Hideo Kojima on 10-day ‘high end technology tour’ with Mark Cerny

Yesterday Kojima tweeted that he was taking a plane somewhere. Today it is becoming clear what this trip entails. Kojima and Ken Imaizumi are on a 10-day ‘high end technology tour’ with Mark Cerny, the lead system architect of the PlayStation 4.


“Bound for 10-day trip searching for the newest technology with Mark-san ( ). It will be a world tour!”

Kojima Productions’ Ken Imaizumi teased:

And Mark Cerny dedicated his very first tweet to his trip with Kojima:

Sounds interesting to say the least!


“On the way to our first stop, getting foggy like Silent Hill…” – Ken Imaizumi


“Full steam ahead.” – Hideo Kojima

Kojima left for the US yesterday, and has also met up with director Kitamura, the director of The Twin Snakes.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Mark Cerny Twitter, Ken Imaizumi Twitter, 2

  • Spectralbuttplug

    I see a genius standing with a guy who started university at 13

  • Tong Ninja

    From the looks of it after this 10 day tour, Kojima Productions is going to decide if they are building a brand new engine or use an existing one.

    Hope they have fun!

    • Xilurm

      Even though it might take a while to release a game with a new engine, I kinda do hope they make one now. That way their future games will be alot better since they will be experienced with it. I mean, imagine what else could Kojima and Co do with the Fox Engine after MGSV. Shame that Konami will use it now as a cashgrab.

  • That is going to be amazing.

  • DarthDiggler

    Mark Cerny still needs a hair cut.

    • Gamist

      He lives a simple life: just trim the front so no hair obstructs his view..

  • Biggy

    Teasing me with this silent hill fog and metal gear partner meet up. Although I know it’ll be a different game. Sounds very promising

  • Gatsu

    Cool :D.

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  • Danny Patten

    If anyone wants to know about MArk Cerny:

    This dude seems to be fun to hang out with.

    • SNKtheStampede

      Thanks for sharing. I didn’d knew him that well and that video sure helped me appreciating the man more!

  • BurntFM

    Oh Ken. That silent hill comment just hurts. lol

  • VenomSnake421

    I can’t wait for Kojima’s new game. And I wonder if anyone likes the new layout?

    • New layout is not bad, liked the older one more tho

  • stocchinet .

    …..like silent hill….. i cri evritim


    Cant wait to see what game Hideo Kojima will make this time. One thing we know for sure. Its going be EPIC!!!

    Today I just realized that when You first launch Phantom Pain there is a voice telling a V has come to and we see a hospital bed in menu. Later there is a Snake in a helicopter for the rest of the game and so on.

    I dont want to say any spoilers so I will just say one word.

    Everyone who finished the game and listened to all tapes knows what V has come to means, right?

    Hideo Kojima is MEGA GENIUS!!!!!!!

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  • Nekkedsnake

    Kojima is hanging out with the director of The Twin Snakes! I wonder if they’re collaborating on something!

  • Neil Ervin

    I didn’t know Dana Carvey was the lead system architect of the PS4!!!

  • PrinceHeir


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