Del Toro on Silent Hills: it makes no sense the game isn’t happening

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Guillermo del Toro, who was of course collaborating with Kojima on Silent Hills, talked a bit about the cancelled project.

We had a great experience and had great story sessions with hundreds upon hundreds of designs. Some of the stuff that we were designing for Silent Hills I’ve seen in games that came after, like The Last of Us, which makes me think we were not wrong, we were going in the right direction.

Del Toro really felt they were creating something special with this project.

The thing with Kojima and Silent Hills is that I thought we would do a really remarkable game and really go for the jugular.

The filmmaker still seems to be angry about the sudden cancellation of this promising game.

We were hoping to actually create some sort of panic with some of the devices we were talking about and it is really a shame that it’s not happening. When you ask about how things operate, that makes no fucking sense at all that that game is not happening.

It truly is an incredible shame that a project with this much promise will never be realised.


Source: Bloody Disgusting

  • Xilurm

    Well it could happen but that would mean Konami would have to give more than 10 million for it’s budget in order to make it so yeah. Apparently since AAA games nowdays are being made with 1 million dollars I guess everything else is considered a waste.

    • Kol Leqejza

      triple AAA games that cost around 1 million dollars? what are you smoking?

      • Xilurm

        It’s sarcasm. If Konami thinks 80 million is too much, then wtf do they want? Because they did say they will keep making AAA games. How low will they allow the budget to be before it’s not an AAA game anymore?

        • Kol Leqejza

          oh, ok. than nevermind. i’ve heard that gambling is going to legalize gambling and that konami is thinking of making casinos, or something along those lines. with gamblibg and mobile gaming konami could houshold itself. they think very conservative. like most business man in japan. silent hills would’ve made as much as MGS V. i’m sure of it.

  • Venom_Sina

    Yeah,it makes no sense.We lost a masterpiece.I think Silent Hills is the real PHANTOM PAIN.

    I will never forgive Konami for cancelling Silent Hills.Sorry for bad language,but F… Konami for this decision.

    • Gatsu

      Yeah I agree 100% bro. SH cancellation hurts more than anything :(, it was going to be perfect for sure.

      If Konami could give us either TPP chapter 3 or SH by this team, I’d choose SH maybe. I’ve wanted the franchise become amazing again for such a long time. It always was the scariest games series to me, good old Japanese psychological horror. This kind of games are almost extinct these days.

      Then came PT…
      PT totally surprised me and gave a superb example what SH could have been like. I rarely get scared anymore, but PT forced me to take a break after 30 min.

      Del Toro-san, it makes no freaking sense. Thanks Konami for giving me this Phantom Pain… This won’t perhaps happen anymore after Toro’s game projects being cancelled one after another :C…

  • JoJo

    You and I are on the same page, Mister Del Toro.

  • Full Options

    It seems the “direct” target was apparently not wide enough for Konami otherwise they wouldn’t have cancelled it, whatever the possible problems between them and HK.

    Like horror movies, the audience is smaller than for candy crush / pocahontas. That’s sad because even if we become less and less hardcore, or “casual-hardcore” we belong to a minority.

    Although, a far more loyal minority than the pure casual target, but loyalty is getting less and less business-relevant nowadays.

  • Volf

    “Some of the stuff that we were designing for Silent Hills I’ve seen in
    games that came after, like The Last of Us, which makes me think we were
    not wrong, we were going in the right direction.”

    Konami firing Kojima and cancelling Silent Hills is a real shame. Just imagine what the game could’ve been… After seeing the Paz scene in MGSV, I think horror would be the perfect genre for Kojima after MGS. I remember reading a quote in which Del Toro stated that Silent Hills would be the game that would push consoles to the max and mess up with our heads big time. He also recalled the moment with Psycho Mantis from MGS1. Just imagine what he and Kojima could have created! MGS1 was made 17 years ago and the Psycho Mantis 4th wall breaking boss fight is still outstanding! It is incredibly hard and scary to even think what’s possible with the new consoles! Shame on you Konami! This game could’ve been even better than The Last Of Us!

