Dante Carver talks about being part of Metal Gear Solid V

Dante Carver, an American born actor working in Japan who is also one of the soldiers in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, talks about the series and being in one of them in a new video published by Konami.

Like the other actors appearing in the game his likeness was captured using 3D scanning, part of the process can be seen in the video. On having the opportunity to be in a Metal Gear game, he said:

Being in one of the Metal Gear games is historic. It’s historic because it’s one of the few games that has the same director and producer, and the same team itself, from beginning to now, and that’s really difficult. Really difficult. So having all of that together and then being a part of that is like a huge, huge dream come true as a gamer.

Source: Konami Youtube

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      sad that it may become a quiet place after Kojima leaves the series.

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        It won’t. In all cases.

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        Cmon man, don’t say that you know how its goes.
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  • ObsessedGeorge

    Great video. The technology they used is amasing. Its a shame that Kojima’s next project will not be on the Fox Engine.

  • Kojimaphile

    I actually play as this guy a lot. “Doom Kangaroo” – not my best soldier, but he was my best Athlete for a while. I remember seeing him and going “Hey, isn’t that Dante?”

    • Jav

      I always play with the gz medic.

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    Something extra for you guys:”Memories…I want to give them to you…So you can see…What we left there…”

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      Really?! I thought you couldn’t shoot your own teams balloons! Are you sure it was your team mates shooting it? I’m pretty sure I, mistakenly, tried to shoot a team mate balloon and it didn’t pop! Can this be confirmed please

      • PhantomSnake

        I stand corrected it was a douchebag that killed my fulton. Shit is irritating I tell you

  • proceeder

    Jim Sterling wanted me to pass on a message:
    “Fuck Konami!”
    for taking the director, producer and writer from us.

  • well, about the engine, it always looked great before the game launched but that’s not everything an engine does, and i was really worried when the size (GB) of the game was revealed but i won’t deny that i was amazed once i finished the game and realized how much stuff they could put in on so less space. seriously the engine is incredible the amount of compression it’s a thing from another world, how i wish Hideo could keep working on that (just Imagine ZOE)

    • Full Options

      I think they can stuff even much more in even less space !

    • Nekkedsnake

      now imagine a new/remake of the classic/older MGS games in the Fox Engine… would be so nice! a remake of Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, hell, remake all of them on the Fox Engine! And I’m sure kocknami wouldn’t mind doing this. because monies.

    • PhantomSnake

      Considering a Blu-Ray Disc can hold 50 GB max imagine if they would have let Kojima utilize the full 50 gigs 😀

  • Jav

    My dream is to have a metal gear with frostbite. I don’t like fox engine. But the game could be a 80gb game.

    • N-Shifter

      Combine them – the “Foxbite” engine, world domination would soon follow.

    • Fox engine with ultra settings on PC is pretty good imo

      • Jav

        I tried it just a little. The electricity cables looks very bad. In general, I don’t like the textures of people.

        • The powerlines? If you’re getting aliasing and poor textures you’re not using the highest settings. Ultra isn’t just very high in-game settings, it’s downsampling from 3000+ x 2000+ resolutions, SSBAO+ activated etc.

          • Jav

            Yeah, ultra settings and 2560×1440, I don’t have a screenshot to show.

          • 3200×1800 DSR and MFSAA disabled = no aliasing

          • Jav

            I will try that, thanks.

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