More details on Metal Gear Online November and December updates

In the second volume of Designer’s Notes, the Metal Gear Online development team looked back at the update 1.01 released earlier this month, as well as giving some more details on update 1.02 planned for next month.

We’d like to focus this Designer’s Notes on taking a closer look at the damage values of certain weapons changed for Ver. 1.01.

As a byproduct of increasing the stamina and health of the Enforcer class, we likewise increased the headshot damage output of the following weapons: UN-ARC, RENOV-ICKX TP, WU S.PISTOL and WU S333. This allows the Infiltrator and Scout classes a better advantage in taking out heavily defended players such as Enforcers via a well-placed headshot.


Walker Gear gatling guns, and all submachine guns, as well as the AM MRS-4 have had their general damage reduced. This means that lethal weapons mainly used by the Infiltrator class deal less damage overall.

These measures are designed to encourage greater use of key class competancies such as Scout headshots and Infiltrator non-lethal attacks compared to their alternative combat skills.

Walker Gears and Anti-air emplacements have had their damage received from assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers increased. From the aforementioned, sniper rifles and machine guns, in particular, deal increased damage against Walker Gears. Be sure to try out these weapon types and experiment with the recent value changes.


This represents the sum of new weapon damage values; have you run into these changes since the update? In what ways have your tactics changed to compensate?

Before we end today’s notes, we have another insight into the December update Ver. 1.02.

We have received a lot of additional feature requests for the CREATE MATCH option including: “ability to set Walker Gear availability”, “ability to set variable Weather conditions” and the “option to add a Host Match Description”. These new features are planned to be available in our next update to Metal Gear Online.


The Host Match Descriptions can be chosen from approximately 30 pre-set options. For subsequent updates we’ll consider adding new pre-set descriptions based on player feedback.

Since launch, despite forming a party, players have had a difficult time ensuring that they are able to play on the same team as their friends at the start of the first match. This is because the match often begins before enough opposing players join during the pre-match period, and the system to balance the teams, pulls players away from the party to the opposing side.

For Ver. 1.02, we’ll be adding the ability to set the max amount of players required to begin a match. As a result, a match won’t begin until the requisite player count has been reached, thus ensuring that pre-formed parties remain intact when the match begins.


Players can expect the above changes and more in the Ver. 1.02 update scheduled to arrive this December. Thanks for checking Designer’s Notes Vol.2 and look forward to more info soon!

Source: MGSV Official Site

  • Nice, nice… Any plans on new game modes or new maps? That’d be great too!

    • JoJo

      That’s really all it’s missing. I like MGO a lot but damn, more maps, please! Or at a custom map maker or SOMETHING! We’re starving here.

      • Hopefully from now on, with the official tournaments going on they’ll add more maps and game modes… I really miss tatical games like Rescue!
        Also I’m missing different outfits… It’s boring when you only have like 5 to choose from

        • JoJo

          The next iteration of a game should at least have the same content as its predecessor. Star Wars Battlefront fails in this respect, and so does MGO unfortunately.

          • N-Shifter

            Just playing devil’s advocate but the new Battlefront is NOT “Battlefront 3”, it was advertised as a re-imagining of the series aka a reboot. Subsequent DLC’s or even sequels to the current Battlefront will bring it more in-line with with the older ones.

          • JoJo

            I understand that, really I do. But using the name “Battlefront” was always going to draw the comparison to the older games as I’m sure you can understand. Wouldn’t you want to OUTDO them, then? Or at least match them? That’s all I’m getting at.

        • Ardens Anima

          Honestly, I would like a lot more tactical modes that are similar to C&D in MGO3.
          I’m glad they at least added the basic multiplayer modes, like Comm Control, or Bounty Hunter. But I would like more game modes that are really diverse compared to other multiplayer shooters.

          Of course, this is hopefully only the start, and I hope either in this next update, or after this next one, they focus on releasing some more modes and maps….and a couple of extra really ridiculous costumes like the swimsuits as well. XD

    • How many are there?

      • Currently there are 5 maps and 3 game modes.

        • Wow that’s really not much…

  • Snake

    We need something like GP… The current system is really boring.

  • Agent HUNK

    screw all this !!! I want more story!

  • Red x

    we want new modes like MGO2 and how do i have MB coins ?

    • You either collect them from daily login bonuses or you buy them with real money.

      • N-Shifter

        Yup, I’ve been collecting them since the beginning – I log in every day for the bonuses even if I’m not going to play the game that day (I’m greedy). I have enough MB coins for another FOB now if I really feel the need 🙂

  • stocchinet .

    I dropped this game like after two weeks….such a letdown for me

    • It might not be as good as we expected it to be… but neither is anything in life. We’re always so hype about everything and when things don’t go as we wanted it to go we just get mad and give up. I have to admit I am not so hyped about this game anymore. It let me down too but I didn’t give up on it and, specially now with these official tournaments, I think this is going to change… to something better!
      My point is: don’t give up just yet, this is not the end of MGO.

      • moto hellogoto

        Wrong. Witcher 3 turned out way better than I could have expected.