    • deadpool4ever

      is it that hard to remeber P.T ? The paz scene was sad and gory and also creepy but not scary

      • Volf

        It is not the fact that Paz’s scene is scary… Matter of a fact, it is not scary at all; It’s more of a disturbing scene. That’s what I wanted from Silent Hills. I didn’t want just another scary game (we have many of them) but one that could perfectly combine both the psychological and the scare factor in a video game. Psycho Mantis was a great scene and I’m very curious to see what Kojima could’ve done with the PS4. Especially in an horror video game.

        • deadpool4ever


  • Ralexion

    What a shame.

  • Jav

    If the ending was going to be “thank you *username*… Daryl” I’m ok with the cancellation.

  • Ardens Anima

    I hope years from now, Kojima and Del Toro come out and tell us all the full story of The Phantom Hills, and what really happened with Kojima and Konami.

  • Imo, Listen guys to me please.

    It is actually great that it is not happening. After MGSV situation with some of the cut content and Konami work issues I’m glad it’s over. Konami has issues with financing huge projects in JP, so I’m not sure that Konami could finance Norman Reedus and other famous actors. Game development is expensive for Konami and I’m glad that there is no Silent Hills with cut content and other bullshit news.

    the only sad part here that game concepts and Fox Engine is wasted. KojiPro had big plans for the engine and they are gone now.

    I mean, if Kojima wants to make Silent Hills, he will make it but under the different name. But first he needs to make things right with the next publisher and his new team. We won’t see or hear about his new game for a while. Guys, be patient and enjoy Metal Gear Solid V:TPP and MGO3.

    Be patient and believe in Kojima and his new team in the future.

    • Full Options

      FoxEngine is not wasted, DO NOT BE WORRY, developers know they can tap in games with that level of freedom thx to tpp. That’s the principal. Maybe they don’t even pay real attention, on the tech pov. Remember Jobs stealing the graphical interface at the Xerox Parc. All is about the idea.

      • Engine development takes years development with experienced programmers. Fox Engine is not just about “level of freedom”. It is about the lighting and other interesting ideas. Kojima and his team spent a lot of time developing that beast.

        • Full Options

          Thx for your kind reply. FoxEngine is an extreme gem. Lighting in TPP is something unseen in real-time. The meshes are extremely and artistically well optimized, which simplify the rest / helps a lot. Only Kojima+Konami could achieve this level of robustness so far. My point was that other studios (or the same ones :O) need to equal that level of quality now, which is a good news, thanks to our very fellow game development freak !

          • AeroGre

            Is that going to happen though? The only teams who can achieve the level of quality the fox engine has work under big publishers and people are always buying their games no matter what. As long as they keep making money they wont see the need to match the fox engine

          • Full Options

            That’s correct. I think this will happen under one form or another. Like the movies business, good games need brave producers (and rich 😀 possibly inspired by passionate people like HK) that do not (or at least less) depend on investors.

          • JJBYACH

            Exactly – MGSV runs on a bloody Microsoft Surface, that is some intense scalability.

          • Full Options

            Now, more people really get why the install was only 25 Gb ! ;D

            Although SP is not that weak ! SP3 here ! But took the PS4 version.

      • Kyle Coleman

        I agree with what you said here @fulloptions:disqus. The FoxEngine is a software that I’m sure can be brought back by a different game publishing company and hopefully used to it’s best potential.

        • Full Options

          Yes, FoxEngine is a wonderful and pretty mature tool that took a lot of effort to setup, but besides this support, I really appreciate the semantics / message of KP’s game development through all their titles.

          Everything is always rock solid from UI to gameplay. I think that even if he was not working in V and MGS anymore, there is a bit of the spirit of Kazunobu Uehara and other low level coding experts, in it.

