Geoff Keighley answers questions about Kojima’s absence at The Game Awards

Last week, Geoff Keighley hosted The Game Awards 2015. One of the most talked about moments of the show was the fact that Hideo Kojima was absent, despite Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain winning two awards, and Keighley announcing publicly on stage that the reason for this was that Konami’s lawyers hadn’t allowed him to go. A move Keighley described as ‘inconceivable’.

Today, Geoff Keighley held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, where everyone could ask him questions about The Game Awards. Naturally, a lot of questions were about Kojima’s absence, and whether Keighley had any inside information on Kojima and The Phantom Pain, given the fact that he knows the famous game designer personally. Check out the questions and their answers regarding Kojima and MGSV below.

– Geoff, why we’re others allowed to represent MGS5 but not Kojima?

I’m not sure, that’s a question better asked to Konami.

– Why did you post so many tweets about Kojima just a couple of hours before TGA, even though you knew he did not travel? A flight from Japan to LA takes a bit of time.

I wanted him to know that we were thinking of him. I was trying to do all I could to make him feel connected to the show, even if he couldn’t be with us physically in LA. Heartbreaking situation.

– Was Kojima really watching the show? And did you talk with him after the show?

Yes he was watching it live in Tokyo with friends. He tweeted a bit during the show.

– What led to your decision to announce the reason Kojima was unable to go? Has Konami contacted you about it? Has Kojima? And were there any repercussions for it?

It just broke my heart that he couldn’t be with us – something had to be said. I didn’t tell anyone on the show team what I was going to say and it wasn’t rehearsed.


– How were you informed about the Kojima situation? Did they not give advance notice about him being prohibited? I’m curious what those communications were beyond what you told us on the live feed.

We found out in advance, but there was an ongoing dialogue for quite a while. Hideo did watch the show in Tokyo and enjoyed it -just wish he could have been with us.

– Hi Geoff, is it true Donny Burke asked to perform Sins Of The Father at the TGAs, and what we’re your reasons for having Stefanie sing Quiet’s Theme instead?

Yeah Donna was there and helping Stefanie. Loved having her join us too!

– Geoff, one simple question regarding The Phantom Pain.. Is it over yet?

I don’t know. A few years ago Kojima drew me a little timeline on a scrap of napkin to explain The Phantom Pain’s timeline and how Ground Zeroes would fit into it at the beginning. But he never talked about the other side of the timeline…then he ripped up the paper 🙂

– What are you hiding in relation to Kojima and Chapter 3? Spit it out!

Not hiding anything in that regard, but Kojima does love to surprise us (including me)!

Source: Reddit AMA

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    WUOW… THyX, nice read before bed.

    • Ralexion

      No american barber has touched that haircut.

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      Man… “does love to surprise us”… Did he really wrote that ? 😀
      Is nuke-0 going for example to miraculously match 25th Dec like birthday stuff ?

    • Then…My pants will rise!

      • Gatsu


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        ” ! “

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      Must be fake account, or really really cheesy trolling of Geoff if the account is real. For what prank Konami would impair their X-Mas sales like that ?

      • What account?

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          The AMA was on twitter then ? Thought you said it was on reddit…

          • It was on reddit (see the link in the source section), but Keighley posted the link on his Twitter.

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            Ah thanks / sorry, got it now.
            So, prank or not prank ? Kojima had the potential grade of a vice-president but if he managed to setup all this without any single leak, plus the sacrifice of sales, that would be awesome but a bit to high stunt for this industry.

      • I will say for sure that Geoff’s acc is real. Yeah, he is trolling a bit, but who knows…

        • It is real, it was tweeted by the real Geoff Twitter account:

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            This is getting sensible then. If there is something, must be imminent otherwise that would be sad to know that he did not share Hideo’s absence for his show’s audience only. Heads would roll as you said before… xD
            He is Hideo’s friend so… Weird !!? 😀

  • Ralexion

    Chaper 3 will be secretly delivered via a new update, uploaded undercover by Big Boss himself after infiltrating Konami’s HQ.

  • Kojima should surprise us before the new year with something.
    the whole industry cares a lot about him. He is trending and that is great.

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      Now you believe in the ruse, then ? Golg ??

      • I don’t know. To be honest, I’m totally satisfied with the ending of the game..
        If there will be something more, I will be excited as hell as always. I really love MGSV:TPP.

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          You know I love it all, the sandbox has tons of missions as well, I still feel like playing in it for months, if not years.

