New Metal Gear Solid V x GILD Design iPhone 6 cases sold at TGS 2015, limited quantities available

Konami and GILD Design have announced two new Metal Gear Solid V themed iPhone cases. One features a Shinkawa artwork of Snake aiming his gun (called Snake-02 ver.), and the other carries the Outer Heaven logo (OUTER HEAVEN ver.).


The cases are being sold during Tokyo Game Show 2015 at the Konami stage, and will be available in limited quantity, with only 200 units available. They are compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, costing 11000 and 12000 yen plus tax respectively.


Source: Gild DesignSenpaigamer, @ROCKRANGER75, @snake140_85

  • Javier

    The chain of merchandising is what truly bound konami together as one.

    • Greyfox98

      I understood that reference

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Have you guys heard the news about Konami stopping production on AAA games altogether with the exception of Pro Evolution Soccer? Once again, they played us like a damn fiddle!!!

      • Javier

        Yes, there is a post about it. And pes 16 is the fucking same as 15.

        • Tom Brearley-Smith

          So it’s Konami’s equivalent to that of EA’s FIFA. Same damn thing over and over again expecting shit to change. That… is the definition of insanity.

        • Tom Brearley-Smith

          If that post is true, this could mean no more Metal Gear, Silent Hill or Castlevania. It will indeed be a dark time for us all… :'(

  • Bożydar Mazur

    I dont own an Iphone but sure as hell would buy he Outer Heaven one 🙁

  • No android love 🙁

    • MK_Madness

      You forgot the Xperia phones?

      • Nicebuns

        Have they sld out?

  • Nicebuns

    Has the sony tablet sold out?

    • Nicebuns


  • glitchbomb
  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    Everytime I see the outer Heaven Logo makes me want to scream and get in to a fight with some random konami employees.

    It has no fuckin meaning literally. Outer heaven my ass.

  • Nicebuns
  • Stanislav Yakimov

    iDroid case much better than that shit

  • Nicebuns
  • Danny Patten

    80-90€? That’s some stiff pricing right there lol

    • Mini gear

      10x the price if related to MGS

    • Full Options

      They may add the mention “Mobile phone sold separately” xD

  • Gatsu

    I decided to buy Galaxy S6 instead of iPhone 6 few months ago, damn 🙁 …

  • lulzprime

    Sweet love of cases. Too bad it has to fit with a faggot phone.

  • Gatsu

    Downloaded this mod called Hardcore mode for TPP, it’s pretty amazing so far. Reminds me of GZ Hard difficulty challenge when doing stealth, because enemies see from far away. I keep getting owned fast even if have my Battle Dress.

    • Bożydar Mazur

      I’d pay for mode allowing me to play missions in Subsistance mode.

      • Gatsu

        I’d like to try download others, although there’s not many. But I’m not super experienced with modding and keep getting confused if have to do it manually lol, this was rather easy to install though.

  • TheManWhoSoldTheWorld

    Hey guys you should check out this stream with commentary.

  • H’m

    prints nice case itself is ugly

  • Janeo

    I don’t think I have finished the main story because I still have missions left and a lot of the story hasn’t been tied up but I just finished mission 46 and I gotta say that I’m extremely disappointed. Not sure if we are allowed to talk about spoilers so I won’t spoil anything but what they did just really pisses me off, I had loved every second of this game so far and I do still love this game and will continue playing it for a long time to come but I’m just so pissed off about what they did. It was on it’s way to being my favourite metal gear story as well but I’m just not sure right now, I do see what they were trying to do but I don’t think any of us wanted it and I don’t really think it was necessary. Guess I just need time to think about it more but I’m not liking it at all right now.

  • MrVux007

    Hello guys,its been a while!Hope everyone is having fun with MGSV and with their general lives! :3
    So i just got 2 days off from work….so might aswell check-out from the “blackout” with a comment!
    Been hearing some awesome news about MGSV aswell as some bad ones! And now I watched AJS review (even tho im not his biggest fan) and YongYea review AND then overall Metacritic score….for a game that has scores 9-s and 10-s overall,sure does get a lot of criticism(even more then buggy Witcher 3)….even Joe gave it a 9/10 for the same reasons(but he stated that the game will probably reach 10/10 once MGO3 launches)….so since i wont be playing the game until late November,can you please tell me without spoilers what exactly is wrong with the game or is it “different point of view” kind of thing?Cuz to some MGSV is the best MGS in the series and to some its the worse… far it seems MGSV,Witcher 3 and Bloodborne are really close GOTY contenders with no clear winners…ofc Fallout 4 is yet to be released

    and please don’t start the whole “real fans” vs “not real fans”: arguments,cuz i will completely ignore those

    • Gatsu

      Welcome back brother :), hope you’ve been well.

