Hideo Kojima talks at DICE: His next project, Sony, collaborations, VR, Metal Gear and his beard

On February 18, Hideo Kojima attended the DICE Summit in Las Vegas to have a public conversation with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and Geoff Keighley talking about his inspirations and future ambitions. On this occasion several outlets conducted interviews with Kojima as well. Below you will find a summary of information gathered from the conversation and the interviews.

"DICE" - Kojima

On his new studio

Currently Kojima is still building his new independent studio, Kojima Productions. “In theory, and ideally, you put together some staff, you look for facilities, and then you start working on a project, planning and testing, but… I’m doing all of this in parallel.” Kojima told Polygon.

“For this new studio, I definitely want to keep the size of the team somewhat limited.”

Talking to IGN, Kojima explained why he wants to work with a small team. “In order to create something that is really of quality, you need technology, but more than technology, you need people. You need talented people. I’ll create an environment where these people will develop their talents. By environment I mean the physical location of the place, the facilities, the kind of workplace environment that is developed there.”

“There was a time that I had a team that was growing over 200 people, and at that point this methodology proved to be too difficult. It was impossible to be together and polish everything. For this new studio, I definitely want to keep the size of the team somewhat limited.”

“When I first entered this industry, the teams were pretty much like five people. It felt like an indie game. Everybody had to do a little bit of everything. And nowadays, where everyone has their defined role, it’s not like that. … It [feels] like a factory.” During the studio tour with Mark Cerny last month, Kojima visited Media Molecule in Guildford, and the atmosphere of the work environment there really spoke to him. It almost felt like a family, Kojima said.

On his next project

“I feel extremely free right now.”

Kojima says his next project is going to be a big game made by a small team, and he’s hoping it will have a big enough impact to become a series that could even expand into anime and manga.

“I feel extremely free right now. I’m trying to make a big, very edgy game with an extremely small team. For my first project I’m working with Sony, so I have to do something for them, but I’m doing exactly what I want to do.” Kojima said during the live conversation. “I have no intentions of ever changing anything I do in order for it to be a hit, to sell more. That’s something I wouldn’t ever want to do and I’m never going to do, so I have to create something I want to play, something that I want people to play, and within that figure out ways that it will be appealing to the market, that it will be a successful game, […] so on that regard I feel extremely free.”


“Like I did in the past, I want to make something that has a very strong, dramatic story.”

In the GameSpot interview, he said: “I have to be honest, for this project I’m working on, there’s are a lot of people, staff members, and fans who have high expectations. I have the feeling that I can’t fail. I can’t disappoint. […] Especially, because it’s our first game and we’re working with Sony, I want to make sure that it’s a great game for Sony, so there is pressure in that. However, I’m not even thinking of letting any of that to change anything that’s in the game.”

For Kojima, a strong story and strong gameplay are both important. “Like I did in the past, I want to make something that has a very strong, dramatic story.” Kojima said in the GameSpot interview. “Sony is supporting us to make a big game that’s edgy with a strong story that gives the player a lot of freedom, with new elements.” He did say he’ll have to see if it’s possible to create such a game with a brand new studio.

There’s a lot riding on Kojima Productions’ first project, and Kojima even believes it will determine the fate of his new studio. He told Polygon: “If the first project fails, we won’t have any future to speak of. So we are very focused on that. It’s a big-scale game, so we’re being really careful.”

“I have the feeling that I can’t fail. I can’t disappoint.”

On working with Sony

As we know, for their first project Kojima Productions is working with Sony. In an interview with GameSpot, Kojima ensured they are being given a lot of freedom. “They are not controlling what I’m doing at all; that was part of the conditions, and Sony was very respectful towards me and what I do. In that regard, it’s been very nice, and very pleasant.”


“Sony was very respectful towards me and what I do.”

While Kojima is feeling the pressure of making this game a success, he’s ‘not even thinking of letting any of that to change anything that’s in the game’.

On (future) collaborations

During the live panel, both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro expressed interest in working with each other in the future, whether it be a game, a movie or something else. “I’ll do whatever the fuck he wants.” del Toro explained, while pointing at Kojima.

"I'll do whatever the fuck he wants."
“I’ll do whatever the fuck he wants.”

