Costume DLC for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom available now on Xbox One, prices revealed

Aside from Metal Gear Online, Konami has also made several paid updates available for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Several costumes that can be used for either Snake, female soldiers, or D-Horse are now available for purchase on the Xbox One Store. The costumes cost $0.99USD / €0,99 / £0,79 each.

Update: The items have been removed, they weren’t supposed to be released yet. Konami clarified on Twitter:

Earlier this week an assortment of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain costume themed downloadable content inadvertently went live on the Xbox Store which has now subsequently been removed. We will have more details on this downloadable content and the timing of its broad availability soon.


Click the images below to visit the corresponding page on the Xbox Store:



Tuxedo that Naked Snake is said to have worn during Operation Snake Eater. For the gentleman who knows how to dress for the occasion.

Sneaking Suit (The Boss)


White Sneaking Suit that The Boss wore during Operation Snake Eater. In addition to the noise-dampening soles that eliminate the sound of footsteps, this suit features a high-strength aramid weave that offers superb damage resistance. *For female staff only. *In FOB missions, this uniform prevents your body heat being detected by NVG-equipped enemies.

Jumpsuit (EVA)


Jumpsuit that the female spy EVA wore during Operation Snake Eater. The chest area can be unzipped for a tactical advantage. *For female staff only

Sneaking Suit (Naked Snake)


Soviet Sneaking Suit worn by Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater. In addition to the noise-dampening soles that eliminate the sound of footsteps, this suit features a high-strength aramid weave that offers superb damage resistance. *In FOB missions, this uniform prevents your body heat being detected by NVG-equipped enemies.

Fatigues (Naked Snake)


Standard-issue combat fatigues worn by Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater. Wear on sandy surfaces or among greenery to blend in, making it harder for the enemy to spot you.

Western Tack


Non-tactical loadout for D-Horse. Perfect for imaginary travels through the Old West.

Parade Tack


Non-tactical loadout for D-Horse. Special tack for ceremonies, parades, and other formal occasions, real or imagined.


Source: Xbox One Store, via JunkerHQ

  • Marc D’Urso

    Cool. When’s Mission 51 coming?


      Never. There will be no more story content for this game…

      • Big Boss

        Who told you that? remember Konami said not “anytime soon”.

        • DouglasPly
          • Big Boss

            Wrong article to post that pic.

        • JJBYACH

          I told myself, because it can’t happen. I think the vague “anytime soon” comment made by Konami is referring to there being additional content to be added later in the distant future like new MGO maps, skins and weapons and stuff, not new content which will develop or fresh out the main story.

          • Marc D’Urso

            I’m normally not one to hope, but I think the sheer number of fans that are upset about this could get *something* done, if the appropriate pressure is placed. Perhaps. Maybe. Probably not. *cries*

          • JJBYACH

            Yeah, your right it won’t affect anything – this is Konami we are talking about not any other publisher to turn their back on shitty practices due to uproar and controversy, only to do it again and again once the heat has all died down – Konami don’t care what people think of them, as long as their interests are being met all is good.

          • Marc D’Urso

            The only reason I’d think there might be hope is that they could release it as paid DLC. That’s…not optimal for fans, obviously, but I’d rather get to play it and pay than never see it happen at all.

        • Dr. Miles Manners

          They said the very same thing (almost letter by letter) when people asked them for MGS4 DLC that added the missing sections of Shadow Moses and Eastern Europe. Also the story is complete if you listened to the cassette tapes and watched the “Kingdom of the flies” Blu-ray disk.

          • Boldizar

            What was missing from MGS4?

          • Dr. Miles Manners

            Apparently there was a whole underground sewer section on Eastern Europe to sneak in as an alternative method for said chapter. Then on Shadow Moses Island there was a frozen lake area planned where you could bait a Gekko to fall under and other more open areas to the island as well as alternative entrances to the facility. All that ended up shelved due to lack of space on the disk thanks to the uncompressed audio, and only part of the sewers were worked out for the MGO2 Tomb of Tubes map. The fans also wanted to explore the whole base as some of the doors and the elevator are restricted. Then there were those who just loved the game so much they wanted more of it. A whole “secret DLC after 6 months of the game release” theory was made up because in the game Snake was supposed to die after said period so “it must mean something!”.

            All of that happened during MGS4 hay day.

      • There will be. Something interesting too, people have found messages withing the raw code of the game (and an entire separate videogame) that literally say “Truth The Man Who Sold The World Is Not The Final Mission”.


