New layout for Metal Gear Informer

Metal Gear Informer… has changed.

That’s right, you are now looking at Metal Gear Informer’s new layout. After two years of a virtually unchanged look, we decided that it was time for a change. Due to how limited the previous theme was, and the fact that it wasn’t supported anymore, we began looking for a new theme that would suit our demands of how we wanted the site to look.

Today also marks the fourth anniversary of Metal Gear Informer. On January 15th 2012 the site went online, and in the past four years it has grown into one of the largest Metal Gear fansites around. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, we appreciate it! The past year has been our biggest year, with over 6 million hits.

The past few months people have asked us what was going to happen with the site now that Kojima has officially left Konami and Metal Gear is no longer his series. Our plans are to continue as we already have done: we are both going to cover Kojima Productions’ projects as well as any Metal Gear news. In the meantime we will still be posting articles about the past Metal Gear games, the series as we know it may be over, but there’s still plenty to talk about. Currently there are no plans to change the website’s name. As of now Metal Gear is still the main focus, and changing a site name is not something that’s recommended. But you never know what the future holds.

We are also wondering what your expectations for the website are. What would you like to see?

We hope you continue to enjoy the site, and to see you in the comment section!

In the past year there were:

  • more than 6.000.000 hits
  • 440 stories published (including this one)
  • more than 58.000 comments posted


  • XIFF-5

    Nice theme, but I prefer the old one : ) Congrats for 4 years of MGI!

  • The design is fine I guess, but I actually thought that that logo was a default that came with the blog theme. Very generic, no personality.

    • Actually, that was the case with the previous theme, where you could only enter text and not upload a custom logo. But thanks for your input!

  • Lewis

    Wow, I really thought I went to the wrong site! Nice job, updating. Though, if I may add, darker background was better, imo. But still, nice job! Fix the logo glitch and I’m okay ^^

    • Thanks! What do you mean by logo glitch exactly?

      • Lewis

        Oh, maybe it’s just for me, the logo “METAL GEAR INFORMER” is cut on the main page and looks like “METAL GE” and that’s it. ^^

        Immediate UPD: It’s MGI now, so no more problems!

        • Alright thanks. It looked fine here but maybe it depends on the screen.

  • Tong Ninja

    Nappa: “Vegeta! How many comments have been posted on MGI in 2015?”
    Vegeta: “It’s OVER 9000!!!!!!”
    Nappa: “What 9000!? There’s no way that could be right!”

    Congratulations on 4 years! 🙂
    The new look is so bright though! haha Actually hurt my eyes a bit looking at it the first time. I think go to the darker background, but up to you though haha.

    Yeah, stick with both Metal Gear and Kojima Production news. I’m interested to see if another Metal Gear title is on the works or not. I’m not excited but rather interested in what direction Konami is going to take with the MGS series (that is if they are). Excited for Kojima’s new project though even though we don’t know much about it! 🙂

    In terms of content on this site other than the regular news, I would like to see more ‘Memorable Metal Gear Moments’ and ‘Monthly Polls’. That is if you have time to do them.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, changing the poll more often is a good idea. Changing colors might be a bit difficult since the theme doesn’t support it.

  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    I’m sure it’ll take time to get used to the new theme. Happy 4 year anniversary, MGI!

  • Venom_Sina

    This new look is really “Nizhoni'”!!!

  • Justin Wentz

    In my view, it would be wise to dedicate focus to either ‘Kojima’ or ‘Metal Gear’ because the divide between the two is going to become increasingly large over time. In the future, new site-goers may have less of a history with Kojima Metal Gear and become confused as to why the site is covering two separate companies/seemingly unrelated products. Of course, I’d like you go the ‘Kojima Informer’ route. And if you’re thinking about possibly initiating a name-change, better to do it now than later. Personally, I think changing to the ‘Kojima Informer'(or something similar) would give the site a more unified mission and focus -and allow you to continue to cover past Metal Gear without creating a schism between Kojima Metal Gear and Konami Metal Gear within the site’s content. Although all of us are, of course, interested to hear what Konami will attempt to do with Metal Gear in the future, we can get that news elsewhere. I like the idea of dedicating the site to an artist rather than an intellectual property.

