Raiden suit and Skulls Unit coming to FOB with December update

Some info on the upcoming December update for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been posted by Japanese website Crazygamers, and translated by the guys at the Metal Gear Solid Reddit page. They provide some new info on changes coming to Metal Gear Online and the FOB part of the game, including a first look at Raiden suit and the SKULLS Unit. You can see the full translation below (some of the information was already provided through the official Metal Gear Solid website).


MGSV:TPP December Update partially revealed!
Free placements of Gun Cameras and land mines in FOB, Raiden and SKULLS debut, MGO host migration and more!
On yesterday’s “PHANTOM PAIN MGO & FOB Update Special!” broadcast on Famitsu’s Nico Nico channel, part of the December update for METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN has been revealed. Here we will introduce the announced changes.


Free placements of Gun Cameras (Surveillance Cameras) & Land Mines
Featuring a special mode for placements of cameras and land mines, which seems to be included in addition to standard placements up to the player’s choice. You can also check the placements for a set period of time.


Debut of Player Character Raiden
Can use wormholes for warping, and appears to be using special weapons. It is unclear what conditions need to be met to use him.


Security Team (?) SKULLS Debut
SKULLS units have appeared on the FOB Platforms. Conditions for doing this are yet unclear.


Other FOB-related updates include: “Challenge Tasks” are added with rewards for completing them, friend connectivity enhanced to allow friend supporters including infiltration.



Host Migration
According to designers’ notes revealed yesterday, host migration has become possible. In the event that the host leaves an ongoing game, one player in the room will be selected to become the next host and the match will reset. All players with exception of the host will gain EXP from the match.

Select Match Condition Expansions
Walker Gears ON/OFF, Weather, Room Names are conditions that can be used for filtering rooms in search.
Though this summarizes all the announcements made, this is only part of all of the updates to be rolled out on December. Seems like quite an amount of adjustments and new features are being prepared!

Source: translated by Reddit MGS, via MGN

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    Since he is also jailed next to SKULLS, maybe they’ll let us deploy MOF as well at some point in the future ?
    😀 In any case, I love the idea of invading FOBs protected by SKULLS, it makes things a lot more spicy !! xD

  • Jav

    The skulls fob should be an event.

  • Full Options

    Successful operation in Paris, however 5 cops were slightly injured and we lost a Diamond Dog this morning…

    • Gatsu

      RIP Doggy :(…

      • Full Options

        Yeah, poor girl. The first pic looked so Diamond Doggish to me 😀 I could not resist to post it. It truly looks like MB with comrades and DD standing in the middle like waiting for Snake to get off the late (guess because of who) chopper 😉

    • Ishmael

      See, this is why parts of western society are crazy. They make threads to memorize a police dog, but those victims in lebanon, who where just killed hours before the attacks in paris, they don’t get a single shit. I like dogs too, but this suggest this dog’s life had more worth than people in lebanon, so get the fuck off with this pathetic bullshit!

      • Full Options

        I am sorry do you know me ? Are you telling me that I consider Lebanon or any other human being through your own vision ?
        Lebanon, Turkey, France, all deaths on earth are unacceptable. I just felt, besides seeing this dog reminding me DD with his suit / uniform, that he was sent first into this mess and probably helped to avoid more cops death. He did not realize where he was getting in. Just a brave dog, a hero that probably saved more lives before. Why shouldn’t we give him some tribute ?
        You alone actually compared this dog’s death to humans ones. I never did. We don’t need to create extra hatred like that. THX

      • Gatsu

        Not many news by my local magazines, of for example what happened in Lebanon. It’s all about Paris, but I guess it’s because it had the highest amount of victims and ongoing operations.

        You don’t need to go crazy like that towards Full Options though… He’s not the one creating the news, just posted it here.

        I’m not familiar how eastern society report news so can’t say anything back at that.

    • John

      I find it disgusting that your shilling this. This has NOTHING to do with MGSV .

      • Gatsu

        Half of the stuff people discuss here have nothing to do with MGSV.

        The rules don’t say we have to talk only about MGSV.

        • John

          Lets talk about how much of a faggit you are then

      • Full Options

        I am sorry. This has indeed and fortunately nothing to deal with MGSV. It was not my intention to wake up any inapropriate feeling, contrast or to shock anybody.

        You were probably not around but few days ago, some members of this community kindly shared their support to our victims of the attacks in Paris through their comments.

        Yesterday, a very complicated operation allowed the neutralization of 8 other attackers, directely linked / accomplices of what happened last Friday night. The operation was quite successful thanks to this puppy.

        I just shared that we are slowly managing to stop them from progressing or repeating their madness.

        Stay sure I also want this kind of posts to stay hopefully exceptional and between parenthesis forever.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Every time I hear the news of a dog getting killed I get emotional.RIP

  • I think the skulls are a mother base mission or something

  • Gatsu

    Damn, them Skulls gonna take over my MB .

    Btw, off-topic news but Deus Ex:Mankind Divided was announced to be delayed. Original release was going to be February, but now it’s August 23rd >_<…such a long delay. But they want to make it even more fantastic and exceed the expectations so it's all good. Lots of games coming early next year anyway.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      No f*ing way! Well, this gen gone to shi*t! 🙂 It’s a downhill.

    • VenomSnake123

      Same story with Persona 5. First a 2015 release window, and then suddenly summer 2016! I know it’s all to make the game better but deep down it still hurts… Hang in there! 🙂

      • Gatsu

        Np Dark Souls 3 will keep me busy when it release in March. There was some other games coming too around then I think, UC4?

        This year has been pretty crowded, so in a way it’s nice that not everyone big game release close to each other imo :).

    • Full Options

      Turns out Square Enix want to stick to AAA rather than mobile & pachinko… ;D
      I think it is a painful, but good news.

    • Ardens Anima

      At least it’s not like waiting for TPP. XD

      • Full Options


        • WhatTheJuicay

          Anyone know what he’s talking about?

          • Full Options

            Who, talkin about what ? xD

        • The Omnipotent Snake

          “The phantom painful pain” indeed!

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      I was excited because Deus Ex was gonna be out a few weeks after my birthday 🙁

      Oh well, at least that gives me more time for Fallout once I get it, and I might buy XCOM 2 when it launches. I’ll have to think about it, and hopefully Dishonored 2 is out Q1/Q2.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      August 23rd..amazing. Guess I gotta pre-order again. The last Deus Ex game came out on my birthday as well. Maybe they’re trying to tell me something.

  • Jav

    How can I see all the “new” fatigues?

  • Solidus

    Did they take away the mining/processing resources notification by the way? I just realised I haven’t seen it for a long time.

    • N-Shifter

      I saw it earlier today, usually happens for me straight away when I first see Myself sitting in the ACC after the menu.

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    I wonder if this is a new rank of the Raiden suit for use in single-player with the wormhole and everything or if it’s FOB-only.

  • Shadow Rex

    Haha I read it wrong, thought it said Raiden’s Skull Suit.

  • PrinceHeir

    Awesome 🙂

    Though was expecting Raiden MGS2 Suit 😛

  • PrinceHeir

    So Peace Walker servers are still live. Pretty cool! Wish MGSV had CO-OP tbh. Even two players is fine for me.

    I haven’t seen Kojima much. Usually he should be here announcing the updates and all. Guess he’s really out of Konami eh?

  • The Omnipotent Snake

    Oh god! Man, i can’t even deal with one of them and they are creepy as hell

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