          However, lets dream a bit; just for fun…

          In GZ, we had FoxDie as well, and in TPP, no virus infected the UI (yet)… In a perfect world (or at least mine), FoxDie would have been pushed in one of the next updates (possibly paid), as the ultimate key to play a phantom descent to hell, along with setting up TPP with another half of the game including missions at Omega camp.

          But I admit I am getting a bit too Star-Trekish-crazy.

          But after all this poor events !? 🙁

  • vic boss

    What a time to be alive, idk why I ended up watching this but I’m glad I did. After I finish unlocking all the trophies for mgsv I’m gonna go back and play the entire saga again. This video gave me the feels.

    • Gatsu

      I need to play them too :D.

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        You mean you did not played MGS3 in HD yet ? Man, you are going to love it.

    • Janeo

      I won’t be done with TPP for a long time to come but once I have finally taken a few months off I’m looking forward to going back through the series once again, I usually do it at least once a year. Just don’t think I will be finished with TPP for a while though, I’m not even going for 100% right now, I’m at 74% and just doing FOB missions while slowly playing through the story missions again, I have played for 215 hours and I still feel like playing every single day. I stopped playing for a few days after I got fallout 4 but that couldn’t even keep me away from metal gear long, it’s the best game I have ever played and I’m just not sure it’s possible to get tired of it. Though I’m moving houses in a few days and I won’t have an Internet connection for almost two weeks, I’m going to feel really bad leaving it up to just my men to take care of the base so I guess it’s time to get some allies, I will take care of that over the next few days.

      • vic boss

        Yeah me either I think TPP will be the game that I will always be playing , I’m currently at 92% with 221 hours in. Once Im done with the trophies I’ll be back to play all of them, the only one that I’ve played just once is peace walker , idk why I can only watch the cutscenes. I haven’t played fobs that much and really haven’t played another game that much. With the exception of bo3 and rainbow six siege with friends. I tried the witcher 3 and even though I think I’ll beat it, the game just isn’t for me. Is not as good as mgsv at least I don’t think so and also I think I’ll give bloodborne a chance, but nothing is as good as mgsv. If it wasn’t for all the beef between konami and kojima and the extra stuff they cut from the game , I think It would have won GOTY.

        • Janeo

          I played the witcher at my friends house for a few hours and it’s a decent game but it’s really nothing compared to metal gear, the gameplay is really simple and I didn’t experience much of the story but I already know it wouldn’t compare because I prefer the metal gear story over any. It might be the sort of game you have to spend more time with but after a few hours it didn’t make me want to keep playing, I can see why people love the game but it just isn’t a game that felt like a masterpiece from what I played. TPP was easily my game of the year and if they had just added that mission 51 I think it would have won too, even with an important peice cut, the game is still like nothing else out there and it deserves all the praise it has been getting from the game review sites. You should really try going through peace walker again, might be harder to go play now because TPP is like an evolution of the game but it would be fun to go back and see how similar it is to TPP and it shows how long Kojima was thinking about a game like this.

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        82% here, slowly… 😀 … Even if we reach 100%, every time I see some 4K shots or not, I am really proud to have Metal GearS STILL as my favorite games.

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    [BESIDES] Merceron is very sneaky too, like Hideo… No real news of them.

    No real news but Julien’s professional UTD profile on Linkedin right below, with a December little interesting update… He left months ago right ? But updated his profile in december just to add this… :D… Sounds hot !?

    Can somebody EXPLAIN to me…

  • Gatsu

    I’m satisfied with TPP if nothing more comes, but I gotta admit that it’s crazy how many things in this Kojima/Konami situation reflect the phantom pain theme from the game. Ever since the name removals.

    If he wasn’t allowed to attend TGA, because he kept finishing last part of TPP, just to announce it soon. Well this whole drama would end up being the greatest trolling ever lol.

    • Full Options

      Greatest trolling of the universe ! 😀

    • Spectralbuttplug

      I guess everyone is satisfied but would love more

    • kuaikukia

      Pretty satisfy for me too. The thing I’m most satisfy is I’m a part of Big boss army. Ow yea 🙂

  • Spectralbuttplug

    Did anyone think that the elevator surprise from gs 1 should have been re made in mgsv with the skulls or other types of super Soldiers?

  • Venom_Sina

    Metal Gear Geralt V:The Wild Wolbachia,lol:

    • Gatsu

      XD nice

    • New theory incoming: Chapter 3 is hidden in Witcher 3

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Now it makes sense… Remember that Kojima said that TPP is so big that maybe some people will not finish it. Turns out nobody could finish it. 🙂

    • Wolbachia Hunter V

  • All I want is a wonderful christmas present from Kojima for all of us.

    • Gatsu

      Yes please ;)!