        • WhatTheJuicay

          I agree with the Witcher. Also GTA Online. I had personal hype for that game and it turned out to be almost everything I expected. I’d say 90%. I can’t say the same for MGO3. I had the same level of hype for it. I could blame how kojipro la decided to market the game, which was pretty much non existent aside from that one trailer and keeping fans in the dark. Not much hype to build on aside from what mgo2 vets experienced. Makes the disappointment much higher.

      • stocchinet .

        I understand what you are saying, but right now i think the game is pretty repetitive, few maps and modes kill it for me

  • NakedSnake85

    im so furious right now
    You CANNOT develop 5 things at the same time
    are you fucking kidding me Konami?
    they are pushing us to use microtransactions in such a idiotic way.
    I put 700 hours in the game im 32 on espionage ranking and i cannot develop 5 things!!!!!! and the develpment time is 5 days and 6 days and 10 days ! OMFG.. im furious

    • Jav

      This is the game mechanics. The objective is to limit the player all the time. I hate it too.

    • Full Options

      The more you want to buy this shit, the more you’ll get furious. I am very happy with my copy so far and there is no single chance I’ll buy anything extra if it is not a HIDEO KOJIMA / WORTH ONE. The Boss’s nipples suit, a horse with a plume stuck in its .ss… The ones buying this crap are spoiled kids, not aware about how many persons could actually survive/eat with their bucks, spent to dress a f.ckn 3D sprite…

      • Lewis

        I bought the costume pack. Well, I’m a spoiled kid now. :C

        • Full Options

          Sorry Lewis, I did not really meant that either. Take my message as a simple reminder regarding how better our money could be used. It is just that I get mad because video games are not supposed to deal entertainment in a such mercantile way. The only way to preserve this nobility is to not feed these parasite business-models through buying items that don’t bring any real added value. If we don’t fight this now I am afraid we will have to purchase more central part of our games in the near future.
          To put it in other words, my point is that your costume pack should be integrated in the first release and unlock-able through gameplay or within a more consequent DLC that bring a real added value to a game. Dealing costume like that look very cheap from Konami, besides the obscene aspect of visually differentiating players according with the size of their wallets. This is not what the video games were created for and nobody should participate in such jokes imo.

          • Lewis

            Oh, man, sorry. You didn’t offend me, it was just a joke. 🙂
            And I fully agree, that this kind of DLC should be either free, or in the base game. Even free is not good enough. It was disgusting how CD Projekt RED did it. 16 free DLC, look at us, we are so not like the others. And you get NG+ when lots of people completed the game and didn’t even want to go back after such a long period.

            DLC costumes are fine, I think. And MB coins are fine, I think. I see lots of people building their second FOB on free login MB coins. I must give credit to Konami here, I like most thing they do with MGSV (apart from Kojima-situation, ofc). Of course I would prefer everything to be unlockable without money, but hey, it won’t go away now. And to be fair, costumes and freely obtainable currency is much better, than those “story” DLC, when publisher cuts the game and sells missions/levels separately.

          • Full Options

            :DD, well done for the joke then, you trapped me xD

            Although you were right to ask me more precision. I was tired and so mad at Konami for so many different reason these days, that my eyes turn red every time I remember MG micro-transaction. Seeing this sh.t infecting MG was for me the straw that broke the camel’s back… xD

            Yeah, publisher dealing a game like slices of sausage after asking us to pre-order put me in a like “WDTG&FT” mode… :DD
            You know I used to shape 3D meshes in the past so it is hard for me to conceptualize the purchase of such elements, specially at those prices. Say if all costumes pack was 1 buck, I would not have bought it either, but would have found this fair / ok. I mean a buck is 1/60 of the whole game setup !!? Stuff like purchasing clothes or items in concepts like second life or PSHome feels sooo odd to me.
            The network features in game are awesome but introduced, as a side-effect, a real breach for nuts publishers to sell us parts of their game along with a lot of their BS.

    • Ardens Anima

      They apparently prevent more than 5 Online weapons at the same time as a glitch will occur when developing more than 5.

  • Alex

    I did this yesterday

    • Lewis

      The only thing left to do in this game. Much better than capturing those fucking animals.

  • dudegot5

    If they could incorporate clan systems and Mail communication with o.p.’s that would be a major plus as well because there is no interaction with other players what’s so ever so it’s still less competative

  • Raven_Sorrow

    I don’t know I this is old news but the “exclusive” dlcs of the special editions is not exclusive anymore. It’s all on the PS store for sale. Even the rex helmet.. Greedy bastards

  • PrinceHeir

    All the changes in MGO are okay tbh. I haven’t played much of the MP anymore. It’s just not fun as its used to and it’s the same old modes etc.

  • Timothy Wagner

    They took way to much from the infiltrator. Got me all use to a style of play and bam, one update and now she almost sucks. Every class got a face lift and the infiltrators took the hit. Weaker guns, slower, takes less damage. We got robbed. Horribly bad. Made me shelf the game for a while as well as every other infiltrator I know. Some havent picked it back up. Just moved on to the next game. They have to give something back. SMH!!

    • Isaiah

      Haven’t played it since either. Snipers can get away with shooting our toes and we die. CQC is no longer affective. Everybody on MP games are used to run and gun kills. I don’t think they were ready for something so different to take them out, so they complained about it. Infiltrators being furthest from run and gunner got nerfed. Now it’s mostly run and gun like your standard MP. No one wants to risk it.

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