Furthermore, in an interview conducted by Polygon, Kojima said he was interested in working with Norman Reedus as well, the star of the cancelled Silent Hills project. “Both of them are great people, they’re interesting people … I’m good friends with them and I’d love to work with them in the future. But I have no idea when that will be.”

However, speaking to GameSpot, Kojima said his first project will probably not be a collaboration, but something that really carries his identity.


Kojima says he’s intrigued by virtual reality now that the technology is getting there. A few years ago the motion sickness caused by the devices led him to think he could not develop for it, but with today’s headgears that problem isn’t really there anymore.


“Shooters are always fun, but I’m more interested, for example, in bringing out feelings in people that are unique to VR.” Kojima told IGN. “Some feelings, maybe displeasure, maybe horror. But not the kind of horror you get from grotesque or gory things, but a different kind of horror.”

On Metal Gear

In the interview with GameSpot, Kojima was asked what the biggest misconception was about him. ”A lot of people say that I spent too much money or take too much time, but that’s a misconception,” he said. “My last project was late about five or six months, but I’ve always kept my word on timelines and budget. For example, I do take three to four years to make games, but that’s the plan from the start.”


“Now I’m making something new, I’m making a new game.”

Kojima told Polygon he doesn’t miss Metal Gear, that for him it’s over. “Now I’m making something new, I’m making a new game.”

On his beard

One more important matter, Kojima’s new look. While the beard has been received positively overseas, in Japan it’s less of a hit, something we already saw reflected in the poll results on Twitter. “I’m not used to it, so I think about shaving it every day.” Kojima told GameSpot. “In becoming an independent and creating my own studio, I wanted to change something about my look. I’ve received a lot of positive comments from people outside Japan about my beard, but inside Japan, beards have a bad image. People think, “You look old, you look tired.” My kids definitely don’t like it.” Let’s hope Kojima won’t succumb to the pressure and keep his dignified new look.


“In becoming an independent and creating my own studio, I wanted to change something about my look.”

To read the full interviews and see the DICE conversation, follow the links in the source section.

Source: DICE, GameSpot, Polygon, IGN (2)

  • Whatever you want, Mr Kojima, but bring it on PC platform too, please.

    • Didn’t they already confirm the game is coming to PS4 and PC?

      • Yup, but i meant anything that comes from Kojima’s mind, not this game, i meant in general.

      • To be honest it was never confirmed that way.
        And he just started his studio so it is still a huge question f his team will be able to port things on the PC.

        • Well, except for that PlayStation Q&A, but the fact that it has been deleted is a bit suspicious.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Its already confirmed but the game will be released on ps4 which means timed exlusive

    • MrVux007

      I thought it was confirmed for PS4 and later on for PC for his “smaller” game …something changed?

  • Thank god that there won’t be any collaboration for his new game.
    His first game is about Kojima’s identity as an independent developer. What disappointing to me is that he makes a big game with a small team. IMO, that can backfire so hard if his team is not experienced enough. For example development can go for many years if his project will have ambitious gameplay like with Stealth-sandbox for MGSV… Because he wants to make a Big game and Kojima is a guy that likes top notch technology.

    I’m afraid that with this his next game will be on the PS5. j/k

    • Eugene Voldo

      All I see here is a lot of flattery. What MGSV did to move medium forward? What Peace Walker did? The answer is simple and honest – nothing. At the same time, since 2008 we had a lot of games that actually moved gaming into a whole new era. It’s a lot of indy games (Braid, Fez, Journey, Amnesia, Darkest Dungeon, etc) and some big AAA games (Assassin’s Creed 2, Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, Dark Souls, etc). I’m sorry, but while all MG games are all enjoyable with some glaring flaws they didn’t influence anything or anyone in past years. Far from it. MGSV is like unfinished Far Cry 2 that got released too late.

      • Sorry. But that’s bullshit.
        MGSV is the first true Stealth-sandbox Game with tons of new ideas where AI is even adapting to the game (shields, helmets, decoys) and etc.
        Al indie games you said had nothing innovative in them. AAA titles you mention, only Dark souls and L4D.