    • Full Options

      Something like in this 1st December cryptic tweet you mean ?

      • I did not see this.
        Now you made me curious.

        • Full Options

          Sorry for the wall 😀
          Do not build to much hope neither but things are really becoming weird.

          When I first saw this tweet, I thought that I could not watch my birthday cut-scene since I was borne the 03/25 and wanted to respect it this present in re-entering 03/25 even for my second playthrough.. 😀

          Then I remembered something common with Japaneses when I was there. They love offering presents, and just do it at every single occasion.

          Then I wondered if there was not something planned for the 25th Dec.

          As well Geoff hereby AMA’s look like way too trolled on his answer with Chpt 3. Or he simply don’t know anything for real which is also re-insuring. Re-insuring because what’s the point in putting that much mystery (taking risk) around all this if there is actually nothing behind ? He must know it all because he would not have destroyed Konami like that last week, whether Hideo is really fired or not. I mean if Hideo is indeed fired, then I would have expected an answer less hopeful / troll than a simple “…love to surprise us (including me)” because he proposed his AMA on reddit, where a lot of fans are still digging hard on this question.

          The last point is very interesting and a pure lucky shot. I just checked Julien Merceron’s Linkedin profile yesterday night and, Duh !!!… I posted it on this page. Why Julien, supposed to have left Konami 3 months ago is still stating Konami as its current employer ??

          More, the Company he is currently working on since one month is named :

          “****?!something in the air!?****, Konami”.

          His job title is still labelled “Worldwide Technology Director for Konami”, considering he updated his profile early December !!?…
          Pretty Konamish all this right ?

          You must be logged to see the full profile so check my picture on the other post for full profile if you are not on Linkedin :

          Not a single word from him for months, just like Hideo.

          Either it is Hideo’s non-compete shit that keep Julien gagged as well, either there is something really weird here. Why does he add Konami behind “****?!something in the air!?****” !?


          My take is that they are trolling us like hell right now. Let’ hope it is true !

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  • Steel Wolf

    Chapter 3 leaked boss: Hideo Kojima

    • Full Options

      Maybe not.

  • Gatsu

    xD lol, also the soldiers look a little strange…

    • hunner
      • Gatsu

        that was weird lol, thanks ;). What the hell is wrong with Kaz haha.

      • I love modders

      • FoxTamerMGO


    • Full Options

      One thing fun about those mods is that they can surprise even Kojima himself… ;D

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    I would also like to see RS dudes (Sam and Dan) share good words about MG and not let just HK himself, share good ones towards their work…

  • Sulaiman AL-BaKr

    “I didn’t tell anyone on the show team what I was going to say and it wasn’t rehearsed”
    You are the man Geoff Keighley, you did the right thing 🙂

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  • Tong Ninja

    Hey everyone!! 😀 Miss me? haha
    Been busy the last 1.5 months …. but now I’m back! 🙂

    Before TPP was released, I said I would platinum the game. Today after 171.5 hours of playing the game, I 100% the game and got the platinum trophy. 😀

    Just caught up reading all the articles I missed out on …. wow haha.
    On a positive note, glad to see Geoff is supporting Kojima on this situation. They’ve been good friends ever since they collaborated on marketing MGS2 back in 2001/2002! 🙂

    • Full Options

      Who is this guy ? :O – xD Congrats for 100% and glad to see you back Tong.
      Yeah TGA was really freaky 🙁 , we are looking forward to have more re-insuring info from Hideo than only small re-tweets.
      Hopefully, he’ll reveal something awesome these days.

    • Gatsu

      Heyyy there old friend :D, welcome back! I was wondering where you been Tong xD, grats for the platinum :). Yea you also missed some huge anger towards Konami after TGA, lol.

      I’m currently 80%/162h on PC and completing the mission tasks, taking it pretty slow while doing FOBs also. I just did my favorite “Blood Runs Deep”.
      Love this look in cutscenes.

      I tried playing other games for a while, but TPP keep pulling me back as it’s just way too addicting :D. Gonna change the VA when I hopefully reach 100% someday, I rarely try get 100% with games but I wanna do it with TPP <(^-^<).

  • Super small community question. What do you want next from Kojima? We all know that he is going to make games at some point.

    Personally, I know it will sound weird… But I don’t want Kojima to make a horror game at all. Just pure horror imo is too niche.
    I want Kojima to not abandon his stealth roots at all. He did so well with MGSV, I want all of the ideas from MGSV for the new game but just for the current gen technology with World War II setting and yes, with horror elements in to it. He should not make it Open World… But in a smaller scale, at some huge city in WWII. He won’t make it open world anyway, because he does not have a huge team right now, but I hope so that Kojima will return back for Open-World action with super huge team… Even bigger then MGSV:TPP team.
    It is a good time to make games with WWII again and Kojima can do better then any dev out there.

