Some more MGSV: The Phantom Pain tips from Kojima

Two days ago Kojima gave his Twitter followers some advice on what he feels is the best way to play through MGSV: The Phantom Pain. Today, he is back with some more tips and background information on the game.

We’ve been taking various lectures, trainings w/ the support from military advisors, military & police related people for this18 yrs. I kept asking in every briefing “is there a way to complete missions?” and the answer was “there’s no correct way, we just adapt ourselves in various  conditions”. Free infiltration, it was.


How you guys like making emblems?

My tip for making emblem: use animal motif with silly layout & coloring as much as possible makes it look real & cool. (Don’t know why but)


I wasn’t really SHIELD LOVER person but the reflection of the sun (it could be 7-color) was beautiful while carrying the shield on my back. It also tells you the location of the sun, resulting us making gold&silver shield.

Btw the shield covers your back and by riding D-Walker with it makes you invincible.

Those of you who’s having difficulty you can use CHICKEN CAP to complete mission and even CHICK CAP if CHICKEN CAP doesn’t work for you!


Cutscenes in MGSV TPP are all in realtime, not pre-rendered, meaning all the costumes, damage, equipments, time, weather will be reflected.

Watch out if wearing Chicken/Chick Cap as you will be forced to watch the important cutscenes with that.

The cockscomb of CHICKEN CAP lights on during the night so that the player can see where u are. U don’t get spotted by enemy, no worries.

Are you all playing MGSV? Which buddy you like to accompany with? You can enjoy variations of game play by using different buddy in the mission.


Try find the tape of my soul band, JOY DIVISION’s Love Will Tears Us Apart in MGSVTPP.

U can equip speakers on ur chopper to listen to ur selected tracks when it’s picking u up. My fav one is ONLY TIME WILL TELL by ASIA, makes me cry by Wetton’s vocal when my chopper picking me up on the field.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • sweet!

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Why did he point out the love will tear us apart song? Was it hard to find or something?

    • Probably just because it’s a song from his favorite band.

      • Bartolomeo OP Snake Eater

        My fav band too.

        This game is getting 10/10 from me too. Even tho haven’t finished I’m savoring each play moment!! I think it will be GOTY

        Yes MB can be annoying if you die after doing stuff, yes I want FOB so damn bad but I’m enjoying slowly waiting for that mission to open up. It’s super fun so far to me.

        • Janeo

          I am really looking forward to trying out FOB but it’s not unlocked for me yet and I’m not sure when it will. I’m just taking this game really slowly, I just finished mission 15 last night and I have been playing for about 32 hours, whenever I complete a mission I will then go and do several side ops and I love just chucking a song on in the ACC and taking care of things like dispatch missions and staff management, I’m really taking my time with this game and I love every second of it. A lot of people don’t seem to like the story but I’m enjoying it so far, the cutscenes are pretty short but the cassette tapes make up for that and I’m just enjoying the mystery of the story while I take a very long time to get my revenge.

  • Ravenous

    Hmm, never thought of using D-Walker with a shield, but I did notice the awsome reflections on them 🙂

    • stocchinet .

      I’m going to try it today, last time i used D walker i ended up drifting like a mad in savana for hours, i love the animations

  • Adamska

    It doesn’t matter how many times I repeat a mission, I will never use the chicken hat. It’s too humiliating.

    • solideater

      Me too.. Just looking at the chicken hat motivates me to try the level again and again

    • korruption

      Hellbound was the mission that broke me into using it. Ruined an otherwise intimidating cutscene near the end.

      • Adamska

        I don’t know but the missions in which you gain a trophy for complete them are the most difficult.

      • ThreeMadFrogs

        It was mission 45 for me. I broke so badly, I got an E rank because I had to use the Lil’ Chicken hat. I felt so ashamed. I should have just aborted the mission because I had all the wrong gear. But I chose the low road. The chicken road. But it got me to the end of the game, so I’ll accept my failure for now. And come back to S rank it later!

        In hindsight, I’m not sure I wanted to see the true ending. I still don’t know what to think about the revelation. It floored me.

        • korruption

          I was ok with it, but it just added more questions. Still cool to see people’s interpretations and how they identified with it.