    • You make good points, however as of now we are still interested in the series. We want to follow Kojima but at the same time we don’t feel like abandoning the series right now. We have covered non-Kojima Metal Gear games before (Rising).

      We’ll see how it goes in the future.

  • Jav

    I need black background with white letters.

    • John

      If you’re using an iPhone you can set it to where you just triple click the home button to invert the colors and get the black screen with shite letters. Simple.

  • Raven_Sorrow

    Happy birthday MGI! Keep up the great work guys 🙂

  • BurntFM

    Wow! has it been that long? Congrats on the anniversary! It’s been really fun seeing this community grow the way it has.

    Just one thing though. Can you make a ‘dark’ theme for the new layout. All the white really hurts my eyes. That’s why I avoid other sites that don’t have the option of a dark theme. This website had it and made it very easy on the eyes to read long articles.

    • It’s not that easy to do but we will look into making the white a little more light grey. No promises though.

      • Serpent

        I think white looks just great. No need for gray.

  • Danny Patten

    hmmmmmmm…Gratz on turning 4!
    But I liked the old theme better.
    This one looks so unpersonal…non MGS-ish.

  • [MSF]Vinicius

    Nice work guys! i love the new layout and Congratulations on 4 years!!! 😀

  • Schmojima


  • Mr.Pony
  • CR7HarisSnake

    Nice 🙂

  • grapes9h5

    Not bad

  • SNKtheStampede

    Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! But the old theme was so great… Me too I’d prefer some darker tone, both for my eyes and aesthetically. But more important congratulations for the 4th year! Happy birthday to MGI 😀 !

  • Ishmael

    the old design was much better!

  • Gatsu

    Woaaaah…I thought for a second there that I ended up in some totally different website xD.

    I like the change 🙂 and I’m sure we all get used to it. We’ve been in the dark for a long time. Congrats MGI and Nyxus for 4th year, really awesome achievement :D! So many comments too, wow .
    Keep up the great work guys!

    Hmmm what would I like to see, well can’t think of anything special at the moment lol. The usual epic articles and new polls once in a while, if can think of some good ones.

    P.S. I like the front page more now, it seems nicely different with those images at the top.

    • Jav

      Hey, yesterday I finished the game. It’s a good story. Too much hipster things and “mentions”. Now I see why you said there are no wrong choices. It doesn’t matter your choices, at the end you only have 2. And everything you did was for nothing. Well, at least it was for our entertainment.

      There are no explanations for the powers and the tornado. “You cause it”. Why? For saving a punk?

      • Gatsu

        Glad you liked it :), but to me it’s the most important game I’ve played in a while.

        To me it was for nothing, it’s about the journey for me and the choices I have to make. All the moral questions. I loved the ending, it’s really a tough and full of feels moment especially if can relate to the characters or feel attached. They planned to add few more alternatives to the ending or so I heard from their twitter, but sadly money or production issues didn’t allow that.

        There are lots of theories about all this stuff related to the game’s moments, so I would be writing a long post if explain my own view but I need to go sleep mate :D. With time travel stuff etc there are always plotholes and not everything needs an explanation. Instead it’s nice to be left for our imagination. At least, that’s what I think :).

        • Jav

          I wasn’t thinking in the powers or tornado explanation until I read someone in youtube saying that. I was in youtube looking the bad ending. It’s not big deal, I like the butterfly effect.
          I changed my decisions a lot of times because of the other characters reactions. That was a mistake.
          The only thing I don’t like are the moments when is really linear.
          But I want to say this is the kind of games that helps the industry. I feel ashamed of playing games, nobody say something in my family about this, but this is something that I don’t have problems if someone see me playing. A game with a lot of emotions.

          • Gatsu

            I didn’t think of the questions either when finished, I was just so happy with the game and cried rivers when it end lol. I can understand if some were disappointed with the ending. In Steam forums there’s some wise guys who share theories and been wondering thone questions too. Some of them make sense but the cause of tornado isn’t fully explained either but maybe cause Max mess with time and space. But what we learn is that shouldn’t fuck with time :D, as you saw in Episode 4 beginning. Such emotional part and btw the ending of the ep was quite shocking T_T, I didn’t see it coming at all.