        • JJBYACH

          This isn’t news. There’s a subreddit called r/NeverBeGameOver where this originated from – hiding a ROM of your favourite game across two different game is crazy thing to do but is very conceivable. And about the “secret messages” – it’s just confirmation bias as people desperately search for evidence to support their theories – the guy looked at a bunch of barely related numbers like the number of prison cells in Ground Zeroes and bent it to justify the existence of a “secret message”, anyone can do that. Have you seen the Jim Carey movie Number 23? It’s not the best movie but it’s generally about some guy who gets obsessed with the number 23 as he believes it’s the key to unlocking the secrets of the world (Illuminati stuff) and it depicts the utmost extreme case of confirmation bias as he easily relates every single unrelated thing to that number to justify his theory. Anyway, don’t get your hopes up.

    • MK_Madness

      They will release chapter 3 on pachinko’s.

      • AnonymousSkunk


    • Sting’s Dad

      Having just got back from Tokyo yesterday, it was kind of crazy how much I saw the ‘Konami’ logo… namely on Pachinko machines; whilst most arcades were usually full of Pachinko players.

      Meanwhile, during my stay in Tokyo (and having been to all of the main towns and meeting various locals), I saw a grand total of four MGS5 promo items and just a handful of shops that sold what we class as typical ‘video games’. Elsewhere, whenever I mentioned ‘Metal Gear Solid’ to people, the common response was “ahhh… oh, Metal Gear. Yes, very good” (to which conversations usually abruptly ended or changed course).

      It shone fresh perspective on the Kojima/Konami saga that I was perhaps too delusional to see at first; in Japan, there is such a huge abundance of Anime franchises/Pachinko machines (and attached merchandise/games), that common video games almost seemed buried underneath it all.

      I had to extensively search for the Kotobukiya store in Akihabara for example (yes, ‘Akiba’ in MGS4 is named after this place!), which was hidden away in a smaller alley of the town.
      Inside, there were just four ‘REX’ models; stowed away amongst hundreds of Gundam models.
      The promo poster for Sehalanthropus was just one of many on the shop’s walls; in fact an upcoming Kotobukiya Darth Vader was given more fanfare.

      Whilst I’d in no way doubt the fanbase for Metal Gear in Japan; I think that sadly, Konami’s new ‘direction’ will undoubtedly prove financially fruitful – at least in their own country. You genuinely have to see with your own eyes, just how much this nation loves Pachinko. From kids to high-end businessmen finishing their day at work, Pachinko seems to be the ‘time killer’ for the majority of the nation.

      Needless to say, it was somewhat hilarious (and of no surprise at all) to see a rumoured news story on my way back to the UK; “Konami May Be Making Metal Gear Solid Pachinko”.

      I think that we can all forget about ‘Episode 51’.

      • Gray Lion

        The problem there is not, unfortunately, caused solely by Konami. The japanese market is indeed flooded with all kinds of memorabilia related to almost everything.
        But in Japan right now, they are going to what I like to call “mobile craze”. Almost everyone uses a smartphone, something far more accessible than a console and far less costly (unless you are systematically buying the new Iphone model that comes out every three days lol) and, naturally, people tend to invest in what they use the most. And companies, specially in the gaming industry, are noticing the trend.
        Naturally, they want in on that pie. The japanese market orients itself towards what is more profitable and what will reach the biggest number of users and that is, sadly, mobile apps and smartphone-related stuff.
        Big companies like Square Enix are turning their efforts in the domestic market to the “mobile craze” with new mobile games based on popular videogame and anime series with the microtransactions system implemented in them.
        And that comes with a deadly cost: in order to cater to the tastes of the majority they are alienating the minority.
        We might think it is stupid to invest in mobile games and pachinko and all that but, from a profit-oriented point of view, it is understandable. Understandable, NOT okay.
        They have to assure a foothold on their domestic market first and that is why you don´t see as much of the “mobile craze” here in the West; simply because the majority of gamers don´t give two flying fucks about it.On the other hand, it is all the rage in Japan.
        I myself have met and been in touch with fair number of japanese exchange students and I was a bit shocked to learn that most of them only started to work with or own a computer in their early twenties.
        So, the smartphone is the most affordable (and fashionable, lol) piece of electronic equipment in Japan and they opt to play mobile games instead of console or pc games. And that comes with a hell of a backlash.
        Products concerning a certain saga, no matter how successful, will see limited release in order to be cost-efficient for the company or companies making them. Companies use popular videogame series, themselves already established in the domestic market after years of existance and acclaimed success, to reach this new “mobile-obsessed” demographic. And that hurts traditional gamers in far more ways than any of us thought possible.
        You only need to search YouTube for japanese commercial videos to see that the mobile gaming and smartphone-related industry is getting A HELL OF A LOT more advertising than most console and pc games get. It does not necessarily mean that games aren´t selling well or receiving limited advertising; it just mean that japanese companies are aware of the trend and are prioritizing mobile gaming and, as consequence, mobile gaming-related merch.
        But that ain´t on the japanese gaming industry´s heads alone, it is also on the domestic consumers´ heads. They are the ones gobbling that mobile shit up and companies, as a business, are more than delighted to oblige; so long as they cough up 200 yens today and 300 yens tomorrow for an item or a piece of equipment or whatever.
        The fact that you can take games based on popular franchises on the go and pay only 5 dollars for it (plus the microtransaction fees when you want the advantage) throws people off console and pc gaming. It is portable and playable on the go, it is far cheaper, it is far more simplistic, input-wise, than having a console or a gaming pc… But it sure as hell is not okay. But… Yeah, it is what the domestic market craves and the industry in Japan is adapting to its needs.

