Mega House D-SPEC Metal Gear REX model releases January 2016

On Twitter, Kojima shared some new pictures of the D-SPEC Metal Gear REX by Mega House. A Liquid Snake and a Solid Snake figure are included, and the release date is January of next year, for a price of ¥9000 (about 75 USD or €66).

Mega-House-REX-D-SPEC-Kojima-2 Mega-House-REX-D-SPEC-Kojima-1

“Mega House’s REX, D-SPEC series. It comes with Solid & Liquid. This one is final color prototype. Available 2016/1.”

Also, here are some product pictures from the official Mega House website:


For some more photos and info, go here, or to the official product page.

Buy from Play-Asia (affiliate link): Variable Action D-Spec Metal Gear Solid: Metal Gear REX

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Mega House

  • Danny Patten

    Sweet! Imagine a Lego Line Up for MGS. I’d go broke 😀

    • Ravenous

      That makes two of us 🙂

      • Greyfox98

        It would be a dream come true

  • Aleezy

    Liquid: SNAAAAKE!!!!

    • Brothaaaa!

      • Greyfox98


  • Ravenous

    Never thought I’D say this, but here goes: that MG Rex is soooo cute, I just have to get one of those<3


  • Gatsu

    I’m not a huge collector of these, but have to say that this looks really cool :D. 66€ ain’t too much.

    Btw finally received my TPP OST, which I pre-ordered months ago ooh yeah 🙂 and the box included that cool 80’s style poster made by Pablo Uchida as a bonus ^_^.

    • GrayFoxWasTaken

      As long as quiets theme is in there, I’m going to buy it off itunes

      • Gatsu

        Don’t worry brother, first on the 2nd disc :).

  • The artistry that went into that pistol *cries due to passion of art*

    • Greyfox98

      I know man its awesome!

  • Tong Ninja

    haha love how they put a subtle smirk on Liquid’s face! 🙂

  • GrayFoxWasTaken

    Love… Hurts so bad… but still, it saved my soul

  • Tu Chengz

    After this game, im sure Konami will continue to milking this franchise like COD. Without Kojima of course… So Would you guys still gonna buy it ? Even if it’s turn out great ?
    Just wondering :). For me, if they make it right, i would still get it.

    • Yep, if the games are good why not. I doubt they’ll be the same level of quality without Kojima but we shall see.

    • Steven Michael Brown

      If the gameplay looks good then yes. I would actually be interested to see how the story could go without kojima. My most likely unpopular opinion is that kojima makes great characters not as great plots

    • H’m

      id buy new locations dlc
      but if mgs was to somehow continue on with paper thin story wise like
      ( great gameplay aside ).. im done, thats for sure

      edit, this game screams survival mechanics…. and i wish snake eaters system was evolved into mgs 5

    • AeroGre

      Yea like, even if Kojima wont be there, theres a chance that the people who Konami hire for the job will be familiar with MGS and Kojima, then theres a chance it will be good enough. One chance is all they get from me.

    • works case scenario I see KNOMAI milking this franchise in the same way Gainax did with evangelion… hundreds of useless toys and shitty spin-offs each year… until after 10 years the creator got his creation back…

      Still I feel like kojima himself removed his fox logo in a “alan smith” kind of way…. the game after mission 31 feels rushed, many of the scenes from the trailers are missing, or adapted… there’s literally nothing of the “race” thing kojima talked about… Konami might have rushed the game, there’s no context for the last scene, but at least quiet got her plot complete.. liquid got his as a bluray extra… Is sad that the last game in the main series ended like this… then wait for a series of MPO/MGR quality new games, and each couple of years a fox engine remake… that will miss the point and might end up braking the game ala twin snakes… more music changes… cutscenes changes,… dialog changes… but at least it will look nice

      • AeroGre

        Quiet’s ending was alright, seems a little rushed, I wonder what she goes off to do after though

        • she dies alone… in silence, or puts a sexy bar in the middle east, wonder how that will turn out

  • Mini gear

    why do these take forever to be released?

  • H’m

    MISSION 50

    • grapes9h5

      I hope we get the nonexistent mission this image is from. I don’t think its 51 from what we’ve seen, so maybe yet another ending, Episode 52 maybe.

  • ThreeMadFrogs


  • Nekkedsnake


  • Daburcor

    This is AMAZING.

  • Y Jebai

    The only way this thing could be any better was if there was a tiny Gray Fox for it!

  • Greyfox98

    Why cant they make little chibis of all the metal gears? Am I the only one who would buy that?

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