Here is a whole bunch of Metal Gear Online screenshots

Konami has released a whole bunch of new screenshots for Metal Gear Online.


Source: Konami

  • NightHawk7870

    I can wait to get back I’m the saddle and play some M-G-O! A long wait well worth it 🙂

  • Danny Patten

    Can’t say I’m really seeing something new here tbh. It looks like any other FPS to me.
    The franchise is just more likeable to me because i love MGS but after BF2 and CoD MW2 I really didn’t enjoy any FPS games anymore.

    • FPS (First person shooter) but this isn’t a FPS tho…

      • Javier

        This is MGS

      • Danny Patten

        Well , let’s call it 3rdPS and it just changes the perspective of things^^
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll have a loads of fun playing it. It’s just nothing “new” like they propose it is.

    • Tong Ninja

      But this is a third person shooter …. haha
      Also this online component is optional as well (and free! hopefully ….). 🙂

      I’ve never played any of the online components of MGS myself (MGO1/MGO2 back then), but this looks like a lot of fun for gamers who want to play along or against their friends. 🙂

      • Danny Patten

        Yeah but TPP can only entertain so much.
        I’ve developed everything and I’m just overpowering the levels now.
        I ran in very well equipped enemies. Tanks and Armored Vehicles at the big Outposts but nothing is difficult anymore. I just need a few missions to S rank and fewer to do every side task.
        Sure, it is my fault for binge playing this game for nearly 250h now but it is hard to stay away. I’m pretty OCD when it comes to things I love.
        90% complete and I think by now that I’ve seen it all^^

        Oh well, look at me rambling away. the game is great and it’ll stay great whatever people will find to nit pick bitch about. TPP is the best game on PS4 hands down.

        Anyway, have a lovely day!

        • Tong Ninja

          woah 250 hours!? That’s insane ….
          So far I’m still having fun with TPP! 🙂

    • glitchbomb

      Did you expect the teams to play volley ball???
      It’s a shooter..
      Old mgo sermed to have more stealth elements and was not as frantic as this seems.
      I loved snatching people up and dragging them around in mgo2.
      Anyways, what seems to make this new is they way you play in some if the modes. Stuff like non lethal Fulton =bounty points+ “tickets” tweaks it just enough to keep things fresh and I am sure that’s not the only thing.

  • Ralexion

    Looks good.

  • I’ve played CoD too long. Time for something different

  • kuaikukia

    after seeing the gameplay trailer, I think this MGO is pretty different from every military online game I ever seen. It has cqc, fulton, cool gadget. I’m lol when the scout is attached by puppy doll after seeing it with binocular.

    • Tong Ninja

      aww kawaii! XD

      Didn’t they have the porno magazines to distract the players in the past MGO?

      • kuaikukia

        yea, they did have. but I don’t know if Porn magazine could attract from a far too (don’t have PS3 for MGS4 🙁 ) like this one

  • Gatsu

    Damn this look soooo good 😉 ! Ocelot and little puppy ftw :D.

  • willworkfortoys

    I thought, ‘cool, screen captures.’ Then I looked through them again and realized I missed the stealth camo sneaking up on the guy with the molotov cocktail and thought, ‘awwwwww shit. COOL screen caps!’

    • WhatTheJuicay

      Yea at first I was admiring the guy in focus, then I was wondering why he was glowing orange. Looked at the next screen shot and went back to realize that he’s being targeted by the spectator character.

  • PrinceHeir


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