    • Gatsu

      If he is going to make more games, I would like him to do a horror game similar to PT feel and because SH was cancelled :(. One big reason I want him to do a horror game, is because these days there barely are games that do it right to scare me. Developers don’t know how to do it and Konami have no clue either. Or then I’ve just played too many horror games to be scared easily.

      But PT…man that was so incredible, it did everything right to bring scary feels and I would love him to show it in a bigger scale.

      I also would like him to continue in stealth genre as you said, if it’s not MG game then I wonder what it would be though. Give me one of these genres and I’d be happy, or a mix of both :).

      • I agree about PT. PT was the best horror game in years. Period. When it comes to horror genre, Japanese developers are so ahead compared to Western devs.
        The reason I don’t want a horror game from Kojima is because the genre is super niche. I want Kojima to go big so he can create interesting universe. I’m not so sure that you can create the universe with horror games. The Last Of Us is a good example, but that’s why we have The Last Of Us already.

        Stealth genre I don’t want him to abandon, because 95% games are just crap or use stealth as supp component. I also don’t want him to make the same ting ofc, so MIX of genres would be great.

        But I remember Kojima’s conference where he said that he was interested in The Boss’s story in WWII. Also, remember this?
        He was in France… Normandy… come on. I want WWII game. 😀

        • Gatsu

          Oooo shit :D, yeah I totally forgot about that location scouting! Thanks brother ;). Maybe he will do something like that <3, it'd be so awesome.
          You're right about the stealth genre and it's quite small now that I think about it. Great games that really focus on stealth in that area aren't seen so often.

          I hope we hear more news of him soon T__T…
          P.S. I don't think the location scouting have anything to do with the movie, at least I don't remember Kojima being involved with it at all, so gotta be about some game he had in mind.

          • It’s sad, that people forget about where Kojima was and stuff. Nyx posted fantastic things from Kojima’s tweets. MGI needs better archive =/ I remember a lot post MGSV development stories, but I don’t want to forget everything.

            “I hope we hear more news of him soon T__T…”

            I hate his twitter every day. He posts some random stuff and can’t speak or announce something GOOD for his fans. =///

          • Gatsu

            Don’t worry, I remember the most :). Just been lots of articles in 3 years. Aye he just retweets random stuff mostly and I miss the days when he tweeted a lot every day :C.

            Like them chopper tweets, good times. It would have been great to see his own photos of attending TGA.

    • Full Options

      100 % agreed. The question is whether he still want to stay in stealth concepts. I think he is a gamer like us and obviously a Metal Gear fan like us. 😀
      The only difference is that he plays his games years / months before us while crafting them.
      He always delivers his own vision of a perfect game.

      I would love to play a mixed stealth + horror game if not another MG.

      I hope they are just trolling us all with their recent bullshitS.
      I can’t believe how all could end that sadly after 30 years of success !?

      • I think he wants to stay with a stealth genre. Depends…. If he want’s to make a game that is pure stealth or a Mix of genres.
        Stealth gameplay is always amazing.

        • Full Options

          Stealth gameplay is pure awesomeness and we have seen this genre evolve thanks to people like Hideo. We will always be grateful to him for that.
          You are right, I think he wants to stick to stealth too. This is also not incompatible with sneaking around zombies. I am sure he love that, like in V’s missions, BTW. 😀


      I really want a horror game – third person with the ability to switch to FPS (basically MGS style controls), stealth focused, independently developed: or has a publisher like Sony who are willing to take risks on experimental games especially when they are made by seasoned game designers, an inherently Japanese existential/philosophical/psychological body horror storyline (like SOMA but more Japanese and Kojima-ish) which will tear out my heartstrings and play them like a fiddle over and over at the mere thought of the game – with postmodern subtext (a la MGS2), open world level design with metroidvania style progression, a character creator (Kojima likes to literally involve the players in his stories, so why not allow us to truly imprint ourselves), Yoji Shinkawa and Del Toro must be involved, with an epic, haunting and affecting soundtrack and all wrapped up with AAA production values.

      I know, just let me live in it…

      • That’s too much awesome sauce in it.
        But not sure that Kojima can work as a independent developer. He likes his games to have the best technology as possible by it’s current gen standards and indies don’t have enough resources on their own and they don’t have programmers and tech to do the latest thing.
        So publisher is a requirement for a success.
        Sony is probably the best right now. I wish that Tencent could be his publisher, but that’s China.

