According to the New Yorker, Kojima left Konami on October 9th

The New Yorker reports that Hideo Kojima had his last day at Konami earlier this month, on October 9th. After working at the company for nearly 30 years, it seems this era has now come to an end. Simon Parkin, the author of the article, writes:

The departure ceremony, according to one of the hundred or so guests who attended, and who asked that I not use his name, took place at Kojima Productions, the director’s in-house studio, and was “a rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye.” He said that he did not see Konami’s president, Hideki Hayakawa, or its C.E.O., Sadaaki Kaneyoshi, at the party, but some of Kojima’s colleagues from other studios showed up to pay their respects, as did many of the people who worked on his most recent directorial project, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Kojima’s non-compete clause expires in December, so that’s when he will be able to work at a new studio.


Photo of Kojima Productions’ farewell party taken by someone at the party, posted on Twitter by Simon Parkin

Update: Konami says Kojima is still listed as an employee, and he’s currently on vacation. Kotaku writes that a Konami spokesperson told the website Tokyo Sports: “Currently, Kojima and the development team are finished developing Metal Gear Solid V and are taking a long time off from work.” On the farewell party, Konami said they’re ‘not sure what kind of thing this was’.

Source: New Yorker, Simon Parkin Twitter

  • Dean Bošnjak

    I just want that he comes back to his roots and good storytelling… I couldn’t stand another best gameplay ever without good story and please make linear games… fuc. that open world stuff and for the gods sake don’t worry about replayabillity… If the story is good I will play it multiple times for sure… just don’t shut that % in my face every time I start the game, because it doesn’t matter.

    • Frederick Guese

      I also hope he gets to do his own thing and not let fan pressure or corporate pressure to interfere.

      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        Really ? Becouse the way i see it . He made the phantom pain the way he want it and let aside all core mgs substance this franchise had

        • XOF

          Hmm, well he did make the cutscenes shorter and put most of the story on the tapes because the fans complained about the long cutscenes in previous games … so yes there was some fan pressure. 😛

          Also the microtransactions crap they put into the game was not cool … very disappointed in Konami for doing this. Also splitting Ground Zeroes from TPP as separate games was not good either. So corporate business did interfere as well. So Kojima could not do 100% his own thing.

          imo the only core mgs mechanics that were missing were traditional boss fights, long cutscenes, character development, and codec. Everyone else like easter eggs, attention to detail, gameplay, fan service, voice acting was very “Metal Gear” lol

    • XOF

      Funny because no one complained about the open world structure before TPP was released even though it was show cased throughout all the trailers and demos. In fact people were really excited for it. lol 😛

      In terms of story, you can blame the people who criticised the long cutscenes in MGS4/MGS2. Kojima listened to fans and made the cutscenes shorter and put the story deposition in the tapes … now fans are pissed off because there is minimal or no story. lol how can Kojima win??

      • Batzi

        Totally agree. The fans are hypocrites. I loved the story structure and the ending and the gameplay is phenomenal.

        • XOF

          I agree but I didn’t like the way the story was presented in TPP. lol
          Overall it was a really fun game, but I prefer past MGS games in terms of story. Gameplay was best in TPP though. I’m fine with the ending as well.

          I don’t mind people saying, “after playing TPP, the open world didn’t work out for me etc… I prefer the linear structure”.
          People that say, screw open world, make it linear… lol what? why didn’t you complain about the open world when the 2013 trailer or demo for TPP came out ??

          I also find it funny that some were disappointed with the game after finishing the story, but then proceed to play another 20-30 hours to further disappoint themselves and nitpick every single little detail. lol why??
          If I didn’t like a game, I would just stop playing it and move onto another game.

          • Batzi

            I find the open world to be a perfect design even if it has many empty areas. I used those areas to hide and plan/prepare for infiltrations.

            As far as story goes, it’s MGS2 level of story and that’s pretty good because it is one of those stories that we are going to talk about for years. It is deeper than many people think.

  • Ralexion

    Im quite curious, lets see what happens.

  • RanFujimiya

    Yes, it’s really an era that ends. For me personal as well. No matter what happened between Kojima and Konami this year, but the almost 30 past years were a huge influence for who I am today. It’s a strange feeling that it’s over now. But let’s see what will happen now, eh?

    • Yeah. Same situation. Past 30 years were a huge influence for me too and I’m happy for that. This year was so crazy and I hope that everything soon will be much better.

      Le’s see what will happen now. I’m sure that everything will be great.

      • CR7HarisSnake

        So glad i am not the only 1.
        So excited where Hideos paths are flowing…

    • VenomSnake421

      Its not over yet!

  • JoJo

    Good luck Kojima-san. Maybe you’ll finally get a chance to work on a new IP. Let’s see it!

