Digital Extended Soundtrack for MGSV will contain 114 songs

A new soundtrack has been announced for Metal Gear Solid V. Called the ‘Extended Soundtrack’, this digital only release will contain 114 songs from the game (from cutscenes and gameplay).


You can buy the album as a whole (receiving a digital booklet describing the music) or you can purchase each of the songs separately.

The album releases on December 23rd on iTunes, for a price of ¥2700 (around $22 USD), or ¥250 per song.

Source: MGSV Official Site

  • Killer

  • Gatsu

    Woaah I thought we had enough of these o_O, too bad I already got the others so maybe won’t get this. How many songs more did this one have compared to previous OSTs?

    Btw wanna say, that it’s awesome to see so many familiar Diamond Doggies still commenting here after TPP release ^_^. Once you join Nyx’s MB community, there’s no way out :D.

    • Full Options

      No way out indeed !
      Did you meant MG community or Mother Base community ? ;D

      • Gatsu

        Mother Base ;D

    • XOF

      you can always download individually each song/track you don’t have from previous MGSV OSTs.

      • Gatsu

        Oh, you’re right xD. Yeah I need new glasses lol when can’t read -_-.

        • Full Options

          xD try those

          • FoxTamerMGO

            I gotta get one of these one day, they’re so cool ;’D

          • Full Options

            Pure Koji-Glasses… 😀

          • Gatsu

            I’m not worthy to try God’s glasses.

          • Full Options

            Feel the force. Through God’s glasses you must see that worthy you always was.

          • If you put those on, you’re suddenly going to see half naked vampires, skating men in bomb suits, cloned super soldiers and ear-pulling shamans everywhere.

          • Full Options

            “Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future…the past. Old friends long gone.”

            But right you are. the Force is strong in those glasses… Extremely careful with your future choices you have to be…
            “For my ally is the Force…”

          • ObsessedGeorge

            In my opinion, these are the best he ever wore. So stylish! My favorite… 🙂 Plus, they’re in Ground Zeroes too. I didn’t like his white ones in TPP.

          • Full Options

            Yes, these were really shocking, fun, high-tech…
            RANK S – “That was perfect…”
            …After also receiving several “What took you so long” I have to admit… 😀

          • glitchbomb

            Agreed. I love these.

    • No Place For Hayter

      More music from TPP is always welcome, lol.

      And yeah, can’t ever leave, it’s just too good here 🙂
      (goes back into silence, lol)

      • Gatsu

        Yo dude :), I’ve missed you! I guess more is always welcome indeed.

        Thanks for stopping by bro xD. I shall go get some zzzz.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Kojima’s contract ends tomorrow right?

    • Full Options

      These are AFAIK possible insider rumors even stating that it was yesterday, but nothing official so far…

  • Gatsu
    • Full Options

      Sh.t, 360 increased again…

      • Gatsu

        I think PC dropped by 2000 :D.

        • Full Options

          Yeah PC was really high but are still doing good.
          I don’t know which hack may have been use to cheat like that but couldn’t they somehow reverse it ? PS4 look rather sustaining 🙁

          • John

            dont forget its possible to fully hack on ps3/360 and those numbers are low. there is no proof thatpc is full of hackers on mgsv. tired of this lie.

          • There is not really any other plausible explanation for the PC numbers to be that much higher.

          • John

            game was given free with gpu purchases, people probably didnt know of mgs lore and kept up on the news of the nuke disarmament.

          • That still wouldn’t explain such a huge difference, especially since the PS4 version is probably the one that sold the most copies. Also, doesn’t it cost quite a bit of money and time to develop a nuke?

          • Full Options

            Consoles benefit of more secure anti-cheat barriers, yet because patches have to go through several console manufacturers QA stages, before being broad-casted to the users. Besides, the executable modules are not as directly accessed as if they were on your PC’s hard drive. Possible, but more tedious for the average.

          • Full Options

            No worries, dude, not anti-PC at all here and even sad you guys have to wait that long for MGO. Back to what you were saying, I think it is unfortunately far easier to hack PC’s versions… Consoles, whether previous or current-next gen are far more complicated to kick in.

            As Nyxus said, it is complicated to imagine why PC’s were at some point over 20k nukes, whereas PS4, the main target for V (by very very far, like 70%) was hardly a thousand or two. I don’t think PC fellows are that nuke lovers. I think a bunch of them found a way to quickly craft several hundreds, if not thousands but not in a legit manner… Otherwise, how would you explain a that wide difference ?

    • PS4 has a lot because MGSV:TPP was sold the most for the platform.
      PC has cheater problem, but still community did great.

    • Steel Wolf

      To be honest, i was quite surprised to find out there are two factions in the fanbase because of the nukes , philanthropy (Anti nuke) and the Patriots (pro nuke development). they’ve also got their respective reddit pages. personally I’m with philanthropy, but i want to know what side you guys are on.

