PlayStation Blog Game of the Year winners announced, MGSV and Kojima Productions among them

PlayStation Blog asked their readers to vote for the best games of 2015, and now, with almost 600,000 votes cast, the results are in. Metal Gear Solid V has won several awards in five categories, while Kojima Productions came in fourth in the Studio of the Year category.

Best PS4 Game


Best PS3 Game


Best Story


Best Soundtrack


Best Free PS Plus Game


Studio of the Year


To see the full list of winners, go here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

  • Crazyboi_06


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    I am having really hard time to let it go.


    YAY! MGS is the best!!!

    I think MGSV should be on top in all categories.

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    I am having really hard time to let it go.

    • Gatsu

      Let it go…my son. Or should I call you brother? Its over, time for you to put aside the video and live.

      • Full Options

        xD It is ok to call me bro or brotha as usual ;D. Son or brother would be quite flattering and pleasant, unfortunately, I do not look that young (nor slim :D) anymore these days, bro ! 😀

        I am ok, thanks, just a bit KO by Major Tom’s last take off this Sunday.. What a legend !

        • It was a quote by Big Boss (MGS4).

          • Full Options

            Lol yes, now I realize… the cemetery…
            BTW a lot of people complain about 4, but I really loved it from A to Z.

          • Yes, MGS4 was amazing.


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            Bye Bye Zero, hehe.
            Lol we have a contact in italy working for us and named “Gazzero” xD
            I am always thinking about this scene when someone pronounce his name.. xD

          • Gatsu

            Yeah I love 4 very much ^_^. I kinda miss it though, because havent played it in a long time. Might as well do MGS marathon this year :D.

          • Spectralbuttplug


          • Father and Son…

  • SaladinSilver

    How Fallout got nominated and even won some of these is completely beyond me.

    • hunner

      Fallout 4 was great

      • Jak

        It’s pretty much just dumbed down fallout 3 with a terrible crafting and settlement system.

      • kuaikukia

        To be honest, Fallout 4 great because of modder

    • Gatsu

      Yeah it’s pretty fun although mostly the same old. But there are better choices, sadly not everyone agree with me.

  • Lewis

    Soundtrack? Witcher? It seems to me the voting was like “Did I like Witcher 3? Yeah, I should probably vote for it in all the categories”. It was so annoying to hear that battle “music” each time you pass low lvl bandits or ghouls. Like you ride all calm and don’t even bother with them and it starts that chorus “epic” music aaaand…you just ride past them. Repeat every 3-4 minutes.

    • Haha, but still, the music was really good. Especially this one, kind of sounds like The Best is Yet to Come:

      • Lewis

        Yeah, it was good. But it seems that Witcher 3 became a “snowball”. Everything is best in Witcher 3! Only Witcher 3! Nevermind it being unplayable on PS4 for more than 3 months! Nevermind unengaging fighting system! Nevermind dull fetch quests! Nevermind horrible dialog animations (and sometimes writing in those dialogs)! Nevermind everything bad and give all trophies to the Wicther, best game of this universe. Even a failed (in my opinion) MGSV was more interesting to me, than CD Projekt Red raping the world from the books. Still trying to force myself to finish it.

        • Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. The game certainly wasn’t perfect, you’re right about that.

          • Lewis

            I liked it at first. But PS4 performance issues (I don’t have a good PC) made me wait for patches, and while everyone was rolling in their own jizz from playing W3, I was struggling to see those praises in those 20 hours I spent there. W3 is an okay fanfic, but anything more? Please.

          • SaladinSilver

            Yes we got that you didn’t like the game. No need to take a shit on it just because it’s getting the praise it deserves.

          • Lewis

            Everyone wants to praise it, I want to “take a shit on it”. If you are uncomfortable with non-mainstream opinions, you may want to consider visiting only IGN and Metacritic. 9.9/10, it was okay.

  • Gatsu

    I’m happy to see MGSV and Life is Strange getting some more love with Story and Soundtrack :D. LiS story messed me up emotionally (in a good way) and can’t stop listening to the songs, relaxing and beautiful <(^__^<) ! Imo it's awesome that it gets recognition too amongst these bigger games.

    The only songs I remember from Witcher are the main menu theme and Skellige, their great though. Also that strange battle music I remember too.

    Btw how is Bethesda ahead of KojiPro in studio award :O?

  • Gatsu

    I think these favorite games of mine from early 90’s got such a fantastic soundtrack, even better than most recent games XD. Sega Genesis really had some awesome composers during the time. These used to be my favorite coop too with brother when I was young :D. Anyone else played these kickass games back in the Sega era or from emulators?

    Sure brings back memories…damn. ^^

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