  • Eugene Voldo

    Goodbye, Hideo “Big Medic” Kojima!
    …yeah, I’m still salty about MGSV ending 🙁

  • It’s The End Of The Era and that ride was crazy and awesome. Thank You Hideo Kojima For Everything and I hope to see your next project as soon as possible.

  • Good luck to him, now we finally get a MG1/2 remake.

    • Joaquin Romero Victorica

      If his next proyect aim in to a more cinematic experience i will support it.. in the meantime i will wait until is release . Masahiro Yamamoto could make the franchise go back to his roots .

      • Kojima is the roots of the franchise. But they could try to emulate his style.

        • Kol Leqejza

          i don’t get why most mgs fans are unwillingly to accept new things. mgs v’s story was “weak” because it was our own story, of becoming a hero. everything you felt during this time is yours. the real story is the one in the background: how the real big boss is buildimg his nation and met gray fox, sniper wolf, vulcan raven and so on.

          i only expect it to remain stealthy. if a certain director has a certain vision about the story, than he/she should feel free to realize it. it would make no sense to force the story into a kojima one… this is not the understanding of art. what you suggest is making a product to please the audience… and make the cash flow.

          • Which is most likely Konami’s plan.

    • hunner

      I want a metal gear collection for next gen consoles and pc

  • PrinceHeir

    Best of luck to you Sensei 🙂

    I think the companies that can pick him up are Sony, Square Enix, Platinum Games and maybe MS(They have the money).

    Would love Kojima to work with Square Enix. They have the budget, team as well as engine. And CEO seems to be fan of his games and they do produce the MGS Play-Arts series. Maybe worked on Deus Ex game or Yuji Horri’s Portopia Serial Murder Case which inspired him to get to the video game industry in the first place.

    Sony is great too, but i don’t want to limit him in one audience. But if he can collaborate with Naughty Dog then hell yeah.

    Platinum Games is next step, since he has a lot of friends and they constantly meet each other(Kamiya, Inaba etc). But they would need a bigger budget for his games for sure.

    MS can also grab him with the way they spend money nowadys.

    So anything can happen.

    Can’t wait for your next game Kojima-san! Hopefully you take all of your team with you including Shinkawa-san and others ^^

    • Sony sounds great, they seem to give their studios a lot of freedom.

      • Full Options

        SCEI share as well very good relations with the rest of KP developers. They should definitely do something because PlayStation® have always been the KP’s main target HW.

        They are yet very (if not the most) experienced with SCEI’s QA and TRC processes. Kojima migrating from SCEI 3rd party developer status at Konami, to a first party developer one, would make a lot of sense IMO.

    • Sony sounds great but god no for Square Enix. Square Enix is at the situation where Konami is right now except that they have much more studios and more successfull IP’s, so they’re working on something but with the latest FF disasters can’t see SE as a good development environment.
      Platinum Games is not that tecnologically advanced for Kojima’s development standards.

      IMO, the best place to work if Tencent or Sony will help Kojima.., Microsoft is ok I guess…

  • Yong puts it very well.

  • hunner

    Off topic- Look who made the list 🙂

    • deadpool4ever


      • hunner

        JOHN CENA

        • deadpool4ever

          No its none other “Whats your name?It doesnt matter!”


  • I hope that Kojima’s next work will have “stealth” elements in to it. I mean, MGSV is the best Stealth game period. Such an impressive achievement and I don’t want Kojima do abandon what he does best.
    It does not matter what genre his next game will have… Survival horror, Action, adventure… Whatever… Just don’t want him to abandon where he is a master. MGSV:TPP proved that Hideo Kojima can create the most complex stealth-sandbox scenarios and this is the hardest concept in videogames ever.

  • Ishmael

    Congrats Hideo Kojima, you are free now! There is a world full of opportunities out there. That new world is yours to life in, not as a konami employee, but as a man.

  • Gatsu

    I wish Kojima-san good luck to future projects :). Hopefully he does the things he didn’t have time for while developing MGSV. Excited to see his next stuff. Arigatou for giving me this unforgettable experience during 17 years .


    Don’t know about mgsv Its very hard to say this but not happy with the last game kojima calls his best game I think we got ripped off not for the money but for being fans for such a long time n now we got this game that promises so much but just delivered poorly im not happy the game is ten times more disappointing than kojima leaving Konami

    • Gatsu

      Kojima might think differently about what he thinks is best. For example, he always wanted to do MGS as open world stealth.

      TPP is not what I expected, but still is amazing imo.

      • FOXHOUND

        It’s amazing because it’s a nother mgs game but mgs is about story telling boss fights cutt scene s that

      • FOXHOUND

        I tried to convince my self but every time I play it’s the same old stuff it pisses me off and feel like something went horribly wrong here just soo sad for a game that popular

        • korruption

          It’s a true shame. “The Phantom Pain” indeed.

