Metal Gear Online Beta available now on PC

The Metal Gear Online Beta is now available for the PC. This has been announced through the game’s official Steam page. Everyone who owns The Phantom Pain on the platform can follow these instructions to download it for free:

– Locate your Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain copy from your Steam library 
– Navigate to the Beta tab within game properties through the Steam Library 
– Opt into the Beta (MGO_OPEN_BETA) 
– Launch the game which will update to the Beta version

Keep in mind that the game may not run perfectly right away, and players are asked to report issues they encounter:

Since this is a Beta version of the game, it’s certainly possible that you’ll run into some bugs, errors, or issues from time to time. If you happen upon a major concern, please voice it in the forum. We’ve created a new pinned thread just for the occasion!

Source: Steam

  • Bożydar Mazur

    Ive got only one question Konami. Did you implement ANY anti cheat? If not im not even bothering.

    • NegaScott128

      I’m sure they at least used Steam’s built-in anti-cheat system.

    • you are like people complaining about fob, complaining about mb coins etc. Whining just to whine. Cheating was essentially non-issue in fob just as it is in mgo.

      • Bożydar Mazur


  • Spectralbuttplug

    OT Am i the only one who preferred episode of sw to the force awakens.

    • Lewis

      >preferred episode of sw to the force awakens

      Not sure I can understand. TFA is an episode of SW (Star Wars). Are you talking about something else shortened as “sw”?

      And by the way, to every “Am I the only one” question, there is always one clear definite answer: “No.”

      • Spectralbuttplug

        Episode 3 my movile keyboard is annoying

        • Lewis

          I’m pretty sure there are a number of people, who liked episode 3 more than TFA.

          • Spectralbuttplug

            I prefered ep3 to ep6

          • Lewis

            That’s okay, nothing to be ashamed of.

          • Janeo

            The prequel trilogy gets so much undeserved hate, I think the main reason many people didn’t like it in the first place was because it wasn’t like the original trilogy but it wasn’t meant to be, George Lucas told the story he wanted to tell and because it had a different feel to it people just like to think they are bad movies. I get people didn’t like some dialogue or some performances but those things don’t make them bad movies, I prefer episode 3 over any other movie including the new one. I have only seen the new one once but I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see it again, they really tried to give it the same feel as the original trilogy and that’s fine since it does have its own very interesting story even if they use a lot of things from episode 4 but I just love how George Lucas didn’t give into what a lot of the fans wanted and made the movies that he wanted, if he listened to everything fans said then the prequel trilogy wouldn’t have been as good, they are amazing movies and they will always have to deal with being disliked because it’s the cool thing for a Star Wars fan to think.

          • Frederick Guese

            I think it was sloppy filmmaking that wrecked those movies, and George working in a bubble without any second opinion.

          • Lewis

            Can’t talk for every fan of the OT, but I personally didn’t like the prequel for destroying some of the moments of the OT. It’s fine if Lucas wanted more politics. But midichlorians, whiny Anakin, bland performance (apart from the best thing from prequels – Ewan), dance-dance revo…I mean lightsaber battles. SW lost THAT feeling of a good tale and TFA brought it back. Sacrificing originality, ofc, but I can forgive that, as more movies are coming. TFA brought back that space adventure feel, not drowning in politics, awkward love talk and capoeira dancefighting.

          • Spectralbuttplug


          • Lewis

            Midichlorians destroy the very core of the OT. At first you would think, anyone can become a hero and overcome his weaknesses and save the world. Then Mr Lucas tells you: “No, fuck you, it’s only if you have a right amount of *insert_name* here”. And during the OT you think about the Force and it is this great power, that binds the universe and lets dead people talk to you and helps you in battle, but with midichlorians it becomes just chemistry. It ruins the secret of the Force, the secret, that noone wanted to solve, cause it needs no solving.

            Mace Windu was terrible. I know everyone likes to fap on Sam, but as a character he was useless. Did nothing, contributed nothing, died like a fool. I don’t include EU ofc.

          • Spectralbuttplug


        • AV

          I liked 3 a lot, i watched it as a kid, so maybe if I see it again it wouldn’t feel the same, I haven’t seen the new one though, but sadly got pretty much everything spoiled.
          But just for the sake of being in an internet comment section: HOW DARE YOU, THAT’S HERESY, YOU HAVE AN AWFUL TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!
          there, war started. All joke aside, it’s nice to see someone not automatically bash the prequels

    • i think ep III is way better than force awakens, i would even go as far as to say that even ep I is better.

      i really dislike the force awakens

    • FMercenary

      First time I saw TFA, I was entertained at first, was trying not to cringe at certain scenes, and then was realizing how underwhelming it was as it progressed. I saw it a second time in 3D with some friends(and in the influence of dank), and I was focusing on the dialogue and heard how dumbed down it was, like everyone and their grandmas binge-watched all the previous Star Wars films, why do the characters need to speak as if we’re new to this? I will say that TFA had some good action sequences and was not completely bad, but if you look past the excitement you’ll see that it has the qualities of a commercial product catered towards the plebeian in order for it to sell and make a profit rather than offering something new and compelling.

