Close Up: Kojima Productions Official Goods Set

Shortly after Hideo Kojima left Konami last year, he announced his new independent company, Kojima Productions. Starting December 21st 2015, fans were able to pre-order a special Kojima Productions Official Goods set, a bundle containing merchandise bearing the company’s brand. These sets were shipped on February 26th 2016.

The goods set takes the minimalistic approach for its design. The paper box itself is all white, with the shiny new company logo on top. On the sides are the phrases ‘From Sapiens to Ludens’ and ‘Kojima Productions’.


The first thing you will see when lifting the lid is a sheet of paper with a few paragraphs of text on it; a statement that give us an idea of the new studio’s creative vision. It’s the exact same text that can be found on the official Kojima Productions website, with the only difference being a reproduction of Kojima’s signature on the bottom.


Below is the first compartment holding the tumbler, a 14 cm tall metallic beverage container with the Kojima Productions logo printed on its side.


Furthermore, two small pins, also with the logo on it. These look quite nice, with silver rims and shiny surfaces.


Below is another compartment containing a plastic bag with a t-shirt in it (size small, medium, large or extra large depending on what you’ve ordered).


Lastly, on the very bottom, a sticker sheet with 20 Kojima Productions stickers.


The set is currently still being sold on the company’s official webstore, until supplies run out. It’s not cheap though, and if you happen to live outside Japan, getting your hands on this is even more costly. On the other hand this set represents a piece of history, and in a few years may be a true collector’s item, once the new Kojima Productions has become an established studio.


  • Mine should come this Friday or Sunday… :3

  • looks nice 🙂
    too bad i’m not rich and cant spend money on this lol

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Still waiting for mine to arrive to Europe

    • They mailed you a tracking code, so you can check the status.


    So, I just placed my order – hopefully it comes this month…

  • Lewis

    Wish I had enough money to buy this, with all those Collector’s Editions I want to purchase this year.

  • Full Options

    Yummy… Open me this box… Thanks for sharing, Koji-carpet shines again !
    I bet you were close to this state while opening it :

  • Jav

    There is a new dron to build in tpp. How is it? I just have the interrogation sign.

  • Mini gear

    hmmm i should snag one

  • Alex

    I placed my order on December 22nd, they still haven’t taken payment from me yet or given me any kind of notification about what’s going on. On their website my order is still logged into my account. I’m wondering if they are steadily shipping the orders throughout the month or what. For anyone that got theirs or will soon, when did they take your payment? Has anyone had theirs shipped after February 26th? I contacted them yesterday from their Contact link but no answer yet. This has been causing me anxiety because I was thinking about placing another order before they might sell out but I don’t want them to take my money twice, and it says somewhere that anyone who tries to get 2 of them will just be cancelled. I feel screwed either way wtf guys. I’m just trying to support you Kojima take my money already lol.

    • They took the payment on February 17. They shipped it on February 26th and it arrived here yesterday (but that depends on where you live). It’s weird that you haven’t heard anything yet, because according to the site all orders placed by February 17 should have been shipped on the 26th.

      • Alex


  • BlankAzure

    already got mine in the mail and loving it! my new favorite shirt to wear!

  • SNKtheStampede

    Guys! Guys! Kojima is visiting platinum games again and as a result we have one of the most hilarious pics ever! HK + HK = a lot of happiness!
    Just look at them! You can’t but fell happy and joyfull! Ahah 😀

  • CR7HarisSnake

    There you go

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Purchased this to support Kojima Productions <3

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