New MGSV merchandise – caps, hoodies, shirts, beanies

UK store Merchandise Monkey has added several Metal Gear Solid V goodies to their website, set for release on November 20th. They are official Metal Gear Solid merchandise. The items that are new are:

Metal Gear Solid V Desert Camo Military Cap


This premium military cap shows the Diamond Dogs logo from the Metal Gear Series by Konami. The cap is one size fits all.



Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dogs Beanie


Stylish beanie inspired by the latest game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise “Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain”
This grey large Folded Beanie features the Diamond Dogs logo and is made from 100% Cotton, one size fits all.



Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dogs Black Zip Up Hoodie


This Premium hoodie shows the Diamond Dogs Logo of the highly popular Metal Gear Solid series. It is very soft, warm and comfortable.



Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dogs Keychain


This stylish keychain shows the logo of the private military company Diamond Dogs.



Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dogs Khaki T-Shirt


This stylish T-Shirt shows the logo of the private military company Diamond Dogs in khaki.
High quality, 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after multiple washes. All artworks are original designs and printed using a highly-durable silk-screen procedure.



Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dogs Snapback


This premium military cap shows the Diamond Dogs logo from the Metal Gear Series by Konami. The cap is one size fits all.



Additionally, from webstore Gamer Heaven (releasing in October):



A premium quality t-shirt, with the box cover design on the front.


Source: Merchandise Monkey, Gamer Heaven

  • Raven_Sorrow

    The military cap in dark colors would be awesome

    • MichaelPayneV


    • Steven Michael Brown

      Exactly what I was thinking! I would buy that

  • J_muse72

    So, how do you guys like TPP so far?

    • MichaelPayneV

      I love it, all tough it made a first bad impression for me, since I was drunk when I started playing it, I already regret that!

    • Raven_Sorrow

      I want to make babies with it

    • JablokoMoloko86

      In my top 10 games of all times 🙂

      Why this game is so good ? Because it makes you think about life in a differant way.
      Someone said that story is not metal gear style. Story of mgsv is about value of life. About forgiving , changing , vengence , hate , and… This is not only skull face or metal gear. I see what kojima is trying to say. And it;s exites me because I want more and more. Someon said the ending is not satisfying ? So they played ( rushed the game ) just to see ending ? Did they know what happened with paz ? chico ? galvez ? Did they know what happened after the GZ and hospital scene ? Did they not feel sad watching those scenes ? MGSV is one emotional sphere of emotions. It is not another retro-sci fi action game. Sometimes I am scared when I am looking at some scenes. They are so powerful. They show mgsv from differant perspective. More brutal/tabu style and this sad feelings and emotions when you think what could happened to big boss or people that had their dreams. MGSV will give you a differant look on a big boss character. Not as a hero but as a empty shell destroyed but unfulfiled dreams or desires. Big boss is destroyed for me. He is sad , he;s not talking much. That is the way Hideo want to show him. And oh man.. I pitty this man : (

      10/10 from me. And game of the year. I played , not finished ( 40 % completion ) and I want more and more. A lot to do , great gameplay music graphic ( fox engine is so nice ). D-dog won the internet. Best sidekick ever ! Smart and cute : )

      • JablokoMoloko86

        Ok time to play : ) So much to do.

      • I am only 20% with 30 hours in, but I am taking the game slowly (except rushing for my first FOB right now).

    • kuaikukia

      I’m like it so far. Although the control needed sometime to get used to. But Thanks to free roam. The thing I like the most is this game can give player for thinking their own creative way to play. So many things can do when you approach a mission or free roam. Playing your fav costume music while doing target practice on MB also very satisfying

    • Gatsu

      I love it.

    • Daburcor

      I am 18% through and have played for fifty one hours and some change. It’s fucking amazing so far! I want to high-five every single person at Kojima Productions!

    • Ishmael


    • Robin Besch

      i have to be honest ishmael and the hospital sequence was so fucking awesome that the rest is kind of a let down story wise… unpopular opinion here i guess

    • Greyfox98

      Love it, man this game is everything I wanted and more, I’ve put about 12 or so hours into it and only have a 6% completion rate

    • Ardens Anima

      Spent My entire day playing it today.
      When I stopped…I felt empty. XD

  • Sting’s Dad

    FFS can we PLEASE have some Outer Heaven merch?!!