            I actually rewinded a lot of choices on my first save too but not all, because I felt bad after seeing what happened :D. I’m sure everyone changed as it’s the fun and clever part about the power. With some I spent long time trying to decide.

            Yeah I agree that games like this are really rare and special. Which is why I hope everyone would play it :D. It has many cool scenes. Max and Chloe feel so real to me in some moments, its crazy. Shows that not every main character need to fight, shoot or blow shit up etc. Btw Javier, if you’ve never seen The Butterfly Effect movies, you should try watch them. There’s 3 movies. I’ve seen only first though and it’s great, gonna watch 2nd today. Anyway, LIS borrows some ideas from the movies and they might help understand some things of the game, many similarities :). Well, good night bro and was nice chatting!

          • Jav

            The episode 4 ending was great, I never imagined that.
            The car crash thing it was like black humour for me.
            And the ending was very emotional, but I didn’t cry.
            I’ve watched the first movie.
            Thank you for making me play the game, my first impressions weren’t good. Sometimes I just need the recommendation.

  • Snake

    i love this new layout 🙂

  • JoJo

    This is actually really great.

  • Future_TraX

    I’d perfere the dark one. Is there a way to change? 🙂

  • Alex

    Yes continue Metal Gear related stuff, you never know what cool merchandise or something like that could be missed.

  • PrinceHeir

    Amazing!!! Been here around 2013. Glad to see the site and community growing.

    Haven’t been that much active due to life and other things. I still keep the site on tab and check the news even if i don’t comment.

    Congrats Nyxus!! I remember i wondered what would happen after MGSV is released.

    I can’t wait what happens next. A new Metal Gear game by another team? More MGO3 DLCs etc

    • Gatsu

      Life and other activities are important Prince-chan :), np.

  • [MSF]Vinicius
    • BurntFM

      I like to imagine an executive on FOX was a big MGS fan and was waiting for his change at payback for Kiefer replacing David in MGSV. LOL
      “Now You know how it feels!”

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Honestly i still prefer kiefer over david

    • kirtanloorii

      Oh the irony.

    • Venom_Sina

      It’s MGSV all over again,lol.

      If they create the new series with “Yvonne Strahovski” (Kate Morgan in 24:Live Another Day),I don’t have a problem with that,lol.(They’re gonna do this,probably)

      It would be funny to see Kiefer replaced by none other than David Hayter,lol.

      • [MSF]Vinicius

        It will be a reboot of the entire series without jack bauer, with a new character, but with all the elements of the old series .

    • Gatsu

      You can’t just replace Kiefer, GODDAMIT :C!

    • Suzaku

      How bitter can one guy be?

  • Jav

    When I click in “comments” it’s not going to the comments section.

    • But it does take you to the post, right?

      • Jav

        It goes down, at the end of the post I think.

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    Wow. Gonna take some time to get used to the new style. I like it though.

  • MrVux007
  • Spectralbuttplug

    *inserts comment about nyxus is a fucking badass*

  • kirtanloorii

    Looks great.

  • moto hellogoto

    So black isn’t good enough for you huh? Racists. JAy KAy. The new layout looks great.

  • Lautreck

    Excellent but i would like it in black ^^
    The white too agressive for my eyes.

  • Greyfox98

    sorry 🙁

    • Greyfox98

      Just teasing, though 🙂 admittedly it will take some getting used to

      • True. 😛 Hopefully part of it is simply having to get used to it. Aside from the color scheme, this theme is better than the previous one for various reasons.

  • Serpent

    As I said before looks really good but the logo needs to be replaced. Maybe something like “MGI” and a small codec/radio logo on the side

  • Uhh, the new layout is appearing as ridiculously plain on my screen (basic white wordpress layout), with no header other than the two cogs and ‘MGI’. Since other people have mentioned a full header, am I seeing the wrong thing?

    • The header contains the logo and ‘MGI’, so you are seeing the right thing. Having a full banner apparently messes up the site layout, as other people have pointed out, that is why it has been replaced by this smaller logo.

