Metal Gear Online listed on Japanese PlayStation Store, file size revealed

The Japanese version of the PlayStation Store has revealed the file size for the update that gives us access to Metal Gear Online. It is called METAL GEAR ONLINE GAME DATA Ver 1.00, and the update’s total size is 913 MB. In order to download the update the latest MGSV patch needs to be installed as well.


Metal Gear Online will release worldwide this week, on October 6th. In the meantime, check back here at 6 AM PST for crimsonfox’ impressions playing the game at Konami LA.

Source: Japanese PlayStation Store, reddit, via Game Idealist

  • Kol Leqejza


  • JoJo

    The. HYPE. Is. REAL.
    It’s 8:40pm, October 5th, in Australia. October 6th run at me.

  • kirtanloorii

    I’m thinking of renting the PS4 version to try it out. PC has to wait until January.

  • luvs2spluug3

    i hope that while you are playing mgo that the development in the main game continues …probably not tho , i am trying to develop everything but the time is taking forever…got 100% so im running out of time killers, trying to unlock all code names now and even that is only a few more to go.

  • CR7HarisSnake

    I hope the download will not lag, why dont they release the patch before and then on the 6th a mini patch… :/

  • Full Options

    The HYPE “Online-version” ! XD

  • Volf


  • Danny Patten
  • 4energyplaylist .

    If that will be only 5 maps and 3 game modes then Konami can go F* yourself.
    That will be the biggest disappointment of the year. Because will be really hard to believe that company been opened specially for the MGO in Los Angeles just to deliver to us 5 maps on day one.

    • Lewis

      5 maps on start is okay. And I think they only showed 3, but on the selection screen there were 2 modes with “?” on them. So it’s not that bad.

      • 4energyplaylist .

        Seriously? It ok? Not really you will get bored in a week or two.

        • Lewis

          Yes, 5 maps is okay. If you are gonna get bored of them – I pity you. I play the game, not maps, so I’m not gonna get bored.

          • 4energyplaylist .

            You haven’t play a lot of that kind of games. I can tell.

            I’m playing games like that for about 10 year already and believe me – 5 maps is not enough. Sometimes 10 is not enough for the start.

          • Lewis

            >You haven’t play a lot of that kind of games.

            You made me laugh. Go on, be so expert and cool. Just don’t whine here, seeing such “10 year veterans” is really annoying.

          • MK_Madness

            5 maps is not “ok” since you people are always bitching about DLC and how content was cut from the game.

  • Ricardo Oe

    3 longs year ; waiting for this…awesome…

  • Lackooo

    I’ve been downloaded it already on the eu store.

  • J_muse72

    Finally, I get to see you comrades face to face once again on the battlefield. “Always believe in what you are fighting for and fight for it ’till the end!” – J_muse72, 2015

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