        • Eugene Voldo

          Stealth-sandbox? I mean, the whole open-world part of MGSV is barren at best. Thou I respect your opinion.

          Now about AI. The thing you’re describing was already present in Assassin’s Creed 2. For example, if you used your blade on guards in one location too often after some time the heavy-guarded guys will appear and your blade-tricks will not work with them.

          >Al indie games you said had nothing innovative in them

          Well, I’m not going to try and change your mind. I will say that for me every one of them was innovative and groundbreaking for its time.

          • SaladinSilver

            Lol what are you talking? Innovation doesn’t come from how many NPC’s greed you or how many pointless side stuff you can do. In TPP the focus is put on the level of freedom and stealth and how the player plays the game. It’s the very first sand-box game that gives you plenty of options to approach your objective.

          • JJBYACH

            I think that is the emptiness is part of the point.

            In a generation of bustling open world’s with hundreds or even thousands of NPC’s roaming about fulfilling pre-scripted daily routines, games built like theme parks filled with an hours upon hours of side activities running tangential to the narrative, games with maps the sizes of real world cities; and with everyone shouting and jumping about how immersive all these features make them, MGSV boldly decides to just stand still among the storm.

            MGSV’s map has only three focuses: Infiltration, ex-filtration and resource gathering. The game doesn’t try and pussyfoot around that fact, it doesn’t try to show you how immersive its world is by having a few civilians walking around and a map filled with question marks indicating things you should do. It’s just you, your objective and your connection to a barren wasteland where nearly everyone and everything wants you dead. That connection is what the intro spends its near one hour trying to display. It starts by striping away all the mechanics, leaving you with the most important one: getting down on your knees and belly to become one with the ground; it’s why the game makes sure that whatever stance you are in – standing, crouching, sprinting – you can near instantly get lower, all the way to ground level by crawling. It has a sort of mechanical authenticity that runs through the entire game that not many games have.

            Designing a linear stealth game is hell in virtually every aspect, from AI path-finding to the sound, to the game design and easily one of the most difficult aspect that I believe no game prior to MGSV has gotten as right: quickly and effectively communicating to the player when they are about to be detected – MGSV makes it’s less about “how do I reduce this detection meter” and more of “how do I get into cover and stay out of enemy line of sight”.

            With all this in mind, making a “true” open world one is usually out of the question. Look at games like Assassins Creed and Far Cry, they logically create the illusion of open word stealth by relegating small sections of the map (outposts) with separate pre scripted AI stealth routines and game design (tried and tested in context of that specially designed area) tailored for multiple playstyles. So in MGSV Kojima attempted to do the impossible – he tried to create a stealth game where the design encompasses the entire game world whilst allowing for other playstyles in a much larger context than seen before. Look at it this way: Every damn square inch of the map must be continually tested and re built over and over to achieve this vision, the game design must allow for the player regardless of location in the map a place to hide, flank and sneak past enemies, if they so desire – next time you play the game, study the terrain, how there may be a little mound, rock or general uneven terrain placed in the most logical of places, allowing for a place to hide, it’s really incredible when you notice it.

            Everything has been designed to look and work the way you think it should in this game world. That is what separates it from the others and transcendence’s it above other stealth games prior, the sheer thought and attention to detail put into making the environment and mechanics adhere to it’s minuscule, tunnel vision focus, narrative qualms aside – in fact the story of this game isn’t important. We didn’t watch Jack build an army,we built it ourselves. We chose how, where and when we wanted to infiltrate and ex filtrate, and what tools we needed to do such. I can count the number of scripted set pieces on one hand – the game is open and the story is told through the mechanics, a game of our actions not pre written words – a concept tied heavily into the games’ central themes.

            I think you are confusing innovation with technical achievement, as with all the best technology; it will always they will always be surpassed.

        • Eugene Voldo

          Oh, I didnt see the part about PW. The thing is, PW was created with Monster Hunter in mind. Monster Hunter was THE THING which influenced Kojima to create PW.

      • XOF

        Sorry, but what you’re saying is that Kojima doesn’t deserve the DICE Hall of Fame Award??

        Because that’s what the award was for. Developing highly influential games that expand the scope of the gaming industry.

