Venom Snake statue by Union Creative gets release date and new pictures

The Venom Snake statue by Union Creative has received a release date: it will be available on January 16th of next year, for a price of ¥17820 (around €132 / $150). The 25 cm tall statue will also come with a Chicken Cap wearing head. Check out the official pictures below.


Source: AmiAmi, via

  • Lewis

    I really never understood Chinken Hat. MGSV was 2 ways for me:
    1) too easy if I’m having fun and using everything I got
    2) Sometimes hard, but only when S-ranking.

    So I don’t really understand a point for it being there. Soldier reactions are pretty fun, though.

    • BurntFM

      Kojima knew it was mostly useless for regular MGS fans. He did it all for the “Hai”

      • Mr. Sir Shpee

        Damn you, now I have Nookie by Limp Bizkit stuck in my head.





    • ThreeMadFrogs

      A Quiet Exit kicked my ass the first try. I caved and used the hat. I went for the S-rank the other day though, better equipped of course. And got my ass kicked again. I died many times. But I refused the hat. I persevered. And finally beat the mission and got my S-rank.
      What really sucks though, is when I used it, Snake is still wearing it in the following cutscenes. Which as we all know, were very important and dramatic. Kinda ruined it.

      • Lewis

        Yeah, Kojima told that the biggest punishment for Chicken Hat are cutscenes. 😀

        Yeah, I hear you, A Quiet Exit was fucking mad. One-shot tanks were a joke, I even thought of abandoning the game for some time. I had no launcher, cause I didn’t need it the whole game, my battle suit was 1st lvl, cause again, I didn’t need it. And I really hate escort missions and missions with mandatory alert. And this mission fucking combined those 2. But through pain and frustration I finally beat it for A. And then I had to do it one more time when S-ranking and doing all the misison tasks. That was even more painful.

        • ThreeMadFrogs

          My first try I didn’t even wear my battle suit. I didn’t know I needed it and didn’t think to have it dropped in haha. And I only had a low level GROM. So I tried fultoning most of the vehicles. Or I jumped on the mortar.

  • Provokateur

    Venom looks a little younger than in the game.
    I don’t understand what’s the problem with all the figures, same shit with Quiet by Play Arts, her face is simply different from the game model.

    • Full Options

      If you can’t manage to grab the official mesh object, you can only count on modeling skills but it is a tedious task. They clearly used or modeled another shape. The shaved part of the beard goes also too low and the whole face is as well missing few old-looking / wrinkles features. This face looks a bit more “Hayden Christensenish” or something. The lower part of the face should look a bit wider and more round.

  • Jav

    Its very good, but that face its a disaster. The nose is completely different.

    • Full Options

      Snake’s nose is a little more bumpy on its top and the lower part is sharper and go slightly lower towards the lips. Although the rest / suit looks very cool.

  • Ralexion

    I think this figure is really cool because it has a special “in-game model” feeling to it, if you know what I mean.

  • TheManWhoSoldTheWorld

    Nice more merchandise for Hideo Kojewma

    • Raven_Sorrow


  • PhantomSnake

    Invest in more chapter dlc Konami! Not this merchandise stuff.

  • wow how did they pull out that head. way to ruin an overall excellent sculpt of the body, i mean, look at that cheekbone, it’s a nightmare, looks nothing like medic

  • More merchandise…can we have Chapter 3 instead

  • Bożydar Mazur

    Good job on the outfit, terrible job on the face :/

  • Victor Medeiros Coelho

    The face if a bit off… guess i’ll wait for the Hot Toys one announced several months ago…

  • NakedSnake85
  • NakedSnake85
    • NakedSnake85

      Pounding your legs on the rain soaked floor, running for all you’re worth while the sirens wail and the bullets fly. Little broken Paz quietly whimpering on your back desperately clinging to life.
      Waiting for the Chopper to arrive while the whole base converges on your position by the little rock cove, now a warzone. You’re getting her out no matter what it takes.
      Why play it any other way?

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Oddly enough, this figure is the only one I’ve seen that looks like David Hayter!

  • Maynard

    Shall we blame Metal Gear Solid for this

  • Maynard

    Shall we blame Metal Gear Solid for this

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