      • exactly this. and look how good it worked, people are crazy about it. i think the main objective was to get new people on board and they achieved it, people who were not big fans before and didn’t knew much (or anything) about star wars, which is a very logical thing to do, since you can get as much young fans now to whom you can shove the next 6 years of star wars movies down their throats. the only thing that comes to my mind is that Lucas was paid too little on his deal

  • kuaikukia

    At last

  • Raymondius

    New news: no longer available. The beta has been removed temporarily, confirmed by Robert Peeler.

    Anyway, Robert or folks of the group working on the PC version, if you read me (and I know you do), I would like to make you know that we still have a bug in which many of the in-game facial expressions and animations don’t work at all (i.e inexpressive unchanging face during the ENTIRE PROLOGUE).

    Kojima Productions was known for their attention into every little detail, please, fix this.

    PD: We had a similar bug at the release of GZ: animation for bullets casing was not working at all, and this was fixed after some time. I hope you read me and fix this little but annoying issue. Have a nice day!

    • That was quick. Thanks for the heads-up, post has been updated!

      • Raymondius

        At your service, Nyx.

        Greetings and happy new year to all folks here!

        • According to the official MGO Twitter it’s back up.

  • Dr. Blowfish

    Wow, Metal Gear Online already? It feels like just yesterday I had finished Metal Gear Solid V. Maybe its the bad taste in my mouth that still lingers from the ending of V. The best 100 hours I’ve ever spent with a game was MGS V, but all I can remember is that anticlimactic ending and the loose ends which left me wanting more, but I knew more would never come. The end of MGS V was a shame. I would have gladly waited two, hell, maybe more, years for a game that gives this series the send off it deserves.

    • SaladinSilver

      This is the ending we were going to get all along. Disappointed or not but the intention was to leave the series just like this.

      • Dr. Blowfish

        Even the cut ending sucked. It was certainly better than what we got, but damn.

  • Jav

    In fob event, why I can’t change the points for people? I did it last week.
    Even if I sent people to the waiting room the game doesn’t let me change points.

    • Mr.Pony

      try dismissing soldiers instead of sending them to the waiting room

      • N-Shifter

        Exactly this, if you’ve reached your total soldier quota then you can’t exchange points for more soldiers, fire some of that dead weight 🙂

    • proceeder

      Heh I have 16 right about now

      • Provokateur

        That’s why we can’t achieve the nuclear disarmament in MG.

    • Jav

      How many hours have you played?

    • Lewis

      Yeah, I did the same thing, just for the trophies. Stupid waste of resourses. Good thing I have 500k heroism, 50k is a rather big amount to lose.

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    I’ve not played the beta yet, but I’ve got to wonder what all that extra development time went into. No push-to-talk, which is a basic feature in any multiplayer PC game. No anti-cheat to speak of, not even VAC. That being said, I hear that MGO PC runs flawlessly, just like the single-player did. Glad to see they did something right with the PC version, but I hope they implement Push-to-talk and VAC soon. It’s going to be incredibly annoying using workarounds to silence my mic, and within months the game will die out thanks to hackers. Konami pls

  • aaaand it’s gone! damn that was quick haha. i wonder about the exploit though…

    • Raymondius

      Aaaaaaaand it’s back just right now. Let’s hope it lasts for a little longer this time!

      • ha! that was fast too. BTW the exploit had to do with people getting their MB money for free, which obviously the most alarming thing that could happen to Konami

        • Raymondius

          Yeah shame on Konami again and again… #Fuckonami anyways.

          btw I must admit that the small amount of MGO3 that I played yesterday really was a pleasant surprise. It is fun, it has the magical controls of TPP, it is tactical and makes you think and work as a team and it runs smoothly in my super old laptop (runs better than TPP itself).

          • oh interesting that it runs better… they probably handle resources in a different way

  • Lewis

    2 weeks of the new year, 3 big people dead. That’s the way to go, world.

    • Tong Ninja

      Wow he died the same age as David Bowie and to cancer as well ….
      Other than being a fantastic actor, to me he has a very iconic voice/ voice delivery. 🙂
      Love that soothing baritone voice that he has.

      He nailed Professor Snape to perfection in the Harry Potter movies and he is probably the best villain (Hans Gruber) in the Die Hard series as well.

      R.I.P. Alan Rickman

    • Full Options

      Sh.t, I did not know he passed… 🙁
      R.I.P. Alan Rickman

    • Spectralbuttplug


      • Full Options

        Looks like you are familiar with this sh.t… I hope not to much. My dad went through it but he’s a rock. I doubt I could beat this cr.p if I were facing it.

        • Spectralbuttplug

          My grandfather got stomach ulcer.Well its not cancer but he died to the disease at 43

          • Full Options

            Sorry to read that. That’s really young.

  • proceeder

    MGO is way too badly optimized! It’s no where near as technologically sound as Phantom Pain or Even the last gen console versions!

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