Kojima visits performance capture studio on first day of his 10-day technology trip

Hideo Kojima, Ken Imaziumi and Ayako Terashima are currently on a 10-day trip with Mark Cerny to ‘search for the newest technology’, as the famous game designer describes it.

On his first day he went to VASG (Visual Arts Service Group) in San Diego to check out the performance capture that was used for big and highly cinematic games like The Last of Us and The Order 1886. VASG is a division of Sony Computer Entertainment America aimed at assisting the developers of Sony Worldwide Studios.


“HK checking out the performance capture process used on TLOU and The Order” – Mark Cerny


“Visited VASG. Exposed the newest tech, as performance capture & photogrammetry etc that I’m interested in.” – Hideo Kojima Twitter


“Hideo Kojima today.” – Ayako Terashima


“With people at VASG, and Sir Galahad.” – Hideo Kojima


“Did some facial scans just because reasons. HK, meet Cyber-HK!” – Mark Cerny


“We saw a performance capture demo at VASG, they’ve done Uncharted and many SCE titles.” Ken Imaizumi

Afterwards, they traveled to Los Angeles where Kojima paid a visit to some of his friends to inform them about his new studio Kojima Productions: JJ Abrams, the producer and director of the recent Star Wars movie and Kyle Cooper of Prologue, a famous title sequence designed who has worked on several Metal Gear games.

Source: Mark Cerny Twitter, Hideo Kojima TwitterAyako Terashima TwitterKen Imaizumi Twitter

  • “Kojima Today”, by Ayako Terashima, 2016. In this stunning piece of postmodern art, Terashima boldly addresses catharsis that follows the frustration of the shackled artist, held back by conventions of old institutional powers, while at the same time referring to Edvard Munch’s most famous work.

    • Fucking awesome!

      Seriously happy to Kojima in good spirits.

    • Everyone else in the photo:

      Notice me senpai!




    • stocchinet .

      He’s angry, no mercy

  • Good to see Kojima like that. Good photos.This is a good article. This is good.

    • Isn’t it?


        yep ^^

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Hideo looks happy. Good for him after all the crap of the last year.

  • Robin030

    it’s so great to see kojima free again! if he pours all this good energy he’s got now into his next game we’re in for a real treat.

  • BurntFM

    Kojima looks right at home in a mo-cap studio sitting on a director’s chair. He was very involved with the mo-cap in the mgs games and has always praised studios that used the technology.


  • SaladinSilver

    Seeing Kojima this cheerful brings tears in my eyes. Can’t fucking wait to see what masterpiece he creates next!!!

  • Freed from the parasites at Konami, he’s teamed with Sony and returned to nanomachine glory

  • Everything to Kojima so far is nothing new here really. Performance capture process he already know since Ground Zeroes.
    I think the most important part is that Kojima will use VASG for it’s new game. He has the money and support from Sony, but he does not have resources and it’s own Motion capture studio so this is a good thing.

    Glad to see Kojima doing his best. It will be interesting to see what Kojima will explore next. Personally I’m interested if Cerny will provide KojiPro with tools and the engine. Maybe they will offer hardware assistance. Maybe Cerny’s “Knack” team will help the development.

  • damn this is great!

    what i take from this is that Sony will put a lot of money on the table for Kojima’s project, which is great since the sales of that first game will let him establish his own studio easily. and i would also guess that the first game will look great, seems he’ll have some good technology for this project, it makes me so happy to see Kojima like this after all the stuff from last year.

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      No longer restricted from the likes of the higher ups at Konami. We’re in for a wild ride, folks.

  • Biggy

    How kojima reacted when the new CEO told him the new business plan

    • hunner

      Great show


    ❤____❤ Sir Galahad !!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤

    • MrVux007

      Imagine one day:
      “Order 1886 sequel confirmed,directed by Hideo Kojima”

  • Zven

    JJ isn’t just the producer, he’s the director of Star Wars Episode VII !

    • Thanks for the heads-up!

      • Full Options

        I will take out this comment. ;D
        Did you decided not to cover the following piece of sh.t to avoid a storm / literal war here, haha ? We had a lot and way more fancy to focus on, anyways.
        I just discovered about the Metal Gear Solid 6: From Two Phantoms… “after MGS4 with Snake being much more refined in both design and how he acts” WTF is he talking about !?


        I have to admit that this Tameem-bird-dropping something is particularly good at licking Takuya Kozuki’s dirty .ss with those not so cordial comments toward Kojima and the franchise, and this Rahni Tucker looks like a hysterically mad feminist escaped from asylum, instead of a correct humble and professional creative director… :/
        I feel the real fear now … 🙁

    • BurntFM

      And one of the writers.

  • Biggy

    This is great news. Every one who worked with him at konami in the game should just quit and Join him. They must all be eating there nails with him not there screaming “we miss you kojimaaaa”
    “There new guys want Us to make mobile games and pachinko machines”

  • Kojima lost his FOX engine… then fuck it now has full economic and technological support by SONY

  • PrinceHeir

    Interesting tech ^^

  • vic boss

    Imagine if Kojima makes an star wars game, I mean from what we’ve seen so far it’s gonna probably be a sci-fi game and probably set in space and we’ve seen Kojima share stuff from star wars. I know is like a dream but just imagine if that happened.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Hmmm, maybe Hideo is actually making the second film in the new Star Wars Anthology “Rogue One”

      • Spectralbuttplug

        He is making the boba fett movie i suppose boba fett the badass

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    MGSV have probably the best running animation ever in videogames. Other animatons like crouching are the best too.
    Cant wait to see what kind of game Hideo Kojima will make with technology like that and help from Sony.

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