        • Eugene Voldo

          No, where i have said it? I said that he didn’t develop anything influential in past ten years. But in 90s he was the one and only who guided industry into more cinematographic, story-based territory. So I think he deserves award. Sorry for the confusion.

          • XOF

            ‘while all MG games are all enjoyable with some glaring flaws they didn’t influence anything or anyone in past years’

            You said all MG games. But thanks for the clarification.

          • Eugene Voldo

            Eh, english is hard 🙁
            I wanted to write “MG games in past ten years”, but somehow screwed up a little bit with this “all” part.

          • PT seems to be pretty influential.

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            You can even see that with recent horror games such as ‘Allison Road’ and ‘Layers of Fear’.

          • Eugene Voldo

            Oh, I totally forgot about PT. Yes, in this particular instance I completely agree. PT has definitely influenced horror games.

          • Full Options

            Hehe, using tranquilizers, huh ? :DD

      • MrVux007

        Im all about “different people,different opinions”,but saying MGSV did “nothing” for the medium?

      • SaladinSilver

        Didn’t move the medium? LOL WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!?!?!??!?!?

        Have you even played more than few stealth games? Cuz TPP took the stealth genre to a whole new level.

      • Full Options

        Hem, sorry, Hideo is very respectful towards other studios like RS, and do not even expect from them anything in return, but they are not praising him as much as its culture and education praise them for.
        There are many fields where V demolish every single piece of concurrence. Lighting is the most visible but is really really far to be the only one. I am not playing much games anymore, but you obviously ignore what games have been through before becoming the titles you seem to appreciate.
        Not saying you ignore video games, but enough to not notice what V bring, at least to stealth fellows like us.

        • MrVux007

          Pls check out this in-depth tech analysis of MGSV from this guy..i think you especially will appreciate and enjoy this kind of video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIIQk185avw

          • Full Options

            Dear Vux, you nailed my taste for tech reviews. Thanks for sharing, I never watched this one. The dude observed and revealed a lot about Koji-Pro trade-offs and sacrifices across plats. All this with very technically accurate stand-points, the guy knows very well about latest real-time shading techniques and provide great examples + profiles. In this video, he really caught well what Koji-Pro implemented in FoxEngine regarding the scalability and the capacity of its kernels to adapt to various stressful perf hitting situations. He also more quickly underlined Koji-Pro efforts regarding the sound propagation which is really agradable since most tech reviews always focus more on graaaaaphics ! :DD

            There is also a lot to say about the mesh modeling pipeline and how FoxEngine innovate in this field to keep it nice while reducing it to sustain a low frame budget. Merceron explained in his masterclass that they introduced a very interesting extra step to help in correcting artifacts due to mesh data compression, often destroying artists modeling efforts. Here, they let the artist shape a version of the mesh. Then they compress it and give it back to the artist to work directly on the game-compressed version of his mesh and manually refine compression artifacts, before delivering the final mesh. Said like that it sounds pretty obvious and simple, but only few studios have reach such devotion to preserve the artists work, and hereby developing their tools accordingly.

            There is ton to say in terms of AI too. Julien complained about the fact that there are not much fellows working in this field, which leaves a pretty wide free landscape for innovating new techniques. V introduced a lot in this area but it is the tradition at Koji-Pro, to simulate cool little neural networks since they are specialized in stealth. They also brought manual fine-tuning (bit like in modeling) here and there to tailor credible real-time behaviors for enemy soldiers, animals, etc..

            So one of my favorite message from Kojima Productions through their titles is that they don’t want to keep it all dynamic, first to avoid obvious technically longer developments, but also because they think a game must keep sometimes more artisanal approaches to look more poetic / fun.
            A bit like Lucas saying to his modelers that he don’t want a exact physically correct Yoda’s clothing (on the shot / fight with Christopher Lee), but something poetically correct for its audience.

          • MrVux007

            That same guy made loads more reviews and tech reviews for many other games.I recommend you to subscribe to him…i know you tech junkies will get along ^^

            And P.S. dat long ass reply… AGAIN you know your stuff Sir 😛

          • Full Options

            That’s exactly what I felt. I just subscribed to his channel. Aside the fact that he is a very cool tech junkie, I am always happy to listen to those that are apparently great MG fans as well.

