Metal Gear Online available now

Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer component for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is now available through a free update on consoles. To be able to access it, players need to have finished the first Cyprus mission in the game, installed the latest patch (654MB), and the 960MB update that adds Metal Gear Online.


Metal Gear Online brings the gameplay of The Phantom Pain to the online multiplayer space, in different modes of team vs team combat across various maps.

  • FOX

    Psn sucks once again

    • grapes9h5

      So frustrated

    • GUN®

      This is Konami’s maintenance not PSN.

      • FOX

        İ cant even download it ?

        • GUN®

          Then it’s because of your timezone. I’m on PSN and downloaded it fine.

  • Sucks having to wait for the pc release though one positive is it should be patched up once it comes around. Luckily I’m only at 40% 100+ hours into TPP so I think I’ll be occupied till January.

  • Aleezy

    Anyone in US have everything downloaded already?

  • Lackooo

    C2W mission rank bug has finally fixed. I got my plat after 25 days waiting for a patch.

    • Full Options

      Congrats !

      • Lackooo


    • Kol Leqejza

      good to hear! any words on the blueprint bug?

  • jack_coban

    Servers still down. Freeroam only. At least in GER

  • Mr.Pony

    Seems the new patch brings Tier 7 guns and items for development, nice. Plus paid FOB insurance, which is not nice…

    • Lackooo

      Servers are online to me now.

  • Big Boss

    been in freeplay for nearly 2 hours now.

    • Lewis

      I was lucky, played 1 match. 1st was good with 4 opening kills, when got shot – couldn’t respawn until the end of the round (some bug). The second was steamrolled over by a D-Walker guy running in our base. Noone even looked at him. RESPAWN BEEP-BOOP > RUN TO ENEMY BASE BEEP-BOOP > WHY AM I SHOT BEEP-BOOP. That’s all of my MGO expirience atm. 😀

      Btw, really frustrated, that I can’t look at abilities in Free Mode, only during the match (lvl2 atm). I guess abilities are too OP in free mode.

      • Big Boss

        I played 3 matches, no problems so far I’m surprised.

  • GUN®

    I’ve got 3 hours before I gotta go to work, I really hope it’s up by then.

  • FMercenary

    Fuck yeah! I’m not playing it right now! lol

  • Stuart

    God damn it, stuck at work untill 3 then lunch then 2 hours of work again,,,,,,,,can’t wait to get home, hummmm if only i could find a way to watch some sort of live streaming service untill i got home XD

  • Volf

    I guess it’s time to get a PS Plus membership.

    • Stuart

      back in the day it wasn’t worth it, but considering now most games require you to actually have one, but ontop of that the free games every month it’s a nice bonus and the values work out pretty good,
      defo worth having these days

    • Xilurm

      I think there’s a 14 day trial.

  • Isaiah

    I swear if I wake up tomorrow morning and this still isn’t working….

  • GUN®

    Loving the game so far, though I seem to keep getting reset back to level 4, even though I’ve hit level 5 a few times now.

    • MK_Madness

      Yeah more people have that problem, something about the host.

  • Schmojima

    Servers are live and running now!
    (In Germany that is)

  • decoyF0XX

    Hey guys, I heard the MGO update is to be downloaded as an add-on on PSN. I’m not ready to play yet, I’m just on mission 17 of TPP and I’m having a blast, but still I’m wondering, is the add-on region-locked to disc? I’m using a US account but my TPP disc is EU. If I download MGO on this account, do you know if it will work? I’m playing on PS4.

    • MK_Madness

      PS4 is NOT region locked, as long as TPP and MGO is the same region everything should be fine.

      • decoyF0XX

        But DLC is region-locked to your disc on ps4. For instance if you buy a character in MKX on the US store, you can’t use that character with an EU disc and vice versa. Now it seems MGO is put up on the PS Store as a free DLC (add-on), instead of a regular game update, so it has me really scared. I’ve heard there’s a way around it anyway. I might have to open an EU account.

  • ThatSnake

    So, got MGSV for PC….now im really considering getting the ps4 just for the online…anyone else on the same spot? Heh..dammit. Why couldnt it just be out on PC too…damm

    • MK_Madness

      MGO was always PS, that’s why die hard fans bought it on the PS4 and not the PC.

      • ThatSnake

        Hehe, easy there bud…die hard fans exist on every platform 😉

        I actually bought the ps4 for MGSV but then in the endless process of waiting for the game to come out, I got a pretty beefy PC. So, of course I would choose PC when I could play it on 4k+reshade sweetfx+hardcore mod+dual shock 4…Now thats a pretty sweet package…the only bummer is MGO of course when they delayed it over to January…

        • MK_Madness

          I meant Die Hard MGO fans not MGS.

          • ThatSnake

            My point still stands…one could switch it from PC to xbox one. It doesnt make a person less of a supposed die hard mgo fan to play the new MGO on another system, as long as they have played the earlier versions. 😛

          • Son_Of_Hideo

            Just wait till January dude, don’t spend those 400 bucks


    Goddamnit, don’t have PS Plus yet, and really want to play this, oh well. :/

  • Greyfox98

    For some reason I’m not able to download MGO from PSN

    • Greyfox98

      never mind finally was able to download it.

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