Watch Donna Burke perform Sins of the Father live

Watch Donna Burke perform Sins of the Father, the powerful theme song of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, at the Refugees International Fundraiser at the Shangrila Hotel Tokyo.

Source: Donna Burke Youtube (thanks Danny Patten!)

  • Gatsu

    That was awesome, I’ve been waiting to see her perform this live ever since the epic E3 2013 trailer .

    As beautiful as this song is, the version I still listen the most is from that trailer. I just love that beautiful mix of Quiet’s intro and Sins.

    • CR7HarisSnake

      She is literally the best man. I hope Kojima hires her for his future projects 🙂 .

      • Spectralbuttplug


      • Tong Ninja

        This was a while back, but she said on facebook that she received Kojima’s new business card (handed to her from Kojima himself) on the day the new Kojima Productions studio was announced back in December 2015. 🙂

        So it’s possible she might be in his future projects. Time will tell.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      You should listen to the f1ng3rs remix lol

  • Tong Ninja

    Donna: “Ahh thank you. Now time for a drink!?” XD haha so Australian!

    Now that’s what I call a live performance! 😀
    You really need a good set of lungs to belt out those long high notes.
    Awesome work Donna!

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Haha lol

  • Ishmael

    she is not in tune. i’m really sorry to say that but it’s true.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Yeah but her voice is outstanding and she was not in tune at parts

    • Full Options

      It is not her best perf. That said, I know it sounds weird, but She is in tune :O.
      We can tell because the wrong tune feeling is deadly constant / uniform.
      She is just closer from the cam’s mic (poor one btw) recording her, the video sound source is definitely not the mixing-table’s master line. It is a common artifact when recording live from a single spot. The real voice become mixed with the speakers one. Her real voice arrive slightly sooner than the rest, Doppler related problem.
      To give you an example, try to compare her tune with the piano’s which sound closer too, you’ll see.

      This can happen depending how the various sources are dispatched around a given mic (not her’s but the cam’s one) and why the mixing table is there.

      It is ungrateful for her, but if you focus only on her voice, you can hear that she always use this tonality.

      I can assure you that the audience and herself are not actually hearing exactly this, but more what they tuned for the room while repeating.

      • Alexa Danielle Bresee

        no she is def out of tune at times, relative to the backing track. She probably just doesn’t have good monitoring.

        the doppler effect has no bearing here, because no sound sources are in motion relative to any other source sources. Also i don’t know what you mean by tonality, certainly the normal definition cannot apply in the context you’re using it — are you talking out of your ass?

        • Full Options

          I never said she was perfectly in tune for all the song neither.

          Things become a little more subtle in specific cases, where you have multiple output locations (even stationary) for the same source.
          At least enough to have a tune shift when mixing both outputs.

          Regarding “Tonality”, this definition looks quite accurate :

          As for “talking out of my ass”, probably as usual, hehe 😉

          • Alexa Danielle Bresee

            this isn’t an improvisational piece at all, and donna doesn’t take any real liberties with the melody, so the tonality is something that’s established by the composer, not the performer.

          • Full Options

            That’s perfectly correct.
            Without of course really changing the initially decided tonality for a given song, a singer can always however slightly transpose it, for various purposes.

          • Alexa Danielle Bresee
  • Sam

    It’s a terrible song and I know she’s mainly a studio lady but those cringe inducing 90s pop star, fake expressions of emotion have to go – I was waiting for some trashy lines a bit of “Oh baby, just one more chance”.

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