    • Son_Of_Hideo

      Maybe Konami is sorta forcing him not to say anything negative about the game to hinder sales, also since this will be Konami’s last triple A game, they probably dont care what the fans think, they are just in it for the money

  • Henry

    Quick poll, where does everyone think Kojima will end up: His own production company, working with a another company, or work with Del Toro on movies?

    • Maik O’Bannon

      My bet is on “he’ll work with another software house”.

    • Danny Patten

      Movies would be my best guess! Or TV.
      Del Toro and him seem to be good buddies, so why not? That would be a heck of a mindfuck movie.

      If he sticks with games; he could probably join Naughty Dog or something like that. Or he goes silent and we’ll not hear anything big from him ever again, but that would be the least probable outcome.

      Anyway, I wish the best of luck for the rest of his career and life.

  • korruption

    Best of luck to Mr. Kojima… and may Konami burn in hell and be wiped away from existence.

  • Henry

    Yah know I have a theory on chapter 3, BTW this will spoil parts of the story so you were warned, my theory is chapter 3 was gonna be the story arc of how Outer Heaven was created, because if you remember during the story you find out you’re not Big Boss and it just ends. And there’s still no explanation of how Outer Heaven was created, I honestly think chapter 3 was the chapter were Outer Heaven was built and the circumstances leading up to the Outer Heaven uprising were explained. But since Konami was pressurize Kojima to finish earlier he had to cut episode 51 and chapter 3.

  • AeroGre
  • Cartmangus

    End of an era right here. Disappointments with the story and the incomplete nature of TPP aside this is still saddening.

    Feels kind of strange that it is actually over for real now, we’ve known for quite some time obviously, ever since the fallout at Konami. But, wow, franchise has been a part of more than half my life, there’s always been one more game lurking around the corner, no matter how many years off it may have been, but this is it, never again will we get a Kojima directed Metal Gear. Please bring Shinkawa with you wherever you go Kojima!

    I wish him the best of luck though, and I’ll be excited to follow whatever his next project may be.

  • Konami Denies Hideo Kojima Has Left, Says He’s “On Vacation”: — LOL

    • Venom_Sina

      Thanks for the info.I don’t know what to believe right now.Konami or New Yorker.

      • Other sources say that Kojima has left Konami and KJP too, what the hell

        • Venom_Sina

          That’s the point.Everyone saying Kojima left,but Konami denies it.This is a true WTF,lol.

          • Well we’ll see what all of this turns out to be

    • Danny Patten

      I swear to god…this break up is more dramatic than any soap opera.

    • gnysek

      On vacations that ends when he leaves probably. Which means exacly same – he will not go back to work in office.

      • deadpool4ever


  • He didn’t leave he’s just “on vacation”.

    • deadpool4ever


    • Imo, they aren’t lying actually.
      Look at the Kojima’s twitter account. He is visiting museums and stuff. So he is at the vacation.

      • On vacation until he leaves Konami, maybe. He can’t start working on anything new until December anyway.

        • True. I hope that he already spoke with a publisher about the deal and while Kojima is on vacation, producer and other devs are preparing the workplace for a new project for him. I mean it’s not that hard to do. You don’t need to sign a contract for that.

    • Boldizar

      *shifty eyes*

  • FOX

    This is a celebration party but they made it look like farewell. He’s on vacation

    • Then why were there farewell speeches? Also, this would be consistent with the earlier rumors about Kojima’s departure.

      • FOX

        Any proof or video?

          • FOX

            Well how many times Kojima misleaded or trolled us? İ still feel like we are being trolled again and “everything is a lie”

          • Maik O’Bannon

            re is a story in Italy about a guy named Pierino, he was a shepherd and he always alarmed everybody at his village for nothing;everyday he screamed “wolves!wolves!”
            people from the village always rushed to save him but there were no wolves;
            one day the wolves came there for real,as always he screamed for somebody to save him,only this time people did not show up,and the wolves ate him and his herd..
            People didn’t trust his alarm this last time,everybody believed he was joking again;

            Maybe it’s the same here,kojima trolled us so many times that now we can’t believe that all of this is real;
            I think being fired or leave the company is the best that could happen to him right now, I’m sure he’s going to be hired by somebody else to make incredibly good games once more.
            Staff morale increased?

          • Venom_Sina

            We have this story in Iran,too,exactly like this.Here people call it :”The Lying Shepherd”.

            The original source is a book called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”,I think.

          • FOX


  • FoxTamerMGO


    • deadpool4ever


  • Plissken

    More like this

    • deadpool4ever

      Is this movie forest gump? I guess not

      • Plissken

        It is

        • deadpool4ever


  • Venom_Sina

    Ken-ichiro and Yoji are not happy about this.Look at their faces.