    • MichaelPayneV

      Same here!

    • glitchbomb

      It exits. Not official though. I got my watch from eBay super cheap and my shirt from redbubble.

  • MichaelPayneV

    PS: Don’t know if I ever said this, but I have a Social Club Crew for GTA Online called Diamond Dogs V.

    In case some of you are GTA Online players as well, feel free to join.

    I really hope this isn’t considered spam.

  • The Diamond Dog Snapback is off the chain baybay!

    • grapes9h5

      I NEED IT!!!

    • Robin Besch

      at first i thought thats no official merch cuz nof the rpicing xD

    • glitchbomb

      Exactly! I’m not too onto the DD logo myself as of yet, but the prices aren’t too bad.

  • PrinceHeir

    Uh oh.

    Spoilers of course, but damn if Konami is responsible for this.

    • Gatsu

      I know Prince… I don’t usually watch spoilers, but did some of it yesterday and the bonus Phantom Episode was fucking magnificent part :(.

      I can’t believe if Konami did this… I haven’t opened my CE yet, but wanna check it out after beat the game :D. This look like the stuff that was meant to happen but Konami didn’t give time.

      On Topic, merch looking pretty good.

      • glitchbomb

        I have not seen it ywt, but the disc does say something about not watching a certain part until you beat the game. ITS Printed On the front. Unfortunately I am one of the people who got a u.s collectors edition that had ZERO dlc in it. 🙁

        Bad choice of words. It had no dlc in it. Haha

  • Maynard

    Just bcause It was retweeted by Hideo Kojima and Konami pulled the art down from the internet.

  • Danny Patten

    In case I missed that: Can we replay the missions at a higher difficulty? I’ve seen “subsistence” and “Extreme” so far but those were locked to a specific mission.

    And sweet Merch. Think I’ll actually buy some of this stuff. The prices aren’t beyond this time xD

    • Robin Besch

      i think about ordering the snapback

  • Vonkronberg

    I´m only 12 hours to finally start to play TPP. I can´t fucking believe! The day will gonna take forever to pass!

  • Danny Patten

    How to easily spent 2 hours at MB? Higher the moral of every Soldier on 19 Platforms 😀

  • Robin Besch

    Q: if server has maintenance all day this means i dont get my daily bonus ?

    • Danny Patten

      evidently, yes…I don’t know what #FucKonami is pulling. I only will cut them some slack if they announce their sale figures for the game. If it is past 10 million, then yes, the servers are allowed to be perma maintained xD

      • Robin Besch

        pls dont let them kill MGO with their bullshit

    • Tong Ninja

      I think everyone wants those free MB coins …. but Konami was like “nope, please go buy them off us” and then they disconnect servers …. haha

    • John Doe

      didn’t get my bonus yesterday (ps4)

      • Robin Besch

        me neither

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    I really like the black DD hat and the green shirt. Hopefully it will be around for a while….TPP is hands down the best game ever. I like the fact I’ve put pretty much 2 straight days into it and I’m at a whopping 12 percent. Most games nowadays if I put that time into them I would already have a platinum or close to it.

  • Gatsu

    Oh maan TPP have like the best PC port I’ve ever played, just perfect :). No problems at all in 3 days. <3

  • solideater

    Did anyone ended the game yet??.

  • Jeoul

    I think i’ll get the snapback cap, looks good in gold & black

    • Did you ever get the hat?

      • Jeoul

        It was my bad, i got excited and didnt even read the full description. Its a pre-order atm. The products actually releases in November

        • Good to know. I need to speak with my freaks in the U.K. and get one. I missed that detail too haha

  • TracedInAir

    Can someone please tell me where I can order the Puma Metal Gear merchandise like the shirts, boots and the jackets and have them shipped to the USA? Thank you.


    I appreciate the effort for all the merchandise. But, my god, like everything is just so ugly. WOW is it ever ugly. These aren’t as hideous as the PUMA line (sans the jacket with the red sleeve) but MY GOD who designed these uninspired, generic, visual messes? A series like Metal Gear should inspire so much more than “something with camo”, “something with logo”.

  • Kostas Gran Dorado

    I’d love a beanie and a keachain!

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