PlayStation Community Manager posts Q&A about Kojima Productions and Sony

On website Medium, PlayStation EU Community Manager Pad Poet has posted an official press release as well as a Q&A session that aims to answer some questions regarding Kojima’s new studio and its partnership with Sony. Although many questions are left unanswered for now, it is still an interesting read.

Sony Computer Entertainment enters into an agreement with Kojima Productions

Tokyo, December 16, 2015 — Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that it has signed an agreement with Kojima Productions, a newly formed studio by the acclaimed game designer Hideo Kojima, to develop its first software title as a console exclusive to the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) computer entertainment system.

“PlayStation®’s history is one of game innovation and great new franchises,” said Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “Hideo Kojima has been a huge part of that history, and we are therefore delighted that he has chosen to bring his brand new project to life in partnership with PlayStation. We look forward to working with him on an exciting new game and warmly welcome him to the PlayStation family.”

“I will be taking on a new challenge by establishing my own independent studio, and I am thrilled to be able to embark on this journey with PlayStation, who I have continued to work with all these past years,” said Hideo Kojima, Game Designer, Kojima Productions. “I cannot wait to deliver, with PlayStation, a game that will become a compelling franchise.”

SCE will continue to expand the world of PS4 to deliver entertainment experiences that are only possible on PlayStation.

Kojima Productions Q&A



Q1. I heard that SCE has signed an agreement with Kojima Productions, a studio newly formed by Hideo Kojima. What are the specifics of the agreement?

Kojima Productions has agreed to develop its first software title as a console exclusive to PS4. We do not disclose further details.

Q2. When was the agreement signed?

We have announced immediately after the contract was signed, Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015.

Q3. Does this mean Kojima Productions now belongs under SCE WWS?

No, it is an independent studio.

Q4. Is SCE making an investment in Kojima Productions? What is the total cost of the agreement? Is it incorporated in the G&NS forecast? How much impact will this have to Sony’s overall operating performance?

SCE is not investing in Kojima Productions. Cost of the contract is undisclosed. Cost is already incorporated. Impact is minimal.

Q5. Why is Kojima Productions bringing their very first software to PS4 as a console exclusive? How did it come about?

Kojima is an extremely creative and passionate game designer who has made countless contributions to PlayStation and the gaming industry. By having Kojima develop his first independent title to PS4, we believe that we can deliver completely new gaming experiences made possibly only by Kojima, to gaming fans worldwide. We are not disclosing further details on how this agreement was realized.

Q6. What other platforms will Kojima’s first independent title be available on, besides PS4?

The title is planned to become available on PC (after PS4).

Q7. How long is the exclusivity?

We are not disclosing details.

Q8. Will Kojima’s second title (and beyond) not be PlayStation console exclusives?

We announced an agreement regarding Kojima’s first title, and SCE cannot comment on titles beyond that.

Q9. Does this have anything to do with Hideo Kojima not attending the PS Award on Dec 3?

Who will attend the PS Award ceremony is decided by the publisher and SCE cannot comment on anything further.

Q10. Will your relationship with Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. be affected by this agreement?

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. will remain one of SCE’s most important publishers, and our relationship with them will not change.

In regards to the first title of Kojima Productions:

Q11. What will the first title be about?

It will be something completely new. We have nothing further to announce at this point in time.

Q12. Will the title have something to do with the METAL GEAR series?

No. It will be something completely new.

“METAL GEAR” is a title from Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Q13. Will the title have something to do with the cancelled Silent Hills sequel?

No. It will be something completely new.

“Silent Hill” is a title from Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Q14. Are there any possibilities for the title to support PS VR?

We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details of the title when ready.

Q15. Are there any possibilities for the title to become available on PS Vita?

We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details of the title when ready.

Q16. When will the title become available? Will it be available worldwide?

We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details of the title when ready.

Q17. Will SCE WWS and Kojima Productions develop the first title together?

The software title will be developed by Kojima Productions, but SCE will provide support as necessary.