            THX again !

            “And P.S. dat long ass reply… AGAIN…” LMAO, sorry for those walls, I am not doing it on purpose, :DD
            Each time I am done with a reply on something I like a lot, I just stare at how “babel-tower-sized” is my reply at the end, and beside being too lazy to resume it (xD) I just go “God I hope he’ll won’t get bored with all these BS..” and press the post button… xDxD I hope this last one was a little better sized. 😀

          • MrVux007

            For all i care,you can write a bloody novel in the comments i would read it buddy…. https://media.giphy.com/media/uq1QEVIXxMh4k/giphy.gif

          • Full Options

            A novel ? really ? OK :
            “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” :DD … Nah… xD

            In all cases bro :

          • MrVux007
          • MrVux007
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            xDxDxDxDxD … Ok, ok, calm down, this is a Smith & Wesson Magnum 44 you are holding here Harry… I was kidding, put the gun down… xDxD

          • MrVux007
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            6 shots instead of 5 !? Empty barrel !?.. OK, my turn now :

          • MrVux007

            (cigar chewing while staring… intensifies) https://media.giphy.com/media/IRQBDU7x2LZUQ/giphy.gif

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          • JJBYACH

            I no one asked me but have you seen his MGS retrospectives? They are also great, really shows how ahead KojiPro were:





            Sorry for the link spam, but I feel that everyone should see these – they are great.

          • Full Options

            Thank you very much for the playlist JJ, the guy is awesome, thanks for narrowing to MG, I will watch all of those links and also other surveys… Yummy… With a special interest for 1, or 2, or 3, and so on… 😀

          • Full Options

            Haaaaaa !!! At last and thanks to you guys, I found a reviewer that accurately recognize and praise Koji-Pro real optimization talents the way it deserve ! (just watched MGS1’s)

            There are very few studios if not no studio that release an awesome game even leaving on purpose really substantial rendering horse-power unused, for the sake of final frame-rate score / stability.

            Also to keep some kind of “emergency” processing budget for trickier but isolated situations. It is a very hard discipline and a big time investment but always pays at the end, because while at least trying (were others don’t) to solve marvelously every single perf hits, you often discover that few of them were fortunately really easy to fix or hack efficiently, sometimes saving drastically the whole game’s rendering budget.

            Like doing Hara-Kiri if they drop even a single time below the planned rock-solid frame-rate. :DD

          • JJBYACH

            Glad I’m no the only once who has heard of him – he really does great work; way better than digital foundry, who are more obsessed with frame rates and the surface level graphics rather than the underlying technology used to create such graphics.

          • MrVux007

            Yep,couldn’t said any better.I hope his chanell grows big.

      • Mr.Pony

        TPP is now basically the game with which every new stealth game will be compared with, its the new standard for the genre, and yes changing what is taken “the standard practice” is moving foward.

    • Biggy

      This gives me good vibes

    • Venom_Sina

      I feel hype.Everyone said V pushed the gaming industry forward,but unfortunately I can’t see anything.Maybe I’m blind 😛

      Sorry Geoff and Hideo,I will never get into your hype campaign again.

  • BurntFM

    I’m glad he feels that way about Metal Gear. He’s always been an innovator and brought great new ideas to his games, but for better or for worst those ideas had to be restricted to Metal Gear games. Now he can convey his intentions in storytelling without having to also keep the continuity and timeline of an existing game like MGS. Also that’s as close as he’s come to talk about the Konami situation.

    • XOF

      With a new game, he can bring fresh new ideas/concepts. P.T. shows he has great potential to do something special.

    • Biggy

      His new game sounds exciting and I loved that he was in Silent Hills PT and made it kickass and he definitely has a customer here.

      But no more Metal Gear from him in the future? I think I’m gonna cry for the rest of my life.

  • Biggy

    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t miss it because He’s Made it all his life. However I hope he does soon. I think this new game of his will be great and will simultaneously serve as his break from making awesome Metal Gear games. So his brain will rest.

    But I hope he can somehow get the metal gear rights so he can make it whenever he feels like it. I repeat whenever he feels like it. I’d rather live that way hoping instead of seeing a Metal Gear not made by him at the helm.

