Hideo Kojima on keeping up with evolving technology

On Twitter, Kojima talked a bit about the challenge of keeping up with constantly evolving technology in the gaming industry. He concluded that he can keep up because of the other studios that exits over the world (referring to his tour that ended a few days ago).

Game industry’s always been depended on the technology. Technology evolves on daily so as hardware & software. That’s why you need to keep running. The one who runs at his/her best, the one who runs strategically, the one who runs on his/her pace, the one who seeks opportunity while running in the 2nd pack. You don’t need to be in the 1st pack all the time.


But once you take a break you will get way behind from the pack. I’ve visited in various studios and all of them have kept running without any rest. Such sense of distance was out “shared language”. I can “keep running” because such top groups exist all over the world.

It is not unlikely Kojima Productions will be using at least some of the technology available in Sony’s worldwide studios, as his own studio probably doesn’t have the resources yet to make the kind of cutting edge games Kojima aims to create.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • I will say this… Other studios that he visited still, need to prove that their technologies actually work.
    Kojima already released a game that runs 1080p/60 fps on the PS4 that looks great and plays so well this gen. So he is absolutely not behind the pack, others maybe have great trailers (Detroit, Horizon, Uncharted 4), they still have not released anything on the market for the PS4.

    I’m sure that Kojima will find a way how to use the latest technoloy even with the limited resources he will have. I just hope that everything will go as planned for Hideo Kojima.

    • MrVux007

      Even tho i mostly agree with you,i would like to note that one of the studios he visited (Ready at Dawn, SCE Santa Monica Studio) released by far most technically impressive game this gen(Order 1886) with honorable mention to Guerilla Games with their Killzone:Shadow Fall and Infamous Second son by Sucker Punch Productions…
      these studios proved their technologies work,even tho they have fallen short in some other departments…

      • Yeah, from a technical standpoint The Order was very impressive (the rest is a matter of preference).

    • Venom_Sina

      Kojima Productions’ Fox Engine is not completely next-gen.It got stuck between last and current gen.That’s why PS4/Xbox One can run V on 60FPS easily.
      If we look at performance,optimization etc. yeah Fox is one of the best (with a quick look to Assassin’s Creed and Fallout engines,lol),but graphically,it’s not that amazing.There are way better engines out there that can show better graphics.

      • MrVux007

        do you remember P.T. ?
        That demo looked quite impressive for early stage Fox engine…Assassins creed “unity engine” is impressive tho,and i wouldn’t really mention a game engine grampa like “creation engine” cough “gamebyro” cough….

        And weather or not would MGSV run 60FPS if it was only current gen only(with graphical improvements ofc) would be on developer decisions at the time and would depend on their overall budget,since current gen consoles (or last gen consoles for that matter) are not H.W. bound like the PC-s are,giving them more room for improvements especially if we are talking first party developers for those consoles.But these days its a popular developer decision to choose an FPS consistency rather then inconsistent 60FPS on most of the games this gen.Which is fine by me…

      • It is next gen. The game was stuck between last and current gen, not the engine. Engine was prepared for the next gen. Eventually Kojima wanted to build Silent Hills/MGS6 on then next gen consoles usng Fox Engine.
        You don’t build an engine just for one game, it is build for the future in mind and can be upgraded for the future.

        And no, they can’t run the game in 60 fps that easily. Xbox version was not even 1080p to begin with.
        Graphically it had impressive draw distance and great looking PBE lighting which is important.

        • Full Options

          “You don’t build an engine just for one game, it is build for the future in mind and can be upgraded for the future.”

          That’s the theory and this statement is 100 % correct.

          However and in practice, the paradox is that, because of various constraints (eg. dead-lines / profit issues), devs are oblige to come to a point where they dedicate part of the resources or given areas of code to a specific title.

          They don’t have time to raise the level of abstraction so a given lib could be enough reusable, and often leave this task behind for example for their next title. Kojima Productions or other studios don’t deny it themselves. They are even proud (eg. Fox Engine at GDC 2013) to announce how deep some parts were hand-crafted, hard-coded because it also turns their master-piece more human / artisanal.