      • Raven_Sorrow

        Anti nuke

      • SNKtheStampede

        PS4 is quiet stationary… Me too I’m Anti nuke but a can’t invade other player with nukes because there is always another infiltrator at work. Until now I managed to steal and dismantle only 3 nukes on PS4. For an old fan of metal gear is very difficult to be pro nuke, but for new comers I can expect that. Plus we have to remember that some men just want to see the world burn.

      • kuaikukia

        If only I could building shaleanthropus, I probably gonna go with the patriots 😛

    • hunner

      Since defenders can just fulton there nukes away we will never get the cutscene. Game has been out for over 3 months and Konami still hasn’t fixed this.

  • 223hzy

    It says it does not contain those songs in the first OST, nor those coming in 2016

  • cheez124

    please have the songs from the truth ending…i can’t find them anywhere.

  • Leo Previato

    Please have that beautiful rendition of Quiet’s Theme at the end of “A Quiet Exit” pls ;_;

  • So what is the Lost Tapes OST for, then? Man this is too much.

  • It is time to bring this stuff up again :^)

    • Mr.Pony

      Here we go again… *grabs tinfoil christmas hat*

      • It is gonna be a bloody christmas mate

    • He is talking bout the reveal. That it has 3 parts. The first one is Ishmael part.

      • But Geoff said Prequel, wouldn’t that mean a whole game?

    • ObsessedGeorge

      The moment he said about “find a new engine and build from scratch” was the moment I shook my head in disbelief…

      If I had spent 5 years of my life to make a graphics engine from scratch and then I had to develop a game in a new, or inferior engine, I would have quit. I admire Kojima’s passion and respect his will to keep making games.

      One simply cannot believe how Konami could let the Fox Engine be made, only to be abandoned after the release of TPP. This has to be a ruse, that is why I think this is the last thing to cling onto until Kojima’s departure from Konami is official.

      • Full Options

        I hardly see Hideo indeed release something in less than 4 or 5 years even if the gaming concept and engine are simpler than V, but since all this is also heavily bound to the development budget, maybe he can pull up something faster.
        Although a title technically more linear could be developed in no time compare to a stealth title as featured as the last MG.

        I think Konami dismissed Hideo because they felt capable of using MG-Fox without him and I think they could, as far as they had the real will power (good question), since Fox is very stable and apparently easy for quickly coming up with new playable levels.

        On the other hand, Hideo is a “gaming concept researcher”, so besides his famous twists and surprising stories, it is also going to be extremely hard for them to find someone that inspired and valiant to produce real games while discovering drastically new directions. It is going to be hard for them to find someone with a that wise experience in game development and production, someone with a real global vision of game software.

        Regarding the lost of FoxEngine for Hideo, things are fortunately less black or white than they seem in software engineering. The hardest thing while developing V was research, discovering what was possible. One of the most time-consuming tasks in software development is to understand what you really want, and not necessarily implementing it.
        If you yet have the “intel”, then you just need to plan the execution of the project and hereby need far less revisions.

        Once you play it and you are sure that’s what you want, you can move on. You can also write it in no time. Every developer that may work under Hideo’s direction in the future, and that played V, already know what result they would like to reach if the project was a MG like stealth game. Having reference points make things far more simpler than doing research and heavy testing until having a convincing proof of concept. V is a real Rolls Royce for them to catch up with.

        I hope Hideo still want to mix what he pioneered so far in stealth concepts with new directions of his own.

      • I really hope after all this stuff that’s been happening, Kojima will be able to develop new games on the Fox Engine.

        • scarecrow

          I’m sorry but konami owns Fox Engine

    • hunner

      LMAO That guys twitter name is “GRAYFOXMGSV” I’m guessing he hated the ending plot twist.

      • It was kinda easily predictable and I can’t really say that I liked it.
        It just didn’t feel satisfying.

        • Janeo

          It’s easy to say any twist was predictable after you have experienced it. Most players thought they were big boss and they do give you a lot of clues during the game but you don’t really catch onto them until you finish the game or at least I didn’t. It’s the kind of twist that will piss everyone off at first but I got over it after a day and realised it was a really nice twist and a good thank you to the fans, it shows that kojima doesn’t take the series success for granted and he appreciates the players, a lot fans don’t seem to understand that and just crap all over the game because they weren’t big boss. Not saying that’s you, I have just seen many comments like that over the Internet.

  • Jav

    And later they will release “the real extended songs, this time is true”.

  • Venom_Sina

    How many times they want to sell the soundtracks?First the normal version,now this one and in the near future,Lost Tapes.What the hell’s going on in Konami?

  • PrinceHeir

    Can’t wait for this ^^

  • ratman2000

    Can’t wait to torrent these…..

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