    I’m pretty sure Sony would not mind getting the rights from Konami and then Actually treating Kojima with the respect he deserves.

  • ground zeroes was fine, but I would have liked more to see Silent Hills than the end result of MGSV… I mean that game in its gameplay mechanics is great, the engine powering it is really amazing on a technical point of view, but looking at the game of how many of those tapes could have been hidden cutscenes on the mother base, the fact that the tapes replaces the codec and they’re not context based like many conversations on the previous trilogy and works as exciting as a MP3 player, the bosses, so boring that the B&B unit looks like some genius work (Octopus was great because she was the first, but the other 3 are literal copy-paste with gameplay gimmicks from previous games to keep things fresh, also rage raven was fun to play) but each time the skulls showed up, it was more tedium like anything else, like “these weirdos again? who are they, where do they come? did they got parasites eating tacos? MPW was a fantastic game for a portable system but as a foundation of a console game not so much, an empty motherbase which only points of interest was the Paz c*cktease, then Hals Battle Gear (a worst tease), and a few unrepeatable mother-base cutscenes here and there…
    Kojima was tired of the MGS series since MGS4 began production, on MPW he did a wierd meta parody with MPW.. MGS: ground zeroes works as an amazing showcase piece for the fox engine and kinda of a mile stone for future developers to create the post-kojima metal gear series, but Hideo made another metal gear instead, and shaquelantropus is so ridiculous for the time period that he might have been a better final boss for metal gear rising than the spider thing that you fight at the end…

    Kojima may take the world by storm now that he can do whatever he wants, and I need to buy a freaking PS4 now!

  • Venom_Sina

    I hope Kojima doesn’t end up like Warren Spector.Once a creator of great games like System Shock or Deus Ex.He left Looking Glass and Ion to create his own studio,but he ended up making weak games (compared to his other games) like Epic Mickey.He closed his studio and right now he’s nowhere to be found.

    Another example is Patrice Desilets.Seriously where is he?After he left Ubi,he went to THQ Montreal to work on a game called 1616:Amsterdam (probably a spiritual successor to AC),but you know what happened to the company.He established his own studio and revealed a game called Ancestors:The Humankind Odyssey (definitely THE spiritual successor of AC,lol).He revealed the game 1 year ago and right now there’s not a single new thing from him and his game.

    I think if Kojima wants to be successful,he should team up with a publisher right away.It’s not a wise choice to be an independent studio in this situation.
    For example,when CAPCOM closed Clover Studio,They created Seed (later became Platinum Games) and they partner up with SEGA on 4 projects.They are one of the most powerful developers in Japan right now.If they wanted to go alone…It’s unclear what would’ve happened to them.
    The next one is Shinji Mikami.He knew without money he can’t do anything,so he sold his soul…I mean studio(lol) to Bethesda.Right now they are basically Bethesda Japan.They released The Evil Within (and its DLCs) successfully and are working together right now and they are ready for next projects.

    What about Kojima?How can he manage a studio with at least 35 persons?How can he start a project without the proper resources?Let’s break it down a little:
    Okay Kojima left Konami in Dec. 15th.Right now they have no buildings for the studio.The new KJP only has 4 confirmed persons on board (1 director/producer/game designer,1 producer,1 illustrator and 1 personal assistant and I think it’s safe to assume that none of them have proper knowledge of coding).Plus,they don’t have that kind of money for developing a game (I don’t know,maybe Kojima is a bill Gates for himself,lol)
    Like I said above,they are not ready to develop a triple-A game (or as Kojima puts it,a big game),cause they don’t have enough resources.Sure Sony will back them up,of course,but I think it will be limited to some minor helps.Remember that Q&A?If you read Sony’s talks,it’s clear that they will help KJP,but they won’t fund the project.Something similar to Shenmue 3 and Double Fine games.So how KJP can escape this situation?They should partner up with Sony and turn the game to a PS4 exclusive and let Sony fund the project.If they don’t do this,I don’t think Kojima rise from the ashes again.He will remain an indie developer for the rest of his life.

    • Warren Spector is now a director for System Shock 3 btw. So glad to see him finally returning to what he does best.
      Patrice Desilets was fired at Ubisoft and IMO, he is crap as a designer.

