Limited Edition MGSV Diamond Dogs controllers by Custom Controllers UK

Custom Controllers UK teamed up with Konami to create limited edition Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain controllers.


The controller features a camouflage pattern and Diamond Dogs logo, and as said before are licensed by Konami, making them official merchandise.

Custom-Controller-MGSV-Diamond-Dogs-PlayStation-4 Custom-Controller-MGSV-Diamond-Dogs-Xbox-One

There is a PlayStation 4 version, costing £89.99, and an Xbox One version costing £79.99. There are limited quantities available.


Source: Custom Controllers UK

  • Jonatas Praxedes

    Meh, I’ll pass. The silver one that comes in the CE is sooo much better looking!

    • It would be nice if they would sell that one separately.

      • Danny Patten


    • Snake

      Yes, it’s pretty cool. I know ’cause I have one.

  • Mauricio Acosta

    Got it today! Now, for my CE edition tomorrow!

    • vic boss

      Did you already put in the code for the dlc in your ps4 the one from the CE? I want to do it but yesterday I did it with the code from ground zeroes, from Konami core and it didn’t download anything so I don’t want to risk it.

      • Mauricio Acosta

        Yes I redeemed the code from the CE as well as the Konami code and both worked fine. I know the Konami code was having problems but it should be fixed now.

        • vic boss

          Shit I just put in the other code the one from the collectors and it didn’t download anything either, did your codes download something to your ps4? I’m a little worried right now, or is it something that like just unlocks the content in the game so it doesn’t have to be downloaded ?

          • You should be able to see the items in your purchase history. If everything went right, the game will tell you the items are unlocked when you start it and log into the server. And when you load your file the iDroid will show them as well.

          • vic boss

            Oh okay Nyxus thanks for replying so fast, yes I see them in my purchase history in psn on chrome. Okay so now is just literally just wait for the game.

    • Danny Patten

      The map that comes with it is GLORIOUS! Don’t look at it tho. not until you have a decent amount of playtime done. The legend is very extensive and will make you from a sneaker to a gatherer 😛

      • Mauricio Acosta

        Gahhh excitement over 9000!! Thanks for the tip!! Planing missions on this baby will be glorious!

        • Chriss Kama

          I’m off to shago kallail right now!!!

    • JBloggs

      There is also Limited Edition of this hardcover Collectors Guide available- comes in a white cover with 3 lithographs instead of the 1. I should have it in a few days I’ll post pics.

  • Snake

    guys my metal gear solid v ground zeroes dlc code dont work whay???



  • Charles Han

    $169 USD – yeesh no thanks.

    They look nice though. I’d never use it.

  • JohnnyAB

    The pad is more expensive than the Game.. what is up with them prices lol

  • JBloggs

    With GelTabz silicon grips attached.

  • JBloggs

    The Custom Controller Limited Edition is nice but I think the official Sony Urban Camo one looks pretty cool too- slap a Diamong Dogs decal on there and save yourself $100+ !!!

  • saAS AS

    does this controller have special packaging?

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