Watch Donna Burke perform Metal Gear Solid songs on these Vocal Tracks live recording videos

Donna Burke has published some of the Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks on her Youtube channel. These songs can be found on a soundtrack CD released alongside Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in Japan.

Those living outside Japan can order the CD from CD Japan, for around €22 excluding shipping: Purchase from CD Japan (Affiliate Link)

For more info on this CD, as well as the other MGSV Soundtrack CD, go here.


Source: Donna Burke Youtube

  • Gatsu

    Great videos :)! Love these songs although it’s a bit weird to hear The best is yet to come in English.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Very weird!

  • Victor Medeiros Coelho

    Man, Donna Burke kicks some serious ass…. just look at her singing Sins of the father, such emotion and interpretation is no joke! Love that girl!

  • John Rhogan

    Cannot wait to hear the official of Sins of the Father. Love the version posted. Been waiting to hear this in full for 2 years.

  • Gawd

    Just got my collector’s edition… wasn’t it suppose to come with a disc with all the trailers??? please tell me its on the cd in the steel case … having all the trailers was my biggest interest

    • Not sure how many, but there are trailers on the disc.

      • Gawd

        Loaded up the disc and checked categories for interviews, trailers, and the special video … There were 4 trailers i think … Is that all the trailers?

        • Gawd

          Either way as long as there are the main trailers especially that E3 2015 trailer …with the New Order’s Elegia… I’m back to being exuberant!!!! oh… Elegia

        • No, there are more than 4. By Kojima: VGA reveal trailer, 3 E3 trailers and a launch trailer. So they must have made a selection.

          • Gawd

            Your edition is definitely different from mine Nyxus. I had no yellow band on the outside and my steel-case comes with only one slot … that’s why I thought my version was missing a disc with trailers

          • Yes, the US version is slightly different from the PAL version. Apparently, the DD logo isn’t a magnet either in the US version.

  • vic boss

    Look what just came in . So happy right now one guide is mine and the other is my brothers , but sadly this collectors is his and he lives in Mexico so I can’t open it. Mine arrives tomorrow but still so happy.

    • vic boss

      So should I open the guide or no? I’ve just seen the intro so idk , what do you guys say?

      • Mauricio Acosta

        Nah leave it for when you rescue miller and free roaming opens up. By the way….CONGRATS DUDE ENJOY!!!

      • RocketoPunch

        I´d open it and read the first page^^. it´s great.

  • Gawd

    For all those who can’t play I feel your (phantom) pain you … I haven’t beat peace walker yet so I’m mentally barring myself..

  • Alexandre Saccol


  • RocketoPunch

    Okay, im crying. Just found out you can buy both Soundtracks on ITunes (not applemusic). I paid 80USD for the Import lol.
    But I think those beautiful CD-Cases are worth the money. I live in Germany but i guess it must also be available in other countries..

    • Mauricio Acosta

      Where?! Trying to find it and can’t!! By the way, I would rather spend $80 for the physical disks and cover so don’t feel bad.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Also, the CD’s are lossless, itunes isn’t 🙂


    ….. Elapsed Time played: 8 hrs 16min
    ……Game completion: 3%
    (Holds intercom) “Umm Barbara, go ahead and cancel my 4-o-clock (lets go of intercom) …………(redial intercom) “annnnd the rest of my life after that”

    • Y Jebai

      I’m 20 hours in and got like 15% done. This is one big as hell game! So amazing!!!

  • thetrooper1989

    Can someone help me with my Motherbase.
    Slight Spoiler Tag but not really a spoiler but I just want to play it safe*

    How the fuck do I keep my soldiers from dying. I’m doing everything right and they keep going to the sick baby because they keep on fighting, even though I’ve gotten rid of “Troublemaker” soldiers who want to fight everyone. I love the game so far so much, probably my favorite game at the moment but I’m so frustrated from having my men die so easily and thus can’t level up.

    • Danny Patten

      None of my soldiers has died so far and I have 4 troublemakers.
      I don’t know what you do but I just go back to MB like every Mission or two, just to shower and throw some body’s around.

  • Alex Lopez Manriquez

    my colector´s supose to arrive tomorrow too and the music CD´s next week

    • Danny Patten

      Man I’ve played like 13 hours by now and am only 9% into the game 😀
      DD isn’t even grown up yet. And I’m not past mission 7. Took me forever to do mission 6 because I interrogated everyone (3hours alone mission 6) xD

      • stocchinet .

        haha great! bevare the skulls, they are spooky!

        • Danny Patten

          I pissed my pants. I’m that type of guy who can’t play horror games and the skulls joined that pretty good 😀 Used the honeybee to get the heck out of there!

          • stocchinet .

            Yeah, before miller says “don’t use the honeybee we need it with all the ammo” and after “Ok screw that shoot those creeps with it”, lol

  • H’m

    Hey guys, well its finally here, no spoilers ot anything but i was just wondering if soon someone could do a MB tutorial for staffing etc, as i never played PW… an il be honest im a lil lost on wtfudge im doing, its constantly says i have eg 4 staff an il place them i think..? but there still there or something, really no clue lol.. so maybe soon someone can give me abit of a noobs walkthrough, cheers 🙂


      Hey, don’t want to sound rude but please can you help clear up what you mean when you say “its constantly says i have eg 4 staff an il place them i think..?” – I’m not sure what that means.

      • H’m

        not being rude at all bud, ok so say iv just fultoned 2 guys, an after i get confirmation there back i go into staff management, it will have a lil glowing dot next to them ( i assume that means new staff ) i put them someplace RnD etc.. hop on but it still has the glowing dot, also i noticed i have 27 guys locked..

        manual has no info on any of this and yeah im struggling

        ps.. this is just one example of me having no clue 🙂

        • JJBYACH

          When you say locked do you mean that you can’t move them to other units and stuff? If so maybe your motherbase is full and you need to expand a division to accommodate more staff.

          • H’m

            its ok bud… obviously im finding it hard to explain but i appreciate you trying
            one thing iv like over the years in mgs games is hideo didnt leave anything out when it came to tutorials etc, but i gotta say with mgs 5,
            mothetbase wise and quite a few other game related Qs i need answered im quite disappointed that kojima left it like this.. very frustrating really what il do is take a few pics ( in the next few days ) nothing spoiler-ish, mostly menus etc, and post them with a few Qs maybe yourself and others could answer

  • Danny Patten

    Does anyone know whats up with their Servers?

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    i found out the vocal tracks and the complete soundtrack to mgs5 is all on itunes.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Gohhhhhhh Donna Burke is lame; Good voice but so melodramatic and phoney.

  • MaxiPower

    butchered them all

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