    • Eugene Voldo

      That’s strange, because other guys and girls look so happy and cheerful. Maybe Konami paid them to act happy?

      • Venom_Sina

        Can’t say for sure.Maybe they offered them good jobs,lol.We’re talking about Konami here,so everything is possible,lol.

      • Well the source said it was a cheerful goodbye.

  • no_fox

    #FucKonami 🙂

  • Venom_Sina

    Now another question:What will happen to the other members of KJP?Will they leave Konami with Kojima or will they stay with Konami?That’s the million dollar question.

    I wish someone comes forward and clear everything up,but I guess we have to wait till December arrives.

    • The original rumors talked about other ‘senior members’ as well, aside from Kojima:

      Also, according to Simon Parkin Shinkawa will also leave.

      Let’s hope Shinkawa will come with Kojima as well, wherever he goes. Some other key members would be great as well (such as Ken Imaizumi).

      • Venom_Sina

        Yeah.These people are great.I hope they go to a company like Sony,cause I think Sony still cares about original games.We can see that in games like:The Last of Us,Until Dawn,Bloodborne etc.

        And let’s hope they team up with Mr.del Toro,Mr.Reedus and Ito-san and create Silent Hills under a different name.

        • yep, i really hope they all end in sony, i think it would be the best outcome, i don’t see sony as a company that would disrespect Kojima

    • No one can say anything about it right now. Reasons are simple: Contract…
      and no one will clear anything even in December. It’s over.

      Some people will go with Kojima and some, prolly not. Depends if Konami is serious about the future of Metal Gear Solid. I mean, ppl still want to keep their job there you know?

      I think the core Kojima’s/MGS/Konami/ team will eventually leave it for the new studio but that is still in question and I think it’s not more than 20-25 people at best.

  • Aleezy
  • Aleezy
  • Aleezy

    We’ll learn the truth one day. #Mission46.

    • Eugene Voldo

      Hideo “Big Medic” Kojima was always the best man we had…

  • Jav

    I want him to leave the industry 🙂

    • XOF

      lol not sure if serious or not …

      Even if you don’t like TPP, you still have the past MGS games … unless you didn’t like those games either and hence why you want him to leave industry. 😛 hehe

      • Ishmael

        and why not? as a director and writer there are so much more ways to be creative beside the gaming industry.

        • He is an excellent game designer on it’s own. Game industry is where he should be.

          • Eugene Voldo

            Yep, I don’t want to belittle Kojima as a writer and movie director, but I’m sure that his movies would suffer a lot from exposition dumps and absurd storylines. Kojima is amazing at game design, but if I had a choice I’d re-hire Tomokazu Fukushima (the guy who co-wrote MGS1-3 and wrote fantastic Ghost Babel on his own) as a writer for anything Kojima would do after MGSV.

        • XOF

          Because Kojima still has passion for working in the game industry. All he needs is a new IP.

          Not saying he won’t pursue other careers, it’s up to him what he wants to do.

      • Jav

        I think he needs time to think in what fans and no fans have felt with mgsv. We are not happy with his “best game”. And I think gz was way better than tpp.

        • Gatsu

          Once again someone saying “we”, you can’t speak for everyone.

          Way better? Okey o_O…

        • XOF

          Well I think he does need to rest in which he is doing it right now. He doesn’t need to leave industry though … definitely should move on to new games. He does have a creative mind as seen in past mgs games.

          lol I agree with you that it is not his best game, but people are happy or having fun with the game despite it being unfinished ….

          lol At least you do like something about mgsv which is ground zeroes.

          • Don’t most people like TPP though? You can’t please everyone.

          • XOF

            Kojima said that this the best game he has created, but i don’t think it is..

            Despite it missing mission 51 and a possible rumoured chapter 3, it was still a lot of fun to play though for people (myself included). Ending was fine for me but I didn’t like the way the story was presented. But overall I enjoyed it, but not my favourite mgs game. hehe

  • Full Options

    Besides, HK is also very strong at mobile development. 😀 He gathered a lot of experience in compacting the most HC gameplays on the PSP. For example, KP managed to efficiently spot Portable Ops weak-points and wonderfully addressed them with PW !? If there are people that can properly evaluate and implement the most innovative gameplays for mobiles, then KP are far from being the weakest ones, right !? 😀
    I mean, if Konami wanted to aim at mobile market, then keeping developing FoxEngine Portability toward mobiles, through HK projects would have certainly be a much smarter move than simply pissing him and his entire team off !?

  • Mark Rock

    There can only be, one boss.

  • Vacation

  • Automata Snake

    Konami sent him on a “vacation” to Belize.

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