Japanese fans can now collect MGSV inspired coasters in new BIG BOSS X BOSS campaign


Remember the collaboration between MGSV and BOSS coffee from around the game’s launch? Well, it looks like Konami and Suntory are doing another one. This time you can collect 8 different coasters inspired by the game.


It looks like you need to purchase a 6-pack of Suntory BOSS coffee and register the serial code online. The campaign starts today, on February 9th, and will run until the end of this month, February 29th.


Source: MGSV Official Website, Metal Gear Official Twitter

  • Danny Patten


    • No Place For Hayter

      I feel your pain, and with Konami being at the head, I never expect to get anything MGS related.

    • Is Boss coffee even available outside of Japan?

  • No Place For Hayter

    That moment when “Big Boss X Boss” uses Venom Snake, instead of the actual Big Boss.

    I find it funny how confusing Kojima has made the characters, not only do we have similar characters with the same code name which are clones or the original, but we now also have a memetic copy running around as well.

    • Yeah but Venom Snake is also Big Boss, as the real BB explains at the end of MGSV.

      • Jav

        I have a question. In that moment we hear only big boss or the two are talking?

        • It’s probably the recording on the tape Venom received from Big Boss.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Yeah that idea is poised, but I don’t agree with it. The whole MGS taught and explored the importance of the individual via their specific Genes, memes, and the scene they are raised in all culminate into the individual Sense we all hold, and then TPP prances along trying to tell me it only takes a little memetic magic to completely become another person? I call complete bullshit, I firmly believe what the rest of the MGS talks about, and as such I hate the strongly disagree with the ideas presented by TPP. Nobody can become Big Boss, he has his own Genes, built his own memes, raised his scene brought about by others, and his his uniquely own sense, it is impossible to become another person, let alone Big Boss. To actually like what TPP did with the character of Big Boss you have to disagree with the rest of the series, they contradict each other, you can’t agree with both, and I agree with the rest of the series and disagree with TPP.

        Sorry about the rant, had to partially explain why I don’t agree with the ridiculous sentiment that Venom is in anyway Big Boss.

        • Of course he doesn’t literally become the person Big Boss, he comes to embody the ‘idea’ Big Boss, the concept. Of course BB will always be a different individual, but Venom takes on the role of Big Boss for the time being.

  • Min Han

    Guys its not a Kojima Game any more. PLEASE DONT SUPPORT KONAMI BY BUYING THIS!

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