MGSV update brings Squid Hat to MGO and adjustments to TPP

Today Konami released the first DLC pack for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, consisting of several costumes to be used in the game. But Metal Gear Online also received an update: the squid hat (officially called ‘The Cephalopod’) is now available and can be purchased with MB Coins. More items will be added soon.

Metal Gear Online Official Twitter:

New DLC is out today for MGSV single player, but MGO gets a supply drop as well with the Squid Hat! The Squid Hat joins the Croc Hat, both of which can be added to your character through MB coin purchase, and more items will be here soon! If you’ve been saving up those daily MB rewards, nows the time to redeem them, and show off those pro-level skills–ever lost to a Squid?


Furthermore, some small adjustments have been made to the game:

Metal Gear Official Twitter:

Lastly we’ve made a few adjustments in MGSV:TPP. Matching & Certain UI elements have been adjusted, Effects of nuclear weapon ownership have been adjusted as well extending FOB blockade duration +1 day for each nuke owned. And the notification timing when an intruder infiltrates your FOB has also been changed. Don’t forget also to participate in our latest FOB Mission and earn extra rewards for reaching a rival’s core FOB 5 times before 10/27.

Additionally, Konami issued an update related to penalties for disconnecting from FOB missions.

Here are the update notes as shown when you start the game:


Source: Metal Gear Online Official Twitter, Metal Gear Official Twitter, Gamespark

  • JoJo

    Hopefully that new update means I can actually invade FOBs with nukes. I have well over 500,000 Heroism and NO nuke-owners have appeared on my invasion list.

    • Janeo

      Yeah that nuke thing is pretty confusing, I was told a really long time ago by ocelot that I could now infiltrate fob with nukes but have never seen one. I also created a nuke and a little bit after I built it I realised it was stolen, I never got any notifications about it and I didn’t even get a chance to get it back because I just don’t know what happened, I just checked my resources and realised I had gone down from one nuke to zero. Now I’m stuck with demon snake and it’s taking me a long time to get rid of him, not sure I will ever build a nuke again unless they make the system a little less confusing.

      • Nick Wheaton

        Best advice for building a nuke? Do it completely offline. Do not log into the servers at all until it’s done, then when it’s done, immediately dismantle it. They can’t steal it from you if you don’t log into the servers because they won’t update it to show that you have a nuke if you’re offline.

      • Maik O’Bannon

        If you want to fastly gain a lot of heroism you should try playing “the white mamba mission” and extract all the kids from bwala ya masa;if you don’t want to fight Eli you can put him to sleep from a distance.
        This should allow you to get thousands of Heroism points each time.

        • ObsessedGeorge

          Just use the Rocket punch on him and see his reaction! He is the only person in the game which reacts to the flying rocket arm! 🙂 I sent my rocket arm from behind his back when he was looking at the sea/river and he got suprised to see the flying arm! 😀

      • Agent HUNK

        Same happened to me and i have never seen another person with nukes!!

    • Ardens Anima

      Are You sure they have them, or they just don’t have nukes?
      And I get what You’re saying, I’ve never seen anyone with nukes so far….

    • Tasteful Club

      You can find them you just get in to fob then out then in you do this back and forth and with a little bit of luck you will find one.

  • Jav

    Please konami! I can’t be online all the time. Stop stealing my stuff. Now I can’t use the tranq rifle because all the purple shit is online.

  • Aleezy

    MB Coin purchases <<<<<<<<

  • Spanky

    Makes me wanna go home and spread my girls butt cheeks!!

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    The true Phantom pain Script: Man become demons

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    The true Phantom pain Script: Man becomes Demons


      That is scary.

      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        Big Boss: ” So you’re the random medic who everyone talks about ? I’m not impressed

    • Eugene Voldo

      Huh? Where’s Skullface? How can you forget about the legendary man who helped Naked “John Jack Vic Big Boss Saladin” Snake in Operation Snake Eater?! You’ve created a time paradox!

      • Boldizar

        “Remember that turd you left in the Russian Jungle Snake?! I CLEANED IT UP!!”

    • XIFF-5

      from where did you get this?!

    • Venom_Sina

      Such a lust for Demon Big Boss.WHOOOOOOO?!
      The 2nd picture is really funny.Look at BB’s face,lol.Wouldn’t you agreeeeee?
      And the 3rd picture:Do you see the glasses?Maybe he wants to go to ski or something,lol.

      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        Big boss: “so you are the random medic who everyone talks about? I’m not impressed”

      • Such a lust for cut content…WHOOOOOO?!

    • Gatsu

      That 2nd pic is so good haha xD.

    • Silverius

      Where is this from?!

      • kuaikukia

        meet skull face on mission 30

      • modded model swap from the PC version.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      I wanted your opinion guys. Do you spot any differences between Venom and Big Boss’ face? Are their models indeed 100% copy/pasted? Also, their eyes. Big Boss’ eyes are blue. Venom’s?

      • Venom_Sina

        Good question.Personally I didn’t spot any differences between BB and Venom’s models.You know,aside from that horn.And about the eye:I think it’s blue,too.But we can’t say for sure,because Fox Engine can do crazy things with lighting technique.We saw a white-hair BB in the beginning of GZ,so everything is possible.

      • Ishmael

        i’d say venom’s eyes are green.

      • Boldizar

        Surgical scars, something everyone should have noticed from the get go.

    • Ignacio ZUÑIGA CONCHA

      where do you get those photos??? are they real?

  • PhantomSnake

    These things are designed to eat up your MB coins fast! I am trying to save up for a second FOB. Damn you Konami for your micro transaction riddled games.

    • Aleezy

      I know right? Daily bonus rewards are never MB coins anymore lol. Clever punks.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I’ve been getting MB coins every day, except yesterday that l got Biological material.

        • Aleezy

          Really? Every time I’m getting resources, plants, or gmp…. I just checked right now it was 15 coins lol. I was wrong. Have 650 so far 350 more to go.

  • Gatsu

    “The notification timing when an intruder infiltrates your FOB has been changed.”

    Changed how exactly?

  • Jan Compaf

    too late too little to a broken mess online and offline
    good riddance mgs, it was fun while it lasted aka all MGS up to this one

  • Agent HUNK

    oh boy a squid hat ……….. 🙁 I want more story missions or i should say the story missions they cut !!! even side missions that are different and new would be nice .. I just feel like we are missing a land too ?? I am 90% and have s ranked everything just trying to finish every objective of every mission which some seem hit or miss for some reason like the tank only turns up sometimes in the code talker mission??

  • FOX

    İ will never play mgo,way too boring

  • ominonarepus
    • Full Options


    • Gatsu

      Hahahah so funny XD.

    • stocchinet .

      Pure gold

  • SSxth

    Did they fix quiet yet?

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