Kojima checks out PlayStation VR at Sony London Studio

Kojima’s 10-day technology with Mark Cerny continued after their visit to Sony Computer Entertainment America’s headquarters in San Mateo. Unfortunately, the flight got cancelled so the travel party had to arrange a new one. After some delays they arrived at their next destination, London. Today, Kojima tested out the yet to be released PlayStation VR helmet.

"Good morning"
“Good morning”
"Visiting London VR team. Blurred out part of photo is the plan for their next VR experience -- sorry!" - Mark Cerny
“Visiting London VR team. Blurred out part of photo is the plan for their next VR experience — sorry!” – Mark Cerny


“Visiting London Studio VR team.”
"With people at London studio. Thank you!"
“With people at London studio. Thank you!”

After this visit, Kojima headed off to the next destination.


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Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter, Mark Cerny Twitter, Midge Ure Twitter

  • MrVux007

    every time when i see that beard,all i can think of is this…

    • Gatsu

      Haha, excellent ;).


    In this picture he looks so young…

    • Jav

      Is the software. The selfie camera can do that.

    • Gatsu

      Woooooah, he look younger than me.

  • MrVux007

    also check out new Yong video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmh_ZH-KFIk

    • korruption

      I shall now watch this. I loved his video where he lost it on Konazi for being such fuck knuckles at the game awards. XD

  • Tong Ninja

    He met up with Midge Ure as well! 🙂 Sounds like Midge knows something about Kojima’s new project.


  • Venom_Sina

    BAM…Mission Complete.100% + A shiny Platinum trophy:

    • Gatsu


    • Full Options

      Congrats Bro !
      So you decided to f.ck it today !?
      Well done !

    • Full Options

      Was in the train… To Sina ! Here is the real congrats reward :

      • Venom_Sina

        Yeah,who is this Kiefer guy?Never heard the name before,lol.

        • Full Options

          That’s the target.
          He is a XOF agent trying to take your place. Fortunately, we spotted him thanks to the intel unit. Your mission Snake is to eliminate the target within the next 24h.
          If you need support, just open your MGI-droid.
          Out !

  • CR7HarisSnake

    So happy to see this man shine again <3

  • César H. Sandoval

    Would be a fun gimmick for a game like PT.

  • Gatsu

    That VR looks so awesome, I always imagined how cool it would be to use some sort of VR when I played the old RE or SH. Also that selfie…it’s pretty good ;D.

    Kojima is surely enjoying his freedom. <3

  • Jav

    This tec will die like 3d tvs.

    • N-Shifter

      You tried it yet? I really don’t see this failing personally, I tried it and it blew me away.

      • MrVux007

        Personally i think it wont be a “huge” thing this gen…however!
        I do believe that this is the future of gaming and we will see a big leap of VR technology and games in next generation…
        It may be to early to tell tho,since “next gen” isn’t expected anywhere before 2020…many things may change until then

      • Jav

        I didn’t. I just like to talk from my ignorance.
        I am from the old school. For me, gaming will always be using a joystick in front of a tv/monitor.

  • Ishmael

    he looks tired.

    • Not surprising, with his schedule.

      • Ishmael

        true that.

  • Henry

    Could you imagine a VR version of PT?

  • PrinceHeir

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