        Anyway, in case of TL;DR : No, the japanese gaming industry isn´t dead. But, thanks to japanese consumers, it sure as hell is taking a lot more punishment than Venom Snake did in GZ´s ending.
        Sorry for the long comment and my bad english but I tried very hard not to be too sucky or boring ^_^;;

        • Face Palm

          Most people on here do not posses the attention span to read through the whole comment lol. Nice take on the mobile gaming Its like that in all Asian countries namely Korea too.

          • Gray Lion

            Thanks for that, brother 🙂
            It´s good to know that at least someone took the time to read my ramblings XD
            I speak mostly about Japan because it is the reality I know, from personal experience and all… But I assume that is also the reality in other Asian countries, too…


    Whilst shit like this keeps happening to add more fuel to the hate train – Konami Japan be like “(?)”…

  • Who’s loving MGO so far

    • VenomSnake123

      After waiting 10 minutes to finally join a match and seeing “you have been disbanded from the server” I can officially say: I have no f*cking idea 🙁

    • Schmojima

      yeah, the fucking servers are really annoying… x_x
      played for 1.5 hours and can’t get back in ANY match.

      oh, the pain!

    • Ardens Anima

      It is sooo friggin’ good!

      • Agreed indeed. Love the mix of stealthy sneakiness, then can turn into all out warfare quickly but it’s funny. Unlike other games it’s impossible to be angry while playing as some players do. Cloak and dagger for the win.

    • Snake

      Worst MGO ever. Even Portable Ops MGO was better. I don’t know what Konami Los Angeles made, but they have killed Metal Gear Online.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    I liked MGO3 so far.. only.. people die quickly ;’/.. WHERE’S THE HEALTH BAR!??

    • Don’t think it needs one. I reckon the dying is pretty good. Faster the better

      • Snake

        I hope you were a really noob player in MGO2.

        • Never played the other metal gear onlines. Metal gear has always been my offline series until now.

  • Tong Ninja

    I really wish those costume DLCs were accessible for everyone to use … why couldn’t they just patch it in for free? haha

    • BurntFM

      I think you’re confusing Konami with CD Project Red lol

    • They’re one dollar. If you can’t spare one dollar you probably shouldn’t be wasting time with videogames.

      • MichaelPayneV

        When will people like you stop damage controlling, YOU DON’T WORK FOR KONAMI, so let us as a community demand what we deserve, if you want to stay in our way, then don’t complain for the way we treat you when you have this, this attitude!

        • lol I don’t care about how anyone treats me in a comments section. Just saying ya’ll are airing your pussy out over every single thing about this game.

          • MichaelPayneV

            No, you are part of the problem, even if you are aware of or or not, even if you care or not!

      • Tong Ninja

        It’s actually $7 if you want all of them. 😛

        But yes, although I enjoy playing video games, I do other things as well such as play sports or hang out with friends/family. haha

        The costumes is actual content in the game that should be accessible to everyone for free. A good example is the suit/tuxedo in MGS3 (and MGS4 I think) that can be unlocked after finishing the game and you didn’t have to pay any money for it.

        Also you never know people might not have a spare dollar, or would rather use it for other things such as helping a homeless person out in the street, or saving it up for future investment in another video game. 🙂

        If a company like CD Project Red can do this, why not Konami?

    • Mark Rock


  • SiodogRehane

    and the others console versions? uh?

    • Sony Store will be updated later today, it will probably be added then.

      • SiodogRehane

        thx mate

      • proceeder

        it didn’t update @ all, neither did Steam.

        • True, kind of strange only the Xbox got them.