Q18. Which company will publish the first title?

SCE will be the publisher.

Q19. Will the title’s copyright belong to SCE?

We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details when ready.

Q20. Will all future titles developed by Kojima Productions be released on PS4?

We announced an agreement regarding Kojima’s first title, and SCE cannot comment on titles beyond that.

Q21. Will Kojima Productions develop titles for other platforms while working on the PS4 console exclusive title?

We announced an agreement regarding Kojima’s first title, and SCE cannot comment on titles beyond that.

Q22. Are there any possibilities for the title to be released on the next generation platform?

Kojima Productions has agreed to bring their very first software to PS4 as a console exclusive. We do not disclose further details.


Q23. How many staff?

Details are not disclosed.

Q24. Is the studio headquartered in Japan? What is the address?

Yes, headquarter is in Japan. Address is not disclosed

Q25. Can you tell me further details of Kojima Productions?

Please contact Kojima Productions for further details.


So that’s all the information for now, we will have to wait and see when we will hear more on both the studio and its first project.

Source: Medium

  • FMercenary

    Aside from the logo reminding me of a microscope/telescope and sextant it also reminds me of a conquistador helmet, and from the quote, “aiming the new world with the latest technology and pioneering spirit”, makes me think of the history of exploration just from the specific terms “new world” and “pioneering”. Maybe something to do with space exploration? Hint at next game?

    • Ishmael

      We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details when ready.

      • FMercenary


    • Lewis

      Hope it is NOT a hint at a game. That will undermine the logo and tie it to some theme other than that’s stated by Kojima.

      • FMercenary

        Yeah, I was thinking that it shouldn’t either but at the same time I had the thought of the grand story that can be told about space exploration and relating it to man’s past history of exploration and the irreversible, drastic turn of events it brought to the world in its wake.

        • Lewis

          To be honest…I really don’t welcome an idea of Kojima making a “space” game. I can’t explain it properly, I just think that he shouldn’t. imo.

          • Cobra Commander

            I wonder, would some sort of semi generic title spinoff of the Metal Gear series count?
            Say that WW2 game with the Boss and the Cobras?
            What exactly is under copyright protection by Konami? The Metal Gear name and name brand characters or?
            Anyway I can’t wait to see what this new game will be.
            Notice Kojima also refers to the new title as a “Franchise”.
            Possibly a series is already planned?

          • Lewis

            Konami is a big company, so I think everything is licensed. Every character, every mech.

            Well, if it is really a franchise, I really hope it IS planned. Cause we don’t need another retcon series, like…I dunno…Metal…*cough* Gear *cough-cough*.

      • Miky B

        Well the old Kojima Productions logo was directly linked to Metal Gear, being the Fox logo… I really don’t see the harm here, you might be thinking too much into it.

        • Lewis

          Exactly. It was linked to MGS. And what did Kojima do? MGS. Only MGS. Do MGS. Sell MGS. Give MGS. The man had become a prisoner of his own creation. That was my point.

    • Gatsu

      I don’t think it’s a hint, but just a really cool logo with imagination.

    • jack_coban

      Funny, I also instantly saw a microscope.

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      A Kojima space game would be perfect

  • CR7HarisSnake

    We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details when ready.


    • “Yes, headquarter is in Japan. Address is not disclosed”

      So Konami can’t kick in the door. 😛

      • Gatsu

        LOL yea

      • Full Options


    • Cobra Commander

      They should have just posted that statement, the Q & A was utterly pointless.

  • JoJo

    That Q&A is ALMOST entirely redundant. At least PC players will get a smile on their faces.

  • MichaelPayneV

    “to develop its first software title as a console exclusive to the PlayStation®4 (PS4™)”

    “The title is planned to become available on PC (after PS4).”

    So another “Rise of The Tomb Raider” BS situation, but you know what, i’m not Mad, is Kojima, if this is the way he gets money to make a new game, and the only downside is to play it on PC later, i can more than handle that.

    But still, the 2 quotes sounds funny out of context when you put them together.

