Metal Gear Online ‘Eyes of the Fox’ launch video released

Today is the release of Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer component available for free to everyone who owns Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. To celebrate, Konami released a new video titled ‘Eyes of the Fox’, which features footage shot during Tokyo Game Show 2015, giving a short introduction to the game and what we can expect.

Source: Konami Youtube Channel

  • vic boss

    So how do we know that we have the dlc for MGO that came in the CE? or its that a separate code?

    • FoxTamerMGO

      Use the code you got with the game.. you can find it on one of the papers included inside the game box

  • I can’t stop listening to this awesome soundtrack! Anyways, can’t wait to start playing MGO3, but what are the odds that the multiplayer service will even work at launch considering TPPs release and FOBs? ^^

    • it uses the same ending arrangement from the MGS 2&3 themes.. without the MGS theme.. =(

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    “Today is the release of Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer component available for free to everyone who owns Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.”

    PC player here. I cry everytime.

  • anyone knows if can i change my class in MGO??

    • You gave to create a new character to change class. It’ll be above the music choice option before a game starts. You can also change your class in freemode.

      • tks

      • Snake

        I guess you like the new MGO because you disliked the old one.

        • I played MGO2, I like both. They’re different, doesn’t mean they both can’t be enjoyed by one person.

  • Son_Of_Hideo

    Has anyone been able to use their metal gear solid REX helmet yet? I can’t seem to find it anywhere! D:

    • Romain Robin

      Yeah I use it, but it’s silly as fuck, you can be spotted from miles away and when aiming your gun, well the helmet just takes the entire screen so you can’t see at what you are aiming.

      • Son_Of_Hideo

        are you on playstation or Xbox one?

        • Romain Robin


    • CR7HarisSnake

      On PS4 im using it 🙂

  • Shiragama

    Is the song that plays during the last 30 sec. or so on the ost cd?

  • Roy Zaatari

    Guys i have problem i live in middle east ( lebanon ) my problem i download mgo game data 1.0 okay my problom i done download but when i go to to download in notification and it says waiting to install aff please some one can tell me to doo please please please talk me in facebook
    My name is roy zaatari please some help me

  • I have a question for those who have played MGO3 already:
    ·Only 8 codecs to say? Can they be chosen like in MGO2 from a big list?
    ·What is the RUSH ON/OFF option when making or selecting a match?

    That’s all for now, thanks. 🙂

    • Those are the only text options. RUSH ON means a smaller version of the map. RUSH OFF is the full map.

      • Sorry crimsonfox but those arent the only text options, you can edit them in predefined text options (you have to hold left touch pad on PS4 for that menu,if you tap it you get the party menu)

        theres 20-30 options of text commands to use and you can define them seperately for each mode so you can keep it contextual.

      • Thanks, mate 🙂

  • AeroGre

    CQCd an infiltrator who was about to grab my teammate, started to fulton him and the teammate i just saved thanks me by turning around and executing the guy I was about to fulton 10/10

    • That’s not the game’s fault, players are stupid, and full of revenge, by the way.

      Have a nice day 🙂

    • vic boss

      Just happened to me i was about to fulton a guy of 7 tickets , when they were with just 3 tickets left. I cqc him and when I’m about to fulton him a team mate kills him. It made me so mad. But the game it’s fun and I’m playing it alone and can’t imagine what could it be if I play it with friends.

      • VenomSnake123

        I know right! I play as infiltrator and i CQCd a guy with 11 tickets. Was about to fulton him but then my teammate kills him! Really annoying 🙁

  • Aizo Yurei

    That’s me at the end of the video talking about losing sleep and my company hating me (Damn my hair looks all jacked up, but it was hot as hell in there)

  • I get it now. Returning to camp omega like kojima said. Must be by playing black site in MGO.

    • Jav

      It isn’t that. Remember the missing cutscenes. We will never know.

      • True. But it would make sense if it was that though. Returning as an online map. But yeah, never will know..

      • Aleezy

        Would’ve been cool if it really ended at camp omega.

        • Jav

          Yeah. It could have been a lot of good things. And we just get this bad unfinished story.

          • Tsitiko

            All this unfinished story be is driving me crazy, the ending in chpt 2 sums up every thing in the original metal gears there’s two big boss,s that everyone ASSumed where the same person but no your the fucking medic that saved bb whopity fucking do listen to the cassette tapes unfinished story my ass

          • Jav

            What happen with snake and sahelantropus? Eli, psychomantis. I wanted to know the story of snake, not the medic’s story.