      Platinum Games is not that powerful. They are very niche and the best game (in terms of sales) that had the best sales was MGR:R, other games have not seen sales more then 1.5 million. They are still can’t find their own identity on the market.

      Kojima is partnered with Sony, he has resources, technology and mo-cap VASG studio that he can borrow from Sony. If he will have studio with 35-50 ppl then pretty much this is enough for the AAA title, except that the development for it will require a lot of time to complete and no way Kojima will make Open world game again… At least for now.

      • Venom_Sina

        Good news about Warren.I didn’t know that.Thanks.
        Patrice is not a crappy designer.He created AC and that became a money machine for Ubi(it’s not my favorite game series,but it had some good themes on it,but I agree,after AC3 the game is garbage,lol).

        Platinum IS powerful.They know their shit.They are masters of Hack and Slash genre.Look at Bayonetta or MGR.Who would’ve thought that Transformers can be a good H&S game?They know how to develop games.Also,Scalebound looks interesting,but the problem is I have to buy XBONE to be able to play it,lol.BTW,Bayonetta 1 sold something like 2.5 million units.That’s not bad imo.

        Yeah,Kojima is with Sony now,but who will fund the project?Who will give monthly salary to the programmers?Sony?I don’t think so.They will help,but I don’t think they give money to KJP.Their help will be limited to things like mo-cap studio and PS4 programmers.It will be something like Shenmue 3 IMO.

        • Marketing machine from Ubi what made it a cash cow. Same thing happens with Watch Dogs.
          Ubisoft has nothing except for marketing, Rayman and Beyond Good&Evil memories. That’s it.
          Platinum know how to develop games but they are niche. They can’t sell their games more then 1.5 million copies. I never said they are terrible at what they do, they just can’t sell their games. That’s why it is so easy to partner with them. They are not a rich studio and their technology is behind everything though their hack and slash games are excellent.

          Sony will fund his project, he will have eventually some other sponsors. He is doing first of all game for Sony. That means that they are behind the project at full force.

          • Venom_Sina

            I hope what you’re saying about Sony turns out to be true,but releasing the game on PC after PS4 and that Q&A from Sony’s side….I don’t know.Maybe Sony IS behind the project.

          • Full Options

            Yes don’t worry. Besides, Guillermo always works with Sony Pictures, btw. All this smells, Full Sony now. In some ways, they gave their words, being that proud to welcome Hideo on a SCEI PlayStation®4 exclusive title (“tada !!”).

            I think they are happy to inject as much cash as needed, simply because officiously, that bring them closer to their initial plan to see Kojima Productions become a first party studio (my take).
            It is now Hideo’s decision to evaluate how deep he want to merge with Sony, but on Sony’s side, any decision is fine for them, since they can not take the risk to disappoint Hideo’s fanbase by forcing him to do anything against his will.
            All is going to be soft, and the success they’ll probably have will for sure better settle / define their future co-operations.

            Maybe I am jumping too fast on conclusion but really see Sony’s involvement as a real victory for his career, a true reconnaissance of his work that his previous employers started to deny pathetically.

      • Eugene Voldo

        >Patrice Desilets is crap as a designer

        I think it’s a quiet disrespectful thing to say about the guy who created franchise which sold 100+ million copies in 10 years. AC2 was one of the best games in 2009. The scale and ambition of this project was unrivaled at the time. Even Kojima acknowledged it.

  • Serpent

    I’m very excited about what Kojima is doing next, but one thing that I don’t want to happen is that character’s face models are made after real actors. I would prefer original faces, just like every character in MGS.

    • Jav

      I would like to know where is snake’s face coming from. They used 3 boys for chico.

      • Serpent

        I think I read somewhere that they used 7 models for both Snake & Kaz, not really sure.

        • Solid Snakes Revenge

          I think I remember it being kiefer mixed with like 3 other people. I could be wrong but I feel I remember reading it.

          • Serpent

            Really? I though he was just doing the face mocap.

  • Gatsu

    Del Toro is the man, such a good bro. Looking forward to hear some more info of Kojima’s new game :). Glad to hear how free he is now and that he doesn’t miss MGS, it’s finally time for him to create a new spectacular game. It’s been a while since we saw him in some award show, so this was wonderful to see.