      • Ah, makes sense! The height of it also seems to be messing with the alignment of the menu items, but that’s a minor tweak.

  • The color of the site has been changed to light grey, to make it a little less bright.

  • The Omnipotent Snake

    We have been in the dark for far too long! Its neater looking this way but it wasn’t bad as the older state of the site as well.


    I think new design looks nice. Its cool You added screenshots to news.

  • Kojimaphile

    I can’t say I like it too much. I mean, it wont stop me from visiting, but I really enjoyed the original layout. This new one looks kind of… “mainstream” I guess? Like visually similar to other, more popular websites. Plus I really liked the black and blue of the original… too much white with this one.
    Functionality is much more important tho, so if this was an inevitable change I’m glad you made it. Continue the good work, Boss.

    • The main problem with the previous layout was that the frontpage looked very static and boring. No pictures, just a list of the articles chronologically, from newest to oldest. It was pretty uninviting and also difficult to find something. Of course it will take some getting used to going from a dark website to a light one (there isn’t really any white anymore though, it’s light grey now).

      • Robin030

        i loved the simplicity of the old design… any chance to give us a option to change it?

        • No, that’s not possible.

          • Robin030

            too bad! thx anyway for quick reply 🙂

          • No problem, hopefully this layout will grow on you.

      • Kojimaphile

        I think I really enjoyed the “static and boring” because it felt “intelligent and somber” to me, a change in pace to my daily website check (I have no life) but whatever is best for the website, I’m with it.

        • In a lot of ways the previous layout was the way it was because of limitations to the theme, not really out of choice. It had no way to feature articles, which was really annoying. And there were many more problems. On top of that it hadn’t been updated in two years, so it looks like it’s not supported anymore which may cause problems in the future.

    • Raymondius

      The “original”? You mean the grey and blue one? God, do I really have been here for so long? Hahaha

      This may be just me, but now is when I feel like going back home. 😉

      • Yep, the current layout kind of looks like the original:

        • Raymondius

          Hahaha! Such nostalgia… And such great times, I’m sure we’ll be staying in this new Mother Base for quite a looooong time. Diamond Dogs. Our new home. 😀

          Nyx, considering you are our Big Boss, who would I be? Mosquito, probably, right? The “just-that-man-sitting-somewhere-between-second-and-third-line-who-has-been-here-since-fuck-me-if-I-know-that-sometimes-tells-somthing-interesting”, right?

          • You’re all diamonds.

  • WhatTheJuicay

    Thanks for not changing the site name. I’m a Metal Gear Solid fan. Call me blasphemous but most metal gear fans seem to really just be Hideo Kojima fans. That’s cool and all but I really haven’t played any of his other games. Not even Castlevania Lord of Shadows. It’s good that the kojima loyalists will boycott anything metal gear that konami puts out in the future, but I’ll still play it if it looks good enough to play. Just like a star wars fan would do.

  • By the way, Yong mentioned MGI in this video (this isn’t new, but pretty cool regardless). Nice to hear he likes the site. 🙂

  • great! congrats nyxus, i’m glad to see the efforts on making the site better and how it’s been growing through the years, it makes me feel kinda proud haha.

    the theme looks good, i’m not a big fan of white backgrounds while reading though

  • solidsnack

    love it!

  • Bru t

    The all new white look really? Not new at all. Looks like any other site now…..boring used to be my home page not any more. Anything metal gear related will look better than this same ol.

    • Too bad but disappointing to hear you were here just for the layout.

  • Full Options

    Although I understand people saying “more mainstream”, “I miss the old one”, the site structure is very functional, which is a great effort from you (but less visible).
    I am happy with the white and blue but couldn’t you add some more Yoji stuff here and there ?
    The top Ad banner is quite not serving the value of your great site.
    Forgive my input but if it was possible (don’t know how the banner is required to be at this location) I would have left some kind of more “Shinkawish” style banner instead of the Ad at this place. Dunno, something like that (quickly photoshoped) :

    • Thanks for your input. The logo at the top left needs to be very small, otherwise the layout gets messed up. There was a bigger one at first but it was replaced by the current one for that reason. But yes, it’s unfortunate that it can’t be a bit larger, especially since there is still a lot of white space left there.