    • Lewis

      Well, look at it like that: consoles need to have exclusives to win that “console war”, so I think it is really good, that these games even come to PC. It’s like next lvl exclusives: to win over enemy console and make PC players happy. This is much better, than to listen to Microsoft’s “ONLY ON XBOX EVER” and 2 years later get it on PC.

      • MichaelPayneV

        True, true.

    • Gatsu

      It’s not exactly the same. TR was supposed to release at same time first for everyone imo, it was even announced. But then later Microsoft bribed them for Xbox1 timed exclusive just to boost sales etc, that was BS thing to do for core fanbase with PS.

      I’m totally okey though, when have PS4 also so I’m exactly waiting for some exclusives, because currently it’s collecting dust more than I’d want to lol.

      • MichaelPayneV


  • Lewis

    Well, to be honest, it gives a lot of info, considering that the contract was signed today.

    • Gatsu

      Indeed which is much appreciated :D.

  • MrVux007

    So basically we are looking at another (pre MGSV) situation….make a game,release it on PlayStation first,then port it couple of years later to PC …
    That aside,im confident,that with Sony-s funding and Kojima Pro. having more freedom now,the final product will be glorious no matter on what platform it releases…

    • Gatsu

      It’s better than not having on PC at all though :). Maybe in future they release at same time, who knows.

      • MrVux007

        Im highly against TIMED-exclusives…if the game is to be released on all platforms,then might aswell release all the versions at the same time(unless there are valid reasons behind it)…
        i can understand the reasons why some games are exclusives(lower production cost,greater HW access*proper optimization* and assured profit unlike multiplat which may or may not be a success),but timed exclusives is completely non-sensical atleast from gamer point of view…
        from Publisher point of view,its quite understandable…

  • Gatsu

    PC too later <3, I have both consoles so I'm super happy. It's great news that they most likely WILL come to PC later, unlike with many only PS exclusive games like UC or Bloodborne for example.

    “I cannot wait to deliver, with PlayStation, a game that will become a compelling franchise.”~Kojima

    OMG YES YES YYYEEEEES! *explodes of hype*

  • Venom_Sina

    To summarize this Q&A:”We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details when ready.” and “SILENT HILL and METAL GEAR are titles from Konami Digital Entertainment Ltd.” this one is really important “Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. will remain one of SCE’s most
    important publishers, and our relationship with them will not change.” Oh thank god,I really love Konami right now,lol.

    But jokes aside,I don’t think their first game will be as big as AAA games out there.You know,something like Shenmue 3.Shenmue was a big name in early 2000s,but not right now.They are making it with a low budget ,kickstarter(compared to the older Shenmues and AAA game these days).I think the very first game of the new KJP will be like this,too.

    • Shenmue was never a big name, other then the fact it had huge overblown budgets from SEGA.
      Shenmue 3 funding is a PR stunt. How much money Sony and SEGA spent on the development is still unknown at this point.

      But this is Kojima. Sony gave him enough money from the start because they believe tht he can sell buckets from his new FRANCHISE. I don’t see Kojima developing a small game at all.

      Although, the issue here is that he does not have an engine right now or a decent motion capture studio (he will use from Sony probably) or a decent tech/devs.

      I hope that it is not a VR or an indie game. I really hope its a new game in a franchise.

      • Venom_Sina

        Shenmue was a hit back in ’99.GTA was heavily inspired by Shenmue.The day/night cycle that we see in almost all games these days are because of Shenmue.SEGA spent a lot of money on it,cause they thought it will bring the money back,but Dreamcast lost the competition to PS2 and SEGA lost a lot of money because of that,and then they decided to dump the game.
        Shenmue 2’s budget was 70M$ (that’s a lot of money in 2000),but right now they are developing the third entry with only 5-6M$.So it can’t be as big as Shenmue 1 or 2.

        The engine problem is a thing that they can handle easily imo.They can buy UE4 and start the work with that.I heard the engine is really flexible,you can create every game you want.For the motion capture,I think they will use Sony’s equipment for now,as you mentioned.