          We always feel this serious execution quality exigency which is like a redundant touch with KP devs. Like, “hey guys, our games are as clean as possible !”.

    • kuaikukia

      I always believe in Kojima san. And I’m glad he leaves from Konami too. He is a great developer and shouldn’t go on developing under publisher anymore. He has fame and popularity. I would love to see he and his team open their own indie game which many people will support them including myself

    • NotCarolKaye

      You make some good points here. No question. Still hurts that Silent Hills isn’t happening. 🙁

  • No Place For Hayter

    Agreed. Second biggest disappointment in my whole life.

    • hunner

      …What’s number 1?

      • Gatsu

        This is number 1.

      • No Place For Hayter

        The fact that Remember11 (a visual novel) was not finished and was released with only 2/3 of the game finished.

        • hunner

          Sounds familiar lol

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    As someone who probably would never have played this given how scared I get at spooky games, I still wish this game had gone through. Would have been amazing to see what happened with those two creative minds.

  • Aigis San

    Hyped a game then cancelled it is one of the worst thing that a publisher / game company can do……

    It reminds me of Mega Man Legends 3.

    The devs hyped it so much man and having fans give feedbacks and idea like it was an official fan game…..

    Then they suddenly cancelled it……. sometime after the infune left

  • Nekkedsnake

    i say FUCK KOCKNAMI. Del Toro and Kojima should still collaborate on something together despite this ridiculousness. They can make another game similar to their Silent Hills. Just call it something else but have a lot of similar, or Better, elements to it. I’m sure other companies would be eager as fuck to work with them. Hell, Kojima should just open up his Own company!

  • kuaikukia

    Konami can’t see the future about collaboration between kojima and Del Toro. All Konami can see the future between microtransaction and pachinkoes

  • Gatsu

    I’ll never recover from this sad feeling.

    • deadpool4ever

      Everyone won’t unfortunately 🙁

  • Jav

    I was going to rescue a prisoner, first I extracted the car where she was moved and then…

    • deadpool4ever


  • I wish kojima skipped MGSV and made SILENT HILLS instead… I mean MGSV GZ is a great techdemo… and MGSVTTP is literally useless in the series chronology (great game play but I rather have a Fox Engine remake of peace walker than the mess that the final game turned out in the end)

  • Loup L’Orange

    Sometimes I really hope Konami burns to the ground…..

    • BurntFM

      Might be the low res picture but He looks like he’s wearing braces and that makes me happy 😛

  • deadpool4ever

    I hope this comment doesn’t get deleted ” like The Last of Us, which makes me think we were not wrong, we were going in the right direction.” Thanks for giving me a phantom pain Cuntami(excuse me for using this kind of language despite even shakespeare used cunt)

  • deadpool4ever

    Fuck Konami coming straight from the underground !

  • BurntFM

    There’s only so much you can fuck with your consumer base Konami, you hacks! (Just to be clear, I’m talking about Konami Digital Entertainment when I say “Konami” because there’s always a smarty pants who says: well technically Konami is a successful pachinko, gym, arcade, trading card, health club [etc.] company) but to fuck over a visionary Director who has a passion for the horror genre and is very enthusiastic about making a video game for a number of years now and was attached to a franchise like Silent Hill which along with MGS and Castlevania shaped my childhood memories is just…..argh!!! Konami really doesn’t deserve to own those games. I hope they follow through with the rumors of not making AAA games and sell off these games to other companies that care about gamers because they themselves are gamers not a faceless corporation dipping it’s greedy hands in all types of random venues. I mean come on they created the Konami Code. Where did they go wrong?

    • joegoku

      well I think they used it… the Code I mean…

  • BurntFM

    This article triggered me so back to the classics

  • Boldizar

    It makes perfect sense considering Kojima/Konami couldn’t even finish the one game they were working on.

  • VenomSnake421

    Isn’t this is Metal Gear Informer?

  • James Raskalov

    That headline is more accurate than Sniper Wolf.

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