          In a perfect world, all this should end-up with totally dynamic so reusable resources and code templates, but this dream is too long to setup and test even for the most talented studios.

          That’s why in interviews or conferences, AAA coding talents strongly advise indy devs to first develop their game and only keep making it an engine progressively rather than the other way around (not impossible at all though- Unity, Virtools, SCE PhyreEngine…- but different buisnesses).

          It always happened like that, UE let you obviously implement quicker all required for building a FPS like Unreal / Tournament, Rage is first a GTA engine, etc…

          Big AAA always have enough assets to build from scratch or dedicate a given engine to their game fast.

          Turns out that so far, an engine fasten the delivery of multiple title sharing the same gameplay but when it comes to more R&D efforts for improving, innovating, they are often back to good old nightmares.

      • Full Options

        “There are way better engines out there that can show better graphics”.

        I think it may be more bound to how the engine is used according to which goals they want to achieve, rather than what the engine is capable of, nowadays. These goals can be different from one studio to another.
        KP is known for being really concerned about their rendering perf hits, more than any studio.
        Most others, are happy with even 30 fps, hereby accepting the risk and leaving some from drops at even 15 in some area of their game, which is slowly becoming unacceptable these days.

        On both optimization and mesh artistic quality, I think KP succeeded in having an awesome trade-off, for the sake of the frame-rate.
        This is an extremely difficult discipline.
        For example, Crysis at full details was unplayable for years even if some snapshots were looking like real postal cards.

  • MrVux007

    *off topic*
    did anyone actually seen this ? lol i bet Kaz was scared as heck https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/692894563246043139

    • If you see the rest of the video, the rope comes back and hits his face. 😛

      • Gatsu


      • Spectralbuttplug


      • Full Options

        He is also bleeding spot on where the rope hits, they must have repeated this several times… xD

  • BurntFM

    It took me a while to get used to Kiefer playing Venom Snake. But I was sold instantly when I heard Iago playing Liquid Snake. LOL


  • Gatsu

    Keep going forward Kojima and create something spectacular once again :). Can’t wait to see what tech they will use.

    Last drink.

      • Gatsu


      • Full Options

        Irish Coffee, I bet 😀

    • scarecrow

      Kojima surely loves drinking

      • Danny Patten

        Well, he IS Japanese after all. When you’re not fond of liquor you’d have a pretty hard time over there working.

        • Full Options

          Ni-goh hotto sake o-kudassai !

    • Danny Patten

      anyone else hear him say “AYYYYYYY LMFAO!”? 😀

    • Full Options
  • Gatsu

    Off-Topic. I decided to buy few new games thanks to friends suggestions, and finally got around to play Transistor. After finishing it I started Ori and the Blind Forest today. I gotta say that both are so damn amazing, art style and music blow my mind. Especially in Ori :D, the feels … Anyone else here play them :)?

    I wonder how many more beautiful games I might have missed, but I’m so glad I decided to get these. If anyone is bored some day or dunno what to play, try these two ^_^.

    • vic boss

      Ori is for Xbox isn’t ? I want to play it but don’t have an Xbox , the one I’ll definitely play is Life Is Strange. That game seems interesting.

      • Ori is also on the PC.

      • Gatsu

        It is I think, but as Golgari said for PC too <3. This song is very nice…

        Yes play LiS too .

        • BurntFM

          A yeah. Ori and the Blind Forest is an amazing platform game. Beautiful art, very tight controls and I damn almost cried within the first 5 minutes. LOL :’)

          • Gatsu

            So did I haha ;).


      So many games great games I have on steam that I haven’t finished or got around to playing. I remember I bought Vampires: The Masquerade Bloodlines, installed the fan made patches, played 30 mins and never touched it again until a year later – it is now one of my favourite RPG’s of all time – a completely underrated masterpiece.

    • Jak

      Transistor was fantastic-have you played their previous game, Bastion? More actiony, but great nonetheless. Ending hits hard.


    Lets give Hideo Kojima as much time as He needs to make His new game using all those new technologies He is looking for on His journey. I can wait 5 or 10 years to see it.
    I just hope His new game will be stealth game. All stealth game sucks comparing to genius Metal Gear.

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