      It’s the story mostly or how it’s paced and ending. Many had too big expectations I think of what they wanna see in TPP. I think the story is excellent, but maybe not the best of the series :). Ending was different from what I thought I see, but I liked it.

      Anyway, you shouldn’t let others comments bother you and see for yourself when play. Because everyone likes it differently.

      The game is still 10/10 me :D, even if have some flaws. What game doesnt have. Thx for the review video gonna watch it soon. I have wished fans keep the disappointed comments away for a whle until were all allowed to talk of spoilers, because if just wanna read these news related comments instead, but it’s hard to control it lol.

    • Gatsu

      Good review :).

    • IM2PAC

      That beginning though

    • Tong Ninja

      Yeah 2015 has been an awesome year for gaming! 🙂 Lot of awesome games out there.

      Regarding MGSV, all I can say is play the game yourself (in late November) and form your own opinions/ impressions. 😀
      Try not to be influenced based on what other people say about the game. Look forward to hearing your final verdict on TPP! 🙂


      Point of view thing. This is a different kind of MGS, I can’t compare them justly with the other games as this has a different vision – all I will say is go in with an open mind, instead of wanting the game to conform to your vision and what you expect in an MGS game then proceed to bash it when clearly doesn’t, instead look at Kojima’s vision; what he is trying to say, what that means for the franchise and how it affects your experience and hopefully you will enjoy the game alot more – at least I did.

    • ShadowSnake

      Hi man and welcome back. Like everyone said, the game is awesome 10/10. But my honest opinion why it disapointed, is beca use the story is incomplete. Unfinished. I was hoping for the missing link of all mgs, still leaves room for more, and I say that as a mgs fan.

  • Gatsu

    Do not comment about spoilers yet. Not everyone rush through the game. There is places where you can talk of it, but not on these articles before Nyxus say so

    • IM2PAC

      Btw the guy who posted the man who sold the world is me I’m nicebuns lol

      • Gatsu

        Okey :).

  • IM2PAC

    The moment you realise konami is gonna make more pachinko bullshit like castlevania and mgs

    • IM2PAC

      Mathis was my reaction when I realised the raid and daredevil payed a tribute to oldboys hallway scene. ” oh my god the y copied oldboy!!!!!”

  • XIFF-5

    It turns out the AAA Games & KONAMI thing is not true.
    I hate to see people changed to complete negative talk and statements towards KONAMI Just because they hated it lately for some reasons mostly with KOJIMA & KONAMI, but still It is a good company that delivered many awesome games through many years until today. I am not defending them, but it is fact. Of course some flaws about Mobile games and (NOT CLEAR YET) firing KOJIMA.
    Anyways, If AAA GAMES turns out to be really true, Then this is saddening and I will really hate KONAMI at this point from now on But never forget the past : )

    • IM2PAC

      Yeah I know they are responsible for my whole childhood . Yugi oh bomber man mgs and you could even say castlevania. I was too sacred to play silent hill 2 but what they did with team silent and kjp is unforgivable

    • IM2PAC

      That is the best fan I’ve seen and instead of hating over konami he tried to make things clear

    • Gatsu
      Yeah they did give me lots of amazing games since my childhood :). I still remember opening my Christmas presents like MGS1 and Silent Hill 2 etc. The memories ^^…

      But I hope they leave Metal Gear alone. Give me a Silent Hill and I’ll be happy, because it’s been ages since the last good one.
      That being said, if they would do a remake of MG1 and MG2, not sure could I refuse buying it even if Kojima isn’t involved.

      • IM2PAC

        Haha I wrote sacred to play silent hill 2 instead of scared

        • Gatsu

          Haha, well you can always edit :).

          • IM2PAC

            I do t think I would refuse the remake but I’m never touching pes or FIFA again


      Well, Konami is a publisher, the only games that were good were the ones that had lots of money pumped into them (for good reason of course), so I wouldn’t call them a good company, just because for a few select instances they did the baseline job that any publisher should do, solely for their own interests. That’s like saying EA is a good company because some of the games they pumped money in to in order to make a profit turned out to be good.

      I’ve been on the Konami sucks train for a while now, especially after their utter joke of a press conference at e3 2010, and their attitude towards game development since that time that it shows nothing but disrespect to both gamer who supported their franchises and developers who worked their asses off making them – but I believe some people’s hate for them has sadly turned into a platform to make baseless accusations and blindly defend their biases.

  • IM2PAC

    BTW yong is voice acting in big cake games the mind behind ten cancelled mg remake

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