  • BurntFM

    Anybody in the US been able to find it in the PSN store because that’s where the game sends me to download it but there’s nothing there I’ve looked all over it’s 12:00 PM here and it says there’s no content to download. :'(

    • Nick Wheaton

      There’s no content to download because the store hasn’t updated yet.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    I have a question.. i hope someone answers 🙁 I have the codes for golden AM M4 in the japanese version of MGSV.. will i be able to use it in the EU version?

    • Nick Wheaton

      No sorry you won’t, gotta be the same region version or the DLC won’t work.

      • FoxTamerMGO

        Thanks to the game being region-open.. i can use the golden weapons using the JP version and still can play with my friends that are playing EU version.

  • Jav

    I will only buy 2.

  • N-Shifter

    Prices are pretty good actually, still won’t buy them but I’m happily surprised by them being reasonable.

  • SolidSuneku

    Is there anyone here with a imported PS4 that can confirm if they are really dual voltage or not?
    I got the TPP PS4 from japan and from what ive read it should be fine to run it with my uk power cable but now its here im a bit worried to incase it blows up lol
    If any one knows please let me know!!

    • Venom_Sina

      Yes.I can confirm that both PS3 and PS4 are dual voltage consoles.From 100 to 240 Volts.Don’t worry about that.You can use your console anywhere in the world without a single voltage problem.

      • SolidSuneku


  • TyranuS

    Will they be able for PC too?

  • kirtanloorii

    I hope PC doesn’t have to wait until January for this too.

    • airshowboat

      I couldn’t wait. I bought a 2nd copy on ps4 to play it

  • John Rhogan

    I’m guessing the PS3/xbox360 prices are the same….

  • Daburcor

    PlayStation store has updated, but I don’t see any costumes. :/

  • proceeder

    So let me get this straight, These nobodies on Xbone are getting their DLC B4 PS owner fans?! Would expect nothing less from the A holes who are working at Konami.

    • Dr. Miles Manners

      I love how you write “nobodies on Xbone (is that some sort of lame insult?)” and then call the the PlayStation owners “PS fans”.

      Stupid kids like you are to blame for idiotic “console wars” and exclusive BS.

      -This coming from a PlayStation 4 owner of the game.

      • Rex

        He’s referring to the fact that they’re shitting all over the console the game started on, and watching the New guys get it early with no problems doesn’t sit well…

        • proceeder

          thx, exactly, I’ll edit “nobody” out.

          • Rex

            No problem, I saw what you meant

        • Nick Wheaton

          …You do know that Metal Gear did not start on Playstation consoles right? It started on the MSX, which was a console that Microsoft developed.

          • Rex

            I just saw a guy on another forum fall into this hole in in. Yes I do but I mean the favored console, this started with MG2:SS, because some MSX2s were made by Sony, and the one in the end of TPP was a Sony model.

  • Jesus Oliveira Neto

    they could make them avaiable to mgo, and not TPP

  • Abel No te Importa

    Are those available on PS3?

    • proceeder


  • Cole

    So I just went in to purchase the sneakers eater sneaking suit on the Xbox store and it says ‘bundle only’ what the fuck? I live in the US btw

    • DonutlyMental

      same, idk what the hell is going on

  • Kojimaphile

    I wonder what is going on with the PlayStation versions of this content? It was in the original PS Store update blog, but then it was edited out. Good job Konami and/or Sony, keep up the good work.

  • Jav

    I remember when they said “all the content will be unlockable from the game”.

    • korruption

      I remember a time when Konami was once a competent developer and publisher, that didn’t seem determined to become the most hated entity the world has ever wished death upon. Don’t listen to any of their bullshit.

  • Lackooo

    After the patch there are tons of soldiers with S+ rank on missions, but all of them has “Boaster” skill (and 60-70% of the soldiers has it too), so the analyzer mostly useless for farming high ranked soldiers bleh….

    • Jav

      I think there is more fuel too.

  • Jav

    When is this going to be on psn?

  • Boldizar

    What a joke. We all already paid for a grossly unfinished game. Screw this shit.

  • Allow it

    Can anyone confirm if you can use the female outfits on quiet?

  • Solid O. #V

    This should be on MGO too!!

  • vC1OUD

    Im confused is there a PS4 DLC coming??

  • vC1OUD

    Need PS4 DLC!!

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Have someone asked Konami about the lack of DLC for PS4 or the missing MGO stuff from the CE?

  • Tye

    I was wondering why there was 0 gameplay of any of the dlc outfits on youtube, then I realized 99.99999% of people bought this game on ps4… lol. But of course the dlc isn’t out yet because reasons. Releasing dlc on the platform your game sold by a mile the most just isn’t a smart business move, ya dig.

    • korruption

      Konami has unfortunately been the exact opposite of smart for a long time now. They’ve straight up gone full Bieber!