      • Leguywhodrownedquiet


  • Javier

    Where is that thing never done in a game? Where is camp omega?

    • solideater

      It was cut from the game…

      • Javier

        I hope they add things later.

      • korruption

        But that’s been done before! =O

  • solideater

    Who thinks this game is GOTY??. To me it is currently loosing to Witcher 3.

    • Venom_Sina

      Exactly,that’s what I’m thinking.

      • Venom_Sina

        And I think GOTY will be FALLOUT 4.

    • Tong Ninja

      I’m no where near finished the game but when I heard that content was cut from the final game, left a bitter taste in my mouth haha.

      Also I’m hearing a lot of people here and on other sites/forums saying the story is not good at all … I know I need to finish the game to judge for myself but you guys are making me feel worried! haha

      • Venom_Sina

        Yes,there are a lot of guys that think the story isn’t good (including me).I even think this game has no story at all!!! But don’t listen to me,man!!!
        Keep on playing the game,don’t listen to anyone,and experience the game with your perspective,and then share your thoughts with us.

    • Dummyproof

      Leave now!

    • Doktor_C_H_A_O_S

      To me, The witcher got mad repetitive story/worldwise. The gameplay too for that matter… Actually, i haven’t even finished it Lol. And the story was quite generic and boring when i think about it.

      This game on the other hand? I just finished Hellbound, so i dont know how the story wraps up, but it already has way more depth it seems to me. I also know for a fact already, that i can’t wait to play through missions i completed earlier, so i can S-rank everything and get all mission objectives locked down 🙂 replayability, is something i never felt with The Witcher.

      • D-Dog

        I just finished Chapter 1, doesanyone know how many chapters it has??

    • korruption

      Actually… no. I’m very burned out by this game and find the difficulty to be unbearable. Mission 22 was the ultimate middle finger and I lost a lot of men. I never was good at any MGS game I played, but this one just wants me to fuck off. The anticipation was one thing, but actually playing it is something else entirely. Not saying I don’t like MGS games anymore, but I’m just not able to reach what this game demands – at least not now. =(

      I hated The Witcher 3. I am intrigued by Fallout 4 though.

      • Michael Blackburn

        I’m on Mission 42. My setup is Quiet, Supp Pistol, Supp Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, C4, Golden Hand, Jeep. I’ve used the basic starting weapons and accessories and have made it that far, shouldn’t be too hard for you if you’ve made it that far. You have to plan and have a back-up plan for the back-up plan. You are given the tools for recon and everything else in the field without Mother Bases help. I’ve died MANY times and adapted each time until I had it perfect. Kojima delivered on all fronts if you’re up to the challenge. Imagine facing the giant Metal Gear on Extreme! I have that coming up and I know it’s going to be a chore!

        • korruption

          I’m just tossing salt. Mission 22 hit me hard (especially the first time when Miller pulls you out of mission 21, only to fail it and find out I couldn’t replay it immediately) and I felt I had to bitch a little. I do still think the game goes way too far sometimes with its difficulty.

    • Comadreja

      I don’t know which of the two is game of the year, but both of them make 2015 year of the games.

  • Ralexion

    My preffered playstyle is chicken without a head running in circles when they spot me.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    This game will be GOTY for sure. I really like fallout but it will fall short. I’m not even that hyped on fallout 4. I’m more hyped for Mario maker.

  • PhantomSnake

    That boss battle in the airport in Africa was a bitch.

  • John Saladin

    My fav buddy and the only buddy i used was quiet …… Fuck you kojima FUCK YOU

  • John Saladin

    The games story got ruined when the main story writer left after mgs3 it was thanks to him that mgs was awesome …. But kojima gets the hype from you guys

  • John Saladin

    He fucked us old fans so only xbox players can enjoy a new standalone story

    • Gatsu

      You can’t speak on the behalf of every MGS fan out there… Everyone likes different stories and that’s why we all got our own favorite MGS games.

  • Alex Lopez Manriquez

    in 3 times the game asks me for the chicken hat and NO!!!,since I unlock the weapon customization now my tranq sniper rifle has a supresor and developing guilty butterfly for quiet ,take outposts is a day in the park

  • Ocrafter

    Check out my definitive guide to mgs5 cqc here guys !!

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