          • Snake

            Well, it is not the medic’s story, it’s our story. Venom Snake is the player, not the medic. The medic dies in the explosion of the helicopter in Ground Zeroes, metaphorically.

          • Snake

            Ocelot told you in a tape.

          • Jav

            When I’m playing a game and my character die I always think “oh, I died”. If I’m playing metal gear one and snake dies I think “oh, I died”. If I’m playing resident evil 2 with claire redfield and she dies, I think “oh, I died”. So there was no need of making us to be “big boss”. That’s why the ending is so stupid. Am I big boss? No, I’m a person and I just want to play a game controlling snake. And if snake dies I’m going to think… “oh, I just died”. The game is about the story of the freaking medic of ground zeroes. I understand what kojima tried to do, but he was wrong. Nobody wanted that in his freaking last metal gear.

          • Snake

            I didn’t want this either. When I play Metal Gear I like to control Solid Snake or Big Boss (Raiden, meh).

  • hunner

    MGO 3 is pretty fun but it has it’s problems. I hate how you can use cloaking outside of cloak and dagger -_-

    • Schmojima

      yes, me too. ;_;
      and still the servers…man, we are fucking paying them (KONAMI!!) to play this game online…
      what the actual F am I paying for, if I can’t play the goddamn game??

    • vic boss

      What do you mean use cloaking outside cloak and dagger?

      • Aleezy

        That you can use stealth camo in any match type when it should only be in cloak and dagger (TSNE).

        • Snake

          Yes. And, even though, CQC attacks are always bugged. People grab me from 10m… WTF?

          • Aleezy

            Yes! Or when you slam someone and all of a sudden they slam you..

      • hunner

        I mean the inflitrator class

        • Raven_Sorrow

          It’s not that OP, you can use the locator grenades to nullify it or the Intel 2 skill of the scout class can mark with the binoculars(drawing a blank on its name…). This is a team based game and the scout is the most important class! 1 guy spending the whole match just marking is sooo helpfull! And you get points and experience just for it. I finished many matches on top score just marking xD but this skill is over looked by sooo many people…

    • Ardens Anima

      It doesn’t last long, and it’s too easy to be spotted if You aren’t using it.

  • MrVux007

    God this was so exciting to watch….then again …….i realise…..
    no MGO3 for me,until november 28th…..
    feel my pain

  • Just wanted to share, I really love this OST:

  • Jav

    Sorry, but I need to know. What was the weapon to surpass mg?

    • Vocal cord parasites.

      • Jav

        Thanks. This finally confirms the story, for me, like the worst in all the metal gear I have played.

        • JonDoe

          Dont you cry on me Dammit! XD

        • JJBYACH


        • Joaquin Romero Victorica

          Give this man 1000 likes XD

          • Jav

            Aveces prefiero no entender la historia.

          • Snake


        • Snake

          Yes. The vocal cord parasite are the midiclorians of the new century.

      • Was it really? Didn’t Zero tell Skullface that the parasites are passé and that he has something way better in stock?

    • Full Options

      You mean the ultimate one ?

  • Cobra Commander

    WTF was the “Free Gift” for buying Ground Zeroes?
    Where the website says return in early 2015 for redemption.
    Did anyone ever get anything?
    (I bought GZ digital so I never got an actual “Code”.)

    • Tong Ninja

      I’m guessing it was the GZ DLC for TPP. So you would get the recruits that you extracted from GZ, GZ sneaking suit and the gray fox/MGS1 solid snake skin. 🙂

  • Isaiah

    Anybody know how to use the XP boost. I can’t seem to find it.

    • It just adds on your account. Lasts for 14 days.

  • 223hzy

    Anyone noticed that after the update the max number of vehicle you can store offline is only 3, the exceeding ones are all online now. The worst part is there is no way to sell those vehicles stored online.

    • Raven_Sorrow

      Yeah that sucks!! And it doesn’t seem to refresh those 3…. I sold them yesterday and now I can’t sell anymore of my 100 trucks…

      • 223hzy

        I sold 3 yesterday and after I logged in today it refreshed. But still totally BS.

  • Im stuck on steam TEAM, so no MGO for me until next year, but also my ps3 is cfw so no psn for me, something that I can’t find anywhere… does MGO starts with kojipro logos? also does the “eyes of the fox” trailer music (MPW theme 2015Ver.) actually plays on MGSV? or MGO?

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