  • Can’t wait to use the naked snake fatigues.

  • James

    Konami needs to release some DLC people actually want to buy, like Mission 51.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Missions 51 should be free, even if it becomes a DLC, no one should buy something that should have been in the Game, you just can’t make the ending a DLC, that is totally anticonsumer.

      As a community we should start demanding more than Shi*tnami gives us!

      • James

        I dont disagree, but I feel pretty confident that if Konami did release mission 51 that you, me and pretty much every diehard MGS fan would buy it. DLC for Mission 51 is probably the only way we will ever get to play it.

        • MichaelPayneV

          “that you, me and pretty much every diehard MGS fan would buy it.”

          Here is where you’re wrong, i on the other hand i’m not a Fan-Boy, and i have self controll when i want to prove a point, in this case i will not buy missiong 51, and i advice everyone to not buy it if it becomes a paid DLC, and instead call out Konami on what they are doing, Paid ending, and wait till they make it free!

          But unfortunatelly looks like we are not as united as i tought as a community!

          • James

            Did you buy Ground Zeroes?

          • MichaelPayneV

            Yes, i did, it was like Ferbuary/March 2015, Physical Disk, but i did play it since Desember!

          • James

            Buying Ground Zeroes is no different than buying Mission 51.

          • MichaelPayneV

            Actually, it is GZ the way i brought it was a physical disk, while a possible mission 51 won’t be a stand alone disk!

  • MichaelPayneV

    Really? This DLC should be free, i mean the Tuxedo has always been free!

    Fukk you Konmai, the only way i could have these Suit is either tu buy them, or pirate the game with the DLC’s, and YES, i own the Game.

    When will companies understand that things like this promote piracy, that now you feel that you get more content by pirating a game, then paying 60$ for it, and not having all the content!


    i cant find this addons on play station store (ps4) anyone know something about that? or a release date on ps4????? fuck konami

  • Solid PhoeniX

    When will we get this for PS4/ps3? . . these are so good. it seems weird that only Xbox users get these

    • Nick Wheaton

      I think it’s supposed to be the 20th.

  • Jav

    Thanks for the update. I was going to open the store every day.
    I like the sneaking suit but it doesn’t match with the ambien of afg and africa. That’s why I always play with the green and the tiger one.

    • korruption

      I learned that the sneaking suit was worthless in GZ cause in the day time missions especially, it contrasted too heavily from everything else in the environment. I prefer to camo it up.

      • Jav

        Yeah, it only works at night and raining. In the day time missions in gz I was wishing to use something green or brown.

  • BigChief

    Costumes that were revealed weeks before release and could easily have made it onto the “full” version of the game on Day 1. Unless it’s purchasable using MB coins, forget it. We don’t support DLC scams.

    • Nick Wheaton

      You say “We” as if you speak for everyone. You don’t. Sure plenty of people won’t agree with this, but plenty of others will want the content and will buy it regardless of how others feel about it, it’s their money, what they spend it on is their choice.

  • so, it was a mistake, was anyone able to buy these? i think that people who tried couldn’t buy on xb live after all

    • People posted screens of the outfits, so apparently they could buy them.

      • interesting. i wonder if they got the content locked now. don’t know much about how companies go with these kind of scenarios since it doesn’t happen that often (i think)

  • Mark Rock

    Should I get The Boss or EVA?

  • Mark Rock

    I can’t find these new DLCs anywhere in the Xbox store.

    • They were removed, check the update at the top of the post.

      • Mark Rock

        I saw that, thanks.

  • Edward Mcallister

    shameful stuff

  • Fritillary

    I’m ashamed to say it, but I am going to buy that Boss sneaking suit.

  • Gerald Whitaker

    For some reason it’s keep saying bundle only but it doesn’t have a bundle

  • Solidus

    I managed to nab all but the D-Horse items before they were taken down, not that I wanted the latter. The costumes look nice, the Naked Snake camo especially so. Worth 79p a pop but I’d rather have had more story content, perhaps some sort of MGS3 flashback sequence that would enable the unlocking of these as easter eggs instead of unlocking them with my precious pennies.

    What I’m disappointed by other than the paying for it part, is that when you interrogate or stab someone, the character draws a knife from an invisible holder instead of from one that’s actually on the costume. Just a little detail I’d have appreciated.


    I wonder when these costumes will be available on xbox360. I didnt even play MGS3 but I want all of them.
    Phantom Pain and ground zereos are my first MGS but I know that already its possible the best game I ever played. And Im only in misson 33. So many things to see yet. YES!

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  • outofusernames

    Is Eva’s suit stealthy (silent footsteps)? Or only Boss’s?

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