Warning: do not use Quiet as a buddy for mission 29 and 42 [fixed]

Update: The issue has been fixed.

Orinal story:

Konami has issued a (temporary) solution for a certain glitch some players are experiencing in MGSV: The Phantom Pain. This glitch prevents the player from progressing past Mission 42 or 29. It happens when Quiet has been selected as a buddy, so the temporary solution is to simply not use her for Mission 29 or 42, for the time being.

The official announcement is as follows:


Update: More information regarding the glitch has been added.


In addition, the official Metal Gear Twitter posted the following:

An issue has been reported where the game will persist in a continuous loop on a black screen; the team is looking into cause & resolution. Until updated; please avoid playing missions 29 & 42 while using Quiet as your buddy, as this seems tied to the cause of the issue.

So until an official resolution has been made available, you have been warned!

Source: MGSV Official Site, Metal Gear Twitter


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