        • JJBYACH

          Indie games can have production values higher than AAA games – Fallout 4 feels like a polished early access game and a buggy and underwhelming AAA game.

          This game is being made by just 12 people (I think)
          I advise watching their open development diaries on their channel – it’s amazing how resourceful they are, and that reflects the quality of the product beings shown. If Kojima can learn to lower his ambition and focus in on nailing his vision, with no cause and no need for declination, indie development could be what’s best for him.

          • “Fallout 4 feels like a polished early access game and a buggy and underwhelming AAA game.”
            That’s because Bethesda is Bethesda. Still, Fallout 4 requires significant resources for it’s development, soundtrack, voice actors…

            and Ninja theory, to be honest… Not the best dev. I mean, Hellblade is still under development, we don’t know the end result of it.
            Graphically it looks ok at best. Not at the level what Kojima likes to make. Hellblade use standard stuff Unreal Engine 4 offers for indies. That’s why it looks ok.

            Kojima is always interested in the latest technology and proprietary technology. To create MGSV, he reconstructed a whole team with a Western like deveopment structure, teams and tools. If his new team will have technical directors such as Julien Merceron (Previously technical director for Konami/KojiPro), you won’t see something until the engine will be complete the way Kojima want’s it to be. He won’t use Unreal Engine 4 or other tools.

          • JJBYACH

            Yeah, but as the costs of creating AAA games exponentially increases I think he needs to lessen the ambition of his projects and focus on the vision of the project, it’s technical and physical limitations and how to get around them, maybe use a third party game engine instead of making his own, and so and so forth – yes, I know it’s against his style but the gaming industry is is a living thing. It changes with the times. He can’t keep expecting publishers to give him a bottomless well of money just so he can satisfy his own personal need for perfectionist and detail – it would be nice for us gamers but realistically it won’t again. He either curbs his ambitions or thinks up more clever ways to get around problems. I don’t want him to make another huge franchise to the point you can see the fatigue filter into the game as you play. I would prefer smaller focused niche games where he can have the most creative freedom – deal with taboo issues due to a lesser amount of mass appeal, employ experimental and unconventional game mechanics, no sequel baggage and most importantly he has more creative energy going from game to game.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Guys.. does this remind you of something? what a rip off 26:00

  • Venom_Sina

    New Video from PythonSelkanHD,two brothers from Malta.The video is cool,but there’s a special item at the end.It seems that they’re gonna release at least one MGSV theory video.They think it’s not over yet and “Everything’s a lie”.TBH,I can’t wait to see their next theory/analysis video.I don’t agree most of their theories,but I gotta say:They know how to make a video.I love their work,it’s super entertaining.

    • Gatsu

      I visited Malta few years ago on vacation, beautiful place. Also filmed GoT over there too ;). Too bad never met these bros.

      Thx for sharing and yea I enjoy their videos :).

      • Spectralbuttplug

        They took part in the assigns creed movie filming.They were playing two guards

        • Gatsu

          Really? That’s pretty cool :D.

          • Spectralbuttplug

            Sorry for the typo that was autocorrect.

          • Gatsu

            No problem, I knew what you meant :).

    • MichaelPayneV

      Well, after it turned out that Venom was not Big Boss, i believe Python a lot more.

  • I don’t think Kojima was fired, I think he’s taking Kojima Productions and creating a standalone third party studio.

  • Spectralbuttplug

    After listening to the Chico tapes in gz I want to slice up skull face and shot all his fucking limbs off .Kaz and snake should have never behaved like heroes to skullface.He should have been fucked off badly like the guy in irreversible

  • Venom_Sina

    After downloading the game on PS3 and playing through some of it,I still can’t believe that I’m playing YAKUZA 5 in English.It’s really weird.The game is completely localized and I can understand what characters are saying,but why I can’t accept it?Maybe because I gave up any hope for a western release before and my mind still locked up because of that,lol.”Am I going crazy?(Sebastian Castellanos – The Evil Within – 2014)”

    • I read Kojima for a sec there…

  • Alex

    “Has Konami contacted you about it? Has Kojima? And were there any repercussions for it?”

    I think him avoiding these questions is a sign that he may had gotten into some heat. I hope nothing bad comes to him or Kojima for potentially saying information Kojima may have been contractually obligated to keep private.

  • Alex

    “Has Konami contacted you about it? Has Kojima? And were there any repercussions for it?”

    I think him avoiding these questions is a sign that he may had gotten into some heat. Hope nothing bad comes to him or Kojima for potentially saying information Kojima may have been contractually obligated to keep private.

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