      • Full Options

        You may have yet investigated, but technically, there are various way to circumvent this. Depending when you may decide to play a little with it (keep me tuned if needed so), the div with the class “site-branding” holding your logo should be easily overlaid by, for example, a statically positioned div element, without messing the layout at all, if belonging to another / higher z-index level. If you have a hand on the main page’s code, you may do that yet with simple html and slight CSS. In all cases, keep going the awesome work and thanks !

        • Sounds… complicated. 😛

          • Full Options

            It is not. 😀 If you have access to the code of your home page (sounds like index.php on your site), you can inject this / occupy all the blank space before the Articles button in no time. The logo + white space could hold a banner of about 630 x 82px. You could prepare something even slightly bigger if you want, without messing at all the top bar. Overlay is a dirty (but working) approach, but you may also try to see if you can directly modify the site-branding class somewhere.
            There are many ways to do this. Just to check, try to play with Chrome’s or FF’s “F12” adding some css rules directly on your page while browsing (I added few other rules as examples).

          • The current header image is what the theme recommended. Here is one with the dimensions you mentioned.


          • Full Options

            The link you paste leads to your wordpress account login page, you are probably logged in so can access it but I can’t. Just upload it in the comment (curious to see what you chose ;).

          • Should be fixed now.

          • Full Options

            Ok, got it. Are you taking care of your hosting ? I mean is it you that installed WordPress (having direct access to files), or do you only have access to it from the WordPress cpanel ?
            In the first case it should be peanuts.
            In the latter case, I will check where you may modify the theme accordingly if possible, without impairing the layout. If you want to investigate yourself, there is zero risk to mess the layout first because nothing appear to happen in this area of your template, whatever the page you visit. I am leaving work now (train). Let’s definitely check this !

          • Full Options

            One simple sloppy / hackish (but functional) way would be to do it by injecting the following javascript inside your home page.

            For various reasons, 630 is a bit wide I modified the following accordingly. To give you an example, try to evaluate the following snippet in either Chrome’s or Firefox’s javascript console (F12 -> Console -> Ctrl+v-> Enter).

            (Sorry, not easy to paste code in disqus for me)
            var element = document.getElementById("logo")
   = "460px";
   = "60px";
            element.src = "";

            If you manage to inject this snippet in a tag somewhere in the bottom of your home page, it will work.
            Here is the result in FF:

          • The theme does have a spot where you can enter custom CSS code, but that’s not the same thing as Javascript right? Or is it?

          • Full Options

            You can see CSS like a set of parameters that are going to organize your visual resources (image size, fonts, rounded corners, and many others stuff). Javascript let interact with these resources by catching your page elements while downloading them or when they are downloaded, animate them, change everything. CSS is supposed to be only read, javascript can be read and executed but will most of the time only change your element’s CSS. In the snippet I posted, I am accessing “style” which is how you modify CSS from javascript (

            If you are not sure with a javascript hack, you may want to locate, if accessible, the section in CSS where the class “image-logo” is declared. Here you can force width, height and many other attributes. You can always roll back to a previous version if not sure while testing.

            CSS will hold exact values for size, colors, etc… Javascript let you change those values at run-time, upon a click, a mouse-move, etc..

            Just drop a line if you are not sure.

          • Hm, looks like it does not mess up the layout anymore. Could be the update from a while back. Anyway, the current header is 500px wide.

          • Full Options

            Looks slick in all cases. I miss the acronym now… =O xD
            Thank you for maintaining this precious place.

          • It can easily be switched. 😛

  • Full Options

    @Nyxus:disqus @Gatsu @Golgari Mates, someone posted a quite stupid comment. You may check this asap right here..

  • Full Options

    Nyx, there is a clear issue embedding tweets. Do you have a clue ? Will investigate…

    • Full Options

      Seems they worked it out, posted a couple of tweets today, and they showed correctly… Best !

  • Full Options

    [SCAM ALERT] Dear Nyxus, not sure were you could complain (perhaps disqus) but be careful because some adds are directly pointing to pure scammers. I double-checked. I just leave this here FYI.
    Good luck.

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