    • SaladinSilver

      I fucking love MGS, and it’s my favorite thing in the media but i really agree that Kojima should move on to different stuff.

  • WhatTheJuicay

    I hope his next game doesn’t have a twist where one person turns out to be a completely different person assuming another identity. I feel like he’s done that one too many times.

  • MrVux007

    Holy mother of cosplays! dat suit is impressive craft https://twitter.com/French_Raiden/status/701058542594301952

  • BurntFM
  • decoyF0XX

    Kojima should have visited Ninja Theory in London, about 5-7 people making a big game. They do all the Mo-cap themselves too, their video editor even doubles as the main character. You guys should check out their dev dairies, he would have learnt a lot from them too!


    • Honestly. Not impressed.
      And it’s not really big.

      • JJBYACH

        I am very cautiously optimistic about this game, but I think it shows great promise and even potential innovation in the mechanical storytelling department – mainly how they are implementing common real world symptoms exhibited by Schizophrenia as actual gameplay mechanics, as they and I also believe that a game is probably the best medium to respectfully and truthfully exhibit such a horrid and seemingly incomprehensible mental illness as Schizophrenia as the game developers can actually screw with a 3D environment and show the player how someone with this illness can see the world, rather than a simple diagnosic saying the protagonist is crazy, but as we all know; it’s much more complicated than that


        Also I’m a sucker for long tracking shots, and I think it is really cool they are actually mo capping the real life camera as opposed to manually tweaking the camera movements digitally.


        I’m interested in hearing what you don’t like about th game (or its concept at least), they said the game is going to be a linear game with open spaces (I assume more like Rise of the Tomb raider). The only thing I’m worried about is the combat as so far it looks kinda clunky, but they said they have made adjustments, so only time can really tell.

        PS. Sorry for the wall of text, I’m just in love with the concept of mental illness not being used as just a plot device or part of the protagonists characterisation, but an actual mechanic in the game we can explore to learn more about the character and the nature of an illness and complex, disturbing and misconcepted as Schizophrenia.

      • decoyF0XX

        That’s okay. I think it’s amazing what they’re doing though.

  • SholidOnline

    I think he looks kick-ass with the beard. Of course, I’m outside Japan.

  • Man…still can’t believe that Silent Hills didn’t happen.

  • Venom_Sina

    One part of Kojima’s interview:

    “Are you cautious about making another game that could turn into a series?
    Kojima:For this, with Sony, we are working on a project that will be a new IP, of
    course, and I have no idea if it’s going to be a series or not, but I
    want to make something that will have a big enough impact to become a
    series. By impact, I mean from the things that are unique to the game,
    the characters, and the world. This impact can lead into something
    outside of games, such as anime, manga, figures; something that is rich
    enough to expand.”

    He’s really thinking big.That’s a good think.BTW,if you have the time,read the full Gamespot interview.It has some cool things in it.

    • “This is good,isn’t it?!”

      But can he do that with his perfection and stuff? His games are very detailed and he said that he wants to be careful as much as possible but at the same time he wants edgy, top notch quality product with the latest future proof technology.

      Judging by the interview, Sony pushes him to do a sandbox once again or an open world game (not at the level of MGSV, but big enough to be open).

      At the same time no facilities, experienced developers or even the engine. Do they have the office right now?

      I still believe that we will see the game released in 2019, if not a PS5 launch title.

      • Venom_Sina

        That’s my worry,too.We talked about it a few days ago.Not having enough resources is a thing that should be put in the first priority.The question is: is Sony able to provide those resources or it’s up to Kojima himself to do it? If it’s up to Kojima,then we can kiss this game goodbye…maybe we see the first trailer in 2019 or something,lol.

        The way he talks about Sony and how they gave him freedom,I don’t think a “pushing” is involved.He talks about freedom left and right and…Let’s just say at this point he doesn’t know exactly what to do next.He’s in trial and error phase.

        The most important thing is we shouldn’t be hyped about the next game.There’s a high chance that this game becomes a little indie game.If we expect to see something like a project as big as “Silent Hills”….All I’m trying to say is let’s wait for it and see what the future holds.

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