        And like you,I hope they don’t go for a VR game.Indie,fine,but please no VR.

        • It was not a mainstream hit. Ofc, GTA was inspired by Shenmue. When I’m talking about the hit, I’m talking about the game that sold a lot of copies. That’s why Shenmue 3 funding was a pain for Sega and Suzuki. Kojima on the other hand recieved a huge check from Sony, from the first day he left the company.
          And I’m sure the game is not 5$-6$ million right now. This is only kickstarter. Sony and SEGA will fund the development of the game.

          Engine is not a thing that KojiPro can handle easily. If you look at the logo’s phrase “aiming the new world with the latest technology and pioneering spirit”, you can see that Kojima is looking for the latest tech. UE4 is not really that impressive IMO. It is UE3.5 with current gen tech that is in all games. I hope that he can develop it’s own proprietary technology for his own vision.

          and I’m not ok even with the indie shit. I want a full experience from Hideo Kojima. It can be smaller then MGSV:TPP, but I want a good 10-12 hours experience from him, even if it is a linear game. I hpe that he can develop his next game for 2-3 years.

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah,if we look at the sales,Shenmue wasn’t a hit.But a lot of gamers and developers praised the game because of its innovations and features.

            UE4 was just an example.There are a lot of good engines out there they can choose.If they want to create another engine from scratch,with the knowledge that we have from Kojima,it will take something like 5-6 years to complete.That will cost a lot of money and I don’t think KJP have that money right now.Maybe Sony comes forward and fund the project,but that’s highly unlikely to me.After watching the video and reading this Q&A,I think Sony is like:”Okay,we will support KJP or even supply them with the things they need,but we won’t fund their project completely.”But we don’t know what the future holds.Maybe Sony Buy the whole studio.We can’t say for sure.

      • Cobra Commander

        +1 on the indie thing.
        I have no idea why indie games are so popular. I guess it’s the low cost/high sales from mostly 10 year olds that make indie titles popular.
        They all mostly remind me of NES games.
        Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy some old NES, Sega, Super NES, etc. games.
        I think a lot of that has to do with nostalgia though.
        These days I need depth, a good plot/story, good graphics, open minded gameplay, and non repetitive stuff to really enjoy a game.
        I guess that’s why Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Uncharted, Hitman, and anything Rockstar are my absolute favorites.
        I love my adventure hopping, free thinking, third person shooters.
        First person shooters are ok, I have always been more geared toward third person stuff though. I think it may be more of a lifestyle than preference, kinda like either you are gay or you aren’t.

        Which do you guys think are more popular?
        First or third person?
        Is the census somewhat skewed due to the big impulse buys of the Call of Duty culture?

        • Venom_Sina

          They have a lot of good ideas.Look at (for example) Braid or Limbo.They are really cool.Indie game is a place that you can see a lot of new ideas,ideas that AAA developers won’t risk to work on it,because it may end up a failure.

          • Spectralbuttplug

            Come on why the hate for indie games.Kojima SI ply wants to explore themes with an indie budget.*simply

        • Lewis

          >indie thing
          >old NES, Sega, Super NES

          You miss the point of indie-games. Indie games are from independent studios, without publishers pointing the finger at what to do and how to sell. Yes, many nowadays just abuse the word “indie” and “classic”, but indie games have their own market and you just seem to not have found good ones.

  • jack_coban

    I guess ZoE is also a title from Konami…?

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Coz Shinkawa designed it

    • Lewis

      Yes, he did. Shinkawa is in KojiPro now, as is Ken.

      • jack_coban

        Man, this is great news!

  • Boldizar

    We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details of the title when ready.

    Should have just posted this instead.

    • Gatsu

      They did give few pieces of info beside that though ;).

      • Boldizar

        Yea lol. I wish they were not pigeon holing it as a “franchise” already. I’d much prefer random original games.

