HideoTube Episode 2 underway

Earlier today some pictures were shared by members of the Kojima Productions staff that show Kojima and Kenji Yano shooting Episode 2 of HideoTube. Last month, the first episode in this new webseries appeared on Youtube, in which Kojima and Yano talked about their favorite movies of 2015. Kojima made clear that the number of subscribers to the Kojima Productions channel and the success of the first episode would determine the future of the series. It looks like 100.000+ subscribers and almost 400.000 views of the first episode were sufficient for it to continue. The second episode was once again recorded at the Youtube Space Tokyo.

"At the wall of YouTube Space Tokyo."
“At the wall of YouTube Space Tokyo.”
"shooting for HideoTube 2nd episode."
“Shooting for HideoTube 2nd episode.”
"2 outstanding movies will be introduced for the next HideoTube! Stay tuned!" - Ayako
“2 outstanding movies will be introduced for the next HideoTube! Stay tuned!” – Ayako

Update 9/3: A new Tweet by Kojima:

"Checking HideoTube Episode2."
“Checking HideoTube Episode2.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

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