted game data from PS4, restarted PS4, installed game again, the message appeared again but the timer was moving and then it worked.

      If it happens to anyone don’t panic it’s probably nothing!

      EDIT: looks like many people are having this issue, someone needed to delete the save data too and re-download it from the cloud.”


      So, yeah. I uninstalled the game from my PS4, restarted it, and installed it [and downloaded the update patch…] again. Now the “installing game data” timer is moving for me!

      I also backed up my save file to a USB drive, but it didn’t seem to be necessary in my case. Still probably best to backup your TPP save data first, to be safe.

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