        • Gatsu

          HMmm yeah, well we’ll have to see how they end up being like. They got brilliant minds working on it so I’m sure it can be a franchise, I just can’t imagine what kind of game it will be o_O… I hope they give me something with scifi/supernatural again.

  • Venom_Sina

    Have you seen Yongyea,the famous Youtuber,in his early 50s?lol

    • Frederick Guese

      Nah the whole plot twist is he is YongYea from the future. He was just in cryosleep during the Snatcher Project.

  • PrinceHeir

    I’m surprised he was able to use the same name studio.

    I remember Capcom dissolving and removing Clover Studio when Kamiya and team left. I knew the budget will not be as big as MGSV. And probably same line as Shenmue 3. Some support, but will not disclose any more further details than that.

    Can’t wait to see it either way ^^

    • FMercenary

      LMAO ;D

    • Gatsu

      Haha that ending XD

    • Venom_Sina

      This rocks XD.I laughed at lot in my workplace,lol.That handshaking part is fantastic.Thanks for sharing.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Lololololo l

    • That ending! xD

    • Full Options

      xDxDxDxD, and yeah,, them xDxD

    • Fuck Konami indeed.

    • Daburcor



  • Gatsu

    🙂 support Kojima forevah.
    I bet Kojima and Geoff will cooperate again, when the new game’s announcement is nearing. Damn…I can already imagine Kojima entering some game show in near future to show it. It will blow my mind.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Fuck ps haters.

  • SNKtheStampede

    From my previous comment…
    Does anyone know what this book is about? And where the content comes from (is that the transcription of some interviews, or an essay, or what else)?

    • SNKtheStampede

      That book.

  • Mr.Pony

    My biggest fear was to have PS4 exclusive games but I’m happy with them releasing it on PC after Ps4 launch. Here’s to you Kojima and making games available to everyone.

  • I’m so happy right now… but lest put feet on the ground and we might not know anything for a long time, maybe Kojima will reveal his new game on the VGA 2016… E3 is too soon, but also Sony might want to milk the hell out of this as soon as possible, anyways I hope to see something “Experimental” from Hideo, for the last 10 years he has “played safe” with all the metal gear stuff, now is time for a cyberpunk tale or something that allow us to see a Hideo’s and Shinkawa’s Imaginations unrestrained from the MGS mythos and rules.

    time to save up for a PS4

    • Gatsu

      Will definitely take a while to reveal it.

    • myworlddontcryaltlyricchinesed

      Bet it will be run over to Ps5. Survival horror ripoff like Resident Evil or something in that vein. You could see it all over Phantom Pain, Kojima was experimenting with those types of ideas with the Virus. And is this now, Kojima Informer?? Konami started hiring for the next Metal Gear game this week. Of course the news is not reported here.

      • Well Nobody cares about Konami anymore, after everything they did
        the soul of the Metal Gear series was the Kojima-Shinkawa-Imaizumi trio, the new metal gear might be as good as Metal Gear Rising, but if it improves this site will cover it as well, no doubt about it (specially when they actually announce it and reveal the poor souls working on it) because there’s not mystique outside of the obvious corporate cash grab this “investment” might be

        is just that after 20 years of MGS people want something fresh

  • Full Options

    So Koji-Pro goes indy / PS 3rd party studio… Very interesting, I guess we could not hope better.

  • kuaikukia

    At least it give some hope for pc user.

    • Venom_Sina

      Why?Maybe it’s a temporarily bug or something.I mean everyone in the world know about this.

      • Yeah, it’s strange. The Q&A doesn’t contain anything earth-shattering to begin with.

  • alef321

    annoying questions , all related to fanboy war =/

  • Danny Patten

    We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details of the title when ready.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    So does Konami still own Snatcher and Policenauts? Would love a new title from either of those franchises. Or even a spiritual successor.

  • Kris Ironcastle

    So, if anybody is reading this a year later: is this Q&A any credible at all ?

    It gives no information other than conveniently -for the sake of gossip- revealing that there will be a PC version.

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