A fan is making a book dedicated to Hideo Kojima, some famous names pledge support

After nearly 30 years, Kojima’s work on the Metal Gear franchise is done. One dedicated Metal Gear fan is currently working on a book filled by fans and people close to Kojima, containing testimonies, artworks and anecdotes. The idea is to present the book, titled A Hideo Kojima Book: From Mother Base with Love to Hideo Kojima himself, as a way to say thanks for all the great moments he has given us fans throughout the years.


Several familiar names have already given their support, including Rika Muranaka, Julien Chieze, Emilio Lopez, Heather Halley, and Lori Alan, among others.


If you want to know more, be sure to check out the Facebook page and Twitter account.

  • hunner

    Mr. Wolfe is also writing a book about Kojima.

  • Nekkedsnake

    awesome stuff!

  • Full Options

    Love the Shinkawish drawing of Hideo, fist raised.


    My God, that KFC related MGS picture at the bottom brought back a lot of memories of the hype train…

  • Gatsu

    This is soooo awesome :D.

  • Jav

    What can I do against mortars in fob? I’m tired of dying. This is not my day.

    • Ruhcaleb

      keep quiet!!

    • MrVux007

      When in doubt just penguin dive that shit

    • Gatsu

      This was great and interesting reading thanks :), I’ve been waiting for this when I read a couple Q&A of this a while back.

  • Now I don’t remember if this was already mentioned in an article or comment but:

    • Yeah, very nice fan comic, too bad it’s in a shitty Kotaku article.

      • Venom_Sina

        Why Kotaku’s articles considered shitty?I talked with a lot of people and they had the same feeling about Kotaku,lol.Did they do something wrong?

      • Kojimaphile

        RIP Kotaku

        I actually really enjoy Kotaku, it is my main outlet of video game news. I feel like the site gets a lot of undeserved shit purely because sometimes a single one of their writers puts out an unpopular opinion. Kotaku is